May 26, 2022

Having What You Want Part 2 | With Kim's Sister Allisyn Lambes

Having What You Want Part 2 | With Kim's Sister Allisyn Lambes

Y’all, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard in my life!

Y’all, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard in my life!


This week I’ve got part two of my manifestation series, "Having What You Want", featuring my sister from the same mister Allisyn, and my brother from another mother, Sean Lambes. If you’re ready to have some fun then this episode is for you!


Last week we discussed the first steps of how to manifest, and this week we're focusing on the final step: letting go of the outcome. What better way to transition into this final step, then with Allisyn’s manifested teddy bear husband, Sean, who put me and Allisyn in the hot seat with a series of hilarious rapid-fire questions that he asked us. Our family is notorious for oversharing and Sean is next level funny so nothing is off limits this week.


Be sure to listen to part one of “Having What You Want”, to hear manifestation tips if you haven’t listened already. 


This Week On The Show:

  • How to let go of the outcome when manifesting
  • Allisyn and I spill the sweet tea on family, love and sex
  • What it was like growing up with my parents
  • A hilarious story about how cheap my husband is
  • What my parents’ reality show would be about
  • Sean’s next-level rapid-fire questions


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Kim Gravel: [00:00:00] Hey, y'all and welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. This is a comedy podcast where we laugh about the messiness of life, and we turn that mess into our message of confidence and hope. And my mission is to encourage and lift women up everywhere. And this show is about how you can embrace.

How we can embrace our real selves and laugh about it along the way. You know what life throws us a lot of stuff. So it's what we do with it that matters. So let's live out loud, laugh out loud and love out loud together. Hey, everybody. We are heading into part two of our show about manifesting. I've got my sister here.

She's not sister from another Mister. We are from the same Mister . Have you ever heard of this saying that life doesn't happen to you? It happens through you. Have you ever heard that?

Zac Miller: No.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. That's, that's kind of like what we're talking about. A lot of times we just sit back and take what brings to us [00:01:00] or gives us, but it's really not giving we're really creating it. And what I'm saying is being mindful of what you're creating. It really makes a difference. It's all a mindset, every bit of it. And it works. And Allisyn is, she's such a she's, she's one of those accidental manifestors, you know, she was doing it, not knowing she was doing it and now she purposefully does it.

And it really has made a difference. Have you ever heard the Zac? A sister is like a great bra. Totally beautiful. And super supportive. She's back with part two, because part one, if you haven't heard it go back and listen to part one before you hop on part two here and listen to this because we really talk about in depth manifestation, and we also are having such a ball with laughter and fun and just sister talk and, who doesn't wanna have a little fun and learn something along the way.

So enjoy.

Zac Miller: We're just gonna hop in right where we left off. Here's part two [00:02:00] with Allisyn.

Kim Gravel: I wanna say this, the last thing you have to do, and there's so many more ways to, to manifest, but you gotta follow that intuition and then y'all you have to let it go.

meaning you gotta let go of the outcomes. Okay, because all of us control freaks out there. And if you're listening, I'm talking to you and I'm talking to myself, you're talking to me. yeah. So what we do is we squeeze it so tight. We choke the actual magical part of manifestation out of it. . Mm.

So this is a discipline I've had to learn. And I know Allisyn you've had to learn is the letting go of the outcome. And so when you're visualizing, and then when you are saying, or, or explaining or defining what you're [00:03:00] actually looking for, and then you're going to sit and clean up the clutter, get your part done.

And then you're going to ask for divine guidance, follow your intuition, follow that gut, and then you're gonna let go. And there's something so freeing in that. Because when you can just let go and trust that God has got what is best for you, you want it, but I promise you it'll be everything you never thought, but always wanted.

And I told Amy, when you meet your man, you will forget all those years of singleness. And it'll be the right place at the right time. I have experienced that through so many areas of my life. Whenever I've tried to manifest and then control the way it looks when it comes to me, [00:04:00] never works. It costs me so much money, heartache, pain problems.

It's always better. And more than you ever thought or dreamed of. If you let God do it. that is so true. Isn't it? Because you said when you first met Sean, you knew,

Allisyn Lambes: met him and in 10 minutes knew I would marry the man. And look, and look, he dissed me for three solid months.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. He wasn't trying to manifest you.

Allisyn Lambes: He wasn't manifesting me.

Zac Miller: Wait, what was it about him that made you immediately fall in love with him?

Allisyn Lambes: He is the most like, like you wanna be around him. He's fun. He has a great sense of humor. He's a big Teddy bear. He's everything. He loves. He's everything you said. He loves Jesus he treats me like a queen. When I say like a queen, like, man, I always wanted that.

I always wanted my [00:05:00] partner, my man, whoever, you know, whoever's gonna be with to treat me like the elevated queen that I am.

Kim Gravel: Oh my God, I gotta stop.

Allisyn Lambes: And now look now I don't mean that like, to me, what a queen being is, is what my man does for me. All I want.

Kim Gravel: You gotta do you boo. Well, that's what I'm saying. You followed your intuition, you and Sean know, I gotta tell you, it was like you were on a high. It reminds me. Well, if Travis Barker and, Khloe Kardashian, they, Khloe

Allisyn Lambes: It's Kourtney

Kim Gravel: Whatever her name is... but I can tell they're that way too. They're so they're so, you know, in the moment like you and Sean were, should we bring in Sean?

Zac Miller: Wait, cause I wanna do a Zac Attack.

Kim Gravel: Oh my God.

Allisyn Lambes: Oh, what's a Zac Attack.

Kim Gravel: I don't know, honey.

Allisyn Lambes: You know what I wanna say? Zac snack Zac snack.

Kim Gravel: Oh Lord.

Here we go. Here we go. [00:06:00]

Zac Miller: All right.

This is gonna be, I hope a really fun one. I've been thinking about what do we wanna manifest in the world? Okay. What do we want to speak into existence? And I don't know if we actually wanna speak this into existence. I wanna imagine that we are in the pitch room, pitching a new TV show, starring your parents.

What is the show?

Allisyn Lambes: Well, the show opener would be mom's face and she'd be looking over at dad. You dumb daddy. That's it. Miss Jo with her hand on her hip.

Kim Gravel: And by that she means I love you, honey. So my parents are, we always thought they were a breath from divorce growing up. Honestly, God, we, first of all, we always thought we were about to go to part of the poverty or bankruptcy because my dad [00:07:00] acted like we couldn't even buy rice to eat . And when I was 16 years old, I don't know if I've ever told the, this audience that's, but I was sitting at the country club or one country club I was like 16 and I was getting eight ice cream on the tab and you have to pay. I just said,

Allisyn Lambes: I remember the number.

Kim Gravel: And it just hit me as I'm in my bikini, out at the country club laying by the pool, thinking I don't think we're poor. True story. As my mom would say, your dad is cheap. So, I mean like it's, it was an unhealthy unbalanced life . And then my, my dad is so cheap that like, seriously when I tell you, bless his heart, he's in hope he never listens to this, but like, he's the type of guy that will spend $400,000 on something and then be like, you know what, but I ain't spending extra $5 on my nail.

ain't doing it now. I've got my [00:08:00] limits. And you can stick it up. Your

Okay. No, Kim he'll call you for he's very principal. Fine. he's very principled and he is not a scammer or anything. No, he's just, he's just, he's he just cheap. And then my mom is. . I mean, she could actually be, you know, the president of the United States of America in her mind. So remember when I said delusion sometimes is, is a health is, is good.

Here's mom.

Allisyn Lambes: Now dad's over there. Saving his $5. Mom's down the street at Belk. If y'all don't know what Belk is. It's a, it's a shopping. It's a Southern, Southern shopping store department store. And she'll be buy in. She'll find her a top and she'll buy in every. There's 10 of 'em. She'll get 'em she's so look, they're quite opposite.

And mom's like, well, I make my own money. So mom's money goes into her account, her retirement and dad has to pay for everything.

Kim Gravel: Now this is the thing. This [00:09:00] is the thing about the show would be called the golden years. not the golden. I'm trying to think something funny.

The show would be, I don't know, Zac, that's a good one.

Zac Miller: Would it just be in the home? Would they go somewhere else?

Kim Gravel: No, I think we need to put 'em in a retirement center. Cause see, you have to understand mom's sexy. At 76. She's sexy. And, and dad is old school in the fact that that if mom is pretty and sexy, that she's his.

Do you know what I'm saying?

Zac Miller: Sure. Like she's the arm candy.

Kim Gravel: She's the trophy wife. Except we stand. There we go. Yeah. Like, he'll be, well, your mom looks good hanging in the swim sits say she's better than y'all do. I I'm like dad. Wow. Really?

Allisyn Lambes: That's rude.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. Evil. But there's a lot of respect there.

So. Yes. I don't know if they like each other too much. They love each other, but I don't know if they like each other and that is so normal [00:10:00] because everybody I talk to about marriage. When I think of us, he's my number one only partner. I'm like, that's a lie. That's a lie from the pits of hell.

My husband drives me insane bananas, but I love him.

Allisyn Lambes: Look Kim's husband the other day. I have to say it. I have to call Travis. Travis, you can talk about frugal and cheap. Now Kim lives in a very nice house. I'm gonna say this and the other day, my brother-in-law, I I'm saying it. No, this is, is the truth. And truth is like story.

And let me say something, Zac, it ain't like they, they ain't got no money. Okay. So here's my thing. When I roll up to your home, I expect to see it. Nice. Now looking good fly. Okay. So I roll. And there is two different colors of mulch. So look, half of her bed is like this one red mulch mm-hmm and the other half is this other.

And you're like, what happened? And Kim's like, well, he said that one was on sale. So he just I'm like, you are kidding, but like the whole flower bed out front. And he just had in half [00:11:00] like brown. Oh boy, girl, you gotta do something about that.

Kim Gravel: When I first married him, he would not buy self propelled more.

No, our yard was huge. Travis is never gonna do the yard. Travis sucks at the yard.

Allisyn Lambes: He's not a yard guy.

Kim Gravel: He's bane of my existence.

Zac Miller: But does he do it? Wait, so does he do it?

Kim Gravel: No's not in the yard.

Zac Miller: Okay. Good. That's alright.

Kim Gravel: When he first got married, of course he does. Did the yard. Cuz he thought he was gonna be, you know, Mr. I'm going, I'm gonna mow my lawn. I'm gonna be a man. I remember. Yep. And he wouldn't buy a self-propelled mower. So I came home one day and I pull up and the yard is half half cut. Like the perimeter of the yard was still long and the center of the yard had been cut

So it was like a square within a square.

Allisyn Lambes: And they lived at a really nice neighborhood. Did too.

Kim Gravel: It's you drive up and you see, so, oh my God, it looked like an alien hit come down, landed in the yard.

Allisyn Lambes: I was gonna say you had a crop circle, [00:12:00] crop circle.

Kim Gravel: And so, I pulled up and I was like, and he comes out.

I said, honey, what happened to the yard? He goes, oh hun. I only needed to cut the parts that needed to be. So he only cut the center

Zac Miller: I will say this, I will say this,

Kim Gravel: but that's a true story.

Zac Miller: That's good for the bees.

Kim Gravel: Zac, you wipe your bees and shove 'em up your....

Allisyn Lambes: We said on the family group message

Zac Miller: That's the quote, I'm making that the quote, take your bees and shove ...

Allisyn Lambes: and then I said on the group message, I'm like, seriously, Travis, with your mulch. He's like, well, they call it yard contouring.

Kim Gravel: They do not. So he only bought he the black mulch, because it was cheaper than the red mulch that we get every year. So half the yard, I

Allisyn Lambes: This is crazy. It looks like a LegoLand.

Kim Gravel: I live with that. [00:13:00]

Allisyn Lambes: I thought to myself, it's probably only like 99 cent cheaper.

Kim Gravel: So gold, cheap golden girls is what the show was called. Cheap golden girls and them.

All right. Yeah. I must have manifested marrying somebody like my cheap father. Cause that's exactly what I did.

Zac Miller: oh, well, that's probably some, we can get real deep into that Kim. We should get like a psychotherapist on here.

Kim Gravel: But you know what, Zac, I'm just gonna say everybody can manifest.

And, and another thing, that's not in my rules of manifestation, but you just can't take life too seriously. You should be fun.

Zac Miller: On that note. Let's get, Allisyn's husband, Sean in here. After the commercial break, Sean is gonna come in and he's gonna do the rapid fire questions.

Kim Gravel: Hey, [00:14:00] y'all have y'all reviewed the show. Spotify just started allowing ratings for podcast and we only have 10 ratings so far and we need you. We need more ratings. So if you're listening to this on Spotify, please take a second to rate the show. It helps new people find us. And it really means a lot to me.

Love y'all.

All right, got some soul coming back to LOL with Kim Gravel and we've had Allisyn on, we were talking about manifestation and how she really has been manifesting Zac purposefully. And then, you know, You know, but also it just happened. I call it accidental manifestation, but, the gentleman we're gonna bring on now is my brother-in-law my brother from another mother.

I've prayed for. I've also manifested Sean in Allisyn's life. Cuz I've always wanted a big brother. Of course I'm older than him, but he is really taller and bigger than me. So it does count. [00:15:00] Sean. This is Allisyn's manifested husband. We love you. Welcome.

Sean Lambes: Hello. And, I wanna remind you that you wanted a big brother and you said I was gonna be your big brother, right.

But I do listen to your podcast because you said Alan was on your life. so I just wanted to remind you of that.

Kim Gravel: No, I said, I said, if Alan was. If him and I were close, he could, he, he would be like a brother. I didn't.

Sean Lambes: So you'd want two brothers.

Kim Gravel: I'll take as many brothers as I can get.

Sean Lambes: What I thought I was the only, okay.

Kim Gravel: How did this go to a negative place?

Sean Lambes: I just thought I was the only one. You are the only one. Do I have any other brothers? No, I don't. You're so crazy.

Zac Miller: I would just like to say, wait, just say that Kim you've said that I'm like your brother before, so

Sean Lambes: she tells everyone.

Kim Gravel: Thank you for listening to LOL. We'll see you next week. Bye

Zac Miller: I wanna know what you got, Sean. So normally I write the [00:16:00] rapid fire questions for Kim. I'm really excited.

Kim Gravel: You let him write the questions.

Zac Miller: Oh yeah. Sean's taking the whole thing off my shoulders. This is great. So I just was like, Sean, I don't wanna do this. You got this. You could do it.

Kim Gravel: Mm-hmm let me just tell you something about Seanny wonny.

That's what I call him. Seanny wonny. So we'll do little inappropriate things or risk, not risque, but our families. We have a family text and it's really, I hope to God, it never gets leaked mm-hmm because my family is crazy and he'll do something. We talk about, you know, where we, what are we grilling out this weekend for mother's day?

And you know, dad will say, what about steaks? What about burgers or hot dogs? And then Sean will send them me. Of the girls sitting there and 5,000 hot dogs are flying in it in face and it's just gross. Okay. So when I started, when I started, I was in ministry and then I started, you know, doing QVC and you go to Sean's like Facebook page, you know, the shake weight.

Remember the shake weight. Yeah. Okay. So Sean first came into the [00:17:00] family. I know this sounds weird and please don't judge it. but when we have family get togethers we would go to my parents' bedroom and all sit on the floor in the beds and talk weird. I know it's weird. It's just a big open space. It's big we're fully clothed.

Sean pulls out the shake weight and it starts shaking and it looks so bad. It looks so inappropriate. He's always next level. now keep in mind. He is the worship leader at his church.

Sean Lambes: I wasn't then though. I've cleaned up my act a little bit.

Kim Gravel: No, you would shake that weight right now.

Allisyn Lambes: Yes, you would brother.

Yes, you would.

Kim Gravel: So I'm just giving you, Sean is always that level. So we don't know what these questions are gonna be. So everybody ger your loin.

Sean Lambes: Basically, I'm the one. I asked for forgiveness but anyway, this, you know, being asked to do this show, cuz] I've truly manifested.

Allisyn Lambes: This show?

Sean Lambes: No, I myself have.

Allisyn Lambes: I think I begged a differ.

Yes he has.

Sean Lambes: Because see, back in the day [00:18:00] my band was played on the radio.

Kim Gravel: Oh my God. What was your bands name?

Sean Lambes: I need a drink. Hold him.

Allisyn Lambes: Make sure you throat's ready and clear.

Zac Miller: Not gonna ask about the drinking. We're just not even


Kim Gravel: back washed from her Allisyn's coffee.

Zac Miller: Oh my gosh.

Sean Lambes: But no my band was played on, locals only on 96 rock back in the day.

Kim Gravel: So, oh, 96 rock was huge.

Allisyn Lambes: Locals only should be your hashtag

Kim Gravel: No, no, no. To full disclosure, Sean, it has an excellent, voice. I mean, he sings, and he's a drummer. He's a bad man

Sean Lambes: to put all that, time and effort into creating, you know, it was our music.

We weren't covering people's music and then to hear, you know, what you've created on the radio, just it's awesome.

Kim Gravel: I think it's amazing. And so you have experience, you actually have more experience in doing podcasts than Allisyn does, so welcome.

Zac Miller: all right. So Sean hit us with your first question. Both Allisyn and Kim are gonna answer, but who do you want to answer [00:19:00] first?

Sean Lambes: I want Allisyn to answer first and Kim to answer second.

Zac Miller: Okay. All right, go ahead.

Sean Lambes: All right. I cannot stand the smell of...

Allisyn Lambes: Sauerkraut.

Kim Gravel: Mmm.

Zac Miller: Oh me neither.

Allisyn Lambes: And he cooks it every week. Cause he's from the north and they do sauerkraut.

Kim Gravel: That is so judgey.

Allisyn Lambes: Sorry, Northern people, but I don't do sauerkraut.

Sean Lambes: That's a lie. I'm on blood thinner now. So I don't can't.

Zac Miller: Kim, what about you?

Kim Gravel: Is cabbage not good for blood thinners?

Sean Lambes: No, no.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Wait a minute. I'm gonna say collared greens. So I'm sure he's like, collared greens, Aren't you Sean?

Sean Lambes: No, I love collared greens. I just can't eat 'em.

Kim Gravel: I can't stand the smell.

Allisyn Lambes: Oh really? You can't. I love collar greens.

Kim Gravel: What the crap can you eat?

Allisyn Lambes: Not much green. Not much.

Sean Lambes: dirt. I can eat. I can eat dirt.

Zac Miller: There you go. Okay.

Sean Lambes: Who is your favorite person in our family and why?

Allisyn Lambes: Oh, my favorite person in our family. [00:20:00] Oh, God, it's gonna be a cross between Kim and Brantley

Kim Gravel: mom is going to die.

Allisyn Lambes: Well, I just know, like with my sister, we can just shoot the crap about anything or whatever. So she's just an easy person to talk to. So I can, that's probably my go-to, but Brantley is the one that makes me smile the most. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: Well, that's your baby. My favorite person in our family is I'm gonna pull a Snoop Dog, me. And I'm gonna thank me for being me. No, I'm just kidding.

Allisyn Lambes: My God. I love that meme. You know, it reminds me of myself.

Kim Gravel: Y'all I'm seriously kidding right now. I had to say that, cuz this, this is, this is a Sean, this is our family chat.

So Amy sends a family chat with Snoop dog going if y'all have not seen his TikTok where he says, I just wanna thank me for being me.

I just wanna thank me for working hard. I wanna thank me for all the opportunity I want to thank me for believing in me. I want to thank me for doing [00:21:00] all this hard work.

I want thank me for having no days off. And that is Allisyn and we all make fun.

Sean Lambes: Here comes Nana. Now he should be thanking God because he wouldn't have all that. If it wouldn't. Of course.

Kim Gravel: So we're talking about manifestation. And so I had to say that, no, my favorite, my favorite, person in my family is all of them.

I can't choose.

Zac Miller: Can I just ask you a question? Amy's on your family chat?

Allisyn Lambes: Amy is family. She's a sister.

Kim Gravel: I wish you could hear her fighting with my mom. Your diabetes printing.

Allisyn Lambes: I was like, is someone printing on like a printer from 1995? Oh, I'm dropping out. We better hurry.

Kim Gravel: No, but like Amy, I mean, we, I mean, it's like she gets full on Christmas, like we do.

Allisyn Lambes: Whatever my mom spends on me on spend, Amy gets

Kim Gravel: she's family. Amy's family. And this is what mom said. I'm gonna tell you something. If Amy gets, married's got a gaggle full of kids. Now I can't spend [00:22:00] $7,000 on some step kids. This ain't even, I mean, now she gonna have, I said, mom, can we just cross that bridge when we get through it. You're already planning the grandkid from Amy's marriage of her husband. Talk about manifestation people.

Zac Miller: And as if Amy was like needy, right?

Allisyn Lambes: That's a good point. She said act like the Amy's like dirt poor has nothing.

Kim Gravel: I can't buy Amy's step grandkid, godmother stuff.

I'm like, mom, let's just find her a man first.

Zac Miller: All right, Sean hit us. What's next?

 I love this. We, we should have Sean on every episode.

Kim Gravel: Oh, we will. I love him.

Sean Lambes: Sunrise or sunset? And why?

Allisyn Lambes: Sunset cuz I ain't getting up for sunrise. Boo. I be sleeping in sunrise.

Kim Gravel: I love the sunrise. I'm an early bird mm-hmm . So I get up every morning and I take about an hour of, you know, just quiet time and, you know, spin the word and [00:23:00] ask and manifesting.

There you go.

Allisyn Lambes: I'm a sunset sitting there with you. Toddie watch the sun

Kim Gravel: sipping on gin and juice. I never have any fun unless Sean's around.

Zac Miller: Excuse me.

Kim Gravel: sorry. That was rude as hell. I gotta balance. I gotta balance all my brothers. Go ahead.

Zac Miller: Yeah, come on.

Sean Lambes: My hall pass would be...

Kim Gravel: That see, I told you always next level.

Allisyn Lambes: You already know that it's Channing Tatum.

Kim Gravel: His neck is too big. His neck is so big.

Allisyn Lambes: I'll take that neck ride, right.

Kim Gravel: Now, that is horrible.

Sean Lambes: If I gave you a pass right now, you, my next she'd be off the podcast.

She'd be out the door.

Kim Gravel: Listen, I'm trying to, I'm gonna answer of saying I don't wanna hall pass it. I just get detention. I ain't trying to do that with nobody else. It's too much work people.

Let me tell,we gonna [00:24:00] have a true sex conversation. Cause there's a story about Allisyn and Sean. Did I have to tell,

Sean Lambes: I have a question first with that's related to that.

Kim Gravel: Can I just say it? Cuz my timing's good.

Sean Lambes: Zac can cut and paste it back where it needs to go.

Zac Miller: Oh, let's make more work for Zac. That's a good idea.

Kim Gravel: No. So Allisyn talking about like, I wanted attention, I'm not trying to get busy with nobody much less somebody extra. So Sean was call Sean and Allisyn called me. Sean will call me purely. And I know when Sean calls me.

there's an issue. Like we always have to talk it through, you know, him and I are like,

Allisyn Lambes: how much do you call her?

Kim Gravel: Not a lot. Okay. But Sean and I have a relationship, him and I are very like, truly like brother and sister. I mean, honestly I adore this man. He's so next level. So Scott, Disick ain't got nothing on you, boo.

Mm-hmm you are a right or die anyway. Allisyn called me one time, Sean [00:25:00] called me first and said, well, we're gonna get a new bed. I was like me about that with you, because this, I don't know cuz he didn't want it. that's why. And he was hoping that I would call you and go, don't do that stupid. That's what he was doing.

And he won minute right now, but it's the truth. I do anything for love. But you shouldn't do that. I shouldn't have done that. So, so she called me and said, I said, oh, and they had a queen king bed and he goes, we're gonna get a queen. I said, what the crap are you going? You two big people gonna crawl up on a queen mattress.

And he goes, yes, she wants to be closer. okay. So Allisyn calls me and says, I'm gonna get a queen bed. and I said, and that bed's gonna break. Y'all gonna fall off of it in the middle of the night. Well, Sean calls me back back two months later. And I said, how's it going with the new queen bed? and he goes, oh yeah, it's okay.

You know, he's, don't wanna rock the boat, make Allisyn mad. And Allisyn calls me, she says, girl, we were having sex. And Sean fell off of that . and she said he [00:26:00] just fell off about killed hisself. And so off course, this is a family conversation with Amy and my kids. And everybody's sitting in there listening and mom.

with your big old, but y'all do it has sex on a queen bed. You get what you deserve, son. He fell off the bed, almost broke his neck. So needless to needless to say they have a queen now. So all this way, I mean a king, they have a king now,

Sean Lambes: Again, that actual bed is now our spare bedroom bed. So everybody that comes to stay with us now has to sleep on it.

Kim Gravel: thanks, Sean.

Sean Lambes: When it comes to love, I have been known to pump the brakes or step on the gas.

Allisyn Lambes: Step on the gas pump the brakes.

Kim Gravel: I don't, I'm not trying to do all of that. it's too much work.

Sean Lambes: That's literally. How I thought y'all would answer that.

All right. With a net worth of 265 billion and the recent acquisition of Twitter, what do you think Elon musk's next big thing will be?

Allisyn Lambes: I can't, [00:27:00] I don't even know who Elon Musk cause I'm sorry.

Kim Gravel: Allisyn, you don't know who he's the richest man in the world. Elon Muskey just purchased Twitter.

Allisyn Lambes: Nobody cares.

Sean Lambes: And there you go.

Kim Gravel: I think he's going to parlay all of this and I think he's gonna step into major AI.

Allisyn Lambes: What is parlay an AI? I, no idea what you're saying. You're talking in a foreign language.

Kim Gravel: I think he's going into artificial intelligence in a big way. That does scare me ever so slightly, honestly.

Allisyn Lambes: Oh, they're gonna start cloning people. He's coming to an end.

Kim Gravel: If they clone people and they clone you, I'm moving out.

Sean Lambes: I can't do two of. I can't can't do two of them. Just one, just one, one great one. Outside of our family or outside of your family? Well, you're our family.

Allisyn Lambes: Yes, Sean. You're in the family

Sean Lambes: I'm asking the question to you outside of our family who are, what inspires [00:28:00] you the most?

Allisyn Lambes: Recently, I will say my oldest son has inspired me the most. Mm-hmm . He is, coming up on a hundred something days, clean and sober. And to me that is inspiration.

Kim Gravel: That's great.

I think what inspires me most is seeing young people rise right now. I really feel like we we've spent so many time going these young people doing, you know, I feel like I was in a negative space with, with millennials and even younger than that. And, and I, I'm seeing a difference. They're they're wanting to be involved.

I mean, look. When you're young, you don't know what you're doing. That's right. But at least you're doing something. So I have a lot of hope and some faith that I'm seeing. Some young people, it inspires. Makes me feel good.

Allisyn Lambes: I like to hear that too, Kim, because yeah, so often every day we're all hearing.

 It's just a little beret. How do you know I'm playing those reds over there? Going click, click, click something. I can't even hear that. How do you hear tell,

Zac Miller: I will tell you right now. Miss Jo and her mouth noises,

Allisyn Lambes: [00:29:00] What are they? What are they? This, I spent probably two hours editing out the clicks.

I'm telling her Zac.

Sean Lambes: Kim send her the bill. No, Zac do it as a joke. Send her the bill.

Kim Gravel: Please go put those back in this and show and say, what do you mean?

And she does this all the time.

Having a good time. Y'all gonna just have to let me enjoy, so she does this, so she does this look at me cuz the camera on me. Yeah, it is now. Yeah. She met Travis and Seanand they were sitting there now. This is their mother-in-law and she goes now, Sean, she's that shy?

Now, Travis, I'll tell you. She is constantly rubbing on herself,

Allisyn Lambes: herself and licking.

Kim Gravel: And light love. And then, and then what happens is everybody else starts doing around her. I look over there. I swear to you that Amy stop. And I, [00:30:00] I look over, Amy's doing it. I look over, Alice's picking her toenails and doing it.

Allisyn Lambes: Travis was rubbing.

Kim Gravel: Travis was rubbing his legs and Amy and, and I just, I looked at my dad. I was like, what hell. And he goes, my dad went, I don't, what the hell that is?

Sean Lambes: that's where you and your dad are alike, yes, that stuff weighs you all to death.

Kim Gravel: Dad is like, are you going chew your lip off, Jo?

Allisyn Lambes: she's got a hold that thing I'm telling

Kim Gravel: everybody rubs off over.

Zac Miller: That's like a psychological that's actually like, it's psychological thing. But mirroring, mirroring. No, no, no. If you're talking to someone and you're vibing that's right. And you wanna show them that you're like understanding them and you're on the same wavelength, you'll start, start rubbing the same stuff.

That you, you know, you'll all do it.

Kim Gravel: She's weird. My mom's weird. And the fact that you said she did, she do like this

and then she goes, yes.

Allisyn Lambes: Yes. I know in her little fake voice.

Kim Gravel: My gosh. I'm telling you, I look over there and she's rubbing ounce [00:31:00] picking her toes. Amy's rubbing herself, Travis. I said I'm at rub Fest of 1997.

Sean Lambes: It's like that person you talk to and they're, they're lipping the words back to you.

Same thing I know.

Kim Gravel: I can't deal. All right, go ahead,

Sean Lambes: All right. What is your favorite TV series trending now?

Allisyn Lambes: Oh, trending now. Yes, I'm gonna have to say bad girls.

Kim Gravel: That is old. That's an old show girl.

Allisyn Lambes: It's trending in my life.

Kim Gravel: Did you pull it back from to 1983?

Allisyn Lambes: Well, I mean, we're gonna pull back honey. Friday night lights is the best. You can't not like Tim Reagans something.

Kim Gravel: That'd be my hall pass Tim Riggins.

Zac Miller: Kim. What's your TV series.

Kim Gravel: Oh, my TV series. Okay. There's so many, but right now the last kingdom.

Allisyn Lambes: Yeah, you you're on that one.

What's the Anna Delvy one that's out.

Zac Miller: I haven't seen it.

Kim Gravel: Anna Delvy. Well, that's [00:32:00] our new thing with our family. I don't have time for this.

Sean Lambes: Inventing Anna.

Kim Gravel: Talk about manifestation home girl. Really?

Allisyn Lambes: All girl knows. I'm gonna have to say Kim, cuz you didn't. We were talking about her character. Remember we were talking about her character. And you were like, do you like her or not? And I was like, I like her and Kim was like, what? She's this? I don't like, she's a crook.

Yeah, but she got game boo, she got game.

Kim Gravel: She got game in prison boo.

Allisyn Lambes: Okay. Well however you got to have it.

Kim Gravel: She, she surely did manifest. She manifested it all the way to prison.

Yeah. I said there's manifestations. Good and bad and bad.

Sean Lambes: All right. Two more. Okay. If today was your last day on earth, what would you be doing?

Allisyn Lambes: Spending time with my family.

Kim Gravel: Grilling out at, at Jo and Brooks's. Yeah. With everybody. Arguing and complaining and [00:33:00] talking about

Allisyn Lambes: 10 inches. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: I swear. So inappropriate.So God, we're all in. Like seriously. Sean's in ministry. I've grew in ministry. People would be like

Allisyn Lambes: men, people in ministry still have jokes, man.

Kim Gravel: Might not have jobs, but they got jobs. Okay. Go ahead.

Sean Lambes: When was the last time you did something for yourself and what did you do?

Allisyn Lambes: It was just last Friday. Kim bought me a facial and then I went and got it a massage.

Kim Gravel: Hashtag Kim's self-care for everybody else.

No, I, I really don't. I gotta, I have to carve out time. Yeah.

Allisyn Lambes: Cuz Kim doesn't I'm gonna have to say this about you. You never do for yourself.

Kim Gravel: I do a lot though.

Allisyn Lambes: No, I know, but I'm saying you, you are a giver. You're a doer for other people that that's your love language. Like you love, you enjoy doing that. and you give and do a lot that sometimes I think you forget about yourself.

Kim Gravel: When I get up my knees start cracking and stuff, I'm like, oh, I need to go do [00:34:00] something. Yeah. Self-care is important.

Allisyn Lambes: Kim, you need more just saying.

Sean Lambes: That's why I asked.

Allisyn Lambes: Like he was so strategic because she needs to recognize that. Just do it.

Kim Gravel: Sean. Thanks for coming on the show.

Sean Lambes: Thank you for having me.

Zac Miller: Sean, When we, when we launch our morning drive time zoo hour show. You're on it.

Allisyn Lambes: He would be great. He would be great.

Kim Gravel: All right, everybody.

Thanks for listening to LOL with Kim Gravel we'll be back with more. Love ya.

Allisyn Lambes: Love ya. It just came out. I'm sorry.

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