Jan. 27, 2022

How Amy Lost 85 Pounds with Amy Goins

How Amy Lost 85 Pounds with Amy Goins

Amy returns to LOL with Kim Gravel to discuss her weight loss journey, finding her strength (literally), and stepping into her personal power.

Amy returns to LOL with Kim Gravel to discuss her weight loss journey, finding her strength (literally), and stepping into her personal power.

If your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, but so far all you’ve lost was motivation, then this episode of LOL with Kim Gravel is for you. Find out how Kim’s BFF, Amy Goins, lost 85 pounds and formed attainable healthy lifestyle habits. 

Amy shares every detail about how she transformed her body and changed the way she thinks about food. She tells Kim about her easy-to-follow meal plan, and the daily habits that helped her to lose the 85 points. Amy’s journey is empowering and relatable.

Sometimes it feels like we’re all on the weight loss roller coaster, but these tips are so good and easy to stick to that even Kim has started doing them and seeing results. Make sure to listen until the end when Zac jumps in with a new Zac Attack segment called “That’s My Girl,” where we spill the sweet tea on Kim and Amy’s BFF relationship.


Be sure to check listen to episode 1 with Amy if you haven’t already, and make sure to tell a friend about LOL with Kim Gravel!


Topics we discussed:

·       Amy’s history with weight loss

·       A step-by-step weight loss plan

·       How to build healthy lifestyle habits

·       “Eat to live. Don’t live to eat.”

·       Amy’s personal weight loss meal plan

·       How Amy’s weight loss has empowered her in other aspects of her life

·       Learn how to “have the courage to put yourself first”

·       Kim and Amy’s BFF relationship


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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Zac Miller  0:00  
Can you say something Amy?

Amy Goins  0:01  
Amy 12345 Kim is psycho. LOL with Kim Gravel. 

Zac Miller  0:09  
All right. I feel good about this. Kim. You're gonna get tech credit on this one. Thank you. All right, Amy. Thanks for being here. Hello.

Kim Gravel  0:17  
I want to finish my story. 

Every time I call Amy, I think your hearing is a little off or you just don't want to listen.

Amy Goins  0:37  
No,  I think my hearing is a little bit decreased. I do. 

Kim Gravel  0:56  
But you never know if that's by choice with Amy. So every time I call her it sounds like she's a chef at a five star restaurant, and all she's eaten was grilled chicken and broccoli. I don't know what the crap sound she's making. Oh my god. I'm like, What are you eating? Chicken? I'm like, what? You sound like a cow in a field. I mean, it's just crazy. Okay, it's like every time I call you, you're eating. Well, how have you lost 70 pounds? Is it 85 by the way? Is it? 

Amy Goins  1:37  
85 pounds. Yeah. 85.

Zac Miller  1:40  
Wow. All right. Well, Amy, I just so sorry, we brought you on the show and just immediately started attacking you.

Amy Goins  1:47  
That's okay. But I want to rebuttal because you're the weird one. Your ears are like hyper sensitive. I'm eating an egg white, Zac. How noisy can an egg white be? 

Kim Gravel  2:07  
I'm telling you that I do think I have a little bit of a problem. 

Amy Goins  2:10  
Not a little bit. You're you have that thing. 

Kim Gravel  2:13  
What thing? 

Amy Goins  2:14  
That thing that people have that is a disorder. What do you call the one where people are very sensitive to noise you have what is it called? Look it up.

Kim Gravel  2:26  
Okay, hold on. Get up Google.

Zac Miller  2:27  
I'm Googling it right now. Kim, hold on. 

Kim Gravel  2:29  
I've never heard of this. 

Amy Goins  2:32  
Well you need to hear of it because you have it.

Zac Miller  2:34  
Is it? I don't think it's misophonia.

Kim Gravel  2:39  
What does misophonia mean? I don't know what that means? 

Zac Miller  2:41  
Hold on. I'm taking it all in. It's a condition in which individuals experience intense anger and disgust when they're confronted with sounds made from other humans.

Kim Gravel  3:03  
Extreme anger?! Well, I'm blaming my hormones for the anger. I'm just saying. There's something about it. You know, who has it? Bo has it. My oldest son has it. My mom would hate pop gum growing up. I mean I can't control myself. 

Amy Goins  3:24  
We had gone into like, movies or restaurants before and we're sitting there for a minute and then all of a sudden we can hear gum popping adn then we gotta leave. You gotta go. What happened? She has somebody popping their gum, and I swear to you, I do not even hear it. I don't notice it at all. And she's like, we got to go. 

Kim Gravel  3:46  
I do have a cute hearing does that what does a cute mean? Does that mean shark? I have a very shiny you know, you have misophonia .

Zac Miller  3:57  
You can have more than one thing. Kim can have many problems at once. 

Kim Gravel  4:01  
I don't know what it is. But I've always had it my mom said when I was little

Amy Goins  4:05  
It was obviously a thing. It's a disorder.

Kim Gravel  4:08  
Okay, you're saying disorder and psycho a little too much? 

I guess it's a tick. I don't know. I can't deal.

Zac Miller  4:22  
You know, it says here that

Kim Gravel  4:24  
people are really intelligent. They're very intelligent people.

Zac Miller  4:27  
Misophonia. Yeah is sort of related to OCD.

Kim Gravel  4:36  
Keep reading what else does it say. What time was that? They were highly intelligent people. No, I didn't read that? Very thin and beautiful. 

Zac Miller  4:51  
Individuals with misophonia often report they're triggered by oral sounds. Okay, so that's you. The noises someone makes when they eat, breathe or chew. 

Kim Gravel  5:06  
That's it. That's pretty much me.

Amy Goins  5:09  
She don't even give me a chance. The other morning, I was eating my breakfast. I was eating egg whites, soft, fluffy egg whites. And she goes, are you eating? I'm like, okay, yeah. And I was like, I can stop eating while we talk. She goes, No, I'll just let you go. 

Kim Gravel  5:13  
Well, honestly. I say she's eating all the time because she's lost 87 pounds. How in the world are you eating all the time? Like, everybody's asking me on my social and you know this, Amy. Okay. How has Amy done? This? Do you want me to answer is that?

Zac Miller  6:52  
Should we officially start the show? Let's start the show. We should start the show.

Kim Gravel  6:58  
You're not gonna give me a little roll. I'm not getting nothing.

Zac Miller  7:01  
Oh, well. We can. I thought you were just going right into it.

Kim Gravel  7:06  
I just want my LOL roll in. Alright. So Amy and mom are probably most heightened with their heavy beathing. They're very loud, audible people. But nothing is as crazy as Amy's recent weight loss. Her and my mom are an absolute competition. Who's going to be the smallest true story? Who's winning? 

Amy Goins  7:27  
Your mom is in competition with me? 

Kim Gravel  7:29  
Who's winning me? You're in competition with my mother to don't even play? 

Amy Goins  7:33  
Yeah, she's she's pulled me along. I think we're about honestly I think we're about even she says you're bigger on the bottom. And yeah, I'm we're shaped completely different though. 

Kim Gravel  7:44  
So they fight who's gonna wear a small who's gonna wear a medium and who's gonna wear an extra small. And then the other day, we were doing a photo shoot and she said I can't wear a small  I can only wear extra small.

Zac Miller  8:10  
Well played Amy.

Amy Goins  8:12  
I love it. It's fun because Jo  doesn't take herself to seriously though. So it's all in good fun. 

Kim Gravel  8:18  
But everybody asked me including mom, of course. Now mom has like, if you'd be like Amy, you'd be getting out. But everyone is asking me all the time. How did Amy do it? And I thought let's just do a podcast and let her tell and break it down. And I can be your witness on how you have made this amazing transformation. And you know what, Zac? I think it's important to say, you know, everybody's on a journey and a path on their own. And I'm not saying you have to lose weight to be happy. But I think this this, this weight loss and getting in shape for you is way more about your personal power and personal strength. Right. So what made you go on this journey for weight loss? What was the catalyst? Well, I'll be honest, the catalyst was a guy, Red Bull. 

Amy Goins  9:05  
To start off with yes, you can go back and listen to episode one. Hear that whole story? We won't go back and tell the whole story. 

Kim Gravel  9:10  
Can I make a disclaimer about that? I'm sure so many people were like, I'm surprised you're saying Amy should have a lover and all that. Yeah, yeah, they didn't roll around asleep together. Okay, so let me just make that disclaimer. Amy still a Christian. She's still a believer. She was having fun. So I put that disclaimer out there and I'm sorry to say that made this overshare for you. But you know, she wouldn't shacking up with him. Okay, go ahead. 

Amy Goins  9:32  
And I won't say that. He was not the reason but he definitely was a catalyst. You know, just for something. I needed a kick in the tail. Right? You know, right. I had been wanting to add for and I won't go into the whole thing, but I had lost a good amount of weight about eight years ago. Not this much. I think I'd lost about 70 pounds, and then you know, whatever life happens and stress, blah, blah, blah, and I ended up gaining pretty much all of it back I was so upset about it. 

Kim Gravel  10:07  
Were you really upset because you didn't seem like you were? 

Amy Goins  10:11  
I mean, you know, as much as I get upset you know, my emotions are pretty easy. I mean, you know, I wasn't crying every night about it, for sure. Not that I wasn't crying about it, but, I was upset with myself that I had, you know, lost the way and then put it back on. That was that was I was disappointed in myself for letting that happen. So you know, and I was going to tell you this actually, the other night, this is what I was going to tell you.  Okay, so but it's so funny because like, I still even now, I remember that feeling when I was like, Oh, God, I gotta lose this weight again. And I don't know how I'm gonna do it. And I knew what the work it took to do it before. And I was just like, and even now, even though I've lost the majority of my weight, sometimes I still feel that. 

Kim Gravel  11:04  
What do you miss the oddest thing?

Amy Goins  11:05  
I don't know if I'm explaining it well, but it's almost like for a split split second, that thought will come into my mind again. I'll go, God, I've got to lose this weight. And then it really is. It's like stayed with me. 

Kim Gravel  11:18  
Yeah, Amy. No, this is we need to park it here for a hot second.

Amy Goins  11:23  
Sometimes that thought will kind of briefly like come into mind. Like, oh, God, I've really got to lose. So I'm like, oh, wait a second.  I've already done it. 

Kim Gravel  11:31  
But that just goes to show you  everybody needs to listen and just have this aha moment with me because it makes complete sense. But it just hit me. We have trained our brain and it's so habitual with the negative self talk, or I gotta do this to be better. I gotta get this to get XYZ, I got to do this. I'm a failure. That it just happens even when you accomplish what you're, oh my gosh, it's true, y'all. You need to listen to this.

Amy Goins  12:00  
It's absolutely true that like, not only do I get that thought, but I feel what I felt when I needed to lose the weight I feel like that a lot. 

Kim Gravel  12:11  
And now you're having to retrain your brain when you look in the mirror and go, I'm fair. 

Amy Goins  12:14  
No it doesn't happen a lot. But it does. It still does happen sometimes. Even now. Yeah, even now. Not a lot. But every once in a while it'll come in that feeling will kind of float flood over me. And I'm like, Oh, wait, I've already done it. So that's, you know, and I will say that this journey, yes, it has become so much more about just feeling so empowered, and feeling strength, just strength not only physically because I'm in better shape stronger, have more stamina, more energy than I ever have in my entire life. I'm not one that's been an athlete, or been really in shape, ever. And so, physically, I feel strong, but also mentally just accomplishing what I've accomplished, and is very empowering. It feels great. And I really feel like I'm in a place where I can't see myself ever not doing this, like ever not being healthy and ever now working out. It's such a part of my life. Now. I really enjoy it. And I actually miss it when I don't. 

Kim Gravel  13:17  
You know, it's like everybody says, "Well, you'll just really miss it." 

Zac Miller  13:26  
You built a habit. Right? Do you do it every day?

Amy Goins  13:31  
I work out with my trainer five days a week, Monday through Friday, and but I walk every single day. 

Kim Gravel  13:37  
Well, let's get into that. Now, because everybody asked me, "How has she done this?" So I want you to be so specific with people just because any little glimpse of hope, Amy that you can give someone right now because you've inspired me big time. We want to go step by step how you got to where you are. 

Amy Goins  13:57  
Well, the first thing is that I knew for me, I knew I needed to do something drastic. The route, the exact route I took may not be for everybody. But I knew. 

Kim Gravel  14:12  
Yeah, but even hearing your journey is will inspire people to do what's best for them. 

So let's just let's just dive in. But let's kind of rewind a little bit. Because I know you and you've been on this journey for a long time and you've fallen off the wagon and wanted this for a long time. What things did you do before now that didn't work?

Amy Goins  14:41  
It might be easier to say what I did it. Well, I come from a family of obesity or not the most healthy people. My dad was not not obese, but my mom struggled with her weight my entire life. In fact, she had a gastric bypass. She was one of the very first people that had that done when they started doing them back in the 60s or 70s. I don't remember when but anyway, it is part of my culture, you know, and I learned genetics, a lot of behavior. Genetics, but also behavior. I saw bad behavior. But yeah, I mean, I did everything I've done. Weight Watchers, I've done fasting. I've done SlimFast. 

Kim Gravel  15:31  
Oh, I remember the SlimFast. 

Amy Goins  15:32  
I've done Jazzercise back in the day, I mean, to be honest with you, I can honestly don't remember a time where I wasn't conscious of my weight. Because even as a kid, I would say, I would say probably about second or third grade was when I became technically and I'm using air quotes here, "overweight." You know, of course, looking back at pictures, you weren't when I look back at it now. I mean, compared to the other girls, maybe I was, you know, I don't know. But I wasn't like, you know, obese.  To the other kids and stuff I remember being made fun of and specifically there's a there's a memory that sticks out in fifth grade. I just remember some boy was making fun of me being big. And I can't remember something about it I think there was a pizza place in town called Big Mama's pizza or something like that. And he was just teasing me and calling me names, you know, and I, but I remember specifically, instead of the way I dealt with it was to go along with it and laugh about it. Yeah. And like, make fun of myself to you know, that's how I dealt with it. I remember that specific time at least. So yeah, I have memories of being picked on and not not feeling accepted. And that kind of thing. Really back as far as I can remember. And like I said, I can't remember not being aware of my weight and thinking I need to do something about this. 

Kim Gravel  17:05  
What was the switch this time? What have you done differently this time? As opposed to all the other times before? Give me your journey on this 80 plus weight loss for you? 

Amy Goins  17:18  
What can I just say to everybody? It's not just weight loss. No, it's strength training. 

Kim Gravel  15:44  
I want you to get into that. 

Amy Goins  17:30  
The difference between losing the weight this time and the last time where I lost a lot of weight that was about eight years ago, is completely different. Because the last time or the first time I did it, I should say, all I did was cardio and cut back my diet. So, I lost a lot of weight, but I was very flabby and very, there was no toning, no, nothing like that. I did get smaller, but I was very, very loose. You know, and flabby this time. I mean, I can see such a difference in my body because I've been toning the whole time. And so I'm losing weight, but I'm also getting very tight and tone strong. Yeah, and very strong. So that's that's been a huge difference. But as I said, I knew when I started this journey for me, I needed to do something drastic. And that's why I chose to do workout with my trainer five days a week who is phenomenal. He's amazing. I love Dan. He's like a brother now.  I see him more than anybody else in my life right now because I see him every single morning. He's fantastic. He put me on a meal plan, which I have followed to the tee. 

Kim Gravel  18:46  
Are you are you at liberty to share a little bit about what you eat? Can you talk about diet and share with everybody what you are eating whenever I call you and you're smacking me on the phone? 

Amy Goins  19:09  
It's basically six small meals a day. In the morning, I eat egg whites, strawberries and bananas. I mean not banana, sorry, blueberries, egg white s and . I eat that.

Zac Miller  19:20  
You're on the same diet as my one year old is.

Amy Goins  19:27  
Then I have a midday snack. I have a protein shake which is some protein powder and a banana is in there. And oatmeal. I have cup of oatmeal is in there as well. So that gives you  some substance you know to to tide your hunger. Then at lunch I grilled chicken, broccoli and rice. 

Kim Gravel  19:46  
Oh, you get rice. 

Yeah, I have seen their half cup or fourth cup. I think it's a half cup. It's a certain kind of rice. It's basmati rice I believe, so I eat that and then another snack midday is some rice cake and natural peanut butter. And then at dinner I eat chicken again and sweet potatoes and something green like broccoli or spinach or kale or something like that. And then at the end that evening snack is baby carrots and almonds. 

Wow. So that's what your really eating. So no wonder every time I call you your snacking, because she eats all right.

Zac Miller  20:25  
And those are loud foods: baby carrots and almonds. That's loud. Those are loud foods.

Kim Gravel  20:30  
Those are. Thank you Zac. They're crunchy, loud food.

Zac Miller  20:34  
I'm starting to come full circle on this. I think I'm on Kim's side.

Kim Gravel  20:37  
He's misphonia, or whatever it's called. 

Amy Goins  20:41  
I want to say something about the whole meal plan because I remember distinctly when Dan gave me my meal plan, it was like one page.  I was like, I've got to eat this every single day. I thought I was gonna get you know, some variety.  I remember being like, Okay, you're crazy. There's no way I can eat this every day. But to be honest, I've actually come to really like it for two reasons. Number one, because I don't have to think about it. I remember before I went on this, I would go to the grocery store every weekend and be like, oh my god, what am I going to eat? Get this frozen dinner, which is loaded with salt and preservatives and all that nasty stuff for free? Or whatever, you know, I would just be like, What am I going to eat? So that's one thing is I don't have to think about anymore. I just know what I'm going to eat. And second of all, I honestly and I know this is gonna sound so hokey and cliche, but it really is the truth. I really have gotten to the point where I eat to live. Not live to eat. 

Kim Gravel  21:45  
Yeah, I can tell. 

Amy Goins  21:49  
Like I said it's such a cliche, but it's really the honest truth. 

Kim Gravel  21:54  
Okay, well, I just want to make a full admission that I haven't told you since you started this. I've gone through a little bit of a hard time with you losing weight and getting in shape. And I'm gonna tell you why. Okay, because I'm so inspired by you and so empowered. I'm so proud. Okay, but at the same time, our friendship has taken a hit. Because our eating out and socializing via like lunch dates at work or going out and having lunch and you know, we're the sexy six our group, our friend group of six of us. We love to eat out and socialize there in a lot of that is stopped. 

Amy Goins  22:34  
Yeah, it's changed, at least definitely. 

Kim Gravel  22:37  
That has been a hard hit for me in our friendship. I texted Amy that the other day, I said, our friendship has changed a lot. And I'm upset about it. And she was like, why did it but it honestly has. Not in a bad way. 

Amy Goins  22:51  
No, I agree with you about that. But also you can I can say that as a person too. Because for my whole life basically it has revolved around food. 

Kim Gravel  22:59  
Right? Well, and we're southern Zac. You eat when people die we eat when they're born we eat. Yeah, graduate we eat. I mean, you eat when you're happy when you're sad.

I mean, it really has. But I want to mention this, what I've discovered is food and eating is a lot mental. Going back to the whole live to eat to live live to eat, even when I do because I've had you know, don't go out. . I've had, you know, a piece of cake or whatever, you know, throughout whatever. It honestly, it doesn't do it for me anymore. I mean, I'm like, cuz I remember and again, I can remember thinking, you know, before, when you're so focused on food, and it's such a part of your world, it's all you think about and all you want. I think kind of in a way mentally we build up food to be more than it is. Do you know what I'm saying? But I've had a lot of stuff recently, like a piece of cake or something before that. I would be like, Oh my god, this is so good.  But now I'm like, it's okay. I mean, it was good, but it wasn't like, I wasn't like, that's more than chemical. 

Like you said it is a mental thing. I think we can make idols.  You know, like, food is fun you can't get away from food, right? But I mean, like, you can do that with money or with you know, sex and people do idolize things that are an unhealthy balance. Yes. Because what I want to say about our relationship and our girlfriends and all this, we do go out to eat now. A lot more than we used to when you first started it. But you choose different things. I've noticed your choices. So how do you balance this food? You've lost all this weight. You're still getting in shape with your trainer. Now you're maintaining what kind of trends? What choices have you learned to make when we do go out because like we're going out to eat tomorrow? 

Amy Goins  25:05  
I try to look for things that I would have if I was at home.  So like most restaurants have a grilled chicken option. I know it's so boring. 

Kim Gravel  25:17  
We're gonna go the bistro and get roasted chicken.

Amy Goins  25:19  
Yeah, roasted chicken.. So I tried to get things like I said that I would have you know, chicken broccoli, or something very lean. Like, I love getting salmon if we go to Longhorn crispy, yeah, because you can on on on my diet that ate at home, I can switch out chicken for fish, it's just that I don't, because I don't like to buy fish and cook it myself. So a lot of times when we do go out to eat, I'll get a fish option, because that's because I do like it when I go out. But yeah, so I just try to I try to look for the healthy options. But I also have learned again, to kind of piggyback on what I was saying is that I've learned to it food is not the enemy. 

Kim Gravel  25:55  
Come on now. 

Amy Goins  25:56  
It's not food is not the enemy. And so what I've really learned through all this, again, is like, I try to I follow it when I'm home, I follow my plan to the tee. But you know, if I go out or if there's a time where there's a celebration or Christmas or whatever, and I want to have a piece of cake or I want to eat this or you know that I do it, but I don't beat myself up over and I what I've done is I view those moments as special and not the rule. You know, you eat healthy most of the time, then you might have once every once in a while that you have this whatever. 

Kim Gravel  26:28  
Tell me how and tell everybody listening because everyone has been so supportive, and you've not even posted a lot about it. You've not been going look at my workouts and so you know, people just been noticing. What has been the most empowering part of this getting, I'm not gonna say weight loss, you're getting strong, right? 

Amy Goins  26:49  
I would say the most empowering part is doing something. I honestly never in my wildest dreams thought I could or would do. And that comes in with the training part. The weight loss, okay. I mean, it's still that's still pretty surprising. But girl, I mean, honestly, lifting the weights, I'm lifting and doing the, you know, just doing what I'm doing in the gym. I mean, sometimes I'm just like, wow, I can't believe it. I mean, I'm still like in shock that that's me.

Zac Miller  27:24  
Amy, I'll say when you have posted, I see you weightlifting or whatever. And I'm like Amy's jacked. I am like Amy could kick my butt.

Amy Goins  27:35  
I mean, I see muscles, y'all I actually see. And I tell you what, like I said I'm not one of these that was an athlete in high school and, and I you know, lost it and then I'm coming back to I have never I played Oh, my Oh lord. Here's my athletic career. I played T ball one season in fourth grade when I saw what when I was nine. I played one season there like I don't know if I can say this. I was so wide. I just feels like, Yeah, I think I'm gonna go back to chorus.

Zac Miller  28:12  
I'm gonna beat that out. So people think it's way worse.

Amy Goins  28:17  
I've never been athletic. My family's not athletic. So this is something when I say this is new. This is new. And it's just so empowering. 

Kim Gravel  28:29  
But you know, you can do hard things. I mean, there's other people listening that go through inner experience and say like, I could never and they could fill in the blank. Were so fast to be able to go I could never or I never thought I would blank. Right? And why do you think that is like why did you think you could never Power Lift and deadlift? What you're lifting now? Why do you think that is? 

Amy Goins  28:52  
I think I accepted you know, this is my body. This is hereditary. This is who I am, you know, those kinds of things, those messages that you get from, you know, everywhere. Yeah, wherever. I just kind of accepted that. That's who I was. And I never was brave enough to dream something else for myself. 

Kim Gravel  29:16  
Well, how did you flip the switch? How did you get? Did it I just did it and I wanted to share it to thought two things. 

Amy Goins  29:22  
I remember specifically when I started what I kept telling myself over and over again, when I would go into the gym every day, is if you put in the work, the results will come. Because when you first start Yeah, you do see it fast. But also, I mean, when you're as big as I was it sometimes it can be like, Am I ever gonna get there? You know? So I just kept telling myself, I mean, seriously, I would say it to myself on my side. Yeah, I just said if you put in the work, the results will come. 

Kim Gravel  29:51  
Okay, let's all say that together. Zac. Let's do that together. 123 If you put in the work, the results will come. 

Amy Goins  29:59  
It was almost like I was I was on to that. Yeah, I was like, it was like it was that became so real to me as two plus two is for the cry. Okay. I'm saying yeah, like, I was like, I don't really understand it, but I am going to use that as a truth principle. Yes. Oh, and don't we, y'all to do anything and be successful. There has to be some absolute truth. Yeah, that's what's wrong with this. Yes. 

Kim Gravel  30:28  
 There are some things that are just absolute truth. Right. Right. I love that. Yeah. It's like, you're just made that truth to you. 

Amy Goins  30:36  
I would tell myself every day, no, I don't have to do that anymore. Because I actually see the results that I'm feeling. But when I started telling myself, if you put in the work, the results will come. If you put in the work, there was the and then the other thing, but our thing is, I can do anything for 30 minutes, which is about how long my workout with my trainer is 30 to 35 minutes depending on how much we chitchat. And so some of those, you know, read when I'm doing those reps, and believe me, which a lot of people wouldn't know this about me or wouldn't think about it, but I'm actually kind of loud. 

Kim Gravel  31:14  
I went several times to work out with Amy. She's loud. She's like making sex noises.

Amy Goins  31:22  
Dan told me people are like, what's wrong with this noises over there? 

Kim Gravel  31:27  
And I'm silent as a as a silence of the lambs. I mean, I'm just like, I never say nothing. 

Amy Goins  31:36  
That's just how it just comes out. I'm just like, Ah, well, good. 

Kim Gravel  31:39  
That's good. I will tell you this whole entire journey has made you more aggressive. Yeah, more ballsy. More empowered. That's the word I want to use for you is you're so empowered now. And you are such an inspiration. Okay, so for everybody listening, that can't afford a trainer or the groceries? I mean, what can someone do? Amy's lost 80 something pounds, She's stronger than ever. She's more beautiful than she's ever been. She's in her 50s. But say I don't have the money to go get a trainer. What can I do for me? 

Amy Goins  32:16  
Well, first, before I say anything, I'm gonna say I'm not a nutritionist. I'm not a trainer. So this is just things that have been told to me. So but from what I understand the largest part of making a transformation is nutrition. So if you're on the fence, you know, I would say focus on that first. And sometimes, like I said, for me, I wanted to do something drastic. But you know, I also say sometimes you just got to make small changes, and then and small changes turn into big changes. So I would say, you know, just start somewhere, start just start somewhere. Then the second thing I would say, though, again, just like I said, I would really strongly encourage with doing some kind of cardio and again, don't think it has to be out you going out there and running five miles. Like I won't be like a mile and a half every day. It's not that long. But I put on my earphones I put in my gospel music. It's a time that I absolutely look forward to now.  When we went to Turks and Caicos I got up every morning and walked because I felt like I got to work. It wasn't from a legalistic point of view. It was because it was a time I enjoyed I was like, I want to get up and walk listen to my gospel music. My inspiration I want to see right now just talk through it's the truth. I love my walk time. 

Kim Gravel  33:40  
Don't you think? Especially for women, it's that me time and were hashtagging self care to the point of like it nauseum. But there's some truth to that, like that is your self care time. 

Amy Goins  33:50  
Yes. It puts me in such a good place. I do realize it acknowledge that being a single woman and no kids. 

Kim Gravel  34:02  
What, wait a minute for you say what is your thinking? Give everybody your tagline for me going? What is your tagline? 

Amy Goins  34:08  
No kids, no husband, no wrinkles. So, you know, there is some advantages. But I do I do  recognize and acknowledge that lady. It's been it's been a lot easier for me to lose weight because I do have a lot more time and a lot more. You know, I don't have anybody else to cook for. 

Kim Gravel  34:35  
But you're not gonna sit here and do that.

Amy Goins  34:37  
I'm not gonna give excuses. 

Kim Gravel  34:39  
Please. At the end of the day you have to do the work. 

Amy Goins  34:41  
At the end of the day, you do have to make the decision to do something for yourself. 

Kim Gravel  34:46  
Well, can I say how you've inspired me? I mean, everybody loves Amy and always has. Our whole family calls her big red now. You know, I'm like Mom, you can't call her big red anymore. Did you know her and my mom are in this, you know, who's going to be the smallest competition? I don't think mom's into even health. . But so you've inspired me in a way where I'm this kind of person. Again, ya'll don't know this about me. I'm gonna share. So my people, I'm looking at you and I love everybody. And Amy will tell you love too many people, you need to just barely like some.Am I right or wrong?

Amy Goins  35:29  

Kim Gravel  35:29  
So Amy's very picky person, person, I love and like everybody. But a lot of times I'm like, let me see what you gonna don't do. That's my kind of personality. I'm like, they're like, I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna do this. I'm a person. I'm a completer. And so when you started this almost I, but I was like, because I was like, let's do it together. I'm like, I'm doing it. Let me see what you all do. Yeah. And let me see what this trainers really like. I'm not skeptic. I'm just optimistically, hesitant.

Zac Miller  36:01  
Sounds skeptical, okay? Just as a skeptic...

Kim Gravel  36:04  
I'm optimistically hesitant. And I've got to say, now I'm like, I'm ready.  I've watched you do it. I've seen you be empowered. I've seen you do this. And I'm like, you know, what is my time to? I'm gonna take, I'm gonna take a page out of Amy's playbook. And that's why I want to do this podcast. I want people listening to take a page out of Amy's playbook, that if you put in the work, the results will come. Yes. 

Yeah, that's a mantra.  

Amy Goins  36:37  
Print that out as a potential mantra. And it's what actually got me started. I said that to myself every day when I was doubtful or whatever. And I thought I just said, you know, I just I just made myself believe that.

Kim Gravel  36:52  
But don't you think women need it more than ever now? Not that men don't Zac, but women what makes the world go round. If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy. Yeah, and also if the women are not in the workforce in the home making that wheels making those wheels turn it's not gonna work. 

Amy Goins  37:12  
Well I want to say too... I want to speak to everybody out there all the women out there  I'm getting chills. 

Kim Gravel  37:18  
I got chills too. I know what you're gonna say. 

Amy Goins  37:20  
Have the courage to put yourself first so many women they put their kids first or they have for so many years have put their kids first they put their husband first they put their job first they put their parents first they put their pets first they put everybody in front of them and you did a good job. Okay? But now is the time to put yourself first love yourself have the courage to do that. Give it give it to yourself even if it's 30 minutes of walking even if it's whatever it is for you. Put yourself first you will be so glad you did and you know what? those around you. If they love and support you they will they will be glad you did too. 

Kim Gravel  38:03  
And drop the mic. You just are inspiration. I love you girl. I love you so much. You can eat all you want to when I call you.  I'm sure from episode one of the podcast. You know, what do we talk about we talked about give me an update on Red Bull. 

Amy Goins  38:40  
Well Red Bull is something that fizzled out. They've cooled down. Well things with Red Bull have cooled down a good bit which is fine I'm cool with the whole thing we text and you know, communicate every every once in a while here and there. But you know, for the most part they've cooled down but you know, I'm not I'm not upset about that. I'm actually really grateful for the whole experience is what launched me on this life transformation. It taught me a lot about myself about relationships about just it it changed me really. And I think another thing it did too is I think now I'm ready for that relationship. Oh, you're stepping into my future whatever that is, you know with with the relationship status, I'm ready to find that my forever person I'm pretty ready to find my forever man. So you know I'm grateful Redbull and I still are great friends and we always will be he said he's a dear friend and I will always count him as friend and I'll I will always feel grateful for for the relationship and the experience. 

Kim Gravel  39:56  
But you know what the beautiful thing about it is my grandmother told me this one time, there's a season for everything. People are seasonal for your life. It's not that they die or get go away or their main or their enemies. People are put into your life to make the changes God intended for you to make. And I truly believe Red Bull was that catalyst for you become everything that you are getting ready to become

Amy Goins  40:22  
100% I totally believe that as well. 

Kim Gravel  40:27  
So here's Red Bull. 

Zac Miller  40:34  
I love that. Well, on that note.

Amy Goins  40:37  
Oh, here we go. I didn't know you were gonna do this.

Zac Miller  40:45  
Check it out. We're gonna play a little game that we're calling "That's My Girl."

Amy Goins  40:54  
Snaps to snaps. 

Zac Miller  40:57  
Here's what we're doing. I'm hijacking your rapid fire questions, so I want to do this as rapid fire. Kim, you're always telling everyone don't think about it. Just just say what you feel. 

Amy Goins  41:16  
I'm going to work really hard to be good.

Zac Miller  41:18  
And you know what? I would just love it if you just both yell answer at the same time. I have a feeling that's not going to happen. But that's what I'm striving for.

Amy Goins  41:25  
Zac. You can count on me to be a active participant. I'm gonna do my best. 

Zac Miller  41:34  
Okay, here we go. Ready? What is your best friend's best teacher?

Amy Goins  41:39  

Kim Gravel  41:40  

Zac Miller  41:42  
Okay. All right. I like it. I like where this is going.

Kim Gravel  41:45  
Okay, so that's okay. Okay, ready? You've the best hair ever. Okay, go ahead. And you can you can you can go in the best hair ever. Now of course I color it but I'm not dressing any credit.

Zac Miller  42:00  
How would you describe your BFF driving?

Kim Gravel  42:03  
My best friend's a defensive driver. 

Amy Goins  42:04  
Terrible. Oh my gosh, you are a bad driver you have to admit to yourself and you said  if you could have somebody drive you ...you are made to be fooling around is in full disclosure, your bow honesty. You don't have time for it. 

Kim Gravel  42:21  
I believe like the Lord did create someone that I need to be driven around and cooked for no doubt about yes.

Amy Goins  42:28  
You're not a good driver. You know that? Well, you're the best defensive driver. 

Zac Miller  42:34  
What does it mean to be the best defensive driver?

Kim Gravel  42:40  
I can't tell you how many wrecks that have been avoided. Based on Amy's defensive driving meaning other people will be coming her and she'll just slowly like golf the right side of the road, boom, get back on. I'm like, What in the world and I do all very cause call. Nobody knows. It's very calm. And she's a polite to to she's a polite tutor. You know, with our horn. She'll do what she's got to do.

Amy Goins  43:01  
I get a little road rage sometimes, but just I will say that. But I am a very, very good. 

Kim Gravel  43:09  
She's the only one anyone in our friend group will let Drive. Yeah. Okay. Yep. And I am not that great. I've got two tickets on this little road. Have you been on that road? I got two tickets. 

Amy Goins  43:26  
Actually, we found Belle Manor because you were a bad driver. Yes. Go ahead, Zac. 

Zac Miller  43:37  
Were you running from the cops? What's going on?

Amy Goins  43:42  
We were on the phone and she had been to get a massage and she was talking to me on the phone. And we were looking for like a business that we weren't looking for somewhere to you know that moment. 

Kim Gravel  43:51  
No, no, I was upset because I'm like me. I'm lost. I'm so lost. 

Amy Goins  43:54  
And we were on the phone and she missed a turn. And so she was on the road that bell Manor is on. She was like, Oh my God, there's a gorgeous house. She was like, look it up. I was like, Where? Where are you? 

Kim Gravel  44:08  
But I'll tell you something about being my friend. You never know what adventure you're gonna get and it could be like instantaneously. 30 minutes, Amy is what we're gonna do. She's like, What? What's going on? I'm like, Google this. 

Zac Miller  44:23  
That's amazing. Okay, next question. Ready? What is your BFF most prized possession?

Kim Gravel  44:30  

Amy Goins  44:32  
Oh, that's true. Your most prized possession? This is going to be hard because it got can I say this? That's my answer. Kim is very not sentimental or materialistic or anything like that. For real I don't really I can't think of anything. They'll know I got no cuz you don't have it. 

Kim Gravel  44:50  
What was it? 

Amy Goins  44:51  
I was gonna say your grandmother's Bible, but you didn't do some business with that. 

Kim Gravel  44:55  
Yeah, Morgan, my cousin Morgan. I hope you have it displayed in house. 

Amy Goins  44:59  
If there's anything it would be like something of your grandmother's . I don't know if there is anything you have your grandmother's.

Kim Gravel  45:05  
But it would be our women and this is how we do it. We done with it. We done with it. Yeah. Even with men.

Zac Miller  45:11  
That's totally the way to be. Yeah. Wait, what was the thing you said for Amy?

Kim Gravel  45:15  
Charlie, her pup? Oh, her puppy. 

Amy Goins  45:19  
Yeah, I love that dog so much and I never in a million years thought I would. Kim made me get the dog.

Zac Miller  45:25  
Okay, next one. What is your BFF most irritating habit?

Amy Goins  45:32  
I'm gonna go first and she's gone first. You don't listen. 

Kim Gravel  45:38  
I don't think that's a habit of it, then. That'd be the ADH habit. 

Amy Goins  45:43  
No. Because I cannot tell you me and Alison have talked about it.  I cannot count the number of times where I have literally told you something. And then literally like the next second you asked me about, like, like, I'll go you know, you need to pick up bow at school at five. Yeah. And then like literally two minutes or she goes, whatever. Or whatever. I mean, it's to the point where it makes it just makes me so mad because I just I'm like why am I even talking? What cuz you never listen. 

Kim Gravel  46:18  
Oh, like how frustrated did you get? Was it yesterday said what's my password? Amy, is the keeper of passwords for our entire family. Not like me, Travis and the kids like my mother, my father, my son. You know, this was? 

Amy Goins  46:34  
Yes, I'm the keeper of passwords. If I die, there are screwed. We tried recently. I don't even know if you know this. Travis techie Travis was doing something one day setting up something for you. And he literally her husband texted me and said and he didn't even he didn't even forming this question he put he put Kim social question mark

Her husband asked me for her social. Of course I gave it to him. I had it. I gave it to him like what?

Kim Gravel  47:16  
I'm gonna be nicer to you than you were to me. Amy has this thing. She pledged an air piano all the friggin time. She is going poop boop boop boop boop but she's playing a air piano all the time. Especially when she's driving. It drives me insane. She's up there going boo boo boop, boop, boop boop.

Zac Miller  47:39  
Are you tapping?

Amy Goins  47:43  

Zac Miller  47:44  
Tap the mic with your fingers the way you do it.

Kim Gravel  47:50  
Drives me nuts. And then on top of that, she's got nails because her nails are so healthy and strong now that she's eating right. It always did. She'll click. It'll click on the plastic in the card. Click it. Yeah, I can see where that would be going. 

Amy Goins  48:05  
But can I say this? I um, I was in the car with my brother recently and he was doing it too. So it must be some kind of nervous tic. That's not what I was gonna say. But yeah.

Zac Miller  48:18  
All right. Okay, I got a good one. I got a good one. Ready? Okay. Which celebrity would you say your BFF most resembles

Kim Gravel  48:26  
Nicole Kidman.

Amy Goins  48:28  
Princess Diana. I thought you would you say that said the chef on Food Network nearby, although, she's beautiful.

Zac Miller  48:39  

Kim Gravel  48:41  
You notice we had that? That was oh, we had that right there. 

Zac Miller  48:44  
You were dialed in for that one. Okay, right. What movie title best describes your friendship?

Kim Gravel  48:51  
Oh, our friend. Oh, we got to give us a second there. I have to do rapid fire. Steel Magnolias. 

Amy Goins  48:57  
Oh, yeah. 

Kim Gravel  48:58  
No, you'd pick something else. Pick something. 

Amy Goins  49:07  
Beaches? Yeah, beaches is so me and Kim, but she would think you know, because of the red hair. Like, I'm bad. Yeah, you are bad. And I'm the what's the other girl's name?

Kim Gravel  49:19  
I can't remember. 

Amy Goins  48:57  
She was a rich skinny one. Yeah, we are so the movie beaches. I hope ours does it in like beaches. 

Zac Miller  49:43  
Okay, last one. Complete the sentence, "A perfect friend is one who..."

Kim Gravel  49:52  
A perfect friend is one who is loyal to the end. 

Amy Goins  49:57  
A perfect friend is one who knows everything about you and loves you anyway. 

Kim Gravel  50:03  
That's the truth, friendship to me is not defined of what you do in the little air piano that you play or, you know, the bad driving that clearly she has been harboring about me for a long time. You know being being a friend is not about you know, things get on your nerves or any of that. It's about just sticking it out. It's the long haul. Yeah, to me. It's not It's like me says like seeing the bad things and love it. And I always say this to my kids all the time. To have a friend you got to be a friend. Yeah, and we've put in the work we have that she knows all my passwords in the social

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