Feb. 17, 2022

Kim's Botox Whisperer Shares Her Beauty Secrets! With Renee Dries, RN

Kim's Botox Whisperer Shares Her Beauty Secrets! With Renee Dries, RN

I’ve got Botox and beauty secrets on the podcast this week! If you want to turn back the clock on aging, then you can’t miss this episode with my “Botox Whisperer” Renee Dries, RN.

I’ve got Botox and beauty secrets on the podcast this week! If you want to turn back the clock on aging, then you can’t miss this episode with my “Botox Whisperer” Renee Dries, RN.

My beauty guru, friend, and Atlanta’s most sought after cosmetic beauty injector, Renee Dries, RN, joins LOL with Kim Gravel to discuss facial injections, botox benefits, PRP, and at home beauty treatments that can help reverse the signs of aging.

Renee’s approach to cosmetic procedures is part scientific and part artistic, making her clients feel beautiful and confident without going overboard. Renee has been in the industry for over 20 years and makes a point to educate and inform her clients, which has made her the most trusted nurse injector to an endless list of celebrity and high-profile clientele.

Renee dives into what you should ask and look for in a nurse injector, and she shares at home beauty treatments that will fit anyone’s budget. Listen in to find out how Renee is helping women physically and emotionally one injection at a time.

In this episode:

●      How Renee became a Registered Nurse and her background in E.R., Trauma, O.R. and P.A.C.U.

●      How Renee approaches beauty from an artistic and scientific view

●      Learn Kim’s favorite beauty procedure

●      What to ask your medical provider before getting facial injections

●      Learn the Botox definition and how Botox treatment works on your face

●      Learn why skin PRP treatments (a.k.a. the “vampire facial”) are Renee’s favorite for anti-aging, scarring and acne

●      Find out budget friendly at home beauty hacks

●      The worst botched beauty procedures Renee has seen

●      How beauty treatments build self esteem


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Kim Gravel  0:03  
Well, you heard the music so you know what time it is. It's time to laugh out loud, live out loud, and love out loud LOL with Kim Gravel.

Hey, today we are talking about Botox beauty and how to reverse aging. Okay, my favorite. So my favorite line is one of my favorite movies still magnolias, and one of my favorite lines of the whole movie is time is marching across my face. Dolly Parton used to say that that's how I felt for the last 10 years time has been marching across my face, because you can see the little lines where people been still March March. You get that joke? Did you remember that from Steel Magnolias.

Zac Miller  0:47  
Here's the thing, Kim. I don't think I've ever seen Steel Magnolias. Well, don't judge me.

Kim Gravel  0:52  
Then we're breaking up. All right, but today on this episode we have what I'm going to call her the Dolly Parton of the beauty industry. Okay. She is a titan, a master. She is my go to. I have her in my phone. Renee Drees, "The Botox Whisperer." Please welcome Rene Drees. She is the DP the Dolly Parton of the beauty industry? Hey, girl! And the chest is out today. So it's a good day for the girls on many different reasons. But don't you relate to that though? You are glam? You give glam and beauty to so many of us in Atlanta.

Renee Dries  1:43  
I do. I love it. Tell me what thing to do.

Kim Gravel  1:46  
It's your favorite thing. If you're an artist, and I'm gonna let me brag on you a little bit. Renee is the injector to the stars here in Atlanta. She has been injecting my face and I'm going to tell you with what and how and when and give you all the tips and tricks for over five years. And when I haven't been coming to you. And you've done so many stars. I can't really say their names because you can't divulge for medical reasons, you know, because you are a nurse and have been for a long, long time. But Renee is truly an artist. What you do is so beautiful. And you take it face by face. My mom will only let you touch her. 

Renee Dries  2:26  
I love her.

Kim Gravel  2:27  
 And Mamas, you know, crazy.

Renee Dries  2:31  
We were born the same day.

Kim Gravel  2:35  
You were both April 19, crazies. And all my possie. So many people go to you, Renee, how did you become? I know you're a nurse. Can you give us a little bit of your background? Because I want people to know how before we dive into the beauty part of it, your background?

Renee Dries  2:54  
Well, I grew up on a farm so I had a lot of alone time. And art was one of those things that I did. So I draw, I sculpt I do a lot of those kinds of things. So when I told my dad, I wanted to go to school for art, he said, Oh, you better married farmer next door, if you're gonna go art or otherwise you'll start. So I said, Alright, fine. I'll go to nursing. So I got into nursing, I was doing er, and I loved er, because I like that. I like that different environment like that quick change. And I also went into plastics. So I was working in the O R, and it was really seeing like the beauty of what he does the before and afters. When you say plastics, you mean plastic surgery, plastic surgery. So I've actually been able to see the face from this perspective and the face off of your face. So I have a lot of extensive training because of my background, the er the O R, and I trained under a plastic surgeon. So I have different perspectives. But to be honest, a lot of the training I got, I took what I got, and I developed it and I made it my own. So I don't do a lot of the drawing and stuff like that, because I'm not really like a science math brain. I'm more science art. So I have that right brain. So that more creative look. So I'm like the Edward Scissorhands of the Botox and fillers because I just see what needs to be fixed. And I just do it. So a lot of people you know, they so measure things and look at it that aspect. I don't need a measure because I can see, but what I realized when I try to train somebody, not everybody has that same eye. So I do better training people that are more right brained than I do left brain. I have to bring out the measurements but I really like fruiting eye and even though it's your face, it's my art. So if I start seeing you going too crazy, like making those lips too big, too much cheek, too much chin too much or too much anything. I'm like, alright, look, girl. I'm not putting nothing else in your face. And I had a celerbity tell me like why not? I said because your lips are way too big and it's looking distorted. You're losing that natural lip shape that you have. And aesthetics is you know Some people want that brat doll look and that's okay, I can do that. But the majority of us they want that natural look, we want to look ourselves, we just want to you know, reverse aging. I'm not growing old gracefully. I've always been kind of a big girl. So I've always had my face right. So there's no way I'm letting this go. So I really started you know, working with different mediums, the toxins, the fillers, but the thing I really struck gold was the PRP.

Kim Gravel  5:32  
We did not get into it yet because let's take this in baby steps because a lot of women that are listening, you are my nurse, you are my injector, you are the artist that really helps me preserve my face and the way that you have done it. Because people always ask me, Kim, do you have Botox? And do you have fillers? And I can't wait to share with them what I actually really do have because we do not use fillers a lot. We do not use Botox a lot. We use this thing called PRP. So I just want to pause that real quick and get into that in a minute. Okay. Let's back the bus up a little bit because I want you to talk to Botox gone bad. Okay, I want to talk to because you're also a fixer, meaning a lot of people come to you when they've had a bad experience with injectables, okay? When we're talking everything fillers, Botox, PRP, whatever the case, talk to me about what should you not do? Because not everybody's going to be able to afford or come to see you tonight? So I'm sure there are a lot of people will after this going, Kim, give me a Renee's direct line? Yeah, I will. And you know, I will I tell everybody. We taped a TV show here and the whole entire cast came to see you and you were like slammed, but what I want to say is, let's talk about what you should look for and what you should be warned against anybody listening, heading out to find someone, you know, to help them with their facial injections.

Renee Dries  6:59  
The first thing you want to do, is you want to find a credited medical provider. When I first started doing this, I really started in baby steps. I was working under a plastic surgeon. First I learned the basics, doing Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and learning the differences between those because each one of those chemicals that react different so you really need somebody that has a long history of being able to do this, because you're gonna make mistakes in the beginning. I don't care who you are, we're practicing medicine, right? So you really have to do things in steps. So first, I learned the toxins, how the muscles in the face work, what worked, what didn't work, because the biggest issue is through the brows right? So you ever see people like those spike brows, that is not a bad injector, that's actually a good injector. So if you get toxins done, and your eyebrows shoot up, and you get this little line, that's because your injector knows not to go in this area, because you can actually drop the brow down. What Botox does, it's a paralytic, it takes your muscle, and it actually relaxes the muscle. By relaxing the muscle, you stop the lines. And the reason you're stopping lines is because our face acts like paper. So if you ball up a piece of paper, it's got a bunch of wrinkles in it, right. But if you flatten that piece of paper out, put a book over it, let it sit for a minute, the wrinkles will be completely gone. Same thing happens with our face, when you stop the movement, you stop the wrinkling. That's why everything starts to calm down. And when you can't make that expression, that's what creates the lines, they go away. They really have to have good understanding of how the muscles work, right? I explain how this happens, I explained how the process is working. Because if you don't understand yourself, and you don't explain to the client what's going on, then if they look in the mirror and see this big line, they're gonna think you don't know what you're doing. So I explained to them ahead of time, you're probably going to need a little bit more over here. But I rather go less than go too much. Because once I put it in, you're stuck for three months. And no celebrity wants to go to anybody that doesn't know what they're doing because they don't have three months to have something fixed.

Kim Gravel  9:05  
A week. I'm on TV, right? Three and four times a week there is no downtime.

Renee Dries  9:10  
Right? And that's a problem with a lot of celebrities is because they don't have the downtime to do certain procedures. And they got to go to somebody that they know and trust. 

Kim Gravel  9:22  
Well, I wish I had time. I wish we had time to call my mom for her to give a testimony, about Renee. I'm ragging on you today.  I'm having Renee on every one because she truly is an expert and my mom is in her 70s. She will be 75 in a few weeks. So you and my mom have the same birthday. And she only trusts her face her lips to you, Renee, tell somebody who's a little bit older out there. I mean, you don't have to be in your 70s but my mom still gets a refresher. Tell us about this amazing thing you've turned me on to because I get Botox and we can go into detail later, but I I get Botox in between my brows because I have that one thick line. But basically everything else you do for me is PRP. And it has changed my whole world. Will you tell everybody how you found PRP and how this has become a game changer when it comes to anti aging in this industry?

Renee Dries  10:21  
So my PRP is a little bit different from everybody else's. When the PRP systems came out, I don't really trust anybody to tell me, "Oh, mine's better than yours." I want proof.

Kim Gravel  10:33  
Wait a minute, is this what they're calling the Vampire Facial? Remember when Kim Kardashian made this really popular? Is PRP the same thing as the Vampire Facial?

Renee Dries  10:43  
It's similar, you know, he's got his own thing. Like I have my own thing, right. But yeah, this is PRP. 

Kim Gravel  10:52  
What is PRP?

Renee Dries  10:53  
It's platelet rich plasma. So basically, inside of our blood, we have these little thing called stem cells. And inside our stem cells, basically from mom and dad, they come together, they create the cell to form you. That is the basis of your life, right? So inside your blood are these stem cells, it's in your plasma, it's how you can also get into fibrin plasma as well. And that's deeper talking. But these these injections will actually keep and renew your skin. So like I had a third degree burn, right? The lady comes in, I see this burn. I'm like, oh my God, that's second and third degree burn. What do you do with that open? She's like, oh, I don't have insurance. I'm like, but she's over here getting Botox.

Kim Gravel  11:34  
That's a whole other show. How not to market your home for your face. 

Renee Dries  11:41  
So I was like let me treat it because you know, I'm a nurse first. So I'm like, let me fix her up. So I clean the wound, I braided it. And I was like, You know what, let's put some just spray some PRP on here. We don't have to. I'll inject around it. I won't go in the wound. I'll just go around it. And then let's spray it on.

Kim Gravel  11:57  
How do you get the PRP?

Renee Dries  12:00  
So I draw your blood. I spit it through the machine and it separates the plasma and we pull the plasma off and we either inject it into your face or we spray it and microneedle it in. I put it for eyelashes, people lose their eyelashes, you can put it in your hairline, you can put it in your vagina, you can put it anywhere.

Kim Gravel  12:21  
My vagina is too far gone.

Renee Dries  12:25  
I have four children honey. Okay.

Kim Gravel  12:30  
That's a whole other show. But anyway go on.

Renee Dries  12:35  
PRP is like, you can put filler in all day and filler has its place, right because some people are too far gone, we have to restructure the cheek and the jawline. But if that skin is not together, that skin is drive, that's the nose craters in it. And you have those surface area wrinkles, it doesn't matter how much filler you're gonna, you're just gonna look like a contoured wrinkled mess. So with PRP, you're actually reversing skin aging, and you're renewing it. So you ever skin your knees and get that yellow stuff that gets crusty and comes out of your knee, it's in your knee. That's what PRP is, it's your plasma, it's your body's way when I get trauma, your body says send them to the area to heal, right. So I already have it in a syringe. So the needle itself creates trauma, which is already going to instill collagen production, right. That's why we do micro needling. But when you put this liquid gold or this PRP on it, it like literally is already sending the PRP that your body's creating to send underneath the skin. And I'm putting it on top through the outside. So your body's stimulated inside from the trauma. And then I'm injecting it from the outside. And then if you need like a more of a surface area, then I'll go through and I'll microneedle it on as well after you've done it with me too. Yeah, and it just depends on what you can handle for downtime is kind of how I judged how to do this. So that's why it's really important to come and get a console before so that a I can see what your face is looking like what you really need. I could see you know how long your downtime is what your schedule is looking like, because like even with Botox, a lot of people don't know you're not supposed to fly up to seven days after getting booked. Because I live in Atlanta and I have a lot of flight attendants, I had to kind of like shorten that window because like celebrities, you guys can't be gone and have this long run of downtime. So I've really gotten it down to a safe three days. So I'll wait three days before giving injections, Botox or Dysport. But the recommended dose is seven days. But like you have to learn to adjust so I had to start experimenting.

Kim Gravel  14:37  
So what is your favorite? I mean, I know what your favorite is because we've talked about this in depth because you're such a wealth of knowledge. I know you're training other injectors and you're training other nurses to do this to do your techniques that work so well. But is would you say PRP is your favorite process? And it's not instant. It's not instant. So it takes a hot minute for it to really kick in. So everybody listening going, I'm interested in PRP. A: it's my own natural, you know, plasma, I don't have to get some foreign object. So a lot of that's why mom loves it. You know, mom loves it because she just, it's just she doesn't feel like it's, I think it's 70. She's like, make me look fabulous. But people don't realize that my mom is so beautiful and so preserved and so fresh looking because of Renee and this PRP. Is that what you would suggest for everybody to start there?

Renee Dries  15:29  
I would start there, no matter what your age is, because you need to get the skin in good condition. Because sometimes the PRP, what it will do, it actually pulls back your face. And it doesn't have an age discriminate, because I've done older women in their 70s and had good results. And I've done young girls too. I will say I did just did a younger girl for acne. And I saw results for her and two weeks. 

Kim Gravel  15:53  
I talked about bringing Beau to you. Remember, my son has acne, he gets it from your father, not from me. And you said Bring him to me. Let me do some PRP on his acne and so it really does take care of acne scarring and current acne outbreaks.

Renee Dries  16:09  
It can take care of any scarring. I have done like scarring from the C section. I've done stretchmarks hype, it works really good for acne on hyperpigmentation. You know, they say to do micro needling with acne scarring, but that's actually wrong, you can do micro needling with acne scarring, but you need to use the PRP with it, because micro needling creates scar tissue because and that's how you build collagen, right? If you already have a scar from acne, and you go back over that scar, to create more collagen, you're just enhancing that scar. But if you inject PRP into that scar, then micro needle it to the point where you get a little scab, when that scab falls off, it's gonna be complete renewed skin.

Kim Gravel  16:50  
A lot of people might be listening in tonight when they hear stem cell, they freak out. They're like, oh my gosh, this is the devil. You know, I'm saying like so many people are just scared of stem cell stuff. Can you explain why it is and how long it's been used? And why is it good for you?

Renee Dries  17:06  
When people hear the word stem cell, they automatically think of fetal tissue. And I'm right there. I'm Christian. I'm not done with that. But there is some cell injections that come from fetal tissue. I don't do that this is your own blood. This is your blood. Your two cells mom and dad brought together created your stem cell. And that's what I'm extracting from your blood. And I don't use this standard chemicals that everybody else does. I'm really holistic and natural with it. I just take a little bit longer time to process the blood. 

Kim Gravel  17:35  
It took me 45 minutes because I just went a few weeks ago. It took 45 minutes to spin. 

Renee Dries  17:42  
And the longer you spin it, the better. So a lot of injectors, they don't want to go through that time. So they'll use the chemicals that are in it to speed up the process to make it 15 minutes. I rather not use the chemicals and take longer time processing the blood and get more of a holistic approach from it. Because you never know what people are allergic to. So this just eliminates that. And me myself. I don't like putting anything in my body not even vitamins if I can't get it from like deaerators dietary sources. I rather live without it. So yeah, this is a very natural thing. It's it's not used stem cells from fetal tissue. It's your own blood, your own stem cells. And it's just like going to get your blood drawn at the doctor.

Kim Gravel  18:21  
It's easy.

Renee Dries  18:24  
I've worked here for years. 

Kim Gravel  18:30  
I just want everyone to know, you know, mom, Amy, myself, you know, we are all Renee's fans, and we love how you make us look natural. And again, it's it. For those of you who are sitting out there going should I do this? Should I not? I don't know what to do. Really, really listen to Renee here and go follow Renee on her Instagram because she always is educating. That's what I love about you. You're not just saying, "Hey, girl, trust me." You're like, "Let me educate you on what I'm doing." So, Renee, for those of listening that say well that sounds great, Kim, I can't afford it. I can't get to someone like Renee. What are some at home treatments that we can do to keep ourselves looking young and fresh. And not everybody wants to look 20 at 70, but I do. So I tell everybody you know, I might be thinking I'll get out my hair color and everything and I might get Botox on my 11 and PRP, but I'm real as I'll get out on the inside. What are some of the things that we can do at home? 

Renee Dries  19:37  
I'm going to give you a couple hacks. Acne when you're looking for a good skin cleanser. I know the companies are going to kill me out there. I've been a nurse 21 years and I've been injecting for 12, and anti-bacterial Dial Soap bar.

Kim Gravel  19:54  
It works. No girl. I got to interrupt you. So I just went to my son who is having bad acne. I mean, he's there. I mean, I'm I'm hormonal, menopausal and he's hormonal 14 year old kid with acne. I said, Renee, "What am I going to do?" And she told me go buy a bar of Dial Soap and use it. Wow girl! Overnight, it changed his skin overnight. Why?

Renee Dries  20:23  
Because acne is a production overproduction of oil. So whenever people are going through changes in life, diet, whatever, you can increase those oils, when those oils come out to the surface, it creates breaks in the skin, which can get affected. So acne is basically just infected pores that have filled water are filled with sebaceous oil. So when you're using the dial antibacterial, so you're actually killing those germs that are spreading the acne. So when you get rid of the infection of what's creating the acne on the surface of the scan, and it could be staff, it could be strapped, there's tons of stuff out there, it could be in your face. But that helps contain the actual bacterium that's out there that's grown on the face. It's also very drying. Like you don't want to use this unless you have severe acne or if you're having areas like I wouldn't put the Dial all over my face, but I got a little breakout here. So I'll just put the little Dial in there and in two days it's gone. So you really want to control the infection. 

Kim Gravel  21:24  
Should we pop the pimples because I'm a pimple popper. I love it. Is that sick? Just outside? I probably shouldn't admit that here.

Renee Dries  21:30  
No, to be honest, you know, the old school thinking is don't touch the pimples on a pop. And especially with women that have like light skinned women like Puerto Rican women, mix women, women of color, they have like lighter skin tones, they hyper pigment from popping pimples. So that's why they'll tell you to not pop up. But to be honest, you want to get that stuff up out of there. So take a day, get your extractions done, get those pimples pop the right way. There's certain ways to pop you know people the right way. And usually it's cleaning the area really well like with dye also blue alcohol, whatever. And you sometimes you can extract by pulling this way in that direction instead of squeezing in. So you pull it this way to get it to the come to the surface. And you could just take a little needle to poke it in. But if it's real close to the surface, sometimes I'll just use an extractor. But yeah, before I do a PRP, I'm going to extract a whole face because you got to get everything out so that that PRP could get up and under and either a you're gonna completely your skin's gonna heal up which is there's a girl on my page. There's a Korean girl, her name's Joanie, I did her. And in two weeks her face was it was back. She looked great. The hyperpigmentation was gone, the act of acne went away. And that was two weeks. So acne people, they heal from this very fast. But PRP is the best treatment for acne.

Kim Gravel  22:57  
So the Dial Soap is at home hack. What's another one?

Renee Dries  23:00  
Coconut oil on your eyes. You know, when we're taking our makeup off, and we're using those waterproof mascaras, you know? Yeah, I'm emotional. So you might catch me crying a few times here and there. So I gotta make sure that makeup doesn't come off. But what happens is it can clump the eyes together. And when you try to clean even with soap, it doesn't work. But if you use coconut oil on those eyes to pull that makeup on, you're doing two things. One, you're getting that makeup off, but you're hydrating that thin skin that's around the eyes. I would not put coconut oil on the rest of your face. But I would use eyes. Some people do use coconut oil. But that's probably a good little hack there. The coconut oil.

Kim Gravel  23:36  
Oh my gosh. Okay, so you do a lot of famous people, right? And I know you can't give their names. But what is some of the horror stories that you've had from some famous people that that have come in, and you've had to fix. Spill some tea!

Renee Dries  23:51  
I had a patient that came in her lips were really overdone. And she thought they were cute. And I had to let her know. This is not cute. She's like, everybody thinks they're cute. And I was like this is what they're telling you because you're famous and they like you. But what they're really saying is, "Who does your lips?" Don't go there. So I have my reputation to fix to that's why I tell people that yes, it's your face, but it's my art and it's my name going on your face. If I see somebody is going left, I'll take everything out. Yeah, and put it all back in. I also have another client, I'll just say her name, and she called her because she's my friend and she doesn't care. But no matter what you do for her, she's gonna complain like, because that's just who she is, you know, she picks apart everything. So she'll say, girl, I got this vein here. I say, that's your vein. I can't do anything about it. But you got to understand people that are on TV, people that are in this light, you know, that are famous, you know, they get a lot of criticisms. So, you know, somebody might have said, oh, look at that vein pop on her head and now she's self conscious. You know what I mean? So this industry, whether you're famous or not, there's a lot of broken women that come to my chair. So I have to get down to the brokenness, like, Why is she here?

Kim Gravel  25:11  
And this is why I call you, "The Botox Whisperer." This is why I call you that. So let's go into that. There's an emotional attachment base to your business is there on there when people get in their chair, continue, I didn't mean to interrup.  Where were you going with that?

Renee Dries  25:29  
I have a gift, and it's the Holy Spirit can come in and out of me, anything could come in and out of me, but I choose the Holy Spirit these days, cuz Jesus is everything for me. But I feel people's energy. You can smile, Hey, girl, how you doing? But I can feel if it's fake, I can feel if it's genuine. And I'll just grab her hand like, are you okay? Like, you could talk to me like, this is a safe place. So a lot of my clients, they don't just come to me because I'm great at my face. I'm also a woman, and I try to share my spiritual journey with people so that they can understand like, we're not just here to buy Chanel bags, we're not just here to get this great big house or has this great, amazing body or great face. We're here for a purpose, this vessel is just that it's a vessel. But what my you got to get to the purpose of why you're here. What are you here for? Why did I put you here, and I know my purpose now. And I'm so grateful. I know, I know, the messenger, I know that God will use me to get messages. Most of the time, I don't even remember what I'm saying. When I'm getting these messages, it just comes out. So I really try to grasp ahold of like women that are in pain, and try to give them some kind of uplifting, because the rest of the world is beating us down all the time. Why do that, like be a source of energy that uplifts Don't be in a hurry, and you got 10 people on the wings waiting, take that three minutes to grab your clients and and say, I could feel your energy. You're okay, it's gonna be better. Let's talk about it. And I'll talk and they're distracted before they know I'm done with their face. They feel better on the outside, they feel better on the inside. And they make me feel better. And they make me a good injector, like people will come in, oh, have you heard of this procedure? No, but I'll go find out what it is and do it. And then the other people will share their life stories with me, I'm like, you know, I really have to be appreciative of my life, no matter what goes on, I have to really appreciate the things that I have. And that's why I try to like push everybody like, this world is so angry at times, I just want us to just grab each other's hands like I got you, you got me, I got you, let's do this together. You know, everybody's so afraid of the next person getting above them or doing more than that. They might next month, but a year from now, you might take 10 steps higher than that person. But if you're worried about what somebody else has got, you're gonna block your own blessings. So everybody just needs to focus on themselves, give yourself self love. And that's why I was getting another hack. Another beauty hack is eight hours of sleep. And that is something that a lot of us do not achieve. So if you want to find a way to get better mentally, emotionally, physically, your face your skin, get your rest. The other thing is water, you can't get enough water, drink water till you can't drink it because we need water. We're 80% water. So if you're not drinking enough water, your body's gonna signal give me something, you're gonna think it's food because that's what we go to. So you're gaining weight, because you're actually thirsty, you're not even hungry. So hydration is really important when it comes to the skin to but also is the sleep with the mental health and a good diet. You know, food has energy in it. If you put a energy conductor in an apple or potato, you could charge your phone with it. But you try to do that with a bag of flour, you're not going to get the same energy response because the flour is going to take from you. Because your body needs energy to process that food. The other food that's coming in, it's giving you energy, it's gonna make you go further. So that's what helps the hair nails bodies, skin, metal, all of that. This industry, if you're an injector out there, and you think that this is just about what you can achieve off the face. It's much deeper than that. Because your clients need you they need you from every aspect.

Kim Gravel  29:15  
Now I definitely need you and I thank God for you. And so does Amy and so does Jojo. 

Zac Miller  29:21  
And so do I. I'm sold. 

Kim Gravel  29:26  
Zacs like PRP me up.

Zac Miller  29:28  
Here's the thing though, honestly, if I shaved my beard, I would look like a 16 year old so that's my issue, right?

Kim Gravel  29:34  
Don't brag about it. Okay. He's bragging about it that is mean, he's got his own PRP working. I swear I love.

Renee Dries  29:42  
Zac you might want to show that jawline now. Honey, it won't be too long before it starts to drop. So you might want to shave that beard. 

Zac Miller  29:55  
All right, 180, I'm out.

Kim Gravel  29:58  
You got it. All right, listen, we close out every show with what we call rapid fire. These are just random questions. I don't want you to think about it. I'm gonna ask you some questions. First thing comes to your mind. Just say. What's the worst botched Botox you've ever seen?

Renee Dries  30:16  
On a person? I think is Diane Ross's daughter. She was doing an award ceremony and I was I was like, oh my God. Who did that to her? It happens lady's, but not in my chair.

Kim Gravel  30:33  
Not in my chair, but it happens. 

Zac Miller  30:35  
Wait, hold on. Hold on. Wait, Renee. What's the worst botched Botox not on a person? What does that even mean?

Renee Dries  30:47  
You know, there's other areas you can Botox. Okay, I'm sorry. Did you want a person's name? Or the area?

Kim Gravel  31:00  
What is that first ideal treatment if somebody wants to start into the injectable world? 

Renee Dries  31:05  

Kim Gravel  31:07  
I knew you're gonna say that. What celebrities are getting the best work? What celebrity do you feel has the best work done on her face?

Renee Dries  31:16  
Kim K has some really good work done on her face

Kim Gravel  31:18  
Is she get injectables and everything?

Renee Dries  31:21  
I've never done her myself. But in this industry, I've seen it. Kim K actually is the one that really blew up PRP and the Vampire Facial like I remember. He was doing the microneedling on her with the PRP. That's like the facial. I actually did the facelift. But yeah, Kim's got some really good work done. So whoever's working on her is doing a great job.

Kim Gravel  31:43  
How do you think beauty treatments build women's self esteem?

Renee Dries  31:47  
Well, we are a representative of ourselves when we go out into the world, right? So when you aren't feeling your best, you're not going to present yourself the best, right? If your hair is done your makeups done your outfits on and that face is beat, then you're walking out there confident shoulders back, you know, doing whatever. And I noticed this in myself. And when I feel confident My shoulders are tucked back. I'm doing great, right? But if I'm not feeling comfortable, I kind of want to hide, right? So the shoulders come down, the face comes down, everything comes down. So it's really a mental aspect of it. You know, looking good. Feeling good. Those together.

Kim Gravel  32:25  
It does go together. What's your favorite TV show right now? 

Renee Dries  32:29  
Love and Hip Hop.

Kim Gravel  32:31  
Girl and you've got a lot of people hooked on that show. Okay. What is the best book you've ever read?

Renee Dries  32:43  
I don't know if I could say it on here. But it's the Subtle Art of Not Giving an F. 

Kim Gravel  32:51  
You could say that. 

Renee Dries  32:52  
It really showed me a lot about myself. When I'm reading. I'm like, oh my god, I'm that girl. It kind of hit me in the face. Like, this is not who I want to be. But this is who I am. Oh, so let's change that. There's another book called Energy Vampires, which is a really good book, too.

Kim Gravel  33:09  
I love it. Who is your celebrity crush?

Renee Dries  33:13  
Oh my gosh, Keanu Reeves.

Kim Gravel  33:16  
You know, I'm into him right now too.

Renee Dries  33:19  
Oh my god. What is about him? So like, he looks good, but his soul like you know that I can read people and feel their energy. There's something about him that feels clean.

Kim Gravel  33:34  
But he looks so dirty. But that's okay. I love you so much. You know, I was shocked to hear some of the conversations. Renee and I have the chair. Okay, last question. And probably my most important one today. Renee, what makes you feel beautiful? The Lord?

Renee Dries  33:57  
The Lord makes you feel beautiful. Because, you know, I used to depend on other things to make me feel good. And when I really got in touch with the Lord, you know, I saw the Lord. So I used to wonder how are these people just banging Bibles and preaching all this stuff to me like it? How do you get to that place? Right? Because I wanted to be in that place, but I just couldn't ship there. And so I I saw the Lord, I met the Lord and I saw Hell and Lord on the same day. So when that happened, that's why you can't shut up because once you meet him and experienced it. You can't turn back. People can tell you to read the Bible. You can read the Bible. You can do all that. But until you actually experience the energy that's from the Lord, then you won't get it. So anything if I have anxiety, I don't take a pill. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. That's my that's how I feed my soul. I don't need a medication. I don't need anything else. But those were and the words are in the Bible people don't understand like, the Bible has that scripture in the scripture is actually words to feed your soul. So if you're saying all day, I can't, I won't, I'm fat and this, that's what you're going to become. If you say, I'm healing, I'm great, I'm beautiful. Even if you don't feel that on the inside, you say it, because it's like God said, you have to sow his words into his heart. That's why I repeat scripture over and over throughout the day.

Kim Gravel  35:27  
Well, I want to tell you something, you definitely know your purpose. Not only am I a friend, I know you're my injector. And I call you my beauty guru. And I wouldn't trust my face to anyone but you. But you are a dear friend, who I thank God for our friendship and our relationship, because you are teaching women one needle at a time. And I know that sounds hard to say. But you've really educated people and you got to come back. Maybe we can do a live podcast where she is injecting and telling everybody what she's doing and all that good to be fine. Let's do it. 

Renee Dries  36:03  
Yeah, I could do that. 

Kim Gravel  36:03  
And we can do it on Zac.

Zac Miller  36:11  
I actually think it sounds great. I think I probably needed this when I had a lot of problems with acne, frankly.

Kim Gravel  36:16  
Yeah, I mean, the Dial Soap thing changed Beau's acne. I mean, it's just getting people you trust. And Renee really knows her stuff. And she does it for all the right reasons. So I love you, girl, please come back.

Renee Dries  36:30  
Well, thanks for having me.

Kim Gravel  36:40  
Isn't she fantastic? 

Zac Miller  36:41  
She's awesome. I told you, I love talking to her.

Kim Gravel  36:46  
The thing about Renee is that and I think this is a message for all of us women and men out there. Men want to look right too. But you know, for women, we're told so many different things from so many different people. So the key is to find someone you trust that knows what they're doing. If you look at my face, or Amy's or you know, my mom's and you say, okay, they look good for their age. And then that's because the subtlety of how Renee does what she does. 

Zac Miller  37:16  
And you look great!

Kim Gravel  37:17  
Well, thank you. But it's PRP, again, it's my own plasma that she puts in. And that's it. And it works. It really is so cool.

Zac Miller  37:27  
To me, it's, you know, what she said is like, it's your face. It's my art, like, that really resonated with me. 

Kim Gravel  37:34  
She's an artist. Yeah, that's cool. And she has such a strong medical background too. So that those two things come together. It's really is magic, you know?

Zac Miller  37:45  
Yeah, it's and she really knows what she's talking about. That's really cool.

Kim Gravel  37:49  
I'm curious to see how everybody responds to this. Because, you know, it's like do you go natural, do you not go natural? 

Zac Miller  37:55  
When was it that the stigma around all of this really shifted? Right? Because I feel like there was a while when I was young that people were whispering about that person and what they had done. 

Kim Gravel  38:10  
I think Joan Rivers, and people like that broke down that barrier. But this thing, it's not about what your do have having done. To me, it's the why, you know, my mom is 70 something years old, she's on TV a lot with me. And she's in the public eye. So she wants to look her very best. She doesn't want to look fake or plastic. And she doesn't, my mom does not get a bunch of work, you wouldn't even know she gets PRP. I mean, I'm probably like spilling her tea right now, for the first time. She doesn't get a lot of Botox and fillers and stuff. But she does get these treatments and facials and things and tries to, you know, look the very best she can. And it's 75. That's important, just as much as when you're 25. You have three daughters Zac. You're gonna see what I'm talking about. Beauty is very important to women, inside and out. It is, like she said, it's her purpose. You know, and that's what's so important for people to find what they love to do, and really are gifted at doing and talented at doing and do it because it's so fufilling. She's so fulfilled. Renee is so fulfilled in what she does with her life because that's her purpose. 

Zac Miller  38:15  
It brings me up, to see people who are really fufilled.

Kim Gravel  39:24  
Doesn't it encourage you? I love it and she's such a girl's girl. So you know, I just say to everybody out there you are absolutely beautiful as you are, you know, start there. If you're saying Kim, I want to be prettier. I want to be this I want to be that you already are. So just just believe and start there and start putting that positivity out there. Start putting that word in your soul in your heart and let that start sprouting and then, you know, wash your face with Dial Soap, drink your water, do some of the things that we can do these hacks at home and watch the beauty just emerge even more. I believe it. 

Zac Miller  39:58  
Let's do it.

Kim Gravel  40:00  
Get your Dial Soap out people. And remember, rate, review, subscribe, tell us what you want to hear on LOL. We can't do this without you and we thank you so much for all your support. And just remember to always believe in your own beauty because baby, you are beautiful. Till next time, I'm Kim. 

Zac Miller  40:19  
I'm Zac. 

Kim Gravel  40:20  
Peace out cub scout.

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Renee Dries, RN

Medical Cosmetic Injector

Renee has been a nurse injector since 2010. She graduated with her RN from North Georgia University in 1998 and has worked in the E.R, Trauma, O.R. and P.A.C.U. Lips are her favorite artistic expression. She is the mother of four, a spiritual advisor, and an artist.