Sept. 22, 2022

The Birth of Belle with Jane Treacy

The Birth of Belle with Jane Treacy

Jane Treacy changed the trajectory of my life

This week Jane Treacy is on the podcast, and she is truly one of my favorite people on the planet! You'll hear how she truly changed the trajectory of my life in a big way. 


Jane and I have so much fun. We talk about embracing who you are, work life balance, connecting with people, and Disney World. She tells me the “pencil story” about how she got the job as one of the first hosts on QVC over 30 years ago. And Zac surprises us with a Zac attack where Jane needs to sell something on the fly with a hilarious twist.


This one can't be missed so buckle up, buttercup and let's love out loud this week with Jane Treacy! 


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Kim Gravel: I'm sitting here going, Oh my gosh. I just, I wanna remember when I was a 16 year old Kim, you know, I was a little slimmer and a little dumber, but I had. Joy and this energy, and this belief that anything was possible. I've stuck on a little slimer and a little dumber. I, that's childhood right there.

Hey y'all. Welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. This is a comedy podcast where laugh about all the messiness of life and turn that mess into our message of confidence and hope. You know, my mission is to encourage women, and this show is all about how we can embrace our real selves and laugh about all the stuff life throws our way along the way.

So y'all come on. Join the party. Let's live out loud, laugh out loud and love out loud together.

Okay, Y'all lean in. Okay. Today I have one of my dearest. Closest trajectory changing friends on the podcast, Jane Treacy, who is this amazing woman, brilliant woman in business. She was just such a game changer in my life. And have you ever had those kinds of people where you meet 'em and it's instant kindred spirits or you're just instantly connected to them?

That's Jane. She's been a, a QVC host for over 30 years, just from the very beginning in the. And we're gonna have so much fun with Jane. You're gonna love her as much as I do. But first, Zac.

Zac Miller: Hey, Kim. Kim. Hey, You didn't even mention the fact that you are in your brand new studio.

Kim Gravel: Oh, that's right. Hey y'all.

I'm in my brand new studio. Zac came in here and gave me a Zac attack here and set up all this, and I feel lit up like a Christmas tree. Hopefully my bags and my sags aren't showing. So thank you, Zac. I love you. I love it.

Zac Miller: I also upgraded my studio. I mean, do you, Do you like it? Do you think it looks good?

Kim Gravel: That looks, Are you really in a studio or is that like a green screen magic trick producer thing?

Zac Miller: Uh, no comment. It might be a green screen. Okay. I might just be in my basement.

Kim Gravel: Don't share all your secrets. Don't tell all your business. I was watching something the other day. I got up at like four 30 and you know how this insomnia problem, okay.

Zac Miller: You get up so early, Kim, do you do that every day or,

Kim Gravel: I'm gonna tell you something. I'm an early bird. Not every day. I don't get up at four 30 every day, but I'm a early bird. I love to rise up. It's quiet. No one's talking to me. The kids are not eating anything. The house is halfway decent, you know. Quiet and I can turn the air down.

Really cool. You know, I can be, I can really be in control of the situation. And I was watching, you know, cuz when you can't sleep and you, you've have your quiet time and I was just turned on the TV and I was watching this thing about Pete Sampras. Do you know who Pete Sampras is?

Zac Miller: Yeah, of course I know who Pete Sampras is.

Kim Gravel: I mean, he's that amazing tennis player back in the day. Yeah. I was watching his story, right? You know, he played among all the greats Andre Agassi and all those people, so, he was kind of this whiz kid, tennis player, okay? And, but he went through this period of time where he just, he couldn't get arrested.

I mean, he couldn't hit a serve, he couldn't win a a match. You know, He went through his, you know, tough times. And I just wanna tell everybody, like that's what happens to us in life. Is that we, Pete Sampras, it , meaning we're young and we're veal and we're gorgeous. And we're fabulous and we've got these talents and we energy and we do it.

And then we hit a, a rough patch where we start fighting. We start fighting the outside noise. We start fighting what people think about us. We start fighting just, you know, failure cuz I mean, it's inevit. And then that's when we lose it. That's when we start thinking that we're our failures instead of thinking about the greatness that we had, cuz we all have it.

So we forget.

Zac Miller: That's so right.

Kim Gravel: Does that make sense?

Zac Miller: Yes. That you forget. Totally makes sense.

Kim Gravel: And that's what happened to Pete Sampras. And finally he got a coach that brought this kind of new energy. It was not even like coach teaching him how to hit shots better and all that. It wasn't even, and knew how to play, wasn't even knew how to play well.

He knew how to play. And it wasn't even strategy like, you know, Cause sometimes you can, like in business or in schoolwork or whatever, I kind of teach, you know, my kids sometimes. It's like, this is how you study for this. And not, It wasn't even strategy. It was, it was that, it was almost like emotional.

Yeah, he changed the way he felt about the game. He no longer fought the game and put so much pressure on him as hisself about the game. He had fun again. He was, he made him go back to his 15 year old self.

Zac Miller: Yep, yep. Totally right. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: To find that greatness that he had and always had, but forgot about it.

So, you know, for me that is, that is the big get. Like I'm sitting here going, Oh my gosh. I just, I wanna remember when I was a 16 year old Kim, you know, I was a little slimmer and a little dumber, but I had this joy and this energy and this belief that anything was possible. And lemme tell you, so where you watching this.

Zac Miller: I'm stuck on a little slimmer and a little dumber. I like, I love that . That's like the perfect, that's childhood right there. You're a little slimmer,and you're a little dumber. That's it.

Kim Gravel: But it's kind of true. Like ignorance is kind of bliss. Right.

You know, you don't know all the fight and the struggles. You just go for it. And so, Right. You know I'm trying to harken back to that like Pete Sampers did, cuz it worked for him. It did. I mean, that's what really inspired me. I think we complicated it so much.

Zac Miller: Okay. I love that so much. Hey, let me ask you this, this question.

Kim Gravel: Would you subtract the, Would you become a little dumber to become a little slimmer? I don't know. That sounded like a product to me. we need to create that product.

Zac Miller: That's, you know what, That sounds like a, That sounds like a really good TV show to me.

Kim Gravel: Oh my God. Does that.

Zac Miller: I feel like, no, because I'm already like skinny fat, like I'm already, like, I'm not that. Like probably,

Kim Gravel: I'm going hang up on y'all. We talk to y'all next week. Bye . Skinny fat is a new skinny fat isn't,

Zac Miller: You never heard that? You've never heard skinny fat,

Kim Gravel: Never skinny fat. No.

Zac Miller: I'm like, I don't get, like, I, you know, I still, I'm like blessed with the metabolism, right Kim?

So I don't get that. I don't get like fat, like I can eat a lot and I don't like gain a ton of weight. Like I could lose, you know, I have like a dad bod for sure, but.

Kim Gravel: Dad bods are hot. They're in.

Zac Miller: I'm actually, it is really good that the, the, the thing's cut here because like my gut's a little too big for this shirt.

Like I'm not gonna be able to wear this shirt out. Just zoom. This is a zoom shirt.

Kim Gravel: You just unbuttoned a couple of, You've been buttoned a couple of buttons.

Zac Miller: I did. There's two buttons on the bottom. Or unbuttoned. Don't we know what I'm talking about?

Kim Gravel: Stand up. Let me say stand up. Oh my god, right now let me see it.

Yep. I see your dad bod. Or at least your dad belly button. There you go.

You heard it. Sing it in Jane Treacy. Welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. So excited.

Jane Treacy: I wasn't expecting that. Oh my.

Zac Miller: Let's hear it again, Zac. Play it one more time. Just for Jane.

Jane Treacy: Okay. That needs to follow me every time when I'm on the air.

Kim Gravel: That's exactly how you should be introduced. Jane, everybody. Y'all welcome in Jane Treacy. This is my sister from another mister. She's my guardian Angel, you've changed the trajectory of my life. How many people can say that about another person?

Well, it's true though. I mean, it's Jane, where do we begin? She's one of the reasons, one of the biggest reasons I met QVC. But Jane, tell everybody a little bit about yourself. Like how long have you been at QVC?

Jane Treacy: I was, I was gonna jump in and talk about you, but Okay. Won't go on too long. Been 35 years, but, you know, I walked, I walked into the building 35 and a half years ago at 24 years old thinking, Oh, this is, it was new.

Who knew what it was? Right? This, the last six months, clearly. I was wrong and I'm so happy I was wrong. Cause it's just, it, you know, I met my husband, I had my girls I met amazing dear sweet friends that are my ride or died like my Kim Gravel. Like, it's just, it's been an amazing ride. And it did start with the pencil story, which I'll have to tell at some point.

Kim Gravel: But no, tell the pencil story. Oh, please. Ooh, I wanna hear the pencil story.

Jane Treacy: As you know and my dad all the time on the air, and so here I am 24 years old, I'm more of a news person, and this ad comes up for like a shopping network. I don't even know what that was. We didn't have cable. I didn't, and QC didn't exist yet.

So I am at. My mom's kitchen table saying, I'm not going to this audition. I have never had a job in sales. And she said, What do you mean? I said, I can't sell anything. I didn't even work at the mall. And she said, Oh, here, you're a natural, boring salesperson. Sell me this pencil. Throw a pencil at me and I said, Well, a pencil's great because an architect designs a building and a child gets an A on their math test, and a lover writes a love letter.

And she said, Go to the audition. So I drove out to what I thought was the middle of nowhere. I am an outside of Philly girl and I'm out in the wild to Westchester thinking, Where am I? And I walked in and instead of. Studio cause it was a built yet it was a guy with a cam quarter and I thought, OK shadey I'm leaving

And this guy walked in and he my for future boss and he said, Hi. Hi. He said, Well, it's really easy. We just want you to sell this pencil.

Kim Gravel: Shut up, Jane.

Jane Treacy: I looked at him, he said later, and I got that deer and headlight look because truly, you know, it was an open call. Any anybody that got called in got to audition.

And I said, Oh, okay. Well, And I said exactly what I said in my mother's kitchen about 45 minutes before I know, right? And he said, Well, here's where we usually say, Don't call us. We'll call you, but can you come back tomorrow? And I think I was on the air about three weeks later, .

Kim Gravel: Yeah. Right, right, right.

Like you're hired, here you go. Here's your mic. And here's a set of diamond rings. Go for it.

No, but can I say something that I know your parent, you do talk about your mom and dad a lot on air and of course we've had many conversations about them and I can relate to you on that cuz you know, I adore my mom and dad, but your mom said like the best piece of advice that I'm sure you've given a lot of newbies at QVC.

But it that really set with me and I live by this piece of advice every single time the the red light comes on when I'm on QVC. You know what that piece of advice is, isn't it?

Jane Treacy: Talk to the camera like it's your friend. Talk to one person at a time.

I know. I just got chills. She's here.

Kim Gravel: I got chills too.

I got chills too, Jane.

Jane Treacy: In fact, the painting behind me, I bought it in Arto cause it reminded me of my mom. So she's right here. I just got full body chills. She was so smart cuz she was a nutritionist. But you know, she just obviously had an insight and I think that that is something that like when I go in there, I really.

Think about talking to Kim now talking to my girls. Talking to you because we, Kim and I, Right. We feel like we know you, even though we haven't maybe met you in person yet. If you're watching QVC, we really feel like family.

Kim Gravel: How would you tell someone watching this, how do you become real and authentic, not just on air, but how do you live from that place, Jane?

Jane Treacy: You know, I think it comes from. Life. You know, I was in my late twenties when I lost my mom. So I think it just, and we've all been touched by sadness, like nobody's life is perfect. Right? We've all been touched. So much by things that have stopped us on our path. And that's why I love you, Kim, because you're, you're so empowering of women and, and everyone watching.

But I do think that my, again, my mom, she gave me she used to say to me when I was little, and I didn't even probably know who Shakespeare was, she always said to th known self be true. Oh, and that is, And I did it on a bracelet at QVC and it,

Kim Gravel: I know I have it. I bought it.

Jane Treacy: Yeah, I know. I have it on right now.

So it like, if you're trying to be somebody you're not, or you're trying to act like somebody you're not, or trying to act like a show host or a teacher or a lover or whatever, like as long as it's true. That's, I think, the key. It really is, don't you? What you think?

Kim Gravel: No, I totally a thousand percent agree with you.

And it's like you don't know any other way to be. And I mean, look, we're all human, so we all make terrible mistakes. And like you said, we have to come from place of sadness. But it's almost like just embracing all of that too. Yeah. You know, it's almost just like, you know, you just, especially as women, I think it's hard for us sometimes cuz we play so many roles in our life.

You know, we work, we're moms, we're daughters, we're, you know, like you said, husbands wi you know, we wives and we're, we just do so much that it's like sometimes it's hard to remember just to lean into ourselves and be okay with it. Right, exactly. Like, I love how you talk about your, you talk about your hips.

What's your thing that you say?

Like whenever we're selling flexible goes and y'all, my bottom thing are my top just stuck about, I got it, I got it. People, no, you got a good hour glass. No, I just love that about you. And you turn around and show it and it's just, it gives other people permission to do the same.

Jane Treacy: That is something that I probably still struggle with.

Everybody may know I studied as a professional ballerina. I always say 40 pounds and 40 years ago. And you know that's true and that is such a, I think, worped ideal of a body. But you know, when you're in the thick of it and that's what you're. You wanna do for a living. You know, you, you're never good enough.

Like you're never good enough, you're never thin enough, You can never spin fast enough. You can never return fast enough. You know, it's, it's always like this ideal that no one is ever gonna achieve, right? And so it took me a long time and I was talking to somebody the other day and it really was getting pregnant.

Karas my first, that was like probably the first time that I was. I love this body and it, you know, I was 34, so, you know, and, and I don't think it's ever too late to really then embrace like who you are and that's what you do so well, It's like believe in your own beauty. You don't have to be size or an age.

 Or a look, right?

Kim Gravel: That's, but you know what Jane? I'm well, it's it, but it's, I'm preaching to the choir. Honest to God. I'm standing up there saying to myself, Practice what you preach, Kim. Practice what you preach. I mean, I think everybody thinks like, Oh, Jane Treacy, she's been on QVC for 30 years.

She's so glamorous. She's so you know, cuz you are like, you know, the matriarch you're, you're like the queen. Like you are like, have you seen those queens? It's like the Queen of England. Like everybody's like Bow, you're the queen of QVC. I mean like so everybody gets excited when they get shows with you or we get a moment with you for advice or guidance, you know?

And I just, I just, I mean, I know I appreciate it and I'm not the only one cuz all of our friends talk about, I'm like, Jane Treacy, who's kicking you off?

Jane Treacy: I have to also say how you and I fell in love. Because,

Kim Gravel: Okay. Yeah, that was my next saying. I was gonna say, can you tell one story from your point,

Zac Miller: I heard that you brought Kim onto QVC.

Is that true, Jane?

Jane Treacy: Here's what happened, here's what happened. So my daughter, Deirdre and my sister Chrissy, would watch Kim of Queens and they're like, You have to watch the show. You have to watch the show. And I think I worked a lot the night you were on Tuesday nights, I think I worked a lot.

So I come up one night, I'm not working. I watched the show. I will never forget it. You and your sister, who I love working with as well, we're at a. Beauty contest and the this certain pig one. And Kim is like, Good choice, good. Like she's all in, all in on this pig. And I'm sitting there looking up and I said to my husband, I didn't even know your last name yet.

I'm like, Kim McQueen, that's how I called you, needs to be on QVC because

Kim Gravel: I could cry

Jane Treacy: like, no, it's true. And then low and behold, I go on the air after watching the show. With Kim about the pigs and watching like avidly every Tuesday night. And I remember what set I was on and I said, I dunno if anybody watches Kim at Queens, but like that woman is amazing and she makes me feel so good about myself and I'm a little obsessed with her.

I have like a girl crush, blah, blah, blah. And then Kim, somebody tweeted at you,

Kim Gravel: Let me just tell y'all. Don't ever think that God is not working behind the scenes for you. I wanna say that to you right now and just true. You gotta just trust me on that because he was all behind the scenes on this because when you said that, okay, so fast forward, you're on set.

You said Kim of Queens. I was taping the Steve Harvey show and in my hotel that night when you had said it, which did not have QVC. Keep in mind y'all, I had been watching QVC and buying from this woman. Forever. For a decade. Okay, So I'm sitting there, just going through Twitter. Amy was in the next bed. We had a, She was in the next queen bed.

I was sitting here and I said, Oh my God, I'll never forget it. I was like, Amy, Jane Treacy just gave me a shout out on QVC because all of my people that followed me watch you on QVC. So they were tweeting me, Jane Treacy just gave you a shout out on QVC. So I flipped out. Of course, we couldn't get QVC at the time.

Cause I was trying to call in, I was going and, and there we go. And, and, and then we had a manufacturer that was working that Jane brought, It's just tell about the first time, cuz I made Jane Treacy, I didn't make her. I prayed really hard and begged like a dog. Please come into my initial pitch meeting at QVC.

Do you remember that, Jane?

Jane Treacy: I so do. And it was just like this moment where everybody. Literally, and again, I have nothing to do with the decisions and I just sat there just as an observer. But the whole room became entranced with Kim and saw what I did is that it's not really just about the clothes and the beauty, and it's not just about these great items that she brings.

It's Kim like we needed Kim and we need Kim. And it's, it's like the girls and I posted on my Instagram the other day. We are dying laughing cuz we're watching you and Mary D on a

Kim Gravel: Oh my. She's crazy.

Jane Treacy: Next is Tara T and you're like, I'm gonna take off my bra.

You are one of a kind. You are one in a million. And what I love is like the Kim that I met then is the Kim that I'm looking at now. Like you are so real. I mean, you are like, you know

Kim Gravel: It, it gives me a, a, I've been so blessed that I have had so many strong women come into my.

And just speak a word or, and, and have. I mean, all my life I've had, I could even, every season, and I say this and my mom said, Honey, Jane Treacy changed your life. She said that to me the other day. Cause honestly, if it weren't for you and your guidance in your stamp of approval in your warmth and love.

I, and I'm getting emotional talking about it. So Zac, you have to take over because I love you. I've never been able to tell you. I mean, I tell you that, but I've never been able to like, declare that in a really way because Yeah, QVC did it and, you know, we had a lot of great people involved, but you were, you were the foundation and it changed my whole life.

Zac Miller: This is the perfect time for me to break in with a Zac Attack.

Oh, Lord. Oh Lord. It's a Zac Attack, Jane.

The Zac attack is a fun segment that we do with our guests. Kim has no idea what's coming. You and Kim are going to play a little game that I designed. And believe it or not, Jane, I based this game on the pencil story because I read that about you, that you sold a pencil.

For your interview at QVC, so I thought it would be fun for you to each Kim, both you and Jane, Jane first. But I want you each to take a second and look around the room and pick one object that you're gonna sell on this podcast. All right. Okay. Who's going first?

Kim Gravel: You're going first, Jane? Cause I gotta think about what I'm doing.

You're quicker on your feet.

Zac Miller: Just take a second. Find an object.

Jane Treacy: All right, I got it. Okay. I'm good.

Zac Miller: So wait, but wait, but wait. There's a little more. So Jane and Kim, I'm giving you one minute to sell whatever product you just chose in your room, and whoever can say more of these 10 words wins.

Jane Treacy: Oh God. I may need to put glasses on for this one.

Kim Gravel: Put the, I love those glasses.

The 10 words are jiggle. Christmas whisper, salty huli, Blue Hog Wash. Do Hickey doozy, ados and Ram shackle.

Jane Treacy: And not in any order. Right?

Zac Miller: Not in any order. No, no, no.

Kim Gravel: Jane's getting ready to blow this thing out. I feel like Jane's like, Okay, I got this.

Jane Treacy: That's another thing really.

Zac Miller: I could tell the wheels are spitting. I don't know. I think the wheels are spinning. Here we go.

Jane Treacy: Oh yeah, I already got, I already got the product in. I'm like, okay, which one do I want?

Zac Miller: Wait, wait. I wanna know. I wanna know. Okay, so first show us the product. So what products are you selling?

Jane Treacy: Okay. I actually just cleaned my purse out, so this is an earing I bought from QVC a few years ago.

Zac Miller: All right, I'm gonna hit time. So ready three, two, one.

Jane Treacy: So if you're looking for the perfect present for Christmas, this Christmas gift is going to be the best ever. Do you see how it giggles?

That's because it's a gorgeous earring of turquoise and opal set in sterling silver. You know, the little do hickey on the back is what holds it onto your ear. And if you say, This is too big for you, it's dog wash, absolutely not. Your friends will be giving you that h when you walk in this beautiful earring.

I think it's a doozy of a look with my Kim Gravel top that I'm. Absolutely adored. And you know what? My jewelry is sometimes like all ramshackle all over the place. And I feel like, oh my goodness, could I be more salty than I am right now? But then I whisper to myself in my head and I say, you know, as a Christmas gift to give this beautiful earring that's going to jiggle, that's gonna give that moment of like Halleluiah, when you walk.

Party. I mean, I think it's a doozy of a Christmas gift. It is the best ever, and it's something I bought myself for my 30th anniversary on QVC.

Zac Miller: That's it,

That's time. That's it.

Kim Gravel: I refuse to do that, so she was,

Zac Miller: Unbelievable. You got all 10 in less than 45 seconds.

And then I just stopped counting. And then you did a bunch of 'em twice.

Kim Gravel: But it made sense too, Zac. It wasn't like a ran weirdo thing.

Zac Miller: I thought this was gonna be, I legitimately was like, Some of these words are really hard.

Kim Gravel: No, Jane blew through them. That was amazing.

35 years of experience. Hello. I also think that would be a really good exercise, but we are actually hiring new hosts, so I have to talk to our team.

Cause I mean, there you go. I mean, take a true story. Clearly Jane's the winner. Yeah, definitely.

Jane Treacy: Do I win? Do I literally win something or No, Not really.

Kim Gravel: You win the street cred, you win the earring. You get to keep your earring

Jane Treacy: I already bought my.

Kim Gravel: Checks in the mail, Jane. Checks in the mail. So listen, we're sitting at, This is a true story. We're sitting at a show one day. I never forget we were selling a shrug and, okay, this is, Let me tell y'all something. Jane is constantly communicating.

She's the master communicator and she's doing it with her eyes and her body language and her words. And sometimes I just get, when I'm on set, I just stand there like an idiot and watch the pro work and it's like, I am clearly not a natural blonde, but I do get a little dinghy. Sometimes I get a little d Hickey, Hulu, whatever those words were.

I get a little, you know, ram shackled. So I'm standing there and Jane is talking. I don't even know if I've ever told you. She's just talking. It's just right, Kim and I say nothing cause I'm like somewhere else and she just walks up and just puts her hand on the small, on my back. Okay. Like, are you ok? Do you remember this?

And I be, Oh, Oprah started laughing and you start laughing and I peed all over myself. Yeah. But like Jane, she'll put you in the trance. She'll just, And every time, and every time she wants you to say something or, or, this is when we're in studio or shut up or anything. She just puts your, her hand on the small of your back and you know, they mean shut up.

Jane Treacy: One of my favorite moments is when you was the first time I met your mom, Miss Jo, and she's just so elegant and amazing and I think it was your first tsv and we walked over to your mom who was modeling, and you're like, And these are my mom. And under her breath, without like missing her smile, she goes, Don't touch me.

Love this woman.

Kim Gravel: We do this thing every single time. Jane called rapid fire questions. So when I ask you the question, just say what comes out of your mouth. We can always bleep it, cut it out, or leave it for fine. Okay? We go. What is the best advice you've ever received?

Jane Treacy: Don't sweat up the small small.

Kim Gravel: Ooh, good one.

What TV show or movie are you obsessed with right now?

Jane Treacy: 90 day fiance.

Kim Gravel: Are you really? I was just talking about that show last night. I've never watched it. Why should I watch it? Jane? Why are you obsessed with that day fiance?

Jane Treacy: But you cannot avert your eyes. It's just.

Kim Gravel: What is your favorite ride at Disney? Cuz you have a Disney obsession.

Jane Treacy: Haunted Mansion.

Kim Gravel: Really? Why?

Not that it shakes me.

Jane Treacy: I love ghost stories and spooky stories. I don't like gross, I don't like horror,but if I'm in a new city, I'm on a ghost tour, like, and I make a, like, my family's like, Oh no.

Here we are. Im a ghost tour with Mom , and I remember when I was a little girl, my best friend Susie lived across the street and they drove to Disney and she came home and told me, and we didn't have the money to go, We didn't have the money to fly anywhere. I didn't go to Disney until I was 36, but she came home and told me about this.

Man, you or the ghost dance and they sit in your car with you. And I was just like, Wait, what? And it did not disappoint. It is my Disney favorite ride. Okay.

Kim Gravel: What is your favorite junk food?

Jane Treacy: Doritos.

Kim Gravel: Ooh, what flavor?

Jane Treacy: Classic. I will eat cool ranch, but classics.

Kim Gravel: Wait, wait. I have classic nacho cheeses. Quick follow up question. Jane, did you ever eat the Doritos logo taco at Taco Bell?

Jane Treacy: I have only eaten at Taco. Twice in my life and once I was really hungover, so I haven't been back in about 30 years.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Okay. Who's your celebrity crush?

Jane Treacy: My celebrity crush is Michael Crawford, who is fantom of the opera.

Kim Gravel: Ooh, sexy. Okay. I know. Mm-hmm. , last question. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Jane Treacy: In 10 years, I'm retired. I am. Kind of living between my home and New York City because I'm watching my girls on Broadway. I'm working in the arts in a nonprofit way as a volunteer. And I might be doing community theater because I did that once and I loved it.

You were fantastic and helped me with my southern accent. She had a great southern accent. I think that would be a really fun, I can't sing, but I I, think that would be so much fun to do is when I retire.

Kim Gravel: Well, y'all heard it here first,

Jane Treacy: but also one more thing. I would love to be the first female mayor of the Magic Kingdom at Disney, and I could do that 10 years, so that's, that's what I would love to be my next job.

Kim Gravel: Oh, you would be amazing at it. Oh my gosh. And I gotta tell you, I know you love Disney. It's the happiest place on earth for you. But I just wanna, as we're closing this out, to say thank you and I love you for bringing me to the happiest place on earth for my life, which is QVC. I love you so much, Jane.

Jane Treacy: I love you, Kim, thank you.

Kim Gravel: I love you so much. Thanks, Jane. We love you. Thanks. Bye

Well there you got it. The Jane Treacy that I know and love. You know Zac, Isn't she just fantastic?

Zac Miller: Like she's . You can't not watch her. She's amazing.

Kim Gravel: Isn't she amazing?

Zac Miller: That was unreal.

Kim Gravel: Did you hear her just sell that with a thing? Yeah. Like I can't do that.

Zac Miller: No one could do that.

Kim Gravel: She's a brilliant. She has a charisma and she has the gifts and, and also she has the heart. She has such a good heart for people and especially women in particular. And that's what we wanna do here. You know, we just wanna inspire all people who watch this, especially women just to live fearlessly.

So, and she really did. Zac, she changed at the trajectory of my life hands. That is amazing. Like through just her being a fan of you, you being a fan of her, finding each other. That story to me just says so much because it's like when you get good people together, just amazing things happen. Yeah. But Zac, that's what this female podcast is about, is about celebrating women like her, I think.

I think in which we all have a little Jane in us, right? Like we all have starry-eyed, excitement, energy, you know, that's what Jane brings to. I mean, we all want that. We all wanna tap into that for ourselves. But for lol, I want women to come and have fun and learn a little bit and laugh, but also be inspired to, to really.

Be fearless and authentic in the things that we are called to do. Good things coming right here in season two. Uh, new set you know, lots of new guests, but the same message. You know, we want you to really live life on purpose for the purpose you were created for. We love you so much. Thank you for watching.

And remember always to live out loud, laugh out loud and love out loud. And y'all, let's do it. Bye. So many great people help make this show possible. LOL is produced and edited by Zac Miller at Uncommon Audio. Our associate producer is Kathleen Grant at the Brunette Exec. Production help from Emily Bredin and our cover artist designed by Sara Noto.

Mike Kligerman edits the show. I got his name right. I'm so excited. Head to to sign up for our mailing list. And y'all, thanks for listening. We love you so much. Till next time, live out loud. Laugh out loud, live out loud together. We love you.

Jane Treacy

TV Host / Mother / Wife

Jane Treacy is a QVC host of over 35 years and shares her passion for shoes as the host of Shoe Shopping with Courtney and Jane and Girls Night In. Jane is a mother, wife, and avid Disney visitor.