July 29, 2021

Kim Gets Hypnotized with Kimberly Friedmutter

Kim Gets Hypnotized with Kimberly Friedmutter

This week Kim gets hypnotized by certified hypnotherapist Kimberly Friedmutter in order to cure her of her snacking addiction.

This week Kim gets hypnotized by certified hypnotherapist Kimberly Friedmutter in order to cure her of her snacking addiction. Kimberly is no joke and successfully hypnotizes Kim on the show. This episode has the entire unedited hypnosis session so you can close your eyes and get hypnotized along with Kim.

You have to listen to this one to hear what happens when Kim is hypnotized! 

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Hey, y'all. Kim Gravel here. LOL with Kim Gravel and my sidekick, my ride or die, Zac.

Zac 00:12

How you doing?

Kim 00:13

Honey. I'm good. I feel like we're married.

Zac 00:16

A little bit, but didn't we just say a few minutes ago that this podcast was like our baby.

Kim 00:21

It was like our baby. It's my third baby. It's your third baby. But do I want to say married? Because, I mean, I know I'm a Cougar, but I don't know if I'm that Cougarish.

Zac 00:29

I don't know. I feel like I was doing the math. I think it's probably pretty similar to Amy and Red Bull.

Kim 00:36

Oh, are we 17 years apart in age?

Zac 00:39

Um, maybe, I don't know.

Kim 00:42

Yeah, let's not even go there and whatever you do, don't say your age. So just hush right now. So what's been going on, what's been going on?

Zac 00:49

Oh, you know, I'm doing great. It's funny...

Kim 00:53

Are you though, Zac? Are you really?

Zac 00:55

When I'm really, when I get stressed and I know that you can relate to this, right? I just, I eat everything, but I don't eat like I don't eat my dinner. I'm just like, you're not hungry when it's dinner time. And then it's like, I'm eating a whole bag of chips.

Kim 01:09

And what's your favorite chip? What's your favorite chips?

Zac 01:11

Just Ruffles all the way.

Kim 01:13

Ruffles with the french, the Dean's French onion dip is everything, but you know what, I have been, this is so Britney Spears of me.

Zac 01:22

What's that?

Kim 01:23

Give me a flaming hot red Cheeto and I'm down like four flat tires.

Zac 01:28

Oh my gosh.

Kim 01:29

Do you know what I'm saying? There's nothing more country than Britney Spears with a bag of Cheetos and that is me and I love Britney Spears. Free Britney Spears, but I'm right with her, Cheetos is my favorite snack.

Zac 01:39

All right. I can respect that.

Kim 01:41

If I'm not orange by the time I finished the bag, I go get another bag.

Zac 01:45

All right. So it's Cheetos for you as your favorite?

Kim 01:47

Snack, any snack. I'm a snack person. I love any snacks. Like even on vacation. When we go on long trips, I'm a snacker and I'm not, are you a sweet or salty?

Zac 01:58

I, you know, I'm more of a salty. My wife is like a sweet, so she just doesn't understand my snacking habits. Are you a sweet or a salty, Kim?

Kim 02:05

I'm both. So that's pretty much covered the gamut of it. But no, I think more, I'm sweet, but I kind of have a little bit of an addiction. What are we talking about? Am I sitting here having a therapy session with you about my snacking habits? No, I'm a sweetaholic, like to the point, like I will buy like cupcakes at Kroger and stash them under my bed. And when I did that recently, don't judge me, y'all.

Zac 02:32

No, that's healthy, Kim. That's normal, that's normal and healthy, everybody.

Kim 02:34

That is not normal and healthy. But when I found them like two days later, cause I'd forgotten, I put them there, why did I get so excited like I just won the lottery?

Zac 02:44

It's like Christmas.

Kim 02:45

It's Christmas. It's Christmas.

Zac 02:46

If you hide, yeah. You just hide it all over your house. And then when you find, it's like finding a $20 bill in your pocket or something. It's like free money.

Kim 02:52

It's like going in the dryer and pulling out and there's that $20 bill your husband forgot, or your wife forgot to put. It's the cupcake for me. Like I would stash like Whitman's chocolates throughout the house. Cause I have to hide them because my kids would eat them all. And then when I find them unexpectedly, I know it's going to be a good day.

Zac 03:09

For sure. I think this is something that a lot of people deal with, though. I think this is like right?

Kim 03:15

I hope so. I hope so. I hope people are listening, going girl, honey, you know. And if they not, they lying, you know. People are... I'm a sweetsaholic, though. I am. And honestly having like this show, I never saw, I said, how can this sweets addiction that I have? Is it really an addiction? Is it a problem? Is that a bad habit? What is it? Is it stress eating? What is it? What do you think it is?

Zac 03:44

I think for me, it has a lot to do with stress that's, but that's me personally.

Kim 03:49

I can relate to that.

Zac 03:50

Um, yeah, I think it's that. I think it's also just like, it tastes good. It's great.

Kim 03:55

Yeah. But do you think it's Pablo's dog a little bit? That analogy where you just keep going back and like, I have pain. I have stress. I eat. So it's like...

Zac 04:03

Every time I sit down and start watching TV, like I want to have a snack, right?

Kim 04:07

Yeah, you know, you've trained yourself, you've trained your brain to say I'm gonna watch.

Zac 04:10

Yeah, totally, I think you're right about that.

Kim 04:12

Yeah. Last night, you know, I was watching TV. I'm watching this great show on Netflix, I mean on HBO Max called Hacks. It's fantastic. And so I just, I just go grab a snack. Well, you know what, Zac, it's the perfect guest for today's show and I'm hoping that she can help you and I, with our, with our snacking sweets and salty-aholic problem.

Zac 04:32

Yeah. Let's bring our guest in. This is, this is exciting. I think this is going to be like a good intervention for us.

Kim 04:36

Well, I wanna tell you why I think she's going to be good for us, especially with our little issues that we're having right now with our stress eating in our, um, me being a sweetaholic. So she's a certified hypnotherapist. Do you know what a hypnotherapist is?

Zac 04:50

Um, you know, I, I it's someone that hypnotizes you, right?

Kim 04:54

Yeah. Yeah. She's on the American Board of Neurolinguistics. She has her own private practice. Listen to this. She has a book out called Subconscious Power, but like even Jennifer Hudson, she says she inspires women to be all the better versions of themselves. Uh, Mike Tyson, he says, “If you need to ignite the champion within, this is the book to read.” I mean, Mike Tyson's talking about how Kimberly is bringing out, okay?

Zac 05:18

That's cool. That's cool.

Kim 05:19

Okay. And then Martha Stewart, we all know, you know, I got a Martha Stewart story I'm not going to share with y'all right now, but honey, Martha Stewart don't play. I mean, she's been on the clinker clink, clink. She'd been on lockdown and she says that Kimberly and her share the same philosophy, which I love this. Open. Often the teacher, always the student. Guys, I want you to really just give it up for this amazing guest. I'm so excited she's on. Kimberly Friedmutter, welcome to LOL.

Kimberly 05:48

Thank you.

Kim 05:50


Zac 05:51

It's great to have you.

Kim 05:52

We need you, Kimberly. We need you.

Kimberly 05:55

Well, today's your lucky day. Ruffles, I mean, Cheetos, so easy, easy peasy. Now, did you say Pablo's dog or did you say Pablo's?

Kim 06:07

I think I said, it was probably whatever I said, Kimberly, was not correct. So feel free to correct me cause it is Pablo's? It's Pavlo's?

Kimberly 06:16

Pablo. Well, Pablo would be the Latin American version of Pavlo.

Zac 06:20

It's Pavlov, right? Is that right?

Kimberly 06:21

Yeah, it's Pavlov, yeah, it's cute. It's actually, it's actually about the bell as the ringing, the bell.

Kim 06:29

See, this is why we need you on the show, Kimberly. We have to have you, we have to have your expertise.

Zac 06:34

I'm training Kim, that every time I ring a bell, she records a podcast. So its...

Kimberly 06:39

Every time someone rings a bell she starts speaking Spanish. I love it.

Kim 06:43

Kimberly, I love you already. Okay. You got to tell us what is a hypnotist? Because we hear it, we see it on even social media everywhere. Tell me what you do, girl.

Kimberly 06:53

Yeah. So actually we're hypnotized every minute of every day, by everything you love, you know, there's TV shows that you were talking about, Zac, that you sit down and watch? Look at those commercials, that steamy bun and that beautiful greasy meat and the sizzle sound of the bacon on the grill. Right? All of these things as they're all you're mesmerized or you're in chance or your hypnosis. Yeah. And your, your favorite entertainer, your favorite vocalists, whoever loves Adele, the, when she hits those notes, I mean, you're never more in trance than at a concert. That's what music does is it lulls us. So it's really a supernatural state of being. You know, most people ask when they meet me, they first say, well, where's your show? You know, what casino is it at? Because I live in LA. 

Kim 07:35

Yeah. I mean, that's the think, that's the stereotype that we put, we put with you, you know what you do.

Kimberly 07:41

Yes. And the way I dress, you know, my husband says, oh, you don't have clothes, you have costumes.

Kim 07:46

You're gorgeous, girl. Y'all need, y'all need to podcast vision because this woman is gorgeous from head to toe.

Kimberly 07:53

Well, thank you. So anyway, but the, the idea that hypnotism is, you know, tricks and smokes and mirrors and things like that is interesting. Um, So Chris Angel lives across the Arroyo from me. And he, you know, used his hypnotists or hypnotism in a stage show way where I use it clinically. And so not to be confused by the two is that our subconscious is that touchy, feely wonderful part of us that actually makes us us, you know, like it's who you are, your personality, your emotions, your fears, all those things in the subconscious. Where your conscious mind is, you know, your task keeper, getting the kids to school and making all your appointments and meetings, right? So it's two different parts of the brain and you will have, you heard it here first, you will have a happier life if you tune into your subconscious. Hence the book. Because what happens is, you know, the noise is loud out there and we get pulled in all of these directions and we all feel it. And moms and ladies are no different, if not, even more effected by that pole, socially and structurally and familiarly and career-wise and all of these things. So if you tune into that subconscious, which, you know, women have kind of cornered the market on it, we have women's intuition and all those things. Zac, you're not alone because men have it too.

Zac 09:12

My woman's intuition is strong.

Kim 09:14

Kimberly do they, though? I mean, and if so..

Kimberly 09:17

A little! A little!

Kim 09:18

Alright, alright. I'm going to give you that. Let's do it. Let's do it. Yeah.

Kimberly 09:22

So anyway, it's, it's neat because everybody does have it. And it's a lot of fun to use it to your advantage, because guess what? Advertisers, who we love so much, they're using it. Warm colors for, you know, McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken and all these things that makes you, that excites your hunger value, right? Um, if you put someone in a cool gray room, they're not going to go looking for food. It's just the way our minds are, so why don't we use it for ourselves? I mean, seriously, have autonomy and agency over your own desires and your addictions, your, um, you know, everything. Some of these people that you were talking about, um, you know, not everybody comes to me because they have a problem. A lot of them come to me for accelerated action in the world, maybe apathy to action, you know, eliminating procrastination so they can get more done or trying out a new thing or becoming an expert at something. So hypnotism is really used for so many things. It's all laid out in the book. And what makes it fun is that you already have this, I'm not selling you a thing. It's machinery you already have. So it's like if I laid something amazing on y'all's desk right there, and I said, Zac, Kim, look at this. This is the best machine. Let's say it's available on Amazon because today is Prime Day. If it's available for you, here it is. And all of a sudden, now you want to tap into that and you want that thing. You get to have it because it's already yours. It's just not that exciting because you have it already, right? And here's the little ways that you already know that you have a developed subconscious, that little tap on the shoulder. Hey, did you close the garage door? Did you turn off the oven? Did you, you know, bring your lunch, all of those things, those little reminders that come to you creeping into your mind, that's all from the subconscious. So she, and he, Zac, would be your best friend within you, right? So if you imagine that's your little eight year old, that's always like tugging on you going, "Hey, Hey lady, Hey Mister, you forgot this or think about that." So it's also your reminder because it's with you all the time.

Kim 11:22

Why does our conscious mind get in the way, what happens that we don't operate at that out of that subconscious power more? What happens?

Kimberly 11:30

Because the noise of the consciousness is so, and great question, by the way, the noise of the consciousness is so loud. You having to get there, you know how they say, oh, get there, get there, get there and the frustration you feel most times during your days, if you're late, or if you feel like time is short or money is short and this and that, the other. We're so focused on the minutiae of the day, and that's all conscious thinking. And then obviously like even late model cars or your, your personal device, your phone, all these things that are, you know, buzzing and, and, you know, whistling at us and trying to hit our attention, I mean, it's really, it really is important to take that little quiet time. Now here's the neat thing about it and here's where help is on the way!

Kim 12:10

Yay! Come on girl, help a sister out! Help a sister out!

Kimberly 12:19

Okay, help is on the way. And I mean, here it is, here are the good news is you are as amazing as you ever thought you were. If you ever thought for a minute, let's say like you're super down in the dumps right now. And if you ever thought for a minute that you were amazing, I'm here to reconfirm that you are amazing.

Kim 12:34

Okay. You got to say that again, Kimberly, I'm sorry to interrupt, but you need to say that slow and low, honey. People need to hear what you just said. Really good.

Kimberly 12:44

That if you ever in a moment had a glimpse of greatness or thought you were amazing for one moment, just a glimpse. I am here to report the news, like, like the, like the messenger riding in on this big white horse that you were right. You were right. And you are, most of the people that I see in my office are people who just simply forgot how amazing they are.

Kim 13:10

Why do they, why do we forget?

Kimberly 13:14

Because the world is not always organically naturally for the other. We feel like we are but, you know, you may have a husband who's not, you may, may have a wife who's not. Life, that's not, a career that's not.

Kim 13:29

Can your past hang you up? Can your past experiences and things?

Kimberly 13:32

Always, always. Addictions, past fears, anxieties worrying about the future. I do believe people worry more and it's in my experience that people worry more about what's gonna happen than whatever did happen, because whatever did happen is fact and truth and it's there and it did happen, right? Past. But this thing and this anxiety, in fact, I can take you through it super quick exercise that will eliminate any negative emotions.

Kim 13:58

Do it. Let's do it. Let's do it. Yeah.

Zac 14:00

I want that. I like that.

Kim 14:02

I want that. Let's go, babe. Do it.

Kimberly 14:03

Okay, all for you, babe. Okay. So stare at a spot in front of you, it doesn't matter where you are, stare at a spot. You can even be driving and you can do this.

Kim 14:12

Now, wait a minute, let me ask you this. Is this, are you hypnotizing me right now?

Kimberly 14:16

Well, in a way you're hypnotizing yourself, but in a way it's just a simple hack.

Kim 14:20

Yeah. Cause I want to hack, but I want you to actually hypnotize me too. So I just want to make sure. Okay.

Kimberly 14:25

Yeah. Okay. So you're going to stare at a spot straight ahead. The reason you can do this driving or reading or anything is because it's not taking your eyes off of anything. It's actually giving you more visual aspect. So stare at something straight ahead. And as you continue to stare at that thing straight ahead of you, I want you to now diffuse your focus so that you can see to either side of you, left and right. You can see peripheral vision, so you can still stare at the spot and also still see peripheral vision to either side of you.

Kim 14:56

I got it. I got it.

Kimberly 14:57

Now take your tongue and place it at the top of your mouth, as opposed to letting it rest on the lower palate. This breaks, your left and right lobe. Now, I want you to, what you do normally is you would be having a negative emotion and you would go into this. You would immediately go into peripheral vision and it literally takes that negative emotion away. And there's five big, main negative emotions, anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt. Those are the big five. Like Africa has the big five animals. These are the big five for the, for the subconscious negative emotions. Anytime you're feeling disappointment, annoyed, limited decision, "I can't", down, depressed, blue. Any of that, I want you to, anxiety, fear. Any of that. I want you to go into peripheral vision staring at something ahead of you go into periphery and you'll see that you cannot feel that emotion anymore. Now we're doing it without having recalled a negative emotion. When you have a negative emotion and you're doing this, it's not going to be as easy as it just was. Might be a little bit more difficult. Might take a second or two. And when I say difficult, I mean, not nanoseconds, but a second or two. Such an easy thing to do. When you're sleeping and you're woken in the middle of the night, fear, anxiety, whatever, you can do this with your eyes closed, you can do it with their eyes open. This is the same thing, really, as counting sheep in the sense that we're distracting our conscious mind, which is the thing that woke you up by the way. Your mind is distracted and then your subconscious is able to lull itself back, trance itself back to sleep. This is the best thing I could ever teach you in three seconds or less.


AD BREAK 16:33


Kim 16:42

Okay. Let's move on. Because I want you to, I, we were talking at the top of the show. I don't know if you heard, but I stress eat. Okay? I'm sweets-addicted, but basically, Kimberly, I'll eat anything that's right there. I mean, there's times I have gone through. And found a pack of peanuts in the back of something that just said, thank God I got something to eat, to put in my mouth. I, I need help. I mean, I'm honestly full disclosure right here on LOL saying, I've got a problem. I don't drink, I don't smoke. I don't run around. I don't do any of that. I mean, it truly is my vice. Can you help me?

Kimberly 17:19

Yes. So tell me what your, what are your foods that you don't want to eat anymore?

Kim 17:26

And you mean like things that I eat now that I currently wish I could? Okay.

Kimberly 17:30

Yeah. What are we eliminating?

Kim 17:31

Sweets like candy bars, ice cream, cakes. Anything chocolate, any sweets. I'm a sweetsaholic.

Kimberly 17:41

Anything savory you want to add to the list?

Kim 17:43

Yeah. I mean any, you know, chips, I mean cheese. Oh Lord. Give me a good piece of American sliced cheese wrapped in a pickle. You know what I mean?

Kimberly 17:55

We used to cut pickles in half, hollow them out and then put melted butter inside.

Kim 18:00

Why do I love you? Why are we, are we related? I think we might be related.

Zac 18:05

And actually, I want to make sure, though. When you're hypnotizing, Kim, should, does someone have to pull over, like, can you be driving and listening to, is this podcast going to be dangerous for the people listening?

Kimberly 18:15

Right. So we need a disclosure statement that says, do not do this while operating heavy machinery. Now aren't we all heavy machinery, though. We're all heavy machinery and we've been operating just fine. Okay. So here's what we're going to do. So you'll close your eyes. So if anyone in a position listening that needs to close their eyes, yes pull over, get off, whatever you're on. And then just pull, pull over and close your eyes. Okay good. So closing your eyes and getting nice and relaxed. So it's just really feeling yourself in the room. It's just taking a nice deep breath and getting quiet. I love this one because our body is our temple. And so we're taking you through, it's like our mansion. If you will, let's bougie it up a little bit and do like, get it bougie and make it a mansion. So our body is the ultimate mansion, right? We're, it's our house. It's where we're housed. It houses our soul and houses, who we are in the world and how we get around in the world. So knowing that, I want you to create in your mind, your mansion, starting with your gate. So let's create and imagine. It's a good imagination exercise. So just imagine this amazing gate, it looks exactly like you want your gate to look. It's your mansion. You've designed it. It's beautiful. And as you walk up to this gorgeous, gorgeous gate, you notice that there's a bouncer there. A big, big guy, and he's going to let you in, in fact, he's letting everyone into your life that you love. And they're all in your big, big entertainment hall and they're laughing and they're talking and you see hair tossing and people are just so excited to see you. And everyone's just in perfect form and perfect shape. And everyone's healthy. Everyone's dressed to the nines. They look amazing. And you're just full. Your heart is full. Your soul is full. Just seeing all of these loved ones around that this bouncer has led in because this gate is your gate and it lets in who you allow in and it keeps out who you keep out. So this is your home, your mansion, and it's perfect for you. Music is playing people, telling stories, all of this. Until you decide to retreat to your library. So as you walk into your library, you notice all of this information, there are books from floor to ceiling, as high as your eye can see, and all of the things all through the years that you've learned, this wealth of knowledge of things that you know about yourself and life and things that you will learn, things that you not yet have access to that are all in this room. Everything you know about health and fitness and who you are and how beautiful life can be is in this room. In fact, you just almost take a deep breath in and you can smell the pages. You can smell the information. It's so rich with knowledge that you can literally stand in the middle of this beautiful library and take that in. And as you do this, you decide that you're a little peckish and you want a little bite to eat. And so as you walk into your hallway and into your magnificent kitchen, that kitchen has everything you ever imagined in it. And you love the beautiful colors, the smells. In fact, there's an amazing gorgeous tree coming up, right from the middle of the kitchen, with these huge branches that reach out to either side of the walls, that's just brimming with fruit. And it's the most interesting thing, because if you look down towards the countertops down onto the ground, you see it's a garden. You're actually walking through this kitchen garden with beautiful vegetables, surging up from the ground. Nines coming up and wrapping around the countertops. It's becoming this internal force of nature in your very own kitchen. Gorgeous red fruit and the smell of, uh, vegetables and fruits being juiced. That, that smell of life in the air. You can literally smell the moisture, the humidity released from these plants, the beautiful squashes, the watermelon, the fruits are hanging, lettuce like you've never seen. Misters come on and the whole place starts to just all of a sudden come to life with this life force food. You feel like you're home. You know that this is your place. Your senses are alive. The colors are so beautiful. The smells are so intense. The feeling of the moisture in the air, the soil between your toes. It's a life force coming up through your body now.

Kimberly 23:05

And as you feel so fortunate to feel this feeling and to be in this beautiful room called kitchen. You start to walk towards the laundry area and you all of a sudden are smacked in the face with the stanky, stinky, horrible, horrible ranky smell. You've got to go and see what it is. You burst out in the back door and there's trash cans lined and brimming with tar and disgusting oozy goozy things that give you goosebumps. And there's these creatures behind these trash cans and their hair is matted and they have gnashing teeth. And you can hear this hissing and this horrible smell. And there's like old Cheeto wrappers and old sweets wrappers and candy bars and things and gooey ooey sticky things. There's ants, there's roaches, there's bugs. There's these creatures. There's like, like death tight there at that back door and it feels so scary and so bad that you can't even see color. You can only smell the stank. It's like they're reaching out to you for help, but you know that you can't, and as you will look at them, it's maggots. It's the worst thing you've ever seen. These gnashy teeth and this tar coming out and it's disgusting. There's Cheetos, there's chips, there's wrappers, there's gooey ooey rotten sugar. Almost like these animals themselves are disintegrating right before your eyes and you run. Back into your kitchen, you slam the door closed, you run into the kitchen, sink your feet in the soil. You open your eyes and the colors are everywhere and you're back to life and living. And beautiful greenery around you. Life force around you. You feel so fortunate to have seen what you see, to know better. Now you run back into your library, all of that information, the knowledge you just suck it in with the deepest breath you could ever take all this knowledge coming in, that you know who you are, you know why you're here. You know what fuels you. You know how smart you are to take all of this in, you know how accepting you are to bring it all in for life, for health and for good feelings and good love and good relationships and good everything in your life. Starting with feeding yourself well. Running back into this room where all of your friends are, the music is playing, they're tossing their hair. They look so healthy and happy. They're so glad to see you. They hug you. They know you have this new found information. They're clapping. They're literally clapping. They're nodding their heads. Yes, yes, yes, yes. You're nodding your head. Yes. And you're putting your hands in front of you in prayer hands to express with thought language, your gratitude for all of your beautiful friends, all of this beautiful knowledge, all of this beautiful life force food.

Kimberly 25:52

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. With thought language. And as you leave this beautiful place. You leave the gates, you close the gates behind you, knowing this is your mansion. This is your temple. This is the place you've built. This is Kim's house. You turn and you walk away and the sun is setting. And you say to yourself, "Thank you. Thank you universe. Thank you, God. Thank you everything I've ever been taught and know, and now I know I have this blueprint inside. I have backed into this blueprint of who I am. This is Kim's, I am. This is my place. This is my mansion. My temple would the utmost care and reverence. And I thank you." And as you slowly take nice deep breaths in when you're ready. And only when you're ready slowly open your eyes and come back into the room, knowing that you have this new information that will always be yours. Because it is you. Nice deep breath. And back into the room when you're ready.

Kim 27:10

Oh my God. Zac you should have done that.

Zac 27:13

How do you feel, Kim?

Kim 27:15

I felt like I flipped for six months. Oh, Kimberly, what happened?

Kimberly 27:20


Kim 27:21

Girl? I felt like I just went and had a two hour nap.

Zac 27:25

We are, and you know what, Kim, there was actually a moment where I was worried you were going to fall out of your chair.

Kimberly 27:30

Yeah. I did too, I was like uh-oh, strap in!

Kim 27:35

Oh! The only way I can use to describe it was, like when I was, when you were talking at the first, I was like, I couldn't, all I remember you saying is gate.

Kimberly 27:46

Great. Love that. Okay. So now I'm going to ask you something real quick. What about creatures?

Kim 27:53

Yeah, I heard it. I heard you saying creatures and I could smell it. I could smell. Smelled like rot.

Kimberly 28:05

Yeah, tell me what you remember.

Kim 28:06

It just, it smelled like rotting, like things like rotting. And then when, when you said the kitchen and I could just, I could feel it almost like I felt like it was like the vines of the, of the, um, that garden were just holding me. Like I felt like I was like light. That's all I can, that's the word of it. Yeah. Oh my God. I felt so rested. Kimberly, I'm calling you everyday for this.

Zac 28:36

That's amazing. Kimberly, when you work with, when you have like a real client and you're doing this kind of work with them, how often do you need to do something like this for them to really in a very meaningful and permanent way, get rid of, you know, some kind of vice or something?

Kimberly 28:56

So it depends on the person, but most times this does it. Now I have an entire system that I don't have available yet. We're trying to figure out exactly how to put it out. Do we put it out as an e-course or what, but it's very intense about also a lot of things that people don't talk about, like the village, you know, those around us that kind of keep us bound to food. There's a lot of ethnic cultures and, you know, kind of love, love relationships and families that if you don't eat you don't love the cook, right? If you don't eat... let's say the mom cooks, you know, the old eat everything on your plate, you know, all that. And so there's a lot of that. That's one thing out of 200 things there are, but, but for example, let's, let's use my husband as an example. So he was hypnotized for maybe 20 minutes and he lost 60 pounds. That was what he needed, right? So people rarely need a lot, you just need to mostly remember who you are and get back in touch with that blueprint that we all already have of health and healing the body.

Kim 30:12

All right. We're going to have, will you come back and do a follow up to see how this worked for me?

Kimberly 30:16


Kim 30:17

Okay. And plus, we're going to take this offline, honey. I might call you for a couple of sessions.

Kimberly 30:23

You should see what I can do with cheese. Anyone I've ever said the word cheese to never wants cheese again.

Kim 30:34

Okay, so we're gonna do cheese next. That's going to be either you're going to come back on the podcast or I'm going to come and see you via Zoom, one on one just me and you.

Kim 30:49

So, I like to close out every guest and every episode with this, um, what we call rapid fire. I'm going to ask you some questions and I want you to, just to say the first thing that comes to your mind.

Kimberly 31:01

Got it.

Kim 31:02

Okay. What is the most common thing people ask you to help them with?

Kimberly 31:07


Kim 31:08

See? Bingo! Zac! See?

Zac 31:11

Right, yeah.

Kim 31:12

Okay. That was me today. Favorite celebrity you've ever worked with?

Kimberly 31:17

Oh my gosh. Well, the one that I could say would be Phaedra Parks.

Kim 31:21

Come on now. I love me some, uh, Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kimberly 31:26

Yes. She, she, she could be my most favorite human.

Kim 31:30

Why? Tell me why. Why was she great to work with?

Kimberly 31:32

You know, she is dear. She's she's like a little girl, she's very... Now. I didn't ever see Real Housewives of Atlanta, um, before I knew her. And so I don't know her on the show. I only know her in, uh, in my experience with her.

Kim 31:50

She was great on the show.

Kimberly 31:52

Yeah, we're working on weight right now and she's done amazing. Amazing.

Kim 31:57

Well, good. And she's another ATL girl. You have two of us. You have two of us.

Kimberly 32:01

Exactly, she has to be my most favorite human.

Kim 32:05

Kimberly, that's so good to hear. Okay. Most difficult thing about representing hypnotism to the public?

Kimberly 32:12

That I don't pull pigeons or scarves out of my sleeves or nose.

Kim 32:18

You're not a magician, you're not a magician.

Kimberly 32:20

Not a magician!

Kim 32:21

Is hypnotism relative to how open you are to it?

Kimberly 32:25

Doesn't really matter. It's funny because if you think in any court situation where the attorney says, you know, "I object!" after something's been said, the die has been cast and the information is already in the jurors' minds, right? So once you've rung that bell, you can't unring it. So it doesn't matter. I have hypnotized people in handcuffs. I've hypnotized people during surgery. I have hypnotized people that just stared straight back at me. It doesn't matter because the subconscious hears everything.

Kim 32:54

I love that. So there's hope that says hope right there. That's what you said. Let me ask you one last question, Kimberly. Um, what do you love about what you do?

Kimberly 33:06

I love the healing aspect of it. Now. These people heal themselves. My most intense, uh, folks are people that come with cancer or life-threatening acute, some chronic, but mostly acute, very scary diagnosis. Disease in the body. And when this happens, everybody's in fear and they activate, and you cannot get this information in them quick enough for their body to get it because the body is the train. The mind is the conductor. So when their mind is right, even the worst thing, and some of them do pass away. It's not saying that it heals them and gets rid of their cancer. It's what's saying is that it heals them. They heal themselves in that sense that they, they come to terms, they come to an agreement, they come to healing oftentimes, they come to remission oftentimes. It's all of that. And they're doing it themselves because their mind is the motherboard. They just need the information. They're so focused on the fear because let's face it, when you get a diagnosis, that's all you think about. That's your, that's your 24/7 breath. So to reroute that and to bring it back into being in comfort and being in ease and being in the body balance and all those things and back to that original blueprint of health and healing, that's, that's the key. So to see that happen is my greatest joy. I mean, literally I'd fallen to my knees in tears over some of the things I've heard. It's really remarkable. That's my greatest pleasure.

Kim 34:42

Oh, okay. Okay. Everybody get this book, Subconscious Power by Kimberly Friedmutter.

You are absolutely a powerhouse woman and you really did. I mean, I feel like I've slept for three days and I don't even want a Snickers.

Kim 34:55

No, I don't even, I don't even know what that is. I can't even hear you. I'm suddenly, I can't hear a thing. I don't know. I think you snickered or something. I don't know. Were you laughing?

Zac 35:09

That's exactly it.

Kim 35:10

We're going to be friends for a long time, Kimberly and I am going to call you. I'm telling you, I need, I need a couple of things to work on.

Zac 35:17

Kimberly, I'm going to send you a list of the things Kim needs to work on.

Kim 35:26

LOL with Kim Gravel was produced and edited by Zac Miller at Uncommon Audio.

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