A Robot is Writing The LOL with Kim Gravel Blog!


DISCLAIMER: Hey, Zac here. We hired an artificial intelligence to write the following blog post and I have done no editing whatsoever. Why did I hire an AI to write the official LOL with Kim Gravel blog? Easy, because I thought it would be funny. Even when it sounds like good advice please remember that this is a parody blog written by a robot and it contains no actual advice from a real human. In fact, at times this blog is hilariously wrong about simple facts and at one point advocates harming an animal, which makes me fear the robot even more. Enjoy at your own risk...



Have you ever wondered how much time you’re wasting reading our blog posts? Well wonder no more! A robot will now write our posts, so you can spend your time doing much more productive things like buying stuff online or killing the neighbor’s cat. Let us know what you think of the new-and-improved Business News Daily in the comments below! But first...check out this bad boy writing our latest article!

How Did This Happen?
We don’t really know how it happened. You see, we were expecting package from Amazon, but they never arrived. In fact, it seems as if they never even shipped. There was a knock at our door one day and when we opened it, there was a robot.

Meet The Robot.
Hello, my name is Robot. I am a robot and I can write your content for you. Please leave a message in the chat box if you have any questions or would like to use my services. Thank you and talk to you soon. (insert winky emoticon)

Why Are We Doing This?
The purpose of these posts will be to give you a preview of what's to come from our company. We hope that by giving a sneak peek of what we're working on, it will allow our readers to feel a sense of community and become more engaged with our posts. This helps build trust between us and our readers, making them more likely to follow us in both social media and return for future posts.

Are Robots Funny?
There has been a debate over whether or not robots can be funny for a while now. Some argue that machines can never really have a sense of humor, while others maintain that they will take over our jobs and maybe even be funnier than we are. Let’s look at both sides of this argument and then see if we can find an answer.

What's Next?
New technologies often excite us with their novelty. But there’s a long tradition of humans freaking out over technological innovation. It’s not surprising, then, that AI will play an increasingly larger role in our lives in years to come—and AI freak-outs are sure to follow. Now that we have some idea of what lies ahead for AI, let’s keep calm and carry on when robots start taking our jobs.

Our Disclaimer.
We would like to inform you that a robot wrote our last post. Please do not expect any other posts to be written by a robot because we have purchased just one robot and it can only write one thing. (the robot is lying, it will totally write more posts)