Wedding Trends from a Professional Bridesmaid

Wedding Trends from a Professional Bridesmaid

When it comes to picking your bridesmaids, there are a lot of things to consider. Do you want your sisters or best friends by your side on your wedding day? Or would you rather have someone who is more impartial and can handle any situation that arises? If the latter sounds more like you, then you may want to consider hiring a bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid for Hire is a wedding service that Jen Glantz created in 2014. She was tired of all the drama that came with being a bridesmaid, so she decided to start her own company where women could pay her to be their friend and trusted confidant on their wedding day. Since then, the company has taken off and become very popular!

Jen puts it best, “You can pay me to come to your wedding, pretend to know you from the fourth grade, wear the bridesmaid dress, walk down the aisle, make the maid of honor speech, dance with your drunk uncles, and once the wedding’s over, never see me again.”

Jen is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, coach, and podcaster, who also has an alter ego pretending to be a bridesmaid for strangers on the weekend. From blow drying wedding dresses to dealing with real life cold feet situations, Jen’s seen it all.

But don’t get her confused with the wedding planner, Jen comes incognito, usually with a fake name, and makes it seem like she’s your lifelong friend without anyone being none the wiser. She is the secret agent of the wedding industry.

Jen has been in hundreds of weddings around the world dealing with strangers’ blood, sweat and tears on their big day, so naturally she sees what’s trending in the wedding industry.



Couples are choosing to have smaller weddings rather than large ones. This allows for more intimacy and a more relaxed atmosphere.


Couples are choosing to have non-traditional weddings. They are choosing wear color dresses instead of the traditional white dress, couples are opting for a buffet instead of a sit-down meal, and they are choosing unique venues like getting married in your backyard.


Couple getting married are planning weddings with less floral arrangements, and they are opting for centerpieces with more personalities that show cases their personality.

No matter what type of wedding you choose to have, if you’re looking for someone to take the stress of being a bridesmaid off your hands, or you just want an extra friend on your wedding day, then hiring a bridesmaid for hire is the way to go! Just make sure you book her well in advance, as she may be booked up months or even years.