Aug. 25, 2022

Let Yourself Be Perfectly Imperfect with Idina Menzel

Let Yourself Be Perfectly Imperfect with Idina Menzel

Season two of LOL with Kim Gravel is here and I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

Season two of LOL with Kim Gravel is here and I can’t wait to share this journey with you! 


I can’t imagine a better guest for the season two premiere than the unbelievably talented, Broadway star, Disney princess, author, and now fashion designer, Idina Menzel. 


On this episode Idina and I talk about:

·      How Idina got her start while wearing fake diamonds and singing at weddings

·      How Idina’s mistake in her Wicked audition landed her the gig

·      Why Idina thinks she looks better naked than in clothing

·      What it’s like wearing three million dollars of diamonds (it’s mostly scary)

·      How fashion shoots don’t make you feel sexy

·      How she wrote a book with her sister

·      And why you deserve your own encore 


I also answer a listener question about how to create a powerful mindset for yourself, and we imagine what a middle-aged, more mature Disney princess would be like in the Zac attack game. 


Season two of LOL with Kim Gravel is going to be bigger and better so buckle up, buttercup. Things are gonna’ get wild! 


The full video of this episode will be available on QVC+ starting in September!


Write in or call in and tell me what topics you want to hear this season on the show. You can send an email or leave a voicemail at 404-913-6460


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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Idina Menzel: [00:00:00] I think the, the more voluptuous and curvaceous I'm getting the better I look naked, the less good I look in clothes.

Kim Gravel: well, you have to wear your clothes differently. You have to wear your clothes differently. Cause I can relate to that.

Idina Menzel: I can't say that Encore's amazing on anybody. But if you're just naked ladies, I think for us, with the curves, we look even better in front of our partners cuz you know, you just see all the, the symmetry and everything.

Kim Gravel: Listen, I got so much symmetry, honey, you can't hold it on this camera. So I got too much.

Hey, y'all and welcome to the season two premiere of LOL with Kim Gravel. Now, look y'all know, this is a comedy podcast where we talk about all the messy things of life and we laugh about it. We're not trying to get all serious. We're trying to laugh at ourselves and live and learn along the way.

This season is jam [00:01:00] packed with so many great. A lot of new kind of things happening. Because while we do this is because we want to give everyone hope laughter and a little bit of confidence along the way. So, you know, buckle lot buttercup, cuz we are getting ready to take a ride down season two and it's gonna be a lot of fun.

So get ready to live out loud and love out loud together. And Hey, during this episode we might sing a little out loud too. I'm just saying you never know what season two's gonna hold. Let's do it.

Okay, everybody. I'm so excited. Season two. First guest is a powerhouse. Idina Menzel is here. She is a Broadway star. She's an author. She's a fashion designer. There's nothing this woman doesn't do. She's a Tony award winning Broadway star of Wicked mm-hmm she was in the original cast of Rent. [00:02:00] She's a Disney princess.

Let it go. I mean, she has not let anything go because I'm telling you she is on fire. She's my new friend. I met her at QVC and she has her brand new line on QVC. And it's called Encore. Perfect for her. Right. Perfect for her. Speaking of QVC, we're excited to be streaming all of our videos and podcast on QVC.

So go to the QVC streaming. We got a link right here in the description. You're gonna see LOL with Kim Gravel, and you're gonna see Zac too on a regular basis, weekly from the podcast. Excited about that. Also some things that we're gonna to write.

Zac Miller: Yes, we are. No, we're very excited about it.

Kim Gravel: We're very excited.

Zac Miller: And, but your seeing me is gonna be on TV.

Kim Gravel: Yes. You know what you and Amy and all of my world, you know, if you're in my world, you're gonna be in my world.

Zac Miller: I'm a behind the camera person. Kim you're pulling me in front of the camera.

Kim Gravel: Well, you're behind the camera on screen now. you still behind the camera?

Zac Miller: OK. All right. [00:03:00]

Kim Gravel: We're just filming you behind the camera to be on.

Zac Miller: Now I'm confused. We're like three minutes into the season. I'm already confused.

Kim Gravel: Look, you know me, I am always running with my hair on fire, so it's gonna be good. Just trust me. It's gonna be good. Lots of things. I wanna talk about this season.

I've decided something I've made a decision. You know, and, and the best time to make a decision is before you have to make it . Have you ever heard that?

Zac Miller: Tell me. What's that mean?

Kim Gravel: You don't even know what that means?

Zac Miller: No.

Kim Gravel: What I just say what I just say. Let's see how much you paying attention to season two?

Zac Miller: Uh, what am I supposed to be paying attention? Hold on, wait a second.

no, I just, I hit record and then you talk and then,

Kim Gravel: and then I mention something then I just, I,

Zac Miller: no, you were saying no seriously. I was trying to make a decision is before you make the decision, but I guess so I guess you're saying that you want to make the decision before you have to.

Kim Gravel: Right. Right.

Zac Miller: You know, so you're but you just mean think about the thing first.[00:04:00]

Kim Gravel: No. I mean, like make the actual decision. That's what I've decided. I've decided this season on LOL with Kim Gravel, I'm gonna manifest my weight loss and healthy body. I've decided I'm gonna do it. So we're gonna take that journey during season two with all of this. And, and let's see what happens.

I feel good about it. I feel good about it.

Zac Miller: I feel good about it too. So what does it mean to manifest weight loss? Can we just.

Kim Gravel: Nope. You have to tune in to the next episode, because I ain't got time to tell you all that today, but I've just, I've just made that decision before other people tell me, I need to make that decision.

do you know what I'm saying? I'm saying family members, doctors get all of that before you have to make it. I'm gonna make it now and I'm gonna make it happen.

Zac Miller: I'm really excited cuz we are on QVC Plus. Hello to the QVC audience. You're used to being on QVC. Can you gimme some pointers to what? Like what, what do I do?

We're on QVC now.

Kim Gravel: Zac, you just have to be real, authentic and natural. Don't fake it. This is when you don't [00:05:00] fake it until you make it. You just, you just be, you.

Zac Miller: Oh, my gosh. I'm so glad you said that because that is the perfect transition into our listener question. Oh, do you wanna hear? So we always do a listener question on the show. And Kim has no idea what the questions are. These are all sent to the show and then I screen them for Kim. So here's a listener question that we have from a woman named Lynn. So Lynn wrote to us: I'm a mother of two young girls who does it all as, as we all do. And I try really hard to keep it all together all the time.

I believe kids and girls especially need to see the adults in their lives model. Self-confidence oh, great. In order to learn it for themselves. But she says, this is truly difficult for me because the adults around me, when I was growing up would always be down on themselves and pick themselves. .

And I find that's what I do to myself mentally. So I feel really fake about all of it. I try to use the fake it [00:06:00] until you make it advice on myself, but it doesn't work for me. Yeah. So she wants to know how do you stay in such a powerful mindset for yourself, which in turns helps bring other people to the level that you're at.

Kim Gravel: Excellent question. Absolutely. Excellent question. First of all, Lynn. I want you to hear me really clearly when I'm saying you are doing an amazing job. And probably one of the hardest jobs on the planet that gets absolutely no pay and no recognition and no validation. So let's just, let's just kick it off there.

Because I'm telling you, I admire you. I love you. You are a shero to me. But it it's a good question because confidence is consistent. Confidence is something that requires tending to like a garden. It's habitual. It's a practice. It's not something you go and obtain and it's, you never [00:07:00] have to work at it, or you never have to have it again, or you never have to feed it or water it or anything.

Confidence is something that starts with the foundational principle that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is nobody on the planet. Like you, there's no one that has your DNA. You're one of a kind, it starts there. So I think we can all agree. Everyone listening to this, including you Lynn and Zac, everybody here listening and watching, we can all agree.

That is a scientific fact. There's no, there's no gray area there. Right? So there you're one of a kind you cannot be duplicated. So you start from that foundation and you build from there and. It's almost like a collection process. I say this all the time, and I say this in the book coming up, collecting confidence that I've written, it's something that you gather both externally and internally.

And I'm not gonna try to do this whole big preaching session on this limb, but it is [00:08:00] something that you have already, but just like how you may have muscles. On your body or for some of us they're hidden between many, many layers of other things. You have to work it out to watch it grow. It's the same thing with confidence.

You already have it inside of you because you're starting off in that foundational principle of being that unique fearfully and wonderfully made no one like you point of view. But what we do is is we start looking at everything else and everybody else around us to. Find out, like you said, how we do that.

We're looking at mentors, we're looking at social media. We're, we're comparing constantly and comparison kills confidence. So confidence is consistency and conf and comparison kills confidence. So what we've got to do is [00:09:00] consistently. Work on ourselves and consistently get rid of the negative comparisons to everyone else.

It's not just negative thinking, Zac. So a lot of people think if I just think positively, all my negativity will go away. Everything I call that toxic positivity and, and while being a positive person is wonderful. I'm not so sure how practical and productive it is. So what I wanna talk to you about is having a good, healthy perspective of yourself. Now, look, we don't have time to go into this cuz Idinas in the wings waiting to come on here, but I wanna tell you and encourage you, Lynn, that a you're doing a good job already, your foundation, you get it. And the fact that you're trying to collect more confidence or, or, or work out that confidence muscle, and you tells me you're on the right path.

And Lynn, you have been collecting this confidence in your life and building this [00:10:00] confidence in your. From the very beginning. All of your life's experiences has led you to where you are now. Maybe we need to look at that and what that looks like and see, I bet I could show you in 10 minutes, if you call me, maybe we should do that.

Zac Lynn call me and let's have a session because I can show you how every little step in your life you have been pouring into that confidence bank. It, it starts in the soul. It starts really, really deep. We should do that. Zac, reach out to.

Zac Miller: Okay, let's do it. Lynn, we're gonna call.

Kim Gravel: Let's do a confident session on camera, baby.

Zac Miller: Hey, all right. We love it.

All right. And if you want your question answered on a future episode of LOL with Kim Gravel, please give us a call. Our phone number is (404) 913-6460. Or you can email us at And when we get back we're gonna be on with [00:11:00] Idina Menzel,

Kim Gravel: I'm so excited. Y'all because we have a superstar on the podcast today. Idina Menzel. I know I gonna wait for the cross to end. I know she's one of my favorite people of all time, but she's on the show today. Y'all she's a Tony award-winning Broadway star of wicked. She was the original cast of rent. She's a Disney princess.

Oh my God. in her iconic betrayal of Elsa in the Frozen franchise and this is the coolest thing I think about miss Idina Menzel is now she's part of the QVC family. She is my sister from Mista on QVC. Welcome Idina. I'm so glad you're here.

Idina Menzel: Thank you so much. Oh my God. I'm so happy to be [00:12:00] here. I need to sing you like a, you know, like an opening theme song.

We need to come up with that for you and then you can hit it. You know, I don't, and I don't have to be around. I'll just be like, this is The Kim Gravel Show. You know what I mean? Something.

Kim Gravel: Idina, I just peed on myself a little bit.

Idina Menzel: Now I know we're definitely related because I have a weak bladder, I pee on myself all the time.

Girls before I had a child, not just after. But I blame my mom. She jogs and she pee. You know what I mean? It's just whatever I know.

Kim Gravel: And I used to honestly had a friend back in the day when she was 50. I was like in my late thirties and I would make fun of her cuz she would. and now karma. Yeah, it comes back on me now. It's like a floodgate. So I mean,

Idina Menzel: Imagine being my wardrobe assistant my, what we call a dresser, Jo Horrigan one of my best friends in the world does every show with me. And if something really hap if I've been drinking a lot of water, Yeah, because you know, I'm singing or [00:13:00] I have a cold and and eight shows, wave drinking all the water and then someone does something really funny.

And I laugh. Sometimes I run off stage in a quick change. I'm like, you gotta get me new jeans. Just peed myself.

Kim Gravel: well, I can't believe we're starting the podcast off connecting throug pee. It's so fantastic. That's how I know you're the real deal holy field. I knew you were gonna be so successful in QVC because I.

She talks about any and everything. And you know what, I think you might be one of the realest people in Hollywood that I've ever met like right off the bat, jumping into it. How did you get started? Cuz there's so much to talk to you about today, but like I read somewhere, you started singing in bat mitzvahs.

Idina Menzel: Yeah. And weddings. Yeah. So I was, well, so first of all, thank you for that compliment. It's the my son definitely makes it his mission to keep me very real.

Kim Gravel: and he's 13. We, we both have 13 year old boys.

Idina Menzel: Yeah. It's also my gift and my curse by the [00:14:00] way. Cause like I put my foot in my mouth all the time and I know that as a performer, I know that's important to be authentic and make myself vulnerable.

Cause that's how I can connect with people. On the other hand, sometimes I allow them to see too many weaknesses or insecurities and, and then, you know, that's, there's a flip side to that, but anyway back to bar m tzvahs no, I was always singing and actually my parents got divorced when I was 15 and And my mom started dating this guy, Bob, I haven't said his name in like 30 years.

He was really supportive of me, actually. We got along really well and and he thought I was really talented. And he said, you should write music and you should also you know, if you want, I know this guy was that a band it's called Tony Cita and the echos from Oceanside long island. Like Adam Sandler from wedding singers, kind of like that. And so anyway, so I put together three song demo. It had the song, evergreen we're walking on sunshine and good one and flash dance and [00:15:00] And those were the only three songs that I really knew. And and then I auditioned for this band that did all kinds of parties, all over long island and Connecticut and Manhattan and Jersey.

And, but I was 15, 16 years old doing it. And I was lying about my age. So I was around all these like 30 something year old guys, musicians, and I would walk into these. Like, and my cute little black dress and my, you know, my fake diamond earrings that my mom gave me. And I did my thing and it kind of made me grow up fast. It kind of made me sort of set the tone for my spontaneity and just kind of like. Being with, with good mistakes, you know, and like, like welcoming mistakes.

Kim Gravel: What do you mean by that? What do you mean by that? Cause everybody listening.

Good mistakes seems like oxymoron. What do you mean by that? Yeah.

Idina Menzel: I just think it's what endears you to people and makes them see the real you. So we shouldn't be afraid of those kind of mistakes. Like it's that [00:16:00] imperfectly perfect stuff, you know? Or I should say the other perfectly imperfect. And I find that, you know, anytime I've messed up in an audition, that's the audition I got.

Wow. You know, it's never the one that I was perfect on. Like for wicked, I totally screwed up the end where I was like, bring me down. I totally cracked on the me. And then I screamed the F word, which I thought, oh my God, they're gonna . And then I looked at the accompanist and I said, I'm gonna take that again.

And I nailed it. And then the, and then Joe Mantel, the director said, now I know she can, like, she's got that power of the witch, you know? And, and, and that's about it. So by making that mistake and seeing my determination or seeing my my, my, my frustration with myself, you know, all exposed me in a way that showed colors that I probably wouldn't have showed because I was trying to be perfect.

You know?

Kim Gravel: How were you when you had, when you were, were auditioning for wicked, how, what was your age at that point?

Idina Menzel: I was, I was 31 or something. 30. Oh no, no auditioning for wicked. Cause we did a workshop for five years, you know, musicals take a [00:17:00] long time. So you go through this developmental process.

Yeah. So for five years, every six months we do a new incarnation of the script, new songs, work, things that were working, things that weren't working. So I was probably more like 28 and then by the time we're on. Like 32 or three, I'm forgetting my, you know, I'm so old now. I can't even remember, but

Kim Gravel: no, you're not girl.

We are the same age. How old are you now? Because I read somewhere one. So how was that for you? Like, cause I'm looking at, you're telling me this story about like wick.

No, but I'm thinking like, wow, like you've been in this business a long, long time and you are still reinventing. You are still having rebirths of this. Yeah.

Idina Menzel: As women, we all are. I think, I mean, yeah. I just I don't know. I'm not gonna, I've been, people have been asking me a lot after turning 50 and I'm, I guess I'm supposed to say, because I'm a role model for empowerment and all this stuff that, oh, I love it.

But you know, [00:18:00] No, I, well, first of all, they're redoing wicked with a new cast because I'm too old. I mean, how many, there's a lot of things that are

Kim Gravel: girl now don't make me, let me take off my,

Idina Menzel: but it's just a lot of these things are coming back around and they're going, you know, forcing me to look in the mirror, so to speak.

And like I'm going on vacation next week with my husband. I'm trying to force myself into my bikinis and I'm like, oh, this didn't look as this looks different than when I, when I was 30. But but on the other hand, I I don't wanna put out all of that negativity. I recognize that I still can be beautiful and sexy.

And and like when I am more confident or I'm faking it till I make it, I like to say Then then I feel good and I shouldn't say this. So now we shouldn't say that I was gonna say it, but I'm realize I'm, I'm publicizing my, my clothing, but I think the, the more voluptuous and curvaceous I'm getting the better I look naked, the less good I look in clothes.

Kim Gravel: well, [00:19:00] you have to wear your clothes differently. You wear clothes differently. Cause I can relate that.

Idina Menzel: I can't say that Encore's amazing for on anybody, but if you're just naked ladies, I think for us, with the curves, we look even better in front of. Our partners cuz you know, you just see all the, the symmetry and everything.

Kim Gravel: And listen, I got so much symmetry, honey, you can't hold it on this camera. So I got too much symmetry. No, I totally hear what you're saying and, but I'm reading all about these projects. You've got coming up Idina and it seems like being 50, you're more busy, more busier. That's even proper grammar than you were when you were in your thirties.

What is going on.

Idina Menzel: I don't know, it's like the same. It's like when I was, I just had my son Walker and I thought I'm never gonna work again. I had gained all this weight, you know? Yeah. Hormonal. And then outta nowhere, then glee called, you know, granted, they wanted me to play Lee and Michelle's mother, which was not the most complimentary.

Considering, I wasn't that much older than, [00:20:00] but but no work comes like just when you, when you allow yourself to have a life and to sort of just, you know, when you, when you choose yourself, when you make decisions that are, or for your mental health and you feel positive, or, you know, you close one door, another door opens.

I really, I really believe that, you know, and there's something about. Getting older that does actually relax me. As far as my ambition, I feel less ambitious, but more stuff's coming in. You know how, when you're younger, just like trying to get it going. I was panning the pavement for me. I was singing with my bands, auditioning everywhere, do the whole thing.

And it was such hard work. And now that I'm. Older I and I'm more I feel like I have more to offer than just my talent. I'm a mother, I'm a wife. I'm a good friend to people. I'm trying to work on these different businesses. That the more confident I am as a whole person, the more opportunity's been coming in.

Kim Gravel: Cause you just recently wrote a [00:21:00] children's book called Loud Mouse. What is

Idina Menzel: Yeah. It's because this is the perfect example. That's something I'm doing with my sister. She's younger, she's three years younger than me. She's my best friend in the whole world.

And that we did during the pandemic about, you know, a young girl fashioned after myself, who has this big, big voice, this big talent, but is this sort of reluctant to really own it and step into her light and draw attention to herself? It's cuz when I was younger, honestly, I felt I feel like a lot of kids and it's not about just the singing talent it's whatever it is that you're finding.

That you're really good at a lot of times, we feel like we have. Hide that make ourselves smaller because other people around us, maybe they won't like us for that. Maybe they'll find it threatening or maybe it will be incredible and draw attention to ourselves. And then how does that feel? That's so scary, you know?

So there's so many conflicting feelings we have with being our [00:22:00] best self and I wrote a song for it that I'm gonna put out.

Kim Gravel: You're so talented, but look, I mean, so you've gone. You've got, of course you've been on Broadway. You've been on TV. You've been on film. You've been, you're a writer. You're you know, now a children's author, but what in the world drew you to QVC?

Because we have this conversation before we started this podcast.

Idina Menzel: But what drew you cuz I just been, I've just been watching you and then I try to copy

Kim Gravel: no girl don't do that please. I loved, I loved it because I like you said a great word earlier when you said connecting, I think I'm a girls girl and I know you are too, like I'm pro girl getting out there doing her thing.

That's why I love to see your children's book, how it's just encouraging young girls to do that. And I. I love the medium of it. I love being able to, to just talk directly to the camera and I love live TV. I love the spot. Cuz if I have to prepare like for you to prepare something for five [00:23:00] years, I would be six feet under.

There's no way I don't the attention span of a Nat. So I mean, I couldn't do it, but that's what I loved about it. The creativity, the direct contact with, you know, our girls sitting at home watching, what about.

Idina Menzel: What I love about it is yes. I obviously, I feel like I thrive in a live situation.

Kim Gravel: I know you do.

Idina Menzel: It's what I do, what I do, but more importantly, I think it's important to earn people's trust and and. I understand. And I feel like the consumer is so supportive, but also discerning and, and wanna really feel like you're, you're talking to them and you're speaking to them and you're listening, you're seeing them.

And so for someone like me, especially, you know, comes in, it's like, oh, I'm a designer now, you know, it's like, I wanted to really say, okay, I'm gonna have to prove myself, you know? And And get that integrity and the street cred and all of that, because I'm a new designer. And just because I feel like I might be good at it [00:24:00] doesn't mean that I can't.

So I just feel like there's a true serum and you have to earn your right to be there. And Definitely the reaching through the screen and being able to connect with everyone. And and my line specifically being less fashiony and more about letting the yes, person's soul shine through. And it just being basic stuff that we feel really good and classy and, and the fabrics feel good, but it's not like.

You know, overpowering us and that's, I mean, other than a red carpet here and there, or like crazy costumes, I live in stuff that's just makes me, you know, I just wanna feel comfortable all day. Yeah. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: I bought several of your pieces that day, cuz we were on the same day and so I was, oh, that's cute. Oh, that's cute.

And I loved it because. When I saw it, I was like, you know, that's so cute for all sizes. I love the fact that you're inclusive in your designing. I think that a lot of people, especially celebrities that come from the background of Hollywood, miss that mark that, Hey, we're just moms, grandmas, daughters, sisters, aunties, you know?

Idina Menzel: Well, [00:25:00] and the truth is. I mean, I can't tell you. There's been several times where I go to do a photo shoot, some fancy photo shoot, and they ask me for my sizes and I show up and there's just sample sizes on the rack that I can't fit into. And and they're like, ya, it in the back like, oh, it's we'll just like put a clamp on.

And I'm like, how am I supposed to feel sexy and beautiful with this whole, whole thing, you know? And so it's, and, and so you get it, it's just, yeah. And it's just like, I don't know. So, and, and what about like day to day? I mean, who you want elastic waste or stuff. So you can have a meal and not be like, like, I'm going on vacation with my husband.

I'm just waiting from the beginning of the vacation to the end. Things need to fit me. You know,

Kim Gravel: elastic is the best invention ever. I don't even care if a dude invented it. Bravo. I don't care who invented it. Who designed it?

Idina Menzel: Exactly. And my boobs go up and down. Oh, I'm not supposed to say

Kim Gravel: you can say boobs.

Idina Menzel: I'm learning about QVC. I have to say bust, but I always say boobs.

Kim Gravel: I wanna say boobs too. Yeah. I [00:26:00] ask for, for where I say a lot of stuff that I have to just say, oh, I'm so sorry.

Idina Menzel: well, so my boobs go up and down sizes, depending on my weight's the first thing that gains weight in my boobs. So you know, it's just like, you need stuff that just works with you and you don't have to feel like you have to buy something new, the bra line, you know, all that kind of stuff.

I just want it to feel easy. And I I get overwhelmed when I walk into my closet to make decisions about the silliest things, you know, like, is it okay to wear Navy and black and like,

Kim Gravel: no. Well, let me ask you a true story. I mean, be, be real right here. Do you find yourself like wearing the same thing every day?

Like I buy three or four things even in the same color and I'll just wear it every day. Are you like a uniform gal?

Idina Menzel: Yes. Well, that's what I'm saying. I have a stylist for certain like a movie premier or something. Right. But I don't have a stylist to get up in the morning and go to drop my kid off at school.

And so sometimes I show up and there are some women that have that gene of like, They really know how to dress no matter what they just take to be half asleep and they look fabulous. And I'm [00:27:00] not, I'm not that girl, either girl are showing, like, I have a dreads hanging out here and my shirt, one time my shirt was on backwards and then people look at me cuz they think I'm famous.

Kim Gravel: I mean, but that's that's so I, this is another way we relate, not just to QVC but also like my kids I've started talking their language and I read where your kid got mad at your son got mad at you. Yeah, because you were saying like,

Idina Menzel: I said that's fire or that's such good drip that I said that's so drippy or something. He was like, oh my God, you cannot say that. So it's so embarra.

Kim Gravel: There's a couple words I'm gonna give you that when today or when you talk to him. Busing, have you heard busing?

Idina Menzel: No. What is busing?

Kim Gravel: Busing is like that's so that's so amazing. That's busing.

Idina Menzel: Where, where does that come from? What is the etymology of that word from?

Kim Gravel: you know, a pothole.

Idina Menzel: Tavo is here.

Kim Gravel: Does he know busing?

Idina Menzel: Where does it come from? He doesn't know he's cute and young, but I don't know.

Kim Gravel: No cap ask if he knows no cap, no cap.

Idina Menzel: I know no lies. I, but you can't say that's we sound like [00:28:00] idiots, but yeah, no cap or he'll go on say mom you're cap.

I'm like, so where I just want, I love language it's like, what does that mean? So is cap like captain letters? Wrong or, or does it mean kept like a bad thing? Like with like, like guns or? I don't know.

I don't know what it is.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. Well, there's a new one I heard last week. I said, oh, I'm gonna tell Idina this.

When I read, you know, that your son doesn't that's scrunchy. So scrunchy, which is to me is a scrunchy, you know, back of your hair right? Yeah. So it means like that's shady. It's shady.

Idina Menzel: Oh, shady. So suspect, I dunno. Suspect might be nineties.

What was the, I don't even know. Sus they say

sus suss is cool.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. Suss is cool.

Idina Menzel: Oh my gosh. Don't show Walker. He's at camp. He's at summer camp right now. He found out I was doing this he would kill me. He told me that's it.

Kim Gravel: He would, he would leave you. He would say that's it. I'm out mom. So embarrassment. All right. I just wanna tell everybody to check out Idina's line on QVC.

It is so cute. It's called Encore. [00:29:00] And I think that what I loved about it was obviously so many people are big fans of you. I mean, I was reading the chats girl and people were like, oh my God, I love you so much. I love you so much. And I think, can I just say something we trust you? Yeah, you're already there.

Idina Menzel: Oh, thank you. That's I appreciate that so much. That means so much to me. It does. Thank you.

Kim Gravel: And we need you.

Idina Menzel: Thank you so much. I feel so welcomed into the family. You know, everyone is so, so sweet and supportive. Everybody's got really great advice. I just it's it's a nice place to be and to work and yeah, I wanna, I want people to be proud.

And so thank you for saying that I'm serious really. And, and the Encore thing, you know, it's a show name because I'm from the theater. But I truly believe that, you know, encores about are about when you do a great job for me on stage and people see you and, and you've connected with them and you made them feel something and they want more of you and you get to, you know, a second shot, you know, you get to sing something else.

And so everyone should have like their [00:30:00] own Encore, you know, and whatever it is. And I really believe that.

Kim Gravel: Cause I thought, I thought, I think I heard you say on camera that day on air, when you said, you know, like we can be the stars of our own show. I mean, you said something to that effect and it really resonated with me as a mom of two kids, her fifties, you know, we're all hustling out there, you know, moms do it all, you know, for me, you know, being an older mom, you know, I have play dates with people that, you know, in their twenties.

Idina Menzel: So you can't call them play dates.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I know you can't.

Idina Menzel: You have to call them like a hangout or something.

Kim Gravel: Meet up whatever I got to still drop 'em off. So for me, it's a play date.

Idina Menzel: Oh, then they should be a play date, right?

Kim Gravel: Yes, exactly. Girl. And you know, they're do these young men with all their puberty.

Testosterone is, is yours discovered girls yet?

Idina Menzel: Like maybe we'll see what happens at summer camp this year. I mean, yes. But but all I know is he's still, he's very cool too cool for school during the day. But when he is really sleepy, he's still a momma's boy. [00:31:00] Yeah. And so I'm, I'm okay with that.

Kim Gravel: I love it.

Zac Miller: Kim and Idina I'm actually gonna break in. Cause I can't let you go Idina without doing a Zac Attack.

Kim Gravel: Oh God.

Zac Miller: The Zac Attack is a fun game that we like to play with our guests. Kim has no idea what this is. That's why it's called the Zac Attack. So for the attack game, okay.

I looked this up and all of the major Disney princesses are in like their teens or early twenties. And that's fine if you're a kid, but that's not our audience.

Idina Menzel: That's why I'm good. Cause I'm like 50 playing a 12 year old. I love it.

Zac Miller: Since Idina you've played two Disney princesses, right? You're Elsa in Frozen and Nancy in Enchanted.

Idina Menzel: Yes. And I actually consider myself a queen. Thank you very much. She's a queen. I'll take both. Yeah.

Zac Miller: Disney queen . I thought it would be [00:32:00] fun to imagine our own new Disney princess who's in her fifties. All right. So I'm gonna ask you some questions and Idina, you go first, but you and Kim can like work on these together.

What would, the more mature and wise Disney princess be like first?

Where would she rule?

Idina Menzel: The, the wiser 50 year old Disney princess. Where would she rule? Well, she would rule Manhattan, probably.

Kim Gravel: That's what I was gonna say. Come on, girl. Yeah. That's yeah.

Zac Miller: Would she have a sidekick?

Idina Menzel: Would she have a sidekick?

Kim Gravel: Would she have a rider to BFF? I think so.

Idina Menzel: Yeah. Yeah. It would be like my sister, it would be one of our best friends.

Kim Gravel: My sister too. Yeah.

Zac Miller: Yeah. What would her magic power be?

Idina Menzel: Right. So a lot of Disney princesses can like talk to animals or like, you know, Elsa's ice magic, magic hair. I know this one, but it's inspired cuz my son has talked about this before it I I think she would have the, the power to [00:33:00] heal.

But also the power to eradicate. This is what my son would say racism. He'd say everyone make people see each other all the same in some way.

I know that's heavy for Disney, it's heavy, but

Kim Gravel: I think for my superpower, I would just want the instant snap, your finger and facelift and body lift. I'm gonna be super shallow here, just so shallow and the ability to do it to all my sister Queens out there, I would just wanna do.

Idina Menzel: Yeah. That's nice.

Zac Miller: So who would her villain be?

Kim Gravel: Right? Ooh, the villain. Oh man.

Idina Menzel: her villain. Would probably be herself. she'd have to talk to herself all the time. Just talk the side of her that's always putting herself down.

Kim Gravel: I love, love that. Yeah. Well, this is the thing I'm. So over the villain thing, like

Idina Menzel: True, that's why I went to myself.

Kim Gravel: Yeah, [00:34:00] I just wanna just be, I just wanna love everybody. Can we just all love each other and just exactly move on. Yeah.

Idina Menzel: Yeah. Especially villain women on women, villains, like, you know, oh, I can't get done with that setting, setting, setting women up to, to compete with each other and all that.

It's we're done with that. We're done with it. Yeah. We need to lift each other up.

Kim Gravel: I agree. So no, you know, villain, no villain.

Zac Miller: So no villain, but would she have a love in.

Kim Gravel: Oh, for sure. Several

Idina Menzel: of course. Several. Exactly. Several .

Kim Gravel: I mean, you get yeah. Your own

Zac Miller: moving it on.

Idina Menzel: Yeah. I don't, I don't think she's tied down.

Zac Miller: And what lesson does she still have to learn?

Idina Menzel: I'll let you go first.

Kim Gravel: No, you say it? No, I don't even have anything to learn. I'm gonna learn from you right now. by that laugh. I could tell it's something good. No,

Idina Menzel: the lesson. Well, it's not like other princesses do this. So, but for me, just the lesson I need to learn is Idina is just to stop [00:35:00] apologizing so much.

So mm-hmm I mean, how many times during the day do I go? Oh, I'm sorry. It's if I I'm sorry. Did I, did I, did I say that that's a good, did that come out? So she, you know, there's she's not arrogant, but she doesn't have to apologize all the time. Something that I'd like to learn this for mepersonally.

Kim Gravel: I got so tickled Idina, my mom's 75. I don't know if your mom's still living in, you know, mm-hmm, sound like you've got a strong family unit. My mom is 75. She's actually models a lot for me on QVC. I mean, she's living her best life, but I just love watching her stand in her strength. Like you said, like she doesn't apologize.

And in fact she's a little scary sometimes like people are like, yes, ma'am no ma'am and you know, and it's like, she's earned. You know what I mean? She's earning,

Idina Menzel: I love that my mom should model. I would love to have my mom.

Kim Gravel: They can do that. My thing is she would love. And your sister too. My sister's my backup guest.

Yeah. Three of us. Yeah. Oh, people. Oh, I just got cold chills. That means yes. Ah, I [00:36:00] did. I just got cold chills all over my body. People would love to see that, you know what Idina, I think it's Because you couldn't be as strong as you were without some kind of legacy or lineage from another strong woman.

Idina Menzel: Oh my God, my mom always her saying it's like, you can mess with me, but don't mess with my kids and she doesn't use the word mess, but yeah.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I love her already. She . Tell her what's her name,

Idina Menzel: Helen.

Kim Gravel: I expect to see you on QVC. We're working it SIS. I'm serious Idina. Do it.

People would love that.

Idina Menzel: I'll do I will.

Kim Gravel: So before, before we let you go, cuz we don't wanna keep it too much longer. I've got what I do is this thing called rapid fire questions. Just random. So don't think about it just, how do you take your coffee?

Idina Menzel: With a little bit of milk.

Kim Gravel: Oh, no sugar, no, nothing black with a woman.

Idina Menzel: Not lately.

Kim Gravel: Good for you. I need to take this page outta that box. What song do you have that you sing along to when you hear.

Idina Menzel: Uh, like a [00:37:00] U2 song, like, like Sunday, Sunday.

Kim Gravel: Yes, girls. We are in our fifties. What favorite TV show are you watching right now?

Idina Menzel: The one the, the, I love that for you actually. I've been watching that's.

Kim Gravel: Here's another one for QVC watch hacks on HBO.

Idina Menzel: I've seen hacks. Selling the socks in the middle of the desert in front of her. I love it. Yeah. It's amazing.

Kim Gravel: In a fight who would win Elphaba from wicked or Elsa from frozen who would win?

Idina Menzel: Oh, I don't wanna choose, but I, my, my gut is telling me that Elphaba from wicked would win.

I don't know why she's ballsy.

Kim Gravel: What is the most Hollywood thing that has ever happened to you?

Idina Menzel: Oh God. The most Hollywood thing what's coming to mind, like my mind is most Hollywood.

Hold on. Oh gosh.

Kim Gravel: We're not, you're good with, we're not, that was a snort laugh. That was a [00:38:00] snort laugh.

Idina Menzel: Oh, I know. I brought my sister to the first time I ever went to the Oscars was when I had to perform, let it go. And so I brought, my sister is my date and she, you know, she's teacher out in Boulder, Colorado and, or was at the time and. So our, the stylist got Vera Wang dressed both of us.

And then we borrowed jewels for the night and between the two of us, we were wearing like $3 million worth of diamonds. And then I was released from, I was doing a Broadway show, eight times a week, a show called if then, so I Disney flew me out to just do the thing and I had to get back. So we do the whole Oscar.

And then that was a whole thing that happened. And then with the, my name being mispronounced, but that'll, we'll talk about that on the next podcast. And then so we go and they put me on a private plane, which is like the most incredible feeling ever for this little girl from long island who just spa to be, you know, successful one day and sing there.

And then I'm like, [00:39:00] so, and then, but they said take off the diamond. And give them to your sister because she's gonna go back to the hotel. And there's Kara, my sister at the Beverly Hills

Kim Gravel: oh my gosh.

Idina Menzel: She wore, she was so scared. They, they have a security guard that waited outside a room cause they weren't gonna pick up the diamonds for the next morning.

So I go off on the plane, back to New York to do my show. And Kara is in Beverly's hotel. By herself wearing 3 million worth of diamonds with her pajamas, with a security guy out guard outside, outside the room and wore them all night until they came to pick them up. Cause she was so scared about losing it.

Is that Hollywoody?

Kim Gravel: That's yeah. You had me a private plane. Cause I'm very curious about the snacks. What best advice have you ever received?

Idina Menzel: Uh, I usually say something that my mom said to me before, which is whenever there's something really exciting that could happen. And I usually say, well, I don't know if it's gonna happen.

Or like, like when I was up for [00:40:00] a Tony award and, and everyone was saying, you might, you could win this. And I said, ah, I don't wanna, I'll be too disappointed. I'm not gonna write a speech, blah, blah. She said for the next two weeks, could. Enjoy the feeling of being in this whole situation that you're come this far and enjoy it.

Stop thinking about what might not happen. If you don't win, you'll be maybe upset for a day and you'll get over it, but enjoy the next two weeks of living in this. And, and so I think it's about embracing the moment and being more present, which I also learned from Jonathan Larson, who wrote rent. And for anyone out there who doesn't know, he was.

The creator of the show rent and he passed away on the night of our first dress rehearsal. And so the whole show, art imitates life and that, and, and sort of learning that this young man who was 35 years old, saw his dream come true, worked on the show for years. It finally comes true. And then he surprisingly passes away.

From a brain aneurysm and his whole show is about these young people, creative people, [00:41:00] living in the moment and, and community and, and you know, anyway, I'm, I'm going, I'm going off topic, but so Jonathan and my mom,

Kim Gravel: I love it. No, that's a good, that's live live now because you don't know what tomorrow brings.

Idina Menzel: So no day, but today.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. Yeah. If you could only use one emoji for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Idina Menzel: Uh, the. What would it be for you? Can you tell me yours?

Kim Gravel: Oh, it's several, depending on how i feel, but I use the poop emoji a lot with the kids for many reasons. Thumbs up. I use thumbs up a lot. And the kissy and the kissy, you know, the kissy. Yeah,

Idina Menzel: I guess I don't use them that much. I guess I would do the upside down face sometimes. I don't know what that means. So it's like, whenever I'm just, I don't know. That's that's a boring, boring answer.

Kim Gravel: No, that's a good one that made me laugh out loud. I loved it.

That was great. What does that mean? I don't have to look up and see which one, what does it mean? I don't know. I dunno, Zac, what does it mean?

Zac Miller: So I just looked it up the upside down smiley face [00:42:00] says you're gonna love this. Idina it's the embodiment of passive aggression. Apparently.

Idina Menzel: that's not what I felt though. So I gotta take that back.

Zac Miller: But it can also mean just like sarcasm irony, humor still. Yes. It says all of that. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: It's that face right there. That's the face. That's it. Who is your celebrity crush?

Idina Menzel: It was always, it was Andy Garcia for a long time.

Kim Gravel: Wow. Good one.

Idina Menzel: Remember that movie when a man loves a woman with like Ryan, my God. Oh, that's a good one. So hot. When he gets angry, he starts cursing in Spanish and like this cute. So, and I have met him. I met him at a party. He was super nice and still gorgeous. And then Colin Farrell was one, but then I did a movie with him and that my ex-husband freaked out about that.

Cause he's like, you're not supposed to be able to do a movie with your celebrity press. So. That was a little bit of a problem. We went through therapy about that one, but

but yeah, Colin and [00:43:00] Andy Garcia.

Kim Gravel: I like it. I like it. Last question. How do we let it go?

Idina Menzel: We let it go is about it's about harnessing and embracing your power and sharing with the world, not hiding it not suppressing it. And I think it's about surrender and it's about celebration of, of who you are and what makes you unique and what makes you extraordinary.

Kim Gravel: Well, that's why I'm so glad you're with us at QVC because now we're getting another aspect of you sharing your gifts and talents with us Idina. Well, you gotta come back girl and listen, you better get your mother on there. Modeling. I'm not kidding you.

Idina Menzel: She's gonna die, but yeah, I will. She's gotta do it.

I posted some pictures at, at Walker's sixth grade graduation. We were at my mom and I, and some Encore, but Hey, I just wanna say, thanks again. You're the best. You're beautiful. And I'm just thank you for welcoming me and I'm honored to [00:44:00] be on your show and, and thank you.

Kim Gravel: I can't wait to get the children's book. I know you've gotten new projects coming out and I just, I love you girl.

Idina Menzel: And love you too.

Kim Gravel: Thank you. All right, girl. Thank you. Love.

I can't believe we had a Disney princess on the first episode of season two.

Zac Miller: Amazing. I mean, she corrected us though. Kim she's a Disney queen.

Kim Gravel: Yeah, well, that's true. but you know what? I don't know, Idina, I'm trying to hang on a princess as long as I can. I loved it because I feel like, you know, we were talking about confidence earlier and I feel like if even Idina Menzel, has these highs and lows in her confidence, in the things she has accomplished in the career that she has, you know, amassed all these awards and accolades and success.

I think that, you know, We're all the same in different ways, [00:45:00] Zac. I mean, we all carry around this, this lack or this inadequacy sometimes about ourselves, right? Mm-hmm like everybody, no one is immune to that. Yep. And so when you think, and you understand that you're not alone in those feelings and we are free to discuss those amongst ourselves, especially as women, then, you know, That's where we start, you know, building up that confidence and understanding we're not alone, you know, in our insecurities insecurity.

I don't know. Sometimes I feel like it's a healthy reminder of our humanness. People are like, Kim, please get real. You're trying to get all mumbo jumbo, but hear me out. I mean, I'm serious. Like we're always trying to get rid of insecurities, but it's almost like, oh, sometimes those keep us grounded. They keep us human.

They keep us, you know, they [00:46:00] keep us, you know, reaching and, and, you know, moving forward, you know, I think sometimes though we, we allow 'em to drag us down. But I think we do that when we think we're alone in those. And Idina just inspired me today because she was very vulnerable and very transparent even about her own insecurities, turning 50 being a mom, you know, her and her sister's relationship.

I mean, I've just like, ah, it's just, it's. It's great to see that we're all right there together.

Zac Miller: We're all just people. We're all just here. Yeah. We're in it to be,

Kim Gravel: but you know, there's success for everybody. I'm serious. There's success for everyone out there waiting. Especially if you can sing Zac, I think you have to close it out.

Zac Miller: I have to close it out.

Kim Gravel: You have to close it out.

Zac Miller: All right.

Kim Gravel: Nope. Nope. You have to close it out. I've gotta tell you what to do. I'm gonna be a producer. So I want you to close out. You're singing [00:47:00] one line from let it go. Oh yeah, you're gonna. Oh, you're gonna do it. That's it. Focus.

Remember? I'm right here with you.

Zac Miller: Me, me, me, me, me, me.

Kim Gravel: There's no auto tune though. Just full disclosure. Go ahead.

Zac Miller: Can I edit this?

Kim Gravel: You can edit. You can edit it, but then if you don't. No, this is going in. All right.

Zac Miller: Right, let it go. Let it go.

Kim Gravel: One more time.

Zac Miller: Let it go. Let it, let it go.

Kim Gravel: We, we definitely gonna let this episode go. We love y'all so much. Make sure you come back every single Thursday for a new LOL with Kim Gravel and he ad on over to to find season one episodes. They're completely free. You can check 'em out and see what we're all about. We love you so much.

Remember, live out loud, laugh out loud and love out loud together. Just, you know, try not to let it go though. Don't let it go too much, Zac,

Zac Miller: I'm gonna let this one go. [00:48:00] Bye everyone.

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