Dec. 8, 2022

Your Confidence Boost! A Special Live Q&A with Kim

Your Confidence Boost! A Special Live Q&A with Kim

If you need a confidence boost then this special episode of LOL is for you!

I’m answering your confidence questions on our first podcast episode in front of a live audience. We’re building a community of confident, strong women and we’re having the time of our lives as we do it! 


In this episode we’re taking on the real confidence issues you’re struggling with, like teaching confidence to our kids, and finding the confidence to start your own business or side hustle. Make sure you stay until the end of the episode because I answer hilarious rapid-fire questions from the audience and my sister Allisyn joins me while she’s at the hair salon. Y’all, you’ve got to be confident to go live on video while you’re having your hair done! 


So live out loud with confidence this week on LOL with Kim Gravel.



  • How to regain lost confidence and move forward when you confidence is bruised 
  • How to become a more confident businesswoman 
  • How to confidently chase your dreams while taking care of your family
  • How to teach confidence to our kids
  • Allisyn joins me to do an unplanned segment we decided to call, “Allisyn’s haircut hour”
  • The audience puts me in the hotseat and asks me a series of fun rapid fire questions


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Kim Gravel: I always say with Google and God, you can do anything.

Hey y'all. Welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. This is a comedy podcast for women where we laugh about all the messiness of life and turn that. Into our message of confidence and of hope. You see, my mission is to encourage everyone, especially women, to really just stand in their authentic selves. Be true and be real because God has a huge plan for you.

So let's go. Today, we've got a live studio audience, and we're all gonna live out loud and laugh out loud and love out loud. We gonna do it together, y'all, hang on,

hey, everybody. This is our first ever taping of LOL with Kim Gravel in front of a live studio audience. I, I cannot believe it.

Everybody's online and they're here with us in our virtual studio and we're gonna be talking to so many people who have some questions about confidence and we're gonna be discussing that, you know, together with each other. And you know, I'm a girls, girls. This is like, this is my most favorite thing to, I wish.

The only thing missing Zac is everybody being together at a big all you can eat buffet table, and chatting and talking and laughing and carrying on.

Zac Miller: That would be great. I mean, if we, that would be perfect. Do the show like everyone gets, you know, we send everyone like a bucket of chicken or like, you tell me what would, what would be, what would be what we eat, what would we eat?

Kim Gravel: Okay. Why are you like It's always a bucket. It's always a bucket or a barrel. It's just a plate of full of fried chicken. Is it to be a bucket of chicken? Is that

Zac Miller: k? So my wife went away last weekend. She went away and first meal out the gate. KFC bucket of chicken. It's KFC fried chicken. That's what I did.

Kim Gravel: So we could, we could call it Kim's fried chicken. We could just do our own k. Bless your heart. We're turning you southern very slowly, but it's happening.

Zac Miller: Yes, I Is it happening slowly? It feels fast to me as someone who has never lived in the South.

Kim Gravel: You sure do eat like you do , . But aren't you excited?

Everybody's here. Everybody's live. We have so many people that it's like, it's almost like a, a mini talk show with everybody here and talking together. That's what I love about this. I love it.

Zac Miller: All right, we have our first call-in question. Kim, are you ready?

Kim Gravel: Okay. Bring it on.

Zac Miller: Here we go. I got to play this for the first time.

Let's take a question. , let's take a part. We got Nicole coming in. Nicole l tell us your question.

Listener: Well, hi Kim. You know me. I'm a big fan. I do. I love you for you today, and I wanted to know I love you, mama. How do you build confidence back if you feel like you've lost?

Kim Gravel: Wow. Oh, that's a great question. And Nicole, I, you know, we've known each other and I love you.

That's, that's the beauty of like social media, is you can make such dear friends just on chats online. And Nicole, I love you more than life itself. This woman is amazing what she stands for. Y'all go follow her on social. Okay. Now to your question, you know what I would, I would challenge you to say that I don't, I'm not so sure you ever lost.

See, I think, I think we come into this world full of confidence. I mean, think back to Nicole when we were younger and we would ride our bikes and we would go down to the creek and we would have fun and we were fearless. That was when we probably our true most confident selves. And then we come in contact with the world who I call the world.

in, in, in situations, confidence suckers, . I think they're always trying to rob and steal us of our confidence. So I don't know if you lost it. I don't know if we ever lose our confidence. I think we forget that we have it. And to me that's more reassuring because I don't know about you girl, but I have a very, very short memory and the older I get, the shorter it gets.

Do you, Nicole, is your memory short too?

Listener: No.

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh.

I, you know, I'm older than you, so don't, we won't talk numbers. We won't talk numbers , but I'm just cheating you. I love you so much. But I, I do, I forget sometimes, you know, we forget the experiences we've been through and I know, like I know you personally, what some experiences you have gone through and I think, I think that we don't lose our confidence.

I think we just don't remember that we had it. And, and if we remind ourselves, Of who we really are and how we are uniquely made. I think that, you know, it'll come right back to us. Like, just like riding the bike, you can get right back on it.

Listener: Okay. So how about like, let's say your confidence is bruised.

Has that ever happened to you?

Kim Gravel: Woo. Oh, that's a good one. Girl. Write that down. Somebody write that down. Yeah, it's bruised. I've been feel like, I felt like I've been beat up half the time. Like I'm in a boxing going nine rounds, but. I think it goes back to, for me personally, and I can only speak to y'all from my heart, is that when I get beat up by someone else, my confidence, whether it's being, are you talking about Nicole, people who, who put you down or, or challenge you or

Listener: life in general, like things that happen to you, whether if you.

A dream and it doesn't go your way or your a relationship ends, whether it's a friendship or any other type, and you just, you keep trying and trying, but you can't kinda gain the traction that you're looking for.

Kim Gravel: Mm. The motivation's gone, the motivation and the inspiration's gone. I, I think that when we have that bruised confidence, the best thing to do is go back to what we know and do best to build lost confidence.

I mean, for me it is whenever I start feeling really down about myself or my circumstances or my situation, I always go back to edifying and encouraging and lifting people up. And I think if we always. Remember what we're called to do and we go back to that spot. You know, for me it's my faith. I always revert back to my faith because I know that's where my help comes from.

That's where my strength comes from. That's where my true woman's confidence comes from. So I think when we are bruised and, and just beat up with life. Cuz girl, you've, you've, you've been through, you've had some challenges and you, and you've come out stronger for it. Would you say that to be true?

Listener: Yes. Yes. Thank you.


Kim Gravel: I mean, I admire that about you. I mean, I, I look up to you so much with your, with your inner strength that you have, and I don't, I don't know what you would consider your call to be, but I'll tell you, Nicole, if, if how you've blessed me just by following you on social media with all of your strength and stamina, girl, never lose sight of that because that's, that, that I know for sure you got to be confident in.

Cuz I, I see it just through social media, so I know you're living it.

Listener: Aw, I know it. You're the, you're the best and I can't wait to get your book.

Kim Gravel: I love you and I, you and I mean that Truly. I love you, girl.

Listener: I love youback. And Amy too. Amy too. I know she's, she's in the chat and I love her too.

Kim Gravel: She, she's in the chat. .

Zac Miller: She She's in the chat. She's in the chat. Alright Nicole, thank you so much for coming.

Listener: Thanks Zac. Thanks Kim.

Zac Miller: So we have another Nicole here, one Nicole down. I love one Nicole down second Nicole to go.

Listener: So I have a question for Kim. So I am about to enter my 15th year in business in January, and I started off like, and you're a business woman who clearly has had amazing success and.

What I'm finding is as my business gets older and as I progress, I'm getting into different kinds of rooms than I was in before, and I'm sure that you've had to pitch things to, groups of people and been in these intimidating situations. So I'm wondering if you have any tips for somebody who's trying to get their business to that next level and is maybe in the kinds of meetings they.

Uh, ever trained to be in or maybe expected to be in ?

Kim Gravel: Ah, that's a great question. You know, and I, I, I wish Amy was on here too, because her, we have taken this journey together as business partners and including my husband, but Amy and I have really found ourself in situations where we've been, you know, had a seat around the table and way out of our.

I mean, this just happened recently where I was sitting around the table and all these people were like massively successful beyond my wildest dreams, and I'm sitting here going, what in the crap am I doing sitting at this table? I mean, I had to really have a self check about how I got there and why I was there.

But when you are in, when you find yourself a little out of depth or nervous or scared or fearful, you have to remember. There's a reason that you're in that room pitching. There's something that you bring to the table that no one sitting at the table can do or has. . And I'm telling you, and it's not, I'm not telling everybody to be narcissistic.

I'm not telling everybody to make it all about me, me, me. But I will promise you that old saying, if mama ain't happy, no one else is happy. That whole thing, you gotta put your oxygen mask on before you can put somebody else. If the plane's going down, it's the same. Same truth for business. You have earned that spot to be in that room.

Stand in it, stand in it. You could be peeing a little bit in your pants and shaking in your boots. Do it anyway. Take that step. Fear. I always say this, Nicole, fear is your freinemey. Have you ever had those friends that you know you could tell there's a little rub? And do they like me? Do they not like me? I don't really if I like them, but they make you go a little bit further in your business or a little bit.

That's what fear can do for you. Fear is your fren. Fear is, is a good thing when, when positioned to a place of faith. Meaning if that fear makes you move and take a step or makes you pause and think it through, fear can be that thing that can really. Propel you into success. I know that sounds weird. I know that sounds strange, but I have found it to be true when I am fearful, and it just happened about a month ago, sitting at a table and I was outta my depth, Nicole, and I had to stand and go, you know what?

I'm afraid, but I'm here for a reason. I can do what none of these people can't. I'm part of that team that can make this thing go higher, bigger, and better. So, Nicole, you've been in business for 15 years, baby, you know what you're doing. Go do it.

Listener: And maybe I need to buy special underwear in case I pee a little.

Kim Gravel: I have some recommendations for you. I don't wanna get too graphic on here. Always with no wings. Always with no wings. That's all I'm gonna say. I'm leaving it there.

Listener: Thank you so much, Kim. This is why I love you. See this recording and I'm gonna like listen to it before I go in a room and get myself safed up.

Kim Gravel: Go to it so much. Stand in it. Stand in it, baby.

Zac Miller: Thank you, Nicole. So time to record a little promo. Kim, are you ready to record a little promo in front of our audience?

Kim Gravel: Okay, I'll, I'll do it. I'll do it.

Zac Miller: All right. We're debuting something totally new.

Kim Gravel: Yes we are.

Zac Miller: You're like, yes, I forgot about this.

Oh, right. We are. Oh yeah, we are.

Kim Gravel: Hey y'all, this is Kim Gravel and I just wanna take this opportunity to tell you that we make this show for all of us to be in community together, and I want to hear your opinion about it. So, we made a short listener survey that we want to know what you think about. What you wanna hear on future episodes of LOL with Kim Gravel.

It would mean so much to me to hear what you want on the show and I'm gonna read every single response. So just click on the link in the show notes. It'll only take about five minutes, cuz we want to hear what you have to say about this community. Thanks, y'all. Love y'all.

Okay, Zac, you rocking out today with the music?

I feel like I'm at an acdc concert. . .

Do you know who acdc is? Does anybody on the chat knows who acdc is? Okay, everybody right now, shout out your favorite eighties hair band from the eighties cuz Zac doesn't know who they are. Honey.

Zac Miller: Oh my gosh. Like, first of all, I think I know who acdc are.

Kim Gravel: You do not

Zac Miller: I can't pick out their music. Doesn't mean I haven't heard of them.

Kim Gravel: Def Leppard. Is anybody saying on the chat who their favorite 80s people? Oh my gosh.

Zac Miller: Emily said, her 11 year old son listens to acdc.

Kim Gravel: What? Oh my god.

Zac Miller: Dana says, I love Guns N Roses.

Kim Gravel: Oh, Dana, you and me both, baby.

Does anybody remember Zizi Top? She got legs . So, so Zac is rocking us out.

Zac Miller: And we wanna, we really do. We wanna know what you think of the show and we want your feedback. So, this is our brand new listener survey. No one has done it yet. We are debuting it right here, live on our show. And we have another call in question.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Hello. Hey.

Hey. Yes. You're gorgeous girl. Gorgeous.

Listener: Thank you. Oh, okay. Well, highest compliment ever thank you so much, Kim.

Kim Gravel: Beautiful,

Listener: by the way, I'm brunette with the booty.

Zac Miller: Brunnette with a booty. I knew. I recognized your voice. Yes. I love it.

Listener: I just wanted to ask. . My kids annoy the crap outta me, Kim. I love them so much. They're the best. I'm blessed. Thank you, Lord. But yes, I feel like I'm kind of left empty. I, I, I feel like there's always, I've always felt like God wants me to, uh, he's always had something for me and I feel like I've, I, I need confidence to kind of chase my own dreams and, but anyway, we are, I'm so, Also, so thank you lord.

Kim Gravel: Well, you know, this is, I, I thank him, thank him. Right Now I wanna say this to you, Blythe. It's so funny that you asked this question. There's, there's no coincidences. I do not believe that at all. I'm crazy now, this is a very, it's a good question, and I remember, how old are your kids? Do you mind me asking?

Listener: Yeah, absolutely. 11 nine.

Kim Gravel: And. . Okay. So you're in the throes of it. You are in the throes of it. I remember I, I wrote a chapter in the book talking about motherhood, and my, editor reached out to me and she says, Kim, I think it's a little too negative. Like she was worried because I was saying the same thing in this chapter that you're saying to me right now.

Can I get it? And I think a lot of women feel like we did. We do and did Blythe. I really do. But this is the thing. Motherhood is forever, but we're in the throes of it in just a few seasons. Right? So I, when I was starting our business, my kids were in the third grade. In the first grade, and I, quite frankly, I was miserable.

And I love how you're. They drive me crazy, but I love them. Can't stand to be around them, but I love 'em. I mean, that's how I felt like half the time I didn't even want to be a mom. And I'm being very honest right now with you because for me it was, it was very hard to set my dreams aside and just focus on my kids so I know exactly how you feel and I make no bones about it.

It was tough for me, but Blythe, you can do both. That's what I've learned. You can do both. And you know what God wants you to do Both. He gave you those children to be a blessing and to, for you to raise, but he also gave you a desire to fulfill your calling. And you can do both. But what happens is sometimes this takes the front seat, this takes this front position.

It, it's, it's, it's one of those things that ebbs and flows and there's a balance to it. But the beautiful thing, How God created us was that as women, we can do it. We are multitaskers. We are encouragers, we are healers, we are helpers. We are givers, we are doers and Blythe. Right now, you're in the middle of it, but you've got to still, if not just 30 minutes a.

Pursue your dream. Don't let the dream go. It just might have to take a little bit different of a position right now in the season you're in. Does that make sense? Yes. But you can't let it go. You so, so right now, if you can't start that business, I don't know what business you wanna start is, and you can share with me right now if you feel comfortable sharing, like what, what do you feel like God's called you to do?

Listener: You know, actually, and that is another thing, I'm not, I'm not exactly sure, but I, I know that. , I know that there is something, inside of me that I just come on thought there is something in my future that God has set before me and I'm gonna get there one day.

Kim Gravel: You are, and this is the first step is just sitting there going, okay, what would you have me do?

What is my gifts? What are my talents? What brings me absolute bliss and joy? Go back to when you were younger, when you were your kid's age, what did you love doing? And, and get specific. It's not just like I love helping people. I want you to, I love helping people by baking cupcakes. I want you to get really specific, and then I want you to take bite size steps.

Just little bites off of that big old. Every single day and you watch him unfold that dream in you. Because let me tell you, just because you're a mother, you're gonna be a mother and a great wife, a mother and a fierce business woman. A woman and a woman of faith. It's not either or, it's and your and is coming.

Hang on it, baby. Oh, it's coming. I got cold chills. I got cold chills. Just saying that it is coming. I got tears in my eyes. , thank you. Because it's come, cause you know, you under, you're resonating with what I'm saying to you. You know, there's more for you and I'm here to tell you it's gonna be bigger than you ever thought and, and more effective than it Do you ever dreamed of?

If you've just do those little teeny steps every single day towards it, I promise you, I promise you. Thank you. I love you, babe. I love you. I love you more. I love you brunette with a big booty. Let's go. Ah, I love it. Oh, you know what, Zac, so many women feel this way though. Especially young moms. They feel like, this is it.

This is my life. This is what I've got. And it's not, it's, it's, and I love that. And you're gonna be a mother and, oh, go blythe. Keep me posted. And if you ever, if you ever want any advice or any kind of like, just a, a ear to listen or someone to lean on, give us a call. Because honestly, girl, I got you. By staying with you, I stand with you.

Zac Miller: I'm getting text messages right now from your sister Kim, who's in the chat, and she's on the call. But she's having technic her in technical problems. She can't get in. I can't get her in.

Kim Gravel: Oh my Lord. Well, I know she, she's got more than just technical problems. Okay. .

Zac Miller: I like, click the button. She's like, there's no button, so I don't know.

Kim Gravel: It's, there is a button. Allisyn, she's died to get in and have her voice be heard. I know. Allisyn, just click the button. Just click the button honey.

Zac Miller: I wanna do one more listener question. Who's going to.

Kim Gravel: Well, this is the thing I, I know a lot of people probably like, I don't wanna be on video or I don't wanna, I get it, I get it.

But I, I just honestly want to see women rise to such a level. And I just think that for us as women, confidence is, is. always being, trying to be carved out of who we are, whether it be our looks or being a good mom or, you know, doing what's appropriate and what's in, and you know, I just feel like as women, we have to just step forward and do what we're put on this earth to do.

And a lot of us don't know what that is and that's fine. But we gotta take a step towards it, you know? And I love how Blythe was talking about that and really challenging herself in that she says, My kids aren me crazy. I love my kids. Look y'all, we all know as moms, we love our kids, but there's nothing wrong with loving a dream too.

You can have both. Mm. That was a good question.

Zac Miller: I got one more. Okay. I have Emily coming in with a question. Okay. She is asking about building confidence in her young girls, so let's, it's gonna be a good one. Can you guys hear.

Kim Gravel: Hey Emily. Hey girl.

Listener: So the question was, my eight year old daughter is really struggling with self-confidence and how to build confidence right now.

 A lot of surrounding her academics, but just in general. So how do you boost those young

Kim Gravel: girls? Ah, well, you know, we had a whole show about that. It was, it's, it's so hard, especially, you know, Emily today. I think that there's so much talk about co. At eight years old, the pressure on these kids, Emily, I, I have you seen it like in school, in the schoolwork and with social media and everything, and I don't wanna demonize social media because I absolutely love it if it's done, you know, in, in, in moderation, in really monitored.

But for an eight year old girl, . All we can do as women is just model that confidence. I gotta tell you, I was very blessed to have a mom that showed such amazing, authentic confidence. Now, was she perfect to hear her talk? She would say yes, but the answer to that is no. She was not. She, she had her fears and insecurities just like everybody, but she never let those, those, those fears and insecurities stop.

 From doing what she knew she was called to do. So I think for an eight year old modeling a strong, confident woman like you are, Emily, just her seeing that in you every day, and I know you so I know what kind of woman you are. In fact, sometimes Emily scares me a little. With her confidence, , it's, it's fierce.

And she probably doesn't even know she's stepping into that a lot. She probably doesn't even know that's how it's coming across. But if your daughter sees you continue to walk in confidence. My wise friend Amy said, parenting is not about what you do, it's about who you are and when you are. kids, they might stumble, they might fall around, they might bum fumble, but they'll get there and they'll, they'll, they'll be confident too.

And just encouraging. Important. And you know what this is, I'm gonna tell y'all this, this, this might be controversial and I don't even care cuz it's truth. There is something about. Having pressure with these kids and Emily, tell me if you think this is right or, and having expectation. Those are two different things.

I think what's going on today is we're putting a lot of pressure on our kids, but not expecting enough from 'em, especially where we live.

Listener: It's, it's test after test, after test at school, and she's, she's just struggling. She's not a good test taker and she's decided. That's her label now, because she doesn't test well, she's labeled herself as a horrible student.

So we're, we're working on it too, but just,

Kim Gravel: but this is the thing why it's the truth, it's, it's, it's expectation is, is like, I have that with my oldest son because he was, he was struggling a little bit in class, said, babe, this is nothing. You can do this. And I expected more of him, but I didn't pressure him to do.

I think that's the key. I think that's really important is I, and I figured that out cause I was pressuring him, cuz you know me, I'm Type A, so I had to really shift the way I was thinking and say, but you're so smart you can do this. But I understand what you're saying. About eight years old and they do test it to death.

I'm telling you, these teachers, I feel, I, they don't make enough money. They, they are, they're, they're work to death and they're having to put these kids through all of this. But we all know that in the long run what happens through grade school and high school, you can read and write and Google it. I always say, well, Google and God, you can do anything cuz God knows I'm not a highly educated book smart person, but, I don't think intelligence and test taking go hand in hand.

I think you can be a good test taker. She's highly intelligent If she's a daughter of yours, I can tell you that. . Thank you, . It's the truth.

Zac Miller: Thank you so much, Emily.

Kim Gravel: I love you.

Listener: Love you too, Kim.

Zac Miller: We have a special guest who's finally figured out how to come out. Kim, are you ready?

Kim Gravel: Yeah, I'm, I'm afraid to see who it.

Allisyn, what are you doing?

Allisyn Lambes: Get my hair did. My gosh.

Kim Gravel: Talk about confidence.

Allisyn Lambes: Girl. Listen, I really wanted to join in and I'm thinking to myself, How can I do it? Jennifer and I were sitting here trying to figure it out. We figured it out.

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh. Now, Jennifer, y'all, she's been up there getting her hair done for four or five hours and I'm paying the bill.

How much is this going be?

Allisyn Lambes: Listen, listen, you. On today, .

Zac Miller: Look, Jennifer, you, you have to add your appearance fee or whatever that's you're charging. Okay? So this is gonna be be double. IThis is gonna be double.

Kim Gravel: No, I know. Y'all don't understand. I have to pay for her, her personal hygiene cuz she's, she's a Belle ambassador for QVC.

Allisyn Lambes: Listen, this is self care. This is called loving yourself and, and, and caring about yourself self.

Kim Gravel: Well, you've got that down. Allisyn, what do you think makes a woman confident?

Allisyn Lambes: Experiences in knowing that, you know, that's good. Don't take life too serious. Obviously I don't red wine and red wine red.

Kim Gravel: Hold on.

I have to say something. I have to say something. So Allisyn's fix to having confidence is really just don't take yourself too seriously and get drunkard than Kuda Brown. That's what I'm hearing you say.

Zac Miller: That was translated. That was good. Translated Kim. I like that. .

Allisyn Lambes: Although the wine does give you a little bit of liquid courage, I will say that.

Kim Gravel: No, we're not promoting that as having confidence.

Allisyn Lambes: No, not promoting it. I'm just saying it's not a bad thing. Every now and then,

Kim Gravel: Jesus take the wheel. I can't.

Allisyn Lambes: Okay, so my question, okay. Uhhuh, y'all, this is a question, right? This is a, this is a question. This is a question you're in. Okay, Kim? Yes. How do you feel about me being a very, inspiring, confident person? Do you feel that? I am. And why or why not?

Zac Miller: So, do you want me just to kick her out, Kim? Should I just, just boot her?

Kim Gravel: No, I mean, I think this is so special. . I will tell you, come on, there is some, there is some truth to to all there. There is some, I don't wanna say truth. There is some valid things about Allisyn and her confidence that I'm gonna describe, and no one judge me when I say this because Allisyn is the most joyous, fun up person.

She's the most high maintenance, needy, taking person I have ever seen in my entire life Now to say, She's very confident. There's a little bit of delusion there and I think it works. Okay.

Allisyn Lambes: Well I'll take that girl, however you just spun it. I liked it.

Kim Gravel: what I'm saying. You're like, it's delusion. That's fine.

Allisyn Lambes: No, no, I'm okay with that really.

Kim Gravel: But Allisyn, you know what I'm saying? Don't you like, what? Allisyn is a person. Allisyn is a person to say, okay, I'm gonna be a rocket scientist. Well, I've never been trained in that, but you know what? If they can do it, I can do it. I mean, that's how she is. It's delusional, but somehow it works.

So that's, I mean, I was telling somebody earlier, you gotta take that first step in faith. You've just gotta go through that. Let that fear be your friend of me and do it anyway. And, it works for Allisyn.

Allisyn Lambes: Well, I've taken that first step in faith. I've taken step 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and seven too.

Kim Gravel: Okay. And how is that working out for you?

Allisyn Lambes: Pretty good. .

Kim Gravel: Okay. No, Allisyn truly is the reason I think Allisyn is so confident in all seriousness is because she's not afraid to be her real au authentic self, good, bad, and ugly. She'll tell you all her mistakes, all her messes, and how she's turned that into her message and it really. That's all we can ever do y'all, because we've all got, we've all made huge mistakes.

Yeah, we've all screwed up. We've all needed grace and mercy and forgiveness. And when you are authentic, that is when you truly can be confident. And you do that quite well, my friend. I love you, sis.

Allisyn Lambes: I love you, sister. That's a very, that's a I'll take a very, I'll take that from you. Thank you so much, . I love you.

Kim Gravel: Now listen, call me later so we can decide what we're gonna make Thursday for dinner. All right,

Allisyn Lambes: girl, we're so excited. Zac, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, honey.

Zac Miller: You too, Allisyn.

Kim Gravel: Bye Jennifer. Go easy on the bill.

Zac Miller: Okay, . All right. And that's it for Allisyn's haircut hour . We will , we are moving on, we are going to be doing rapid fire questions. Okay. But we're doing it a little differently this week, Kim. Okay. I want the folks who are in the chat right now who are in the audience to hop in the chat and ask anything.

Of Kim. Okay. Okay. Nothing is off limits. We wanna know what, what do you want to know from Kim? Ask, ask Kim anything.

Kim Gravel: Oh, god rapid fire. Okay.

Zac Miller: Let's see. We got, let's see what we got. Kim. Don't even think about it. Okay. Okay. Someone said, Kim, will you please make a daily devotional?

Kim Gravel: Oh, yes, actually I have a, a 30 day free daily devotional on my website at

It's downloadable. It's 30 days, it's written, done. So go and get that free devotional right now, .

Zac Miller: So it said, Kim, any more milk cartons left around your house?

Kim Gravel: Yes, I found one under my son's bed. And this is the whole thing, like we have to buy half gallons now because they drink milk like it's going outta style.

And I found one the other day, just the other day behind my. Toilet and that's disgust. That is gross. No, Zac, you know, boys don't pee in the toilet. They pee everywhere, but the toilet,

Zac Miller: they pee. So you're, I mean, so it's like a,

Kim Gravel: oh, go. I'm gonna gag. I'm gonna gag.

Zac Miller: Yeah, that's gross. That's really gross.

 But yeah, I feel like my, my kids are constantly like bringing in like stuffed animals and like plush stuff and like, it's like leaving it on the floor in the bathroom. Like they have no regards for like.

Kim Gravel: That's nothing, okay. That is lightweight. My, I found a frog, a live frog in my son's bed.

Okay, I'm out. But he brought in from the house. Okay.

Zac Miller: Thank you everybody. That's the show. That's it. No. What are you binge watching?

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh. Well, Christmas movies, . I start putting on Christmas movies probably like October 15th. But yeah, I start, I binge watching Christmas movies, but I also, I've been, y'all, am I the only one?

But like true crime, I have been like, I'm so, am I just like there? Am I that age where I just watched True Crime, but I just watched this one called, what was it called? it is about this mom who, who? She was a bodybuilder. She was a big bodybuilder and she killed her husband. Oh, what is that called?

Zac Miller: He probably deserved it.

Kim Gravel: It's only, well, no what mean , but she was like a big old bodybuilder and she took him out. So I've been binge watching True Crimes on Netflix.

Zac Miller: Okay. If, you saw someone that you might want to date, like assuming you were dating somewhere in public, how would you approach them?

Kim Gravel: Okay. Ooh, that's a good question. Is this someone who's wanting, like, thinking, oh, they must have a little something, something.

Oh, no. Okay. All right. If I, if I, I would just casually be around and make. Eye contact. You would be surprised how many people do not make eye contact. In fact, I make so much eye contact when I'm out, like my kids or my husband or Amy will be like, please God, don't make eye contact. Just walk. Just walk.

Do not. Cuz that automatically starts up conversation with eye contact. And the best way to, to know if you even like somebody, I mean you're probably physically attracted to them, but it is just to have a brief conversation and then get your flirt game. Like, I've always tried to tell Amy how to flirt, but everybody's texting and tweaking and twerking now.

So a lot of people don't even know how to make eye contact and have conversations. So if you can do that, you're like three or four steps ahead, eye contact, cute, you know, and then the conversation will start.

Zac Miller: does it have to be like, like seductive eye contact? Does it have to be like,

Kim Gravel: no, everything is not about sex.

I am so I'm sexed out everything. Everything's about sex. You would think that the whole world is just one big sex ball. It's not. I mean, it's, relationships are incubated and start through friendships and through great conversation. So yeah, no bedroom eyes, just, just friendly eye contact and watch and see if conversation does not start.

Zac Miller: What's your favorite Christmas song.

Kim Gravel: Oh, little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby and David Bow. Oh, nice. Peace. Remember that one? Can it be that one? And then of course. Bye Carrie. All I want for Christmas.

Zac Miller: Oh yeah, that's a good one. That's a really good one. I got this CD when I lived in India.

That was like, it, it was like a knockoff cd. We were like dying for like some, it was, it was Christmas time, but like in India, like Christmas is and we were like dying for anything that was like resembling Christmas and I was out trying to shop for, for Camille cuz she was like really feeling like missing home.

And so I got this Christmas CD that had like, how like 200 songs on it somehow. I don't even know how they like fit this songs on this cd, like bootleg. And it was like the funniest knockoff versions of all the Christmas songs we still playing.

Kim Gravel: That's fantastic.

Zac Miller: It's so good.

What person would you like to interview?

Kim Gravel: Ooh, Kathy Lee Gifford. I love her. I know that sounds crazy. You know, cuz she's out. You know, it's, I'd love to right now, if you say Kim, who would you like to interview? It'd be Kathy Lee Gifford.

She's a person who's really gone out there in and kept it going.

I mean, she's in her, I think she's in her sixties, late sixties. I admire.

Zac Miller: Uh, so the first Nicole we had on the show is saying that you must watch Kathy Lee's movie with Craig Ferguson on Hulu.

Kim Gravel: I've already watched it, girl. I am a fan of Kathy Lee and I love Ferguson too. I thought it was fantastic. I love Kathy Lee Gifford.

I think, I think I lo I love her for, she reminds me a lot of the women that I come from, you know, a lot. She's strong and she's beautiful and she's not, she's, you know, stands in the face of her age and loves it. And, you know, she's just class. She's a strong woman of faith. And, again, she's just, she perseveres and I love that about her.

Zac Miller: Okay, last question. This is also from, the first Nicole. How's the exercise going? Kim? What happened to your mirror?

Kim Gravel: Okay, . It's not working.

Zac Miller: I'm sorry. I don't mean to laugh. I actually don't know the, that is

Kim Gravel: very, that's, that was a very judgmental laugh, but honestly this is a very judgmental laugh. It's so rightfully so . I got the mirror a year and a half ago and I've used it once and because it doesn't, well, I can't get it to come on and work.

It's too technology for me, so I just, so I. Walk around the neighborhood and then I never get around the neighborhood cuz I'm stopping talking to every neighbor. And so I never get any exercise. So thanks Nicole, for reminding me to fix my mirror.

Zac Miller: Thank you Nicole. I love that question. Thank you to everyone that asks question.

Thank you for everyone that, came onto this. Kim, let's wrap up. What, How do you feel about our first live, episode of LOL?

Kim Gravel: I absolutely love this, and I just wanna say to everybody listening, watching this on this chat right now, please, please, please know you have a sister in me. Let's all stand together, support each other, love each other, but yet also challenge each other to step up into what we have been created to do, because, we might not be able to have it all, but we sure do, do it all as women.

So just know that I'm standing with you. Thank you so much for all your friendship, all your kind words, and for calling in today. And always remember, no matter where you are in your life, whether you're a young mom, a grandmother, Take a tip from, you know, all the women that have gone before us. Confidence comes from within.

And baby you are beautiful, confident, intelligent, one of a kind, just the way you are. I love you so much. Until next time, this is Kim and Zac with LOL with Kim Gravel. Peace out. Love y'all.

LOL is produced and edited by Zac Miller at Uncommon Audio. Our associate producer is Kathleen Grant, at Brunette Exec. Production help from Emily Breeden. Our cover art is designed by Sara Noto. A special thanks to all the team members at QVC plus, and thank you for listening. I love you.

Lemme tell you something, Allisyn gonna take care of some Allisyn. Okay.

Zac Miller: I heard the most common, one of the most common like murder weapons is like a pant. Like, cuz it's something that you just like have laying around. It's heavy and like a moment of anger.

Kim Gravel: How do you know that that's not good? I don't know if that's okay.

Go, go ahead and mute your thing so we can talk to, oh, she doesn't hung up. She's like, all right. Happy, everybody have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. We love y'all.