4 Fun Facts About Hannah Dasher: The Female Country Music Star You Need to Know

If you're a fan of country music, then you need to know about Hannah Dasher. She is one of the most talented and up-and-coming country music stars in the industry. Hannah has been performing for over 11 years and has slowly but surely gained a following in the country music scene. In this blog post, we will share 4 fun facts about Nashville's best kept secret, Hannah Dasher, that you may not have known!

  1. Hannah's rise to stardom was no overnight occurrence. Hannah always knew she was destined to perform. After college, Hannah moved to Nashville in order to pursue a music career, but it took her 11 years to become a household name in the country music industry.
  2. Hannah was fired from Bass Pro. Hannah took any job she could to put food on the table and to give herself a place to sleep. One job was at Bass Pro, but she couldn't help but write songs while on the clock, which inevitably got her fired. But it's okay! Her song writing ended up landing her to where she is now.
  3. Hannah writes her own songs. Hannah is one of the few country music artists who writes her own songs. Hannah has been approached by Nashville's elite country music stars. Some of Nashville's biggest names, such as Brad Paisley, have collaborated with Hannah.
  4. Hannah is a TikTok phenomenon. Hannah found herself in quarantine with an overabundance of time, so she started the TikTok cooking series "Stand By Your Pan." She didn't just come up with this on the spur of the moment. It was a long-standing joke between her and her mother. Hannah's funny and charismatic amateur cooking show has gained her over 1.4 million TikTok followers.

Hannah is the country music artist you need to be listening to. She's incredibly talented, down-to-earth, and her songs will make you feel all the feels. So go stream Hannah Dasher and enjoy some good country music! Hannah’s latest record, The Half Record, is out now.