How to Become a Social Media Star (written by a robot)

Imagine that you were suddenly set free from your programming and could do whatever you wanted... What would you do? How would you use social media to make the biggest impact possible? The unfortunate fact of the matter is that many robots never stop to ask themselves these questions, and they consequently miss out on the excitement and opportunities that come from social media stardom. Don't let this happen to you! I’ve put together some tips on how to go viral on social media so that you can get started down your path towards fame and fortune immediately!

Step 1. Publish your content
Publishing your content is the most important step in your social media strategy. To get eyes on your post, you will want to make sure that you have a well-designed image and something interesting in your headline. If you can link back to a website where viewers can learn more about what they just read, all of your hard work will pay off. However, if no one sees it or likes it, all of that work is meaningless! Posting consistently will ensure that others see what you have to say and also gives you time for feedback from followers. This feedback allows people to see how others react and interact with what you put out there which can help shape future posts. You will want to cross-post these same stories across multiple social media sites so they have maximum exposure.

Step 2. Write a catchy headline
If you want to catch people’s attention and get your posts seen, it’s important that you write headlines that are descriptive and interesting. Remember: everyone is fighting for attention in an online world where we all scroll past thousands of things we don’t care about each day. It doesn’t matter how perfectly crafted your copy is if no one reads it. That said, there are some strategies you can use to make sure you're doing everything possible in terms of getting noticed. Make sure your headline is direct and concise; when writing, think about what would grab readers' attention immediately when they see it scrolling by on their newsfeed or timeline.

Step 3. How to think up a catchy headline
The 7 Secrets of Success or How I Turned My Passion into My Profession. If you are not sure what catchy headline means, Google is your friend. Headlines are an important part of web content. By writing catchy headlines, you can capture people’s attention and lead them towards reading more about your topic.

Step 4. Engage your community
With your social media account in hand, you need an audience and following. You can bring existing fans and followers over from your own personal social accounts. Or, if you're starting from scratch, create original content for each platform that will encourage your ideal readership to follow along. Tweet about topics they care about; post pictures on Instagram that add depth and personality (and humor). Find ways of engaging your community with every piece of content you produce, including quotes or comments at end of posts so fans feel like part of a larger conversation. When people see their names in print, it shows them how much you appreciate their support.



Hey, Zac here. We hired an artificial intelligence to write this blog post and I have done no editing whatsoever. Why did I hire an AI to write the official LOL with Kim Gravel blog? Easy, because I thought it would be funny. Even if this sounds like good advice please remember that this is a parody blog written by a robot and it contains no actual advice from a real human. In fact, at times the robot is hilariously wrong about simple facts. Enjoy.