Feb. 24, 2022

Fan Favorite! Hannah Dasher could be Dolly Parton’s Second Cousin Once Removed?

Fan Favorite! Hannah Dasher could be Dolly Parton’s Second Cousin Once Removed?

I’m bringing back one of my favorite episodes this week! Hannah talks honestly about building her country music career, viral cooking on TikTok, getting fired from Bass Pro for writing songs, and following your dreams.

I’m bringing back one of my favorite episodes this week! Gird your loins and stand by your pan because this week Hannah Dasher is on the podcast and I’m ecstatic! Hannah is a rising country music star taking Nashville by storm and she’s also one of my favorite new artists. Hannah talks honestly about building her country music career, viral cooking on TikTok, getting fired from Bass Pro for writing songs, and following your dreams. 

This episode’s got our first live acoustic LOL concert, Zac drops a Zac Attack cooking challenge for me and Hannah, and make sure to listen all the way to the end because I get real and talk about the importance of finding your calling. 


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In this episode:

  • Hannah’s 11-year journey to achieving her dreams
  • What it’s like being a female country music artist in a male dominated industry
  • The importance of protecting your artistry 
  • Hannah’s favorite thing about pursuing her dream career
  • Hannah’s emotional and spiritual reset
  • Hannah and Kim’s go-to easy southern recipes
  • Hannah’s most memorable moment on stage
  • Hannah’s live performance of “You’re Gonna Love Me” 
  • Here is Hannah’s recipe for her viral and delicious Skinny Brownies


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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Kim Gravel: [00:00:00] Alright. Hello everybody.

Zac Miller: Hey Kim!,

Kim Gravel: Hey Zac!

You know, every time I say I'm so excited about this, but you've got to help me as my producer to quit saying I'm so excited.

Zac Miller: You're always excited. What do you want me to say?

Kim Gravel: Give me another adjective to talk about how I feel about the podcast. Give me one right now. Got.

Zac Miller: Happy.

Kim Gravel: That's so boring.

Zac Miller: I'm just ecstatic.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I'll take it. I'm ecstatic about today's show you.

Zac Miller: Wonder why? Why is that Kim?

Kim Gravel: Have you ever heard of the country music star Hannah Dasher? I mean, she is Dolly Parton meets Waylon Jennings.

Zac Miller: I don't know who any of those people are. I know who Dolly Parton is.

Kim Gravel: You don't know who Dolly Parton is? I'm just gonna have to go click bye!

Zac Miller: I've been to Dollywood.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I love it, honey. I love me some fried fritters and I love some candy and apples, honey. I love me some [00:01:00] Dollywood. Well, if you love Dolly, you're going to love Hannah because she is just that amazing singer songwriter.

She's got the body. I'm gonna let you just Google it. See what you mean by that. But she is so accomplished. She's a singer songwriter. She writes her own stuff. She's a Georgia peach. She's from Savannah, Georgia. I'm so thrilled that she agreed to come on the show because you're going to learn so much about her also on this show, you've got a little Zac Attack and I'm always scared.

Zac Miller: I do. And I'm not going to tell you anything more about it because you don't get to know what the Zac Attacks are before they happen.

Kim Gravel: You know what I think about, I think you're enjoying the Zac Attack a little too much.

Zac Miller: Alright. I think I am too, honestly. I am ecstatic about the Zac Attack today.

I want to say this about you. I'm a little scared, a little scared of you because you're getting too excited about Zac Attacks, but I can't wait to see what you got planned for us there. And then I want to talk about like purpose and I truly know and believe because I've lived it out on my own personal life. You're not [00:02:00] here by accident and you're here for a reason.

Kim Gravel: And I think those two things when people really brass what that is, I call it a calling. Some people call it purpose. A reason for being when you figure out what that is, it truly changes your life and makes you a static. See how I did that. They did that loop around.

Zac Miller: You brought it full circle, Kim. Thank you. That's that's why they pay you the big bucks.

Kim Gravel: That's it? That's why you're working with them right now. That's it.

Zac Miller: I can wait, but I actually, I really want to share something with you, so I kind of agree. Country music is in my blood a little bit.

Kim Gravel: Bull.

Zac Miller: Yeah. See, you're saying bull, but wait, listen to this.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Explain to me what that is.

Zac Miller: A song that was written by my father called Texas Crude. My father, who has maybe never been to Texas by the way.

Kim Gravel: [00:03:00] Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up now. So you're from you're from the north. Your Jewish.

Zac Miller: Yup.

Kim Gravel: And your dad's writing country music. He's a country music fan.

Zac Miller: He loves country music. I don't know. So when I was growing up, he won a songwriting contest and we got to go to Disneyland cause he like flew to LA. So he could like win this award and yeah, it was really, really cool. And that was it. That was sort of the height of his songwriting career. So if any record executives are out there listening to this podcast right now, Ross Miller is ready to write songs for your country stars. And now get this Kim. Now he is a professional psychic.

Kim Gravel: We have to have your dad. I want him to give me a read and then a good country tune to back it up. Can I say something ? That makes complete sense. Absolutely complete sense to me because a good country song will tell you where you [00:04:00] been , have a little bit of your past and take your way you go in honey. So that makes complete sense that your dad would be a psychic and a country music songwriter that cracked my tail up. I knew I loved you for a reason. I think the next reality show you should pitch is your dad as a country music songwriter. That is a show drop the mic. That is the show, the country music psychic.

Zac Miller: Yes, yes! I Like it. It's like a puzzle where all the pieces are missing. Well, I'll take it any day. I'm already a fan.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Y'all I've just got to say right now, I'm so excited. You hear this?

Zac Miller: I do country.

Kim Gravel: Music is everything. This guest, you heard her sweet, amazing voice. You know what? I call her Dolly Parton's cousin once removed for many [00:05:00] reasons. If y'all could see or you'd know one of the reasons right.

Hannah. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

Hannah Dasher: Hi. Thank you Kim. Thank you Zac for having me. I'm not kidding to Dolly, but, uh, I'll take some of her money and her wardrobe from 1977 to 82.

Kim Gravel: Sweetie, you got the hair, you got the rack, and you have the personality. That's like the trifecta.

Hannah Dasher: I appreciate that. You're the queen.

Kim Gravel: No, honey, let me just, can I brag on you for a minute? Let me just, can I fan girl and brag on her sister? Okay. So you're talking to two Georgia peaches that, I mean, we're both from Georgia. Hannah. You've got this amazing song Stand By Your Pan sing it for me real quick.

Hannah Dasher: Stand by Your Pan.

Kim Gravel: Done drop the mic. The woman could cook and sing. She is a Nashville rising star, but you've been in Nashville forever. How long have you been running it?

Hannah Dasher: 10 years, girl. 11 years.

Kim Gravel: So you're an overnight [00:06:00] success, right?

Hannah Dasher: Right. I had to pull my head out of my butt. I had the Stand By Your Pan idea. It kind of tucked away in my, in the back of my mind. I think mother had the brilliant idea. She had just said it as a joke years and years and years ago. But I mainly went to my attorney's office and I said, Hey, that's where the market is right now. And my hands, because I thought that it could be like a late night comedy infused cooking show with guests like Jimmy Fallon meets . I just locked that away because I would like to be bigger than the collection music genre. One day I would love to be in Hollywood. I love to do TV. But quarantine presented me with the opportunity, since we're not touring, to let's ham up this new little platform called TikTok and see if I can figure out how to use that.

And so I just thought it'd be a great excuse to start showcasing my Stand By Your Pan and it just kind of evolved and it started taking off and I didn't plan for it to do as well as it did, but I'm so thankful that it did because it's given me a whole new audience, a whole new outreach and people that don't like [00:07:00] kosher music anymore that are now saying, oh my God, I'm listening to country music again, because I don't listen to country radio, but I will. I love you. And so I just think it's a whole new thing.

Kim Gravel: Well, I made you Coca-Cola cake. It was a little different than my mama's Coca-Cola cake and it was good girl. We gonna have to get that recipe out there for buying them. So Stand By Your Pan and y'all go follow that. Okay. So let's talk about being Georgia girls because you're born and raised in Georgia.

Hannah Dasher: Born in Savannah raised in a little town called Springfield, Georgia. Effingham County. Where were you born and raised?

Kim Gravel: I was born in Lilburn, Georgia, right in Metro Atlanta.

Hannah Dasher: You are listening to the youngest Ms. Georgia.

Kim Gravel: Oh, God dang. One of them, honey, one of them, you know, back in the 1920s,

Hannah Dasher: Ms. Georgia pageant, which is a really big deal.

Kim Gravel: There's a herd of girls in these Southern patches, you know, and same in Country music.

Hannah Dasher: Zac, do you do pageants?

Zac Miller: I do not do [00:08:00] pageants. Maybe the swim suit event?

Kim Gravel: Zach, if you're not wearing a bra, I can tell you right now you would not be getting swimsuit. You have nothing to tape up anyway. So Hannah, tell me how it's like being a female in country music and don't sugar coat. LeT us know hardcore because being a woman period in any kind of male dominated industry and I'm not down on males. Cause you know, I got three of them, all my love them. They high maintenance. They hard work, but they ours, you know what I mean? So what is it like being, you know, a female in a, in a very male dominated role because you're writing, you're performing, you're publishing, you're doing it all.

You're not just the face. You're the guts of it too.

Hannah Dasher: For my personal experience, men are a lot nicer and a lot easier to work with.

Kim Gravel: Okay. I will say that.

Hannah Dasher: And I have, I've never seen myself as one of the girls. I embrace my curves, if you will. But I don't write songs about [00:09:00] lipstick and hairspray and high heel shoes.

That's never turned me on nothing against artists. You know, I don't cry and talk about mama a lot. That's just, that's not me. I like to, I like to embrace, man. I like to, uh, I don't know, write stuff that you're going to put on your workout list, or that's going to, you're going to want to hear a live shows.

You could keep your head bobbing. And so that's kinda been my thing, but, uh, I think set me apart a little bit from the women, but, um, traditionally arguably I'm country. And I had to kind of wait my turn here in town for things to kind of open up. But in the meantime, I've had a lot of publishers that have approached me over the years.

Hey, you know, we've got this artist on this label and this artists on this label, and she really wants some handed Dasher songs. Can you write with her, can you write with her? And I've done that a lot, but without going into all the intricacies, I think you can understand how, how competitive it gets, because you know, like.

They may take a song that I brought in a verse and a chorus, and they may build this artist career off of that verse in that course. And, [00:10:00] and, uh, I mean, things like that happened and have, but I just think, I think we're there.

Kim Gravel: Well how do you feel about that? Like, what is your advice to somebody that's going through that? Is that just part of paying the dues or is that just protect what's yours? I mean, I can totally relate to what you're saying.

Hannah Dasher: I think you can be. You can be kind and you can collaborate with whomever you want to, but you've got to protect your artistry and. And sometimes you have to say no to do that.

And it doesn't mean that you can be mean, but I totally understand. Now on my first publisher, Daniel Lee, I love him. He's great. He got Carly Pearce off the, you know, out and go. Yes. Uh, but he was very protective of me and uh, I mean, like. Right. Well, the Angelina Presley pistol and he's, that's one thing that's great.

But writing was like a, you know, like a lot of people have been careful to keep Ashlyn that, and I separate, although she and I have written together and we're buddies and I think she's awesome. And I, she's one of the three voices that I can listen to on repeat. Like I just think she's [00:11:00] great, but I just think that if you're, if you're pursuing this and there's something that you do that is really unique and it's uniquely yours, I think you should totally.

Don't give away your groceries for free.

Kim Gravel: Mm oh, that's a hashtag and I want y'all hear that. Say it again. Hannah.

Hannah Dasher: Don't give away your groceries for free girls. It was called being a woman in the industry. You know, because it was a male driven. I think it really made me the artist that I am today or that are that, um, that I, that I want to be. And, uh, I mean, I was like 10 or 11 years ago. People didn't wear a lot of band t-shirts and vintage band shirts. So I made my own shirts to start conversations with people just to kind of, to speak for me before I, before.

I spoke for myself like a Conway, Twitty. Hello, darlin. I just love to lay you down. Like I made all these fun shirts that are shirts with our old traumas, Conley on them, or some sort of to say bow safest, just so that the boys, I was walking into the writing room [00:12:00] with knew that I wasn't a serious. Right.

Kim Gravel: You know, I think that's important, but that's why I relate to your music. Just full disclosure. I've always been a strong, empowered, loud woman, and I've dealt with a lot of things. You know, I've done a lot. I've dealt with a lot of things that you're talking about here. And I remember my daddy, you know, cause he had two girls and he would raise us.

Don't let a man take care of him. Don't let one run over you. That's right. I love you. Drive the bus, you drive the bus when it comes to your stuff. And that has been a fight, but I think that's a good piece of advice for all, anybody in business, in any kind of business atmosphere, but especially.

Hannah Dasher: Well, I think we can embrace one another and support one another, but, I just think we have to be smart and, I accept the challenge.

I love that it's a man's world. I mean, that's why we have a Reba McEntire's because she dominated, she wanted to be one of the boys too, and she dominated and, and Patsy Cline wanted to be Hank Williams and I want to be Hank Jr. So, I mean, I think you got lots of you're well, on your way.

Kim Gravel: [00:13:00] What is your favorite thing about doing what you love as your job? So many people look at you and say, oh my gosh, I wish I could do that. What piece of advice would you give them? And what does that feel like? That you're able to support yourself doing what you love. Isn't that the American dream?

Hannah Dasher: I have taken for granted that I've always known what I've wanted to do. And not everybody's born with that little seed planted inside of them, but I've just always known that God made me a little different from everybody, that I was that nerdy little kid that you know who Kay Steagall was. And when I say different, I don't mean that in a cocky way.

I mean that I was just different and like Mr. Misunderstood and the Eric Church song. And I think that any creative person or whatever, wherever your gift is, I think if you're really in touch with yourself, you can recognize wherever your strengths are. And I think you embrace those strengths [00:14:00] and, and your passions, and, uh, listen to the people around you if, and keep honest people around.

They don't sugar coat it because, you know, we got, we got a lot of average. We don't need any half-ass we know we, we really won't if people are not going to pursue the NBA or any Olympics, because I, his battle is I want to shoot a hole in one or whatever. It's like, I mean, that's not my strength, but I'm aware of my weaknesses and I'm aware of my strengths.

And I just, I was active in four H and my parents put me out there to, to sing in churches all over. And I just started doing things and I realized that this was my calling. So I just tried to surround myself with people that were honest to me and did everything that I could do. Until I could afford to do it full time.

I just think that's that's my advice, but I'm so thankful. I live near the Bass Pro shops where I used to work.

Kim Gravel: When I [00:15:00] first read about, you've got to tell this story, girl, have my tracker boat shirt and hanging up in the closet girl.

Hannah Dasher: Yes, I do. Just so I can see it and girl and boys out.

But if those of you who are listening to me for the. When I moved to Nashville, 11 years ago, I sold mercury outboard motors and bass boats at Bass Pro shops. And it was right there facing the opera. I didn't know a damn soul in town, but I had two days off during the week to figure out what co-writing was, how to get a publishing deal, because that's like a record deal for songwriters, if you will, and then how to get around.

So, yeah, and it was humbling to do that. We got fired for writing songs on the job.

Kim Gravel: You got fired. You got fired from bass pro shop.

Hannah Dasher: Yes, girl from tracker boats, Bass Pro. They don't like me to talk about it much, but that's the truth. I'm just pretty honest.

But I kept that tracker shirt and I ride by and I, and I get any time, I want to complain about my schedule being as busy and slammed as it [00:16:00] is right now, or me having 4,000 comments to respond to you on TikTok. I'll look at that shirt in there and I'm grateful. I'm thankful you get less sleep than I used to.

I'm thankful too, to have the, I don't know, just the ability to, to bring joy to all these. They're speaking to bring a joy to them in a better place. Well, you do, you do that for me. I crank when I got, uh, my SUV, I rolled the windows down, put the top, do my son. I have to blast blast. I got to hang out with you.

Do you drink wine? Do you drink wine?

Kim Gravel: No, I don't drink wine.

Zac Miller: I drink enough wine for both of us.

Kim Gravel: But if you'll make me some of your mac and cheese. Y'all could drink and I'll eat, we'll have a party.

Hannah Dasher: Please bring a bucket of chicken and I'll bring them out.

Zac Miller: What the listeners don't know is that Hannah just pulled out like a very large drink.

Kim Gravel: A tumbler.

Hannah Dasher: It's ice water. I promise that I'm trying to bring my wasteline down. I'm not drinking as much. She says the [00:17:00] Cadillac three on it.

Kim Gravel: Okay. So let's talk about this. Let's talk about, are you dating anyone. No, I'm not dating. I'm not dating anyone right now. I'm so swamped with this release. I'm going through like an emotional and a spiritual reset for me personally.

I just feel like, well, I just, I feel like. I don't need to date Mr. RIght until I'm exactly who he's looking for. And I just want to get my career into a place that, uh, is all for cruise control or that's. I don't know. I just, I just want to get a few more ducks in a row until I can devote that time.

Hannah Dasher: But, I mean, hey, if Matthew McConaughey I hope we didn't go through a divorce.

Kim Gravel: Is that your celebrity crush? Matthew McConaughey?

Hannah Dasher: Yes. Oh my God. And rip, oh, rip what's his face from Yellowstone. I mean, [00:18:00] he didn't want to Yellowstone.

Kim Gravel: Should I watch it to watch it?

Hannah Dasher: Yes. Oh my gosh. Kevin Costner looks like door's straight.

Kim Gravel: Oh, honey. I love me some George Strait. See, I love Garth Brooks. I mean all those eighties, nineties, all that, that was my day and country music and I would out loud play ACDC and then Alan Jackson and then a Reba McEntire. I just remember, oh my God, those tours. I went on Reba's tour facing, oh gosh, honey. I would sing faints. I'd put on red lip. And the hot cup thing, thinking I was a hot dollar call girl out there.

My mom's like, do you know what that song means? I said, I don't care. She's fancy in that. I almost sang it at the Miss America pageant. My mom said the songs about a prostitute. I'm like, well, I probably would've won if I sang that.

Hannah Dasher: I'm so thankful that aren't we blessed to have grown up with. I mean, it's like, [00:19:00] like they laid the path, these are the shoes we've got to feel. And so I've, um, I'm critical to a fault raised by southerners who are highly opinionated.

Kim Gravel: Southerners are so much like New Yorkers. I tell you all the time, like you go to New York and they're like down here. There's no sugar coating it. All we do is just say y'all and bless your heart behind it. We're not that nice. Either people think Southern, we just loud brow. Well, I just think we ought to hold ourselves to a standard of our heroes.

Hannah Dasher: Not copy or mimic them, but. What would Wayland be proud of this song? Would Alan Jackson be proud of this? Or if that makes sense and it's really big shoes to fill, obviously, but I just I've been waiting my turn because I've always been a late bloomer and if I could put out these overnight.[00:20:00]

But if I could write or if I could do things like that, I would. And, and I mean I have some pop stuff and you know, I'm all over the place if you will, but my strengths are writing a writing, something that's going to be a little more. Yeah, it takes a longer time for that kind of stuff too, to see a lot of day John parties, that way Eric Church was that way.

It just Ashley McBride's that way. It just takes it. They weren't overnight acts. It takes a label that's dedicated to them. It takes a team and some time and a lot of touring and really build that foundation.

Kim Gravel: Do you think we're getting back to that though? Like I seen this, like everything old is new again, and I'm seeing this kind of full circle moment in music too, but where now everything's at your fingertips , but at the same time, the cream rises to the top.

I really believe like we are in that era where it's going to be about quality and [00:21:00] talent. And, and like great songwriting. Do you, are you of that fold?

Hannah Dasher: We speak that into the atmosphere in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah. That's it? I think it's always evolving. I mean, people crave whatever's real. Whether it's got a loop behind it or whether it's got honky-tonk fiddle, they just crave real genius.

Kim Gravel: You are, you are real a hundred percent. Yes. Well, no, we ain't got there yet. So say those because I have a question about the, just tuck those ones. We'll go and bring them back out. Okay. So we did this thing. We do this thing, every show, because I just want you to understand, I am a true big fan. I'm a sister where Georgia girls and all that, but I'm a fan of Hannah Dasher.

So if any of y'all just Google her, go watch her TikTok, Stand By Your Pan, go download her music. It is absolutely empowering and exciting. To see women like in large and in charge out there doing their thing. Okay. So we do this at every show. We [00:22:00] do a thing called rapid fire questions. I'm going to break it.

Zac Miller: I'm going to break it down before you do this. I want to do a Zac Attack.

Kim Gravel: Let me just tell you what a Zac Attack is. Zac Attack is something that's new to me and new to you. Just something random that Zac wants to do. And we don't know what it is.

Zac Miller: Okay. All right. So I thought it would be really fun because I love you on TikTok and you're an amazing cook.

So I'm going to give you each an ingredient and I want you each to tell me what you would make with it. All right. Ready? I'm going to start really easy with a Georgia peach.

Hannah Dasher: I'm only fixing to make peach cobbler. I don't stand by your pan. I'm feeling that video. When I get off of the interview, again, I go live. Cause I need that. You [00:23:00] know, I got a whole bushel of fresh peaches. My friend brought from her family to me. Yeah, they're just not getting right to it'll go live, uh, this evening.

Kim Gravel: I'll be making that. So what I'm going to do is just make her Stand By Your Pan peach cobbler. That's what I'm gonna do.

Hannah Dasher: I never make it the same way, but there's that peach ice cream. I'm gonna grill some peaches on the grill.

Kim Gravel: Have you ever had a peach sandwich? So my daddy used to do this. We stew tomatoes, we do it bananas, and he'd do it with peach. He'll peel the skin off of the peach, right? Gotta be riper and ripe and turn a piece of white, some being red orange. That's not ripe. It's gotta be. And you just do a layer of mayo is, and you let him peaches out and you have a peach sandwich, like a tomato sandwich, peach sandwich banana.

Hannah Dasher: I never had fried peaches, but I bet.

Kim Gravel: Ooh, let's do it. Stand By Your Pan. Do it. I am writing this down. Eat a fried peach baby. Okay, go ahead, Zac.

Zac Miller: [00:24:00] Ready? How about next? We're going okra.

Kim Gravel: Ooh, Ooh. I just flat out bull my okra, the slimy or the better. I know. That's weird.

Hannah Dasher: I love that. Well, okra and tomatoes. So I'm having one of my bass players of my band members is coming over tonight for supper and he's bringing me a bunch of fresh okra. I've never pickled okra, but I do love some pickled okra. So I'm going to try and pick with some, and I like okra and tomato nomadic okra, and tomatoes and rice. We eat a lot of rice in Georgia and where we're from fishing on the coastline.

I may try it in the air fryer and any y'all ever used them in an air fryer.

Kim Gravel: I haven't. Let me know how that goes.

Zac Miller: Does the air fryer work it seems like a gimmick to me.

Hannah Dasher: The air fryer is fantastic. I love the air fryer. Love it, but you need to get a big one. I'm not endorsed by Paula Dean yet, but anyhow, but she makes the largest on the market.

And to me, it's more practical because otherwise all the trials are so small and [00:25:00] you have to like cook it in several batches and it just defeats the purpose of.

Kim Gravel: Is it a, is it a bucket or is it the, is the shelves it's round like this?

Hannah Dasher: It's got, it's got one big drawer that comes out.

Kim Gravel: Air fryers saved my life with kids. Absolutely. They're growing.

Zac Miller: All right. I got to get an air fryer.

Kim Gravel: I can't believe you don't have one Zac. I'll send you one.

Zac Miller: I seriously, I thought it was like a gimmick. I'm like, give me that fat.

Kim Gravel: Get some Crisco. Remember my grandmother used to cook. Well, just straight up. Just lard. Okay. Go ahead.

Zac Miller: Fritos.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I make my squash casserole with Fritos.

Hannah Dasher: That sounds delicious.

Kim Gravel: I crumple up instead of the Ritz crackers or bread crumbs on top. I just crumple up Fritos and put them on there. But you have melted butter, melted butter, and then put your front matter.

Hannah Dasher: Do you use sharp Velveeta, what do you put in it.

Kim Gravel: Yeah sharp Velvetta.

Hannah Dasher: Onion, [00:26:00] bacon?

Kim Gravel: Yes onion. I don't do bacon. My husband's vegetarian. I know he's from the south, but it's like, bless him, Lord. I understand. I understand. I don't understand it. Then I got to cook seven meals to get by, but hey, you know, bless it.

Hannah Dasher: God, see you cook more than I do. I like the honey barbecue Fritos brushed up bread and bread, pork chop with it. And that way it's actually delicious.

Kim Gravel: Okay. You know what else with Fritos that this is totally just a, you know, run and gun trash and burn type thing. But I, um, used to work at the downtown at the Atlanta Mart and I would take Fritos in poor Hormel chili, heated up in the back of my port.

That's just, just, that's why I'm so dehydrated.

Hannah Dasher: Oh, gosh, all that sodium. Okay. If only I could eat like that. Listen, I've got to lose weight as we're talkin.

Kim Gravel: But yet you look gorgeous.

Hannah Dasher: I got music video coming out in September. We've already filmed it, but I'm always [00:27:00] dealing. I'm dealing with a lot with the circle network. Speaking of cooking and Wednesday, we're filming three former episodes with them. And so I'm all over. Uh, I'm just trying to get camera ready. That's the good thing about quarantine last year. And it happened to be in front of it, the TikTok camera all the time.

I thought, you know what? I don't like. I don't like the angle. I can't keep manipulating the phone. I got to work on mine. I do it like this. I take my stuff like this. Hey, y'all.

Kim Gravel: Lay on the ground and do it. Okay, go ahead.

Hannah Dasher: Well, no, it's yeah, you'd be amazed at like, like the front row, the front three rows at a show. The are, those are the most terrible pictures that I'll ever get back or see posted. And then the meet and greet line. I always hear people say, oh, you're tiny. My people that were sitting in the front, they rose because I looked like I looked 200 pounds and there's pictures.

And then, oh, you're Chinese. Oh, oh, you're tiny. And I know I'm not tiny, but I love it.

Kim Gravel: And you're like, is that a compliment or is it not. [00:28:00] I love it.

Zac Miller: All right. I'm going to try to throw a curve ball here. This is for Travis. All right. Tofu.

Kim Gravel: Oh, whack garbage I'm out.

Hannah Dasher: Yeah, I've had it. Soybean just didn't do well for me. Do you like, do you like collard greens?

Kim Gravel: Did you grow up on collard greens?

Hannah Dasher: My Lord collard greens with ham. Any, yes. I'm a collard green girl. Oh, yeah.

Zac Miller: I eat collard greens. I learned to eat collard greens working on your TV show. I'm serious.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. Okay. Well, whatever, he's, he's three degrees of Southern based on you and me, Hannah. So keep going, Zac.

Zac Miller: All right. This is the last one, but this one is very specific and this, because I actually learned a lot from a video, one of Hannah's video on TikTok. So thank you. Mayonnaise but specifically, you have to be really specific about your mayonnaise it's because what I learned in the video is that each mayonnaise is different.

Hannah Dasher: Yes. Well, that you're right. I mean, not if you have [00:29:00] a, a picky palette, like Blue Plate. I love Blue Plate. I love Dukes. I I'm just going to go ahead and say, and I love Craft and like my devil eggs, I prefer to make them with Craft. I just prefer the taste. It's great. My chicken salad. It's a toss up between Blue Plate and Dukes, my deviled eggs.

If I'm eating a sandwich, like a ham sandwich or bologna. I like my Blue Plate. I don't know. I just, I love, I love mayonnaise. I love them all.

Kim Gravel: I totally, a thousand percent agree. Yeah. Mayonnaise on anything is good.

Zac Miller: Yeah. I don't feel like I eat as much mayonnaise.

Hannah Dasher: Well, I mean, that's one thing I hadn't given up when I eat. I need to post. Ooh, I gotta make, I'm gonna make my skinny brownies again. Have y'all seen the skinny brownies recipe.

Kim Gravel: What is that? Do tell?

Hannah Dasher: It's like 64 calorie. Double chocolate brownies.

Kim Gravel: No, no, no. You need to give us them.[00:30:00]

Hannah Dasher: I'm going to do that again this week then. Cause I've got to make them they're my they're my skinny brownies. I've just come up with a recipe, like sweet potatoes and egg whites and really good Dutch cocoa. But like they, they don't taste like it. Your husband would eat them. Uh, well what will he eat eggs?

Kim Gravel: He's vegetarian, not vegan. I mean, he doesn't like. Skinny brownies. Make that, put that back on video.

Hannah Dasher: We're doing skinny brothers. Just wait, go to Stand By Your Pan. I might do a fried peach tacos. I might do like a fried peach sandwich. Sounds country as hell.

Kim Gravel: It's true. Keep going. What else are you going to do?

Hannah Dasher: I'm doing peach cobbler tonight. Uh, I may try okra in the air fryer, but I'm going to experiment with it first or pick a look or I can't decide hell. I'm trying to get, I've got that.

You're Gonna Love Me tour. [00:31:00] Called the tailgate tour.

Kim Gravel: Are you coming to Georgia?

I'm coming

Hannah Dasher: to Eddie's Aattic in Atlanta, September, honey.

Kim Gravel: I love it. I'm writing it down.

Hannah Dasher: Come on, please. I can't wait to hug your neck. Plugging everywhere. Girls trip, girls trip, girls, girls night.

Kim Gravel: We'll let a few guys come with. Yeah, let's do it on September 26th. We have to let everybody know Zac. I'll put on my social.

Hannah Dasher: I've not played at Eddie's Attic before.

Kim Gravel: It's beautiful.

Hannah Dasher: Well, I can't wait. I can't wait. I'm excited to see my north Georgia people and I definitely need to plug it as much as I can. I appreciate you doing that.

Kim Gravel: Oh my God. I'm going. We're going to get a girls group go. It'll be great.

Hannah Dasher: I love that.

Kim Gravel: We'll have church up in there. Okay. So I'm going to do my rapid fire.

Zac Miller: All right. Let's do it.

Kim Gravel: So just the first thing that comes to your mind here, don't even think about it. Just let people call you Hannah damn Dasher.

If you had to replace your middle nickname was something else [00:32:00] what would it be?

Hannah Dasher: My birth name, which is Hannah Christian Dasher.

Kim Gravel: Oh, you go from Christian to damn hell.

I think that's hilarious. Okay. Here we go. Who would you want to get trapped with on an elevator?

Hannah Dasher: Well, obviously my first, thought was Brett Eldridge. Ooh, he's precious. Who else would be? Oh, you know what? Well, Mark's married now, but Mark, lead singer Midland , he's just darlin, uh, you know, a young Matt McConnell.

Kim Gravel: That's it. I mean, you didn't put that out into the universe. So you going to have to just let that come on back to you. I love me some Matthew McConaughey.

Hannah Dasher: He shaved his beard.

Kim Gravel: Oh, you're not a facial hair person.

Hannah Dasher: I do. I like my short facial hair. I can't, I can't kiss a man that's got more hair than mine.

Kim Gravel: [00:33:00] And I can't be with a man whose butts smaller than mine either. That's a rule. He better be have some junk in the trunk.

All right, here we go. If you had to write a song about food, which food would it be?

Hannah Dasher: Whatever would make me the most money. Right, right, right. Well, I mean, I have a song called waffle house. We hadn't released that.

Kim Gravel: I'm so hungry for pecan waffle, extra crispy.

Zac Miller: Just for my Southern credentials. I love waffle house.

Kim Gravel: So Zac came down and produced a show that we had a reality show. My family and I, and I'm blessed. I mean he gained 30 pounds. Okay. What's the most memorable moment you've ever had on stage Hannah?

Hannah Dasher: Woo. Most definitely my grand opera debut. Heavens! I cried and obviously I've, it's just, it was, and the opera staff has just been so supportive of me and they, [00:34:00] any opportunity that I had, they're calling me, Hey, can you come be here? Can you do this? And this means a lot. They just said, Hannah, wait, we felt like this place has been waiting on you. And so, and isn't that beautiful. And for my mother to hear that mom was in the room. But , it just gives me the field to keep plugging away to, to the bigger stages.

Kim Gravel: Is it true that that place has this energy in it.

Hannah Dasher: Oh my gosh. The opera definitely does the Ryman, which is the first it's haunted in a really cool, cool way. It was a church original. And sometime when we're together, I'll tell you the whole story, how that came about, because that was, that's a really cool story, but the Ryman is, uh, obviously home to where all the greats performed.

My first time going into the Ryman. Uh, I had a dream about my grandfather who had passed away a year before, and this was back in 2007. I had tickets to go. I just moved to town. I was an. So I hadn't officially moved to [00:35:00] Nashville, but I was interning up here and I had a dream, uh, about Papa. We were sitting there at the farm bureau place and screaming county and Sylvania, and they were catching up.

He had on his Liberty overalls and just catching up on old times and he went to leave and I said, pop, I guess where I'm going Thursday night. He said, I know I'm going to be there and keep my Papa had been gone for a year. So I walked into the Ryman for the first. Just as a fan. And I smelled his aftershave, I smelled Winston cigarettes.

I was overwhelmed by it. You know how people have their distinct smell? I was overwhelmed and that happened the first two times I went into that building. It doesn't do it anymore anyways, but I've had friends. Who've had similar experiences call me crazy and yell, but I just wept. I was just so overwhelmed.

I just felt, I felt that. And some co-writer friends of mine, uh, have witnessed Hank Williams ghost and. Uh, but only when Jimmy Daikins was around and he believes now, but you know, he and Jimmy Dickens were best. Senior were best friends and he literally has a picture. I'll show it to you. There is, there's an orb and it's in a [00:36:00] white Nudie suit with black music notes and a cowboy hat.

And it's sitting in the middle plate. I know it sounds wow. There's an energy is awesome.

Kim Gravel: What's one thing people would be shocked to know about you, Hannah?

Hannah Dasher: I'm a twin. There we go. Yes. Well, I mean, I may or may not lie about my age sometimes and, and she doesn't, and I just, that's the only reason I don't talk about it much, but I love my sister. She's absolutely precious. Maternal paternity twin. She's got right-handed I'm I'm left-handed straight here. You know, she has naturally perky, big bosoms and I pay for mine black.

Kim Gravel: Well, that was my last question. Are you boobs real?

Hannah Dasher: Dr. Harris. I love him to pieces. Well, no, I've always wanted boobs. I started stuffing my bra when I was seven years old. I've always just wanted a big, I mean, I just, I wear bell bottoms because they're wider than my thighs ves and I liked the hair big because it's bigger than my Cherokee [00:37:00] big jaw.

And there we go. I just don't know. I think boobs are pretty.

Kim Gravel: They are honey and yours are perfect. And by the way that was a Zac question, not me. I'm just going to throw you under the bus right now.

Zac Miller: You want to throw me under the bus every time we do these.

Kim Gravel: Zac is a boob man. So he had to know. No I'm teasin.

Hannah Dasher: Well I had to add something on that would compete with my behind, even it out.

Zac Miller: But this is a first for me. Can I just say it's a first for me that someone has actually done a shout out to their boob job doctor.,

Hannah Dasher: I love them so much. He drives an F250.

Kim Gravel: Honey, does he do face work?

Hannah Dasher: As far as I know. Yes, absolutely. Yes. They are the best people ever. He is just, he's great. He's a huge fan of country music. He's a huge fan of my career and they just been great to me. So I had to give him a shout out.

Kim Gravel: All right Hannah. I got one last quick, rapid fire question for you. [00:38:00] Will you sing us a song?

Hannah Dasher: Sure. Would I love it. I'll do the, well, it's the focus track or one of the folks tracks from the Half Record we just released called You're Gonna Love Me. So one of my [00:39:00] favorites.

I can't wait to talk to you again and to meet you in person Eddie's Attic, and hopefully your see you again, Zac, you too. Thank y'all so much. It was a pleasure.

Kim Gravel: All right, Zach, she's one of my favorite Georgia peaches right there.

That is fun. I love Hannah. I think she's just, [00:40:00] she's out there doing her thing. She's chasing her drain and you know, she had a dream. She was a little girl and she's had to work. She's gotten fired to work real jobs. She's just, you know, done both at the same time. And that's, that's what I believe. I believe if you work hard and you have a dream and you work it and you're flooding.

Anything and everything is possible. I do believe that I believe that too. And I think it's like, I'm so glad that she's like, look, I've, I've been doing this for 11 years. Right. And, and that is, I think everyone in our culture right now is like, so impatient about like overnight success, overnight success.

Zac Miller: Oh. I put something out online and only six people liked it or whatever. So I must not be doing it. Right. And like, no, that's not how it works. You got to put in the work, right.

Kim Gravel: Success is about sacrifice and those two things are synonymous. We talk about work, work, work, work, work, and, and you have to work.

If you are going to be successful, you are going to have to sacrifice. And that might be food that might be relationships. I mean, you heard Hannah talk about having to really set that part of her [00:41:00] life aside. Um, and she's all, you know, woman and she, of course she wants love in her life, but she set that aside to focus on like, there's sacrifices that come along with success that we don't talk enough about.

It's not like. You know, Zac, like you said, and it's war and it's hard, hard work. I mean, there's so many work, but then you're going to have to sacrifice too. Like, it's just, you have to give up something to get everything right. You know?

Zac Miller: Right. And it's amazing. I mean, that's one of the things I really admire about you. Kim is like, I know so many people who are successful, who aren't even as close to successful as you are, but like, you know, they're on their fourth divorce and they're not happy and they're working a million hours, you know, and it's. You know, you're killing yourself for what.

Kim Gravel: Did you notice when Hannah was talking and she said her calling. And she said her call. I thought that was a very, um, it's a word I use a lot in, you know, you, you hear that growing up in the church and in the south, you hear about this word, the, your call. And [00:42:00] basically what that is in a nutshell is purpose. And to be able to recognize that at a young age, um, I knew I had a purpose at a young age.

I didn't know what it was going to look like or what kind of form it was going to take. I knew. And I think everybody knows that sack, I think deep down inside, everybody understands that they have a call. They have a reason for being here. It's not just a take up space, but it's to add to the space that we've been given.

And so for me, that's why I do the podcast. That's why I do what I do is because I want everyone to be inspired by people like Hannah, people like other guests that we've had on myself. You, everybody that, you know, you have a. You have a call on your life. You have a reason for being here. And your biggest job is not to be a mom, not to be an accountant, not to be a podcast or not to be a producer or even a singer songwriter.

Your biggest job is to figure out what that is. And if you do that, [00:43:00] success will chase you down, press down, shaken together and running over baby.

Zac Miller: That's really what it's all about. I mean, if you could find it, but it's about finding that, like how do you find it?

Kim Gravel: That's the the biggest job you got? How do you find it?

Zac Miller: It took me a long time to figure it out for me.

Kim Gravel: I think it takes a lifetime. I don't think it's ever, you don't ever reach the destination. As long as you're living, you're always evolving and that call is getting larger and bigger and more.

Zac Miller: I love that. You know, I think about how I learned something every day.

Right. I learned something every day and I feel like the thing that makes me better is that I'm open to that, right. That I'm open to like, oh, look, I don't know everything.

We don't, we're never going to know everything, but just knowing that you have a call is big. That's the first step. So many people just live and let life happen to them.

Yeah. I've never heard it put in those terms. So I'm really gonna think on this [00:44:00] now.

Kim Gravel: It's inspiring to watch somebody like Hannah do what she's put on this earth to do. It's very inspiring.

Zac Miller: Yeah. And I think she's going to be huge. I can see it. I can see that, like she has that thing.

Kim Gravel: I want her to be, I'm rooting for her. She's the type of person we want to. You know, she's talking about work. She's talking about talent. She's talking about authenticity. She said being real. I think that's what we're all looking for. Okay. I'm getting ready to fry you some okra, send it on.

Have you ever had tacos?

Zac Miller: I don't want fried okra. Oh, the air fryer though. Should I really buy an air fry now?

Kim Gravel: I'm going to buy you one. Look, I'm writing it down buy Zac and air fryer. Okay. We'll, bless your heart. What are you cooking at home?

Zac Miller: I will tell you this. We have, we use the instant pot all the [00:45:00] time.

Kim Gravel: You're going to love the air frye.

Zac Miller: So we have the instant pot. So you know, the little thing, you know, the little weight that goes on top of the instant pot. Okay. So let's let the pressure out. So that went into disposal.

Twice twice. So literally yesterday, my wife was, was using the instant pot and it starts just steam starts pouring out of all the shorts. Yeah, that she was like, she was like, I had to turn it off and run out of the room. Yeah. And yeah, I think it's because that thing has been in this disposal a few times that that's relieving the pressure.

Kim Gravel: Yeah I'm getting you an air fryer today. It will be two day to your house. No more insta pot for you. Frying for you from now on that's it. Okay. To check out Hannah dashers new Half Record, go to [00:46:00] Apple or anywhere you download your favorite music. She's got a new, she sang a little bit for us.

You're Gonna Love Me. And she's got, she's got another single called Girls Call the Thots that one's so good too. So check her out. Um, also if you're in Atlanta, that's September 26, meet us at Eddie's Attic. Let's go have fun and, and cheer on Hannah Dasher and sing. Have some fun, Zac wish you could go or, oh, you can always find her on TikToK.

Stand By Your Pan Hannah Dasher. You won't want to miss that. So many good recipes and so much fun.

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Hannah Dasher

Hannah Dasher is a country music artist, song writer and host of the TikTok series ‘Stand By Your Pan,’ an amateur cooking show. This Georgia born and raised singer is Nashville’s rising country music star. Her music is timeless, and her personality is larger than life. Dasher released ‘The Half Record’ album in 2021, which includes the hits “You’re Gonna Love Me” and “Leave this Bar.”