May 18, 2023

How Do I Make New Friends Later In Life? Kim Answers Your Questions

This week I’m answering your questions about family, friendship, and betrayal!

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Gird your loins because we’ve got another listener question episode, y’all. First up, I hear from a divorced mother who is having trouble making friends in adulthood. I explain my trick to making new friends with encouragement, and a little confidence. Then I help a heartbroken woman who is dealing with her narcissistic mother who she believes has betrayed her. Finally, I respond to a listener's question about my own weight loss journey and how I manage my busy schedule.


We’re all just trying to do our best and figure it out, but the important thing is that we’re doing it together. If you want to have your question answered on the show, leave me a voicemail at 404-913-6460 or send me a message on my website: You are important, you are beautiful, and you are here to make a difference. 



This Week

  • Why it’s important to work on yourself from a young age
  • Why you need to know your worth
  • How The Kim Gravel Show has helped listeners
  • How to confidently make new friends as an adult
  • How to deal with betrayal from a family member and stand up for yourself
  • My new trick to staying healthy: Factor meals 



This is one of my favorite quotes from this week’s episode:

"You have to do the hard work, but you have to know that you're worth doing the hard work for."

– Kim Gravel



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