March 10, 2022

Kim Loves the 80s with Sirius XM Powerhouse Lori Majewski

Kim Loves the 80s with Sirius XM Powerhouse Lori Majewski

This week I’m hopping in my DeLorean time machine and heading to the 1980s with my good friend, Lori Majewski. We’re talking about everything 80s from Duran Duran to Members Only jackets.

This week I’m hopping in my DeLorean time machine and heading to the 1980s with my good friend, Lori Majewski. We’re talking about everything 80s from Duran Duran to Members Only jackets.


Lori is the incredibly multi-talented host of 3 shows on Sirius XM, an accomplished entertainment journalist and editor, and the author the book, Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s. Lori shares her personal journey and tells me how she turned her love of Duran Duran into an incredible career.


We also go deep and talk about Lori’s challenges as an outspoken woman in entertainment, shattering the glass ceiling, and how she advocates for women. Lori Majewski is the real deal and she has a powerful message for female professionals, and anyone who is looking to stand up for yourself and get ahead.


We're loving the 80s this week on LOL with Kim Gravel!


In this episode:

  • How Lori began her career in the entertainment industry
  • Why Lori feels so passionate about entertainment industry
  • Duran Duran’s influence on Lori and her road to becoming a journalist
  • How Lori is championing gender equality in the workplace
  • Breaking down female stereotypes
  • Advice for women coming up in the entertainment industry
  • Pursuing your passions
  • Reminiscing about 80s trends


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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Kim Gravel: [00:00:00] All right, Zac, I'm gonna just really just right off the bat. Duran Duran, White Snake, Def Leppard and Whitney Houston. What do all those have in common, all those like bands and artists have in common.

Zac Miller: Um, they are all bands that I don't know.

Kim Gravel: Hold on

Zac Miller: Lori. Hold on.

All right, wait, wait, what do they all have in common?

Kim Gravel: They have all come from the eighties. Okay. And I have on today, the guest of August, not only she, a dear friend, but she is so accomplished. She's an expert on the eighties. She was the co-founder. And editor-in-chief of Teen People.

She is a writer, radio host, a girl's girl. She has three, not one, not two but three radio shows on Sirius XM. Right now. One of them is my favorite [00:01:00] called um, well, it's several, she's got one about women. She does a morning show and Lust for Lists. Uh, it's just an amazing show that happens every Saturday.

Please welcome my dear friend and eighties expert Lori Majewski.

Kim Gravel: I say that because what do you think all those bands in those people had in common Lori?

Lori Majewski: Well, yes, the eighties, but every time you mentioned a different artist, I pictured there hair.

Kim Gravel: And who has hair left now?

Amen. That's it. Let me drop the mic on that one now.

I mean, seriously, Lori, I call you eighties expert just because probably everybody listening to this podcast right now is obsessed with the, now the eighties are called the oldies. I can't believe that, but you truly are not right, but my kids said it's old. My kid called me old. He said, that's the oldies.

Oh my [00:02:00] God. No, no, no.

Yeah. My 14 year old said that's the oldies mom.

Lori Majewski: But see the way we would call, like the fifties and the sixties oldies, they have an affinity for the eighties that we never had our parents' music.

Kim Gravel: Wonder why that is.

Lori Majewski: I think, because I've said this since the year 2000, I think kids.

Kim Gravel: And their parents are like friends. When we were growing up it was like, you know, when you watched the peanuts and you heard the parents in the background, it was like, whoa.

Lori Majewski: And then with John Hughes films, the parents were always the dopey people, you know, who forgot their own daughter's birthday, like they were dopey.

I feel that the relationship has changed around the late nineties. When I was like at Teen People, I would see the relationship between like Justin [00:03:00] Timberlake and his mother. And they were like best friends. And then I would notice that like parents and their kids shop at the same stores and like swapped clothes, I would never worn anything that my parents wore.

Kim Gravel: So there's a closer relationship. Now, I think a breakdown of the authoritarian, this, you know, Like a lot of parents want to be their kid's friends, so I don't want to get all socio cultural, but like, I think it's total sense. It makes total sense. And let's just be honest. I mean, there's just nothing like the eighties music.

I mean, you are, you know, my husband is a Smith's nut fan, super fan loves them, follows them, still follows a lot of the band members. You are the same way with Duran Duran. Is that, what is that what puts you into this radio slot? Like how did you get in this world of entertainment, Lori?

Lori Majewski: The rock and roll hall of fame, class of 2022 [00:04:00] nominated Duran Duran.

Legitimizing my life.

Kim Gravel: Do you think Duran Duran is going to, to hit the jackpot this year?

Lori Majewski: I have been paying off as many voters as I can. I mean, asking as many people to vote for them as I can. And this morning on CNBC, my husband is in finance. And he came over and showed me a clip from CNBC, the, you know, financial network.

And it, there were these guys in suits saying, Hey, did you see Duran Duran nominated for the rock and roll hall of fame this year? I hope they get in. And I was like, wow, the way the world has turned, because for a long time, Anybody who was a man couldn't even admit to it. Well, he may even admit the loss.

Kim Gravel: Why do you think that is? Because where they considered attached jealousy? Oh,

Lori Majewski: jealousy.

Jealousy. Because in high school, every [00:05:00] girl loved Duran Duran guys. They felt like they couldn't compete. That's true. But my husband found out the secret. Love Duran Duran and be a Durane yourself and you'll get the girls.

Kim Gravel: Your husband looks like he could be a member of Duran Duran with his hair.

His hair alone is why you married him. I get your relationship.

Lori Majewski: That is you get me like it yet. And by the way his name is John. His name is John and my ex was Simon, not a lie. I upgraded to John. I mean,

Kim Gravel: John Clifford.

But you know what you have had such a colorful career. I mean, you are a writer, you co-founder, you know, an energy of 15 people.

Um, you've been executive editor for a use US Weekly Entertainment Weekly. Why do you feel so [00:06:00] passionate about entertainment and how have you merged into this radio voice for all of us listening from our generation. How did that happen, Lori?

Lori Majewski: You're going to think this is a joke. It's not, when I was 11 years old, I was reading a magazine star hits magazine, and I was reading an interview with Duran Duran and.

There was, I looked at the name, it said, Suzanne Cologne, Suzanne Cologne. And so I was like, I want to do what she does. If she can do it, I can do it. And everything I did from then on was in the name of getting that kind of a job. And now I think it's expanded, you know, at the time. Nothing much. It's true.

At the time, my career was solely based on the fact that I wanted to meet Duran Duran. And by the time I was 18, I'd already interviewed them. And I started a fan scene, devoted a hundred percent to them. But after a while I interned at, [00:07:00] at spin magazine at sassy magazine, uh, I was at YM and then. I got to teen people and I realized I wanted to do two things.

I wanted to be a storyteller, and I wanted to tell the stories of disenfranchised people and wow. And in short at teen people, we were the first magazine where we talked about. Same-sex couples going to prom. Right. You know, we, we, it was really important to us to tell those types of stories that weren't being told, like, let 17 magazine tell the story of the lipstick you wear to prom.

We want it to tell a different type of story that we felt wasn't being heard. And all these years later on the cohost, uh, I mean, I'm the host of fierce women in music on Sirius. And can we just admit that all these years later, 51% of the population are still a disenfranchised group. 

Kim Gravel: Is that well, that was [00:08:00] my next comment to you because I will say this about you, Lori.

Um, from one girl's girl to another, you, you really champion the female voice. In a predominantly all male environment and I'm not, look, I'm not a male basher. I live with three men. I have two sons and my husband, and they're all beautiful, amazing men. I love them dearly, but let's, let's just break it down.

I mean, when. Women now are still disenfranchised. We are still fighting for that voice on the mic in the corporate boardroom, even at the PTA meeting. So why are you championing women so much? I mean, you have a son, so it's like.

Lori Majewski: I have a son. I have only had male cats and I, you know, I have had a boyfriend or a husband since I'm 17.

So I been with men. I love men, and this is this, this weird surrender in that keeps coming up. I love those five men since I [00:09:00] was 11 and they showed me the world. They championed women, people think, oh, but Lori, they were sex symbols. And yes, they were. 

Kim Gravel: And what's wrong with that. 

Lori Majewski: Nothing, nothing.

But if you look at their videos, like in Rio, the girl in the video Rio, she gets the best of them. Every time she ensnares them in her trap, like this is what they've always been about, about women kind of taking the crap women in charge.

Kim Gravel: We like the Wolf. Hungry, like the Wolf hungry.

Lori Majewski: Like exactly. 

Kim Gravel: If you remember that video.

Oh honey, that was controversial. My mom's like you going to die and go to hell watching that video, you know? Remember when that was edgy

Lori Majewski: though, do you remember that?

It was and girls on film

Kim Gravel: had booties.

Well, I do too, but they're hanging a lot lower than hers.

Lori Majewski: So those two [00:10:00] things go together and I feel like it, things that girls have liked have always been seen as frivolous, as uncool as they can't possibly be talented. So Duran Duran, honestly, because young women champion them from the get-go. We come back to this rock and roll hall of fame thing.

Lori Majewski:  It's taken so many years for them to be recognized. I believe because they are a girls

Lori Majewski: band, they had girls fan. They're not serious, you know, and, and I think that that's something that our whole lives women have. I have been tasked with proving that we're serious proving that we're equal. We have to work twice as hard to get where we are when we started the fierce women and music show.

I got a tweet that week from a guy saying, so when is there going to be a fierce men in music show? And I was like, do you really seriously not get it the every day? Every day is about it. When we [00:11:00] pee, when we see people take shots at women and not at musicians full stop, Damon Albarn from blur in the last year, he took down Adelle and he attempted to take down Taylor swift.

That is not a coincidence. He considers himself this progressive and enlightened person. But he's taking down these, because why do you like that is because he can't see that a woman is doing better than he is. Now, if you want to ask him that never admits that. And he might not know that what I'm trying to do is break down why we look at things the way we do.

And the truth is women aren't seen as serious.

Kim Gravel: But I don't know how that can be. Lori. When you look at Taylor Swift's serious bank account, I mean, doesn't in a world where money talks. I mean, it's undeniable. Adele is like, yeah, I'm not going to make another [00:12:00] album for another five years. Bump that because she can, there's no desperation there.

Lori Majewski: She wants to stay home with her kid. She, and she has that opportunity because of her success. She wants to stay at home with her kid. That's where women belong. That's where women belong. Kim.

Kim Gravel: You and I are so, you know, business-minded but can we, can we do both?

Can we have it all? I mean, I know the answer to that question, but I want you to answer it cause you're on. 

Lori Majewski: Yeah, amen.

It takes a village, but you're, you're an incredible mother. And you know, I've seen the way you've built this career and I'm sure you've had boardroom conversations where you can't even believe that you're sitting there and you have to deal with this crap, you know, because the thing about Taylor swift is not only did Damon Alburn come for her.

You know, he came for her as a songwriter. Now, if there's one thing you know of about Taylor Swift is that she made her name on writing songs. She writes her own [00:13:00] songs and she's written her own songs since she was a tween. Okay. Adelle, when she backed out of her Vegas residency a couple of weeks ago, I actually saw the journalist of course, a guy in the New York Daily News say, I hear it's because she's has trouble in paradise with her boyfriend.

And she had to run home to England because she was so upset. Meanwhile, she turns up with a diamond ring. Doesn't look like much trouble in paradise, but you see women. Why can't we have it all? Why won't you let us have it all. We have to work twice as hard and guess what we're doing it.

They don't like that.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. I know they don't. And whenever we challenged that authority, which I always teach my children, you have to come onto our authority, but at times you have to challenge it when it doesn't make sense. And it doesn't feel right, you know, in your gut and who you are as a [00:14:00] person, you have to challenge authority.

But why do you think when we do that, Lori as well, We're whining. We are complaining. We are nagging. We are, you know, just give us our little bit of money, put us in a corner and please shut up. Why is that? Why does that bother them so much when we challenge them?

Lori Majewski: I think there's a sense psychologically that women have, have had a lot of success.

And men want that success to be on their terms. When a woman speaks up, when a woman says the way she wants it, you know, it's one thing for a woman to be successful. There are, there are plenty of, you know, at this point, women in charge of corporations, there was a. And then after like six months she was fired and it's like, wait, why?

Well, what men want to brag about the fact that they put a woman in [00:15:00] charge, but then, uh, when a woman asserts her authority and takes charge, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, we didn't want you to do.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. I remember sitting in a boardroom one time. Um, and there was a young man who was a Harvard grad brilliant young man.

And, um, he was challenging me and he said, Do you even know about manufacturing? And I thought, well, I've been doing it for 15 years, but, and I know you haven't cause you ain't all, but 32 years old. So I know, I know you can't be doing as long as it, so he never manufactured anything, but he was schooling me.

And I thought to myself as a woman, if, if men only knew in these boardrooms, in these situations, what goes through our mind is what was sitting there, going bliss, his hard, that's what we do in the south. You know, when we think you're an idiot, we like bliss. You know, and I think for women, there is a partial cause I had to play the game a little bit.

Do you know what I mean?

Lori Majewski: Oh, I know.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Let's talk [00:16:00] about the game and what I mean by the game is you gotta, you gotta play the system to get where you want to go. Without compromising your personal character, integrity and standards. Do you have to play the game, Lori, in your position?

Lori Majewski: You don't get a show called Fierce Women in Music, on a platform, a major media national platform without playing the game.

And sometimes it's about. Letting them think that you aren't playing the game, that you, you have to let it playing the game sometimes means letting them think that it's their idea. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: I was gonna say this was wrong. It used to bug me in my younger years and now I'm like, Hey, whatever I got to do to get where I got to go again without compromise.

Lori Majewski: And the more time you sit there complaining , you're not getting the work done. You're taking time away from raising your family, you know? So I've learned to be more chill about it, I [00:17:00] think. But like what you just said about that boardroom with a 32 year old guy, like I'm sitting there thinking it's high, it's called mansplaining for a reason.

Like it's so obvious sometimes that you can't believe that you're being mansplained like this. But what is your goal? If you stay focused on your goal, your goal, if you were to say that, if you were to say, all right, that's wonderful mansplainer, you know, and you, so you you've now heard his ego pointed out something and he now doesn't like.

And he might not allow you to succeed in that area that you're trying to get a deal done or whatever. So sometimes I, I hate it, but this is something I've been trying to explain to younger women who come along at a time that me too exists. Right. And, and, and women have a lot more, a lot less. Today. [00:18:00]

Right. But I have to say we come from a time where we knew we had to play the game. So sometimes if you want to win, it's chess.

Kim Gravel: Bingo.

Lori Majewski: Hold your tongue sometimes and get your piece ready.

Kim Gravel: Well, and I want to say this and I, it's a perfect segue to talk about as women. It's not a time to be offended.

You know, you, you can't sit in the offense of, they don't get it. They don't get me. They, I recently had a situation where I had a man say to me, I can't believe you're doing this and I won't get into the details of it. But I said to him, I said, well, honey, I don't have to eat the crumbs at your table. I'm just going to go get an I'm going to another.

And I just saw his mind go. I wasn't offended by what he was saying. I was like, well, I can't work with you cause you don't get it. You, you, you, you're not as bright as I thought you were. So now I'm going to go, [00:19:00] go sit at another table with some more, you know, brighter, more imaginative people that get it.

So how would you speak to a young group of journalists, of young DJs of young women coming up in this entertainment? When they do come up against this mansplaining or this here stay in your place, leadership,

Lori Majewski: You know, I'm still learning myself, Kim, because I've had a morning show on the Sirius XM volume platform for six years as co-host is a guy .

And he's a very progressive thinking, man, he's a man of color. And I'm an ally to him, for sure. But sometimes he says things and I'm like, do you hear the words that are coming out of your mouth? And I'll tell you I've called them on it. And it's caused a lot of angst between us now. We're like brother and sister.

In retrospect in hindsight, [00:20:00] there were a few times, I wish I didn't say something. Right. But hearing your example, there are a few times you have to say something and it depends. You're holding the cards and you're like, how close am I to a full house? You know, there is times to burn down. And there were times that you just want to seal the deal.

And there are times that I, I should've let it go. I'm going to be honest. And then there are times that you just, you gotta stand up for yourself, right? In times of danger in times of a potential sexual assault, you know, um, these things you cannot like. You cannot let go. Not only for yourself, but for the woman that stands behind you.

Right. But when is it a time of ego? When is it a time of when you brush it off? Yes. And move on and still get your goal. Those things I think are really important and I've let my ego get the best of me.

Kim Gravel: Who has it? I mean, [00:21:00] you know, we're human and that's the beauty of it, but I will also say to men who are in leadership, um, do you have a daughter.

'cause when, when I think everything. Yeah, because Zac has two daughters, I think it's, I think every man needs a daughter and it, because they just, it's a different type of perspective. I always say, do you have a daughter? Cause I don't, I don't think you would be trading your, would you want some body to treating your daughter like this?

You know, it's, it's one of those things where we're I'm hopeful. Let me say that, Lori, I'm very hopeful because it's women like you that are taking that machete and carving out that. That has been so overgrown for so long in, in you're doing it. You really are. So, so are you,

Lori Majewski: Let's just say God gave us sons.

Kim Gravel: I know. Well, I hope it is not just for they to smell like butt. I don't sit on the clean toilet seat. I can tell you that because I'm about tired of that.

Lori Majewski: Exactly. Remember it's called LOL. [00:22:00]

Kim Gravel: Yeah. I laugh a lot.

Let's get back to Duran Duran and this music vibe that you've got going on. So can you say that Duran Duran really propelled you into the career? This glamorous, wonderful career that you have?

Lori Majewski: People think I'm nuts, but a hundred percent I can say the Duran Duran and has through God Duran Duran has given me everything I've had today.

The fact is that it's not just about them. It's about what they represent to me. You know, when I see their video, The Eiffel Tower of a view to a kill. It's not just, oh God, they're so hot. And they're disagreed song. It's wait. The Eiffel tower, Paris. I live in a small town. [00:23:00] What can I do? How can I get out there and see the world?

When you know, Uh, I meet people all around from all around the world because of them, you know, I speak French probably because of them. Not very well, but I there's a lot of things that, that they opened my mind to. Yeah. And traveling, they gave you a sense of adventure, a sense of adventure. I can do anything.

These are guys from, they're not one of them's from London, but the two founding members of the band are from the Midlands of England from a town. No one really ever talks about they had this idea that they want it to succeed in a certain way. They made a list. One thing was within five years, we will play Madison square garden.

And they did, they actually accomplish that and hearing them talk about that, you know, made me think I can do this too. Why not? [00:24:00] So I think that's it, you know, it's not just Duran Duran. It's that sense to me. I wouldn't have known where Sri Lanka was. You know, I wanted to, to have a life that was not ordinary.

And they made me see that that was possible. And I'm serious. I mean, that's kind of, they have this, this charm and charisma, but also confidence. They always showed confidence and I felt like I have a goal. I'm going to interview them or I'm going to be a journalist. You know, I have a worldly outlook on life and I'm going to go and get.

Kim Gravel: You know, I'm thinking, as you're saying this, you know, cause a lot of us parents are like, put your phones down and quit watching those ridiculous YouTube videos. But don't you think that's kind of the same thing today for our generation. Like my kids, my oldest son is obsessed with trading cards like basketball and he follows these guys who does this inboxing and he started his own business out [00:25:00] because of nothing.

And I used to like, this is so stupid. Why is he on it? But now I'm like, what is that his Duran Duran. You know what I mean?

Lori Majewski: It is, and you have to give them the tools and the patience and the support to go after it. I mean, there are plenty of people who are playing video games and then they, you know, that's the theme of the new matrix, right.

He becomes a billionaire, right by coming up with the video game, um, there are many different things out there and I just think happiness is the most important. And if, if you chase something just for money, or if you chase something, just because your parents watch you too, that's that's not living a life. Like when I think back, I'm not really talk about Duran Duran.

I may not even talk about teen people, but I'm going to say. I met a lot of people. I heard their stories. I help them tell their stories, right. That to [00:26:00] me is the most important thing. And it all happened because look, my parents, I used to wait outside hotels for Duran Duran. I was 16. My father walked around to hotels in New York city with my picture.

Do not allow her to stand in your hotel. Do not. It is ridiculous. And at the time I think I was. I was also, I, I never had a drink till I was 25. I was a good girl with a singular vision and a mission. And. If they would have said, let me come watch you this with you. Let me take you to a concert. That would have been a good thing because they could have seen how serious I was about it.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. They would've gotten it. Oh, that's such a good word for everybody listening, like pay attention to those passions and pursuits of our young people. They're not just silly video games a lot all the time. And they're not just, you know, silly cards. Sometimes it really leads to something bigger. Like three radio shows on Sirius XM.

Lori Majewski: [00:27:00] Passion is everything. And my husband when we got together. He said, I like your passion. And we met ready at a Duran Duran concert. He saw me across the room and he said, do you know the words to every song for songs that hadn't come out yet because he's a big fan. And he's like, I needed to, I felt like you had this passion, you radiated passion.

Was like,

Kim Gravel: I got to meet Duran Duran and say dudes, like now they've helped you create your family. Yes, absolutely.

Zac Miller: I love this idea of passion and I'm coming in with a Zac Attack for you. Okay, Lori, this is a fun segment that we do on the show that Kim has no idea what's coming.

This one, I'm calling Free Association. Okay, [00:28:00] we're going to follow our passions into some free association. 1980s style. Okay. So here's the thing. I was born in 86, so I was a baby of the eighties. So like everyone, my age, I learned about the eighties through the TV show. I love the eighties.

The shows are amazing. I went through their long list of eighties things. And I found some key moments from the eighties that I'm going to tell you about, and I want you to free associate. So that means verbalizing without censorship. Okay. Just say whatever comes to mind. Okay. No matter how embarrassing illogical, irreverent, doesn't matter.

I want to hear what these things make you feel. Okay.

Kim Gravel: Lori, you're first. I'm doing it [00:29:00] too. I will answer, but you go first. I always throw my guests under the bus. Go ahead.

Zac Miller: Here we get you ready? Lori, do you have any questions?

Lori Majewski: So free association?

Zac Miller: Yes. What is the first thing that comes to your mind?

When I say members only jackets.

Lori Majewski: The mall.

Kim Gravel: Oh the mall. Um, my dad now the mall is everything. That's everything.

Did you just say merry-go-round for real?

Zac Miller: I don't even know what that is.

Kim Gravel: That's why we're good friends. Lori, you get me.

Lori Majewski: My husband worked at merry go round.

Kim Gravel: Stop.

They're pretty much on the decline. Merry go round a revisit of merry-go-round could bring them back. Go [00:30:00] ahead.

Zac Miller: Okay, Lori, you're first. Rubik's cube.

Lori Majewski: Impossible.

Kim Gravel: I was going to say frustrating.

Zac Miller: I could never finish it. Did you ever finish a rubik's cube?

Kim Gravel: I did when I pulled the stickers off, it's the truth.

God, God knows my heart. That was the truth. I pulled them stickers off and put them where I wanted them.

Zac Miller: That's it. You're like I can do this in one minute. Yep. That's pretty funny. Okay. Here's a good one for you, Kim. I want you to go first in this one. Okay, Rob Lowe.

Kim Gravel: Oh, he's still hot.

Lori Majewski: Hot was the first word St. Elmo's fire was second.

Kim Gravel: When he played that saxophone. Didn't you love that movie and what were they,

what were they [00:31:00] called? I can't remember.

Lori Majewski: The brat pack.

Kim Gravel: The brat pack. I could have so been a part of the brat pack. I was so bratty anyway.

Zac Miller: Okay. How about big eighties, hair and big bangs?

Lori Majewski: Bon Jovi living on a prayer.

Kim Gravel: You know what I'm saying? Tani Catan on the hood of the white snake car, that white car.

Do you remember that? That made a lot of teen boys happy.

Zac Miller: Can I just say y'all are talking about music videos a lot. I watched a bunch of music, videos to prep for this episode and Olivia Newton John's physical scandalized me.

Kim Gravel: Well, that wasn't, that was edgy back then. Don't you remember that Lori?

Lori Majewski: It was banned banned because. Why do you think it was banned ?

Kim Gravel: For the two guys [00:32:00] holding hands.

Lori Majewski: That's exactly why. And that's barely noticeable because of all the crotch shots.

Kim Gravel: There was a

Lori Majewski: lot of male crotch shots.

Zac Miller: Closeup, crotch shots, and they had the, like, you know, that vibrating thing that you'd put on your butt or whatever, and then there's a close-up of this. There's a lot in that video.

Kim Gravel: Well, this is the thing, the most memorable thing. I remember the video Lori is her haircut. Remember she, that was the first coming on of the mullet. Do you remember that? She and I still have that haircut today. I love me some Olivia Newton John.

Lori Majewski: You need the headband though.

Zac Miller: Okay. Here's the one that's going to live forever. Um, but I don't know how I feel about it. Cats on Broadway.

Lori Majewski: It was terrible.

Kim Gravel: I'm going to just say, I tried to get Travis to go to the cats on Broadway. And he said, absolutely not. [00:33:00] So I've never seen it.

Lori Majewski: Okay. So you ready for this? I waited outside cats while Duran Duran was watching it inside and they left during the intermission.

Kim Gravel: And there you go.

Lori Majewski: Okay. Everything, everything, everything goes back to Duran Duran.

Kim Gravel: Yep. No, it is so addicting. So funny. Okay.

Travis and I get each other, like, no, she's

the same way. Everything goes back to the Smith's song. I mean, everything in his life and it's so attractive, he's so hot because of that.

Zac Miller: Okay, Kim, you're up for this one?

Ready? Double polos.

Kim Gravel: Oh, preppy mic prep, prep. I used to wear the neon double polos all the time with the jelly bracelets. Yup, sure did.

Lori Majewski: I'm thinking. Jelly shoes, but it is prep. It's a preppy thing. I wasn't a preppy person. So when you said double, I know what polo is, but what is [00:34:00]

Kim Gravel: We used to wear one polo and then, and then a lot of guys did it and then they would wear another color on top of it.

So it was double, there was one on top of each other. Okay.

Lori Majewski: This is news to me, but I'll tell you something right now. I am going on the eighties cruise next week. This is. And I think I'm going to make that one of my outfits. I want to call the eighties crews. You need to, it is the best party and it's like high school without the cliques.

Like everyone's wonderful. And we're just loving the music and it's fun.

Kim Gravel: Eighties crews. Okay. Next year I'm booking it for me and Travis, where does, where

Zac Miller: Where does the eighties cruise go?

Lori Majewski: Um, this year, the eighties cruise is going to. St Thomas and St. Vincent, but that's beside the point because no one wants to leave the boat.

I will tell you that the eighties cruise was the last thing I did because the world locked down. Well, I was on the eighties cruise. I remember that. [00:35:00] And so it's appropriate that this is one of the first things I'm doing.

Kim Gravel: Is there any eighties bands that are gonna be there.

Lori Majewski: Yes, ABC human league, modern English, uh, Paul Young, John Cafferty and the beaver

brown bank.

Kim Gravel: Why would you not do that?

Lori Majewski: A Depeche mood cover band.

Kim Gravel: I was going to say Depeche mode. It's going to be on the eighties cruise. And she went cover band.

Zac Miller: Got to slide that in there. Okay. I got two more of it. Okay. Baywatch.

Kim Gravel: Big boobs.

Lori Majewski: Red suit.

Kim Gravel: With the bouncing big boobs. And there was a mullet in there too. There was in the days David Hasselhoff had the mullet.

Lori Majewski: He did. I did a story, a cover story once, and I had to go to the set of Baywatch and I saw them running on the beach time and time again with the people following them, and then they make it in slow motion. Awesome.

Kim Gravel: Yep. That was also, you know, a young girl and young [00:36:00] guys dream.

That must have been late eighties.

Zac Miller: 88.


Baywatch was 88 next to elf, but I'm not going to ask you that when the last one I'm going to ask you. All right, wait, based on Lori's silent reaction elf.

Kim Gravel: Bizarre.

Lori Majewski: Muppet.

Kim Gravel: Whole thing was just like, what.

Zac Miller: Elf was weird. It never made sense though. Right? Like I'm not missing something. It just never made sense.

Kim Gravel: That's okay.

Zac Miller: Okay. Ready? And one of my favorite things from the eighties, Michael Jackson's [00:37:00] thriller,

Lori Majewski: I'd say one glove, but I'm going to say canceled.

Zac Miller: Yeah.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I will say that. I remember watching that video, of course, you know, growing up in the south, my was like people coming up from them grades, you know, but I just saw it. It was the truth. And I just remember coming, running home from school and just, I was kind of a, my parents worked, so I was like a latchkey kid.

So I'd go in there and I got me a snack, of course, you know, I'm going to have my food and I was watching going so amazing.

That's a good one.

Zac Miller: Thank you for playing, uh, our Zac Attack today and for free associating with me.

Kim Gravel: Okay. I know we have to go. I have to go. I've got to ask you one last question, but let me go ahead and tell everybody listening. You've got to go follow Lori. You also got to check out all of her shows [00:38:00] on Sirius XM.

Uh, there's three of them. There's fierce women in music. It's the daily show that she does. What is the daily show? I've got it here. Um, it's called

Lori Majewski: Feedback channel 1 0 6

Kim Gravel: 1 0 6 . And then my favorite less for list on the. XM first wave show. I love that show. Um, check her out on social media, everything she's even written a book.

Amazing. Please tune in and listen to Lori. She is an expert on the eighties, but also she's a powerful woman getting it done. That's why I love you. One last question. I love you so much.

Lori Majewski: Takes one to know one.

Zac Miller: And she said you have had everyone on your show. Like I always looking at your show.

You have had just incredible people on your show.

Kim Gravel: Well, that was, uh, that was one of my last questions I wanted to say. Who is your most favorite interview other than Duran Duran. I'm going to have to count them out that you've ever done on your radio show.

Lori Majewski: I would say a couple of years ago I had.

Tanya Tucker [00:39:00] and Brandi Carlile on together because Brandy produced Tanya Tucker's latest record, which one country, album of the year, a couple of years back and something she, Tanya Tucker is bad-ass. She brought tequila. She brought two dogs, her two dogs with her and she. She tells it like it is, she's lived her life on her terms.

And one of the songs on that record is extremely poignant. It's called bring me flowers while I'm living.

A theme for everyone because it's not just you get your flowers while you're living. It's give those flowers while those other people are living. And that has stuck with me. She is an incredibly powerful woman and she's, she's been up, she's been down, uh, The fact that she's thinking about her mortality and she's [00:40:00] like, you know what, celebrate me now.

Celebrate everyone. Now don't wait. Because every time someone dies at trends on Twitter. Oh no, they died. Well, yeah. Tell them all they live in why they're so great.

Kim Gravel: And she is the ultimate girl's girl. I mean, she's been fighting the fight for decades. All right. My last question, and I think it's my best one.

I really. And you might have to think about this heart. I doubt it. What is the best make-out song ever? Oh my God. I know. Right? Choose carefully.

Lori Majewski: Very uncharacteristic of me. It is not the eighties, but dream on by aero smith.

Kim Gravel: Oh, because of the build.

Lori Majewski: I was to say that and I thought it was a little dirty to say on LOL.

Kim Gravel: No, [00:41:00] totally get it.

Totally get it.

Lori Majewski: Make out in a car. You probably aren't going to go the whole way. Anyway. A lot of


Zac Miller: I just like to point out that Lori added the in a car part,

Kim Gravel: but this sums up the whole podcast is like pursue your passions, make out in the back of a car, follow, be a fan girl, whatever fan guy, whatever you want to do, but dream on people, dream on. Drop mic, I love you, girl. Will you come back?

Lori Majewski: I will come back.

I will be, we got to hang out more. Kim, you are my sister from another mother. Uh,

Kim Gravel: all right, Lori, come back and be with y'all check out Lori on Sirius XM, Google her, follow her on all of her social media platforms. She's going to be sending me pictures of her new house soon. I cannot wait and I love you so much till next time, [00:42:00] Zac. And I say peace out Cub Scouts, and don't forget, live out loud, laugh out loud, love out loud and lean into the eighties out loud.

All right, check it out. Bye y'all.

If you love the show, make sure to follow LOL with Kim Gravel on your favorite podcast app. New episodes come out every Thursday. LOL with Kim Gravel is produced and edited by Zac Miller at Uncommon Audio. Theme music by Taco Pella. Head to for more information, and to join our mailing list.

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