Nov. 10, 2022

Beauty Hackathon with Mally Roncal

Beauty Hackathon with Mally Roncal

We’ve got beauty hacks for days, y’all!

Mally Roncal is your morning cup of coffee and she’s on LOL this week preaching positivity, sharing beauty hacks, and laughing her tail off with me. Mally is like my spiritual cheerleader, and she never gets tired of helping you look at your life in a different and positive way. She’s also one of the biggest names in makeup on the planet with her own brand, and a schedule filled with A list clients like Beyonce, J Lo, and Rhianna. 


Mally and I open up about how age is just a number, and how her biggest success hack is the positive way she makes people feel. So, if you’re ready to have fun and feel your best, then this week’s episode of LOL with Kim Gravel is for you! 



  • Why age is just a number
  • How to obtain a mindset for success
  • How Mally is making positivity, acceptance, joy and love cool again
  • How Mally got her dream job as a celebrity makeup artist
  • Beauty hacks with me and Mally (A.K.A. “The Beauty Dream Team”)
  • Mally’s top beauty tips 
  • Mally’s hilarious celebrity crush



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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Kim Gravel: And is Beyonce's booty really is perky as it same as on tv.

Hey y'all. Kim Gravel here with LOL with Kim Gravel, and this is a comedy podcast for women. Yeah, it's a comedy show where we laugh about the messiness of life, and we are going to turn that mess into a message. You see, my mission is to encourage all women, and this is a show, how we can embrace our real selves and laugh about all that stuff that life throws our way.

So if you're ready, I know I am. Let's live out loud. Laugh out loud. Love Out loud right now. Oh, Zac. Hey baby.

Zac Miller: Hey Kim.

Kim Gravel: I hadn't seen you in a week or so. I've talked to you, but I haven't. I've texted you. We have emailed, but I haven't seen you. You're looking good.

Zac Miller: It's great to see you.

I know, I Can I just ask you? Do you feel like just something is lost in texting? Cause like you just don't ever get that connection. And I feel like,

Kim Gravel: oh, I love to text, like my whole family hates me for texting because I will text a Bible. I will text a total chapter. I will text a book to them, and like my kids are like, they don't even respond anymore.

I'm like, make sure today when you go in, I mean, I just texted Bo in this break and I said, make sure you get those definitions, foro, geography and Crickets. Crickets. And then, so what he did is he went and he took a picture of every single page and he just texted them all to me. , no, I'm a text. Why do you not like text , do you?

Zac Miller: No, it's not that I don't like text, I just feel like something gets lost in text. Like I'm always like trying to figure out, yeah, I can see that. Like what is actually the meaning , like

Kim Gravel: I will tell you this is true, but this is true story, Zac. Like I will be emailing someone. Texting the same person at the same time, about two different business things.

And like Amy's like, you've gotta stop that because I can't keep up. Like I need everything funneled. Like you can text me personally. and then you email me business. I can't do all of that at the same time. It's totally a lot. How do you feel about me texting you? When I do like and be honest, be very transparent.

tell people how I am to work with right now. Like don't, don't tip toe. No, because you brought up texting here.

Zac Miller: Okay, so here's the thing that's so you do you want, okay, so the good, the bad, and the ugly, the good is that. You. The nice thing about texting is like, it's always there, right? So you could just like, I'll text you, I'll text you and you'll reply and it'll be really fast and it'll be great.

But then it's like, you know, the problem is if like, if you miss something or like, you know, whatever, I'll text you, which I do.

Kim Gravel: So you're saying I miss a lot.

Zac Miller: I'll text you five videos or something, you know, for Instagram or clips from the show and like, you'll miss it. And then I'll be like, well, I wonder, did Kim see it?

Does she just hate it? Why? She's not texting back. And that's what I hate about texting. It's more about texting than it is about like you, it's like, do I read into this? Or is it just that like, you know, she missed the notification and who cares? Do I take this? Yeah, it's not, I know it's not personal, but it's just like,

Kim Gravel: I know I need to start streamlining, so answer your question.

I love text, but yes, you're right. It is something is lost in the translation.

Zac Miller: Well, and then I text, I like will misread texts all the time and then reply in a way that like reading it later. I'm like, oh, well that made no sense.

Kim Gravel: Amy's like, you never can feel the tone. She's, I hate texting. No. I'm like, look, yeah, this is it.

Like, I don't even know if I would talk to my kids during the day if If it weren't for text. I told my son the other day, I was like, cuz he was, go, he's into pickle ball, you know, he's a tennis player in basketball. He lets the play pickle ball. I said, when I text you, Okay. I don't care if you are rock climbing on the side of Mount Kilimanjaro, you better text me back.

You better say I'm alive and I will call you when I get down. Yep. Cause if you don't text me,

Zac Miller: you know that they're seeing it.

Kim Gravel: Right. Dude, I will go track you down. Like I said with Travis, don't leave me hanging. Text me. Right.

Zac Miller: Like, I know your mom texts and stuff, like I've, I've texted.

Kim Gravel: Oh, yes, she does.

Zac Miller: Yeah, she's great. My mom does not really text, like not very. Instead, she'll just leave me like two and a half minute like voicemails and I'm like, I will get, I'll get a missed call and I'll be like, I know it's coming two and a half minute voicemail, and I'll be like, I am legitimately not listening to more than 30 seconds of this.

I become one of those people. I don't listen to voicemails anymore.

Kim Gravel: Zac, I'm telling you, my parents are now texting like videos and YouTube and like my dad's a tick talker. Like he doesn't participate, but he views it. .

Zac Miller: I think that's most people so far in TikTok.

Kim Gravel: I love these TikToks. And mom calls 'em Tic Tacs.

I love them tic Tacs Kim. But I love it because my parents are older, but you know, they're still so vibrant and so, like, I was talking to mom this morning driving over to Bel Manor for the podcast and she's, it's like, it's like my mom is still growing and still becoming this. My, both my parents, they're not just like, they're not just retired or, you know, baby boomers who are just sitting at home.

They are really like living some their best life. Like, I mean, think about it. My mom is on QVC modeling, you know, my dad is still, he's downsized his business, but he's still an entrepreneur, still making loans still. You know,

Zac Miller: gotta get your dad in the show. Gotta get your dad in the show if he'll come.

Kim Gravel: But it's like, almost like, you know, even in our business, I'm 50, I'm thinking, am I done? You know, like, when do you retire? When do, but I stay, I think the best is, is yet to come. I think there's more. My dad always says this, you know, if you ain't dead, you ain't done. I think there's always more for you if you open yourself up and, and that's what I like seeing, you know?

 That's what I like to see my parents do. I mean, even your mom, she's leaving you two, two minute voicemail. But go, girl,

Zac Miller: she's gonna kill me. She's totally gonna kill me.

Kim Gravel: She's totally gonna kill. You're totally never gonna get a voicemail again. .

Zac Miller: Actually, the reason why I'm saying it is so I don't get a voicemail again.

Kim Gravel: You'll miss those one day.

Zac Miller: I know. Ooh. Okay. Wait, Kim, that actually reminds me of, we got, instead of a listener question this week, we actually got our first listener voicemail. Response text to an answer you gave to text? No. We've gotten text to text. Text us. No. We got our first listener voicemail who, ah, we answered her question and she called back to tell us how it went.

Kim Gravel: Right. Let's hear it.

Listener: Hey Kim, I was featured on the podcast with Kim Rittenberg and I just wanted to let you know that your advice was spot on. I was the one that MCed with my sister at my local pageant, and, I took your advice and I, uh, kind of took her lead. But added my own flair to, uh, the pageant.

And we were asked to mc our, at our local college, not our local college. It's actually at the college near us in the neighboring town. And it's actually a preliminary to Miss Oklahoma, so we got kind of got bumped up. So thank you so much for your advice and just the kind words that you said. And , I'm still a brunette with a booty, but she's learning how to do, do her thing compared to her, uh, bombshell. The blonde of a sister. So , thank you so much for all that you do and, I'm kinda excited to see what the future holds for us. So thank you. So the best is yet to come.

Kim Gravel: I love that, that honestly, this is, couldn't be more perfect than what we were just talking about because we always, we are such destination human beings, meaning like we're always planning to get somewhere.

You know what I'm saying? We're always playing like, when I get here, when I lose weight, I'll do this. When I save enough money, I'll do this. You know? It's how you think about it. Like she's another, like she said, they leveled up, you know, they bumped up because you gotta get started doing this thing so you can get this thing.

 And so that's the best is always yet to come. We limit ourselves. I say that all the time, and I say that to myself that we're always putting limitations, and I think that's just the flesh. It's just who we are in our humanness that we're always trying to get somewhere and think we gotta do something to get somewhere.

When you just gotta take that first step because the best is yet to come for you, you're not done. It's not over. You're just getting started. And whether you're 16 or. , right? Like you can always learn and grow, but just take the first step and take the first step in who you really are. Not trying to compete or compare or be something somebody else is.

Like she said, she goes, I'm a brunette with a booty. Then be the best you brunette with a booty. And listen, booties, they're important and big booties are in

Zac Miller: She's owning it. I mean, that's so important.

Kim Gravel: It's so important. , big booties

Zac Miller: are, I mean, I think for me too, like, you know, I'm in my like mid to late thirties and like, I'm like, wow, I have. 20 more years of a career ahead of me, right?

Kim Gravel: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You got a lot more than that. Let me tell you something.

Zac Miller: Or at least 20 if I retire.

Kim Gravel: No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm glad you said this because I wanna tell you something. I used to think that too, Zac, when I was in my third, like, okay, I got 20 more good years.

Okay, so 20, in 20 years, you'll be what? 50. 56. 56. Think about all the people who have hit it big in a real way. And what age were they? Let's count that.

Zac Miller: No, totally. I really, I should have said like 30 more years. Like just I just such a

Kim Gravel: No, no, no, no. I'm talking about there's so many people who've worked all their life, but when they hit their fifties is when their career blew up.

Zac Miller: That's when they hit their stride.

Kim Gravel: Now they worked. They worked all those years to. I, I'm a prime example people. I'm, I'm 51 and just the last three years I have hit my stride when it comes to success and what we think success is, which is notoriety, financially, you know, all of that. I did not come for me until I was almost 50 years old.

Yeah, you have to do the work, but y'all, it's because really that's when. You step into and some people do it. You know, I'm not saying everybody, I'm saying for the majority of us, when you lock down on the fifties, it's almost like are the late for. You're almost like, okay, what I thought was important is not who I thought I was going to be is not true.

What I thought I wanted to do is not what I wanted to do. There's a lot of things that become in clear focus at that age. So you got way more than 20 years, my friend.

Zac Miller: Yeah, you're totally right about that. I. I guess, yeah, what I guess what I was really trying to say, or what I should have said is like in 20 years, like I will still be doing my career and I like think about what I will have brought with me at that point, right?

Like I, what you have learned, I guess I'm like thinking about my trajectory just in a different way.

Kim Gravel: Well, I will tell you, it will be nothing like you can even imagine. Because when we say the best is yet to come, we don't mean the best like it's gonna be better days, more joy and more happiness. No, it's going to be the best, the optimal,the thing that you are supposed to be doing.

If you walk in that path, that's up to you. That's up to you out there watching and listening. That's up to me. It's not that it's not there for you, you, it is. But you have to move in it. You can't, it's not gonna come to you. It ain't gonna chase you down. It ain't gonna call you on the phone, it ain't gonna write you a check.

It ain't gonna do the hard yards. You've got to go and step in it. That's why I love, that call that she said, we just took the first step, we did it, and then we got something even better. And I wanna tell you, girl, there's even bigger and better things coming.

Zac Miller: Speaking of the best as yet to come. Kim, who do we have on the show today?

Kim Gravel: Okay, so I have a dear, dear friend, another QVC friend. I met so many of my like forever friends at qvc. Molly Roncal is on the show today, and you wanna talk about the best as yet to come. You wanna talk about someone who, her outlook is spot on with her positivity. You're gonna love her. Just wait until you hear her story in her message cuz it's a big one.

Mally Roncal: What is that?

Kim Gravel: That's, isn't that awesome?

Mally Roncal: It is like the best. Well, seeing your face and hearing your voice is the best thing about this. But that might be a close second. I'm just saying.

Kim Gravel: I was gonna say that's.

Mally Roncal: That is good. See? See, it takes a woman like Kim Gravel to know that these little touches make a big difference in like, hello.

Kim Gravel: Well, that's that is everybody needs. Don't you think? Every woman when she enters a room needs a theme song? I think every single woman. The theme song. Thank you. Hello. Play yours again. Play years again. I wanna hear it.

Ok. Okay. We have to just get in because I do. I call you my positivity preacher. Whenever I'm feeling a little low, I hit Mally up on her social media. Y'all got to go follow her on, on her social media , and you've got Mally Beauty and then Positivity Preacher, anytime you need to pick me.

That's you.

Mally Roncal: Thank you. Well that means a lot because I'll tell you one thing about the whole positivity preacher thing. Even before we get started, I want everybody to know because sometimes you know, you know the haters, they come,

Kim Gravel: honey, we study them. God bless.

Mally Roncal: Exactly. But they say things like, you know, being a positivity preacher is actually really bad cause you're teaching toxic positivity.

And I'm like, oh my gosh. Thank you. The whole point of positivity, preacher, is to realize y'all that life can be a S*** storm. Okay? Let's be honest. There are times on my phone right now, God bless. I have three friends that are all going through very, very, They are spread thin. The, the enemy is testing them.

There is very hard times. We just had went through a season of a lot of loss and a lot of pain. And I'll tell you right now, it comes, there's nothing you can do about it. The one thing you can do is choose your faith, choose your joy, and don't wallow in the pain. Feel the pain, do the pain, address the pain, and then okay, we're.

We're gonna pick ourselves up, we're gonna be positive and we're gonna move on. But you know, you're like that, Kim, come on now. This is, yeah,

Kim Gravel: I try babe. It's a practice. It's not something, it's not, I mean, I have, I get in my lulls and my slumps. I was just in one a couple weeks ago. Zac will tell you, and you have to choose that.

It's a choice. Yes. Why do you think Mai, so many people are in. Place. I mean, I, Friday I went to this conference and it was a, it was a business conference and how to, you know, gen generationally bridge the gap with Gen Z, gen X, millennial, all of the baby boomers, all of that. And what even the young people have lost hope.

You know? And when you're young, you should, the whole world should be ahead of you. Why do you think. We are at a crisis of positivity in our lives.

Mally Roncal: Okay, well, first and foremost, as much as I live and breathe social media, you know, I always say I don't take a dump without posting it, honey. Okay, I'll out.

Right. I it know it. You know it. I'm out there. As much as I love it, I do believe that it is a breeding ground just as much as we try to use it for positive energy. For negative energy. And this is the reason why we are constantly like this. Constantly, constantly. There's nothing you can do. And so if you are not choosing to look at the right things, I am convinced that.

The, the negative things are gonna find you, right? Because in all honesty, this is the thing that I find sometimes with, with people. It's like, you know that term like misery loves company kind of a thing? Yes. It's like when somebody opens a door and is like, oh no, I'm having a rough one, whatever. It's like, oh, I get to talk about my stuff too.

And all of a sudden it just becomes this Petri dish of, of, of negativity. And, and in a weird way, in a weird way, I don't know how to say this, it's almost. Right. Like it's almost like, oh, you are having a hard time. I'm having a hard time too. And then it becomes this thing, however, It then continues and it gets deeper.

It grows. So I think that's kind of what it is. And that's why I'm trying, we're trying to make positivity and acceptance and joy and love, like cool again, if that makes sense.

Kim Gravel: Mm-hmm. , you're not trying, you're doing it.

Ok. First of all, if no, first listening,

Zac Miller: She brought props.

Mally Roncal: If you're listening and, and not watching, it's not a toot cause sometimes people think

Kim Gravel: it's just, she didn't just pass gas.

Mally Roncal: It says hashtag extra. And I've chose this one specifically for Kim Gravel because who is more extra than you?

Who is more extra than you? No one.

Kim Gravel: We, well, I wanna tell you, if I don't get my LOL fan, you see what I'm talking about, Zac? You see how Mally is fantastic. Okay. To me, like, yes, you have a makeup line. Yes. You have this amazing, you know, resume when it comes to being a celebrity makeup artist. You're an author, you're a mom.

All of that to me is led you to this moment where you are putting this out into the world and such for such a time as this. Tell me like, on your journey, I have to, I have to get real superficial a little bit too. And but girl, what was it like doing Beyonce, and is Beyonce's booty is really, is perky as it seems on.

Mally Roncal: I, I can't even express to you . The perfect, the just genetic. Just genetic. She born, there's nothing we could do, like, I wanna say, you know, it is what it is and it's like, it's mesmerizing. Like you look,

Kim Gravel: How did you start that. How did you get into that though? Okay. Like, you know, like, give us your story.

A lot of people don't even know, like, Mally, how did you start to get positive?

Zac Miller: That's a dream. It's a dream. That's a dream job.

Mally Roncal: Listen, and for many, many years, Zac, looking at Beyonce's booty up close was definitely . I was kidding. I was kidding. No, but really, really, really for, for many years. Yes. I will admit this.

This was, and, and the funny thing about it guys, is it wasn't a plan. Like I wasn't like, Hmm, I really wanna do the biggest celebrities in the world. I never planned that. I knew that I loved makeup. Right. I knew that. I loved, I was that girl in high school beating your face in the mirror. I was picking your zit, you know?

Yeah, exactly. Anybody needed, anybody wants an eyeliner. Cause I'm here. I got it. You know? Right. I loved it and I didn't care if I was gonna do it in the counter at the mall or if I was gonna do it on JLo. I really. I just knew that I wanted to and, and, and getting, you know, funny that you say, because Phil is always like, makeup was always just the vehicle to get to the place, right?

Kim Gravel: That's it.

Zac Miller: Oh my God. You sound just like Kim.

Mally Roncal: Right, exactly. It's born South Carolina. So that's the thing is like he's, yeah, because it was, I wanted to connect and to Kim, like I feel like I'm talking to you. Right. Like

Kim Gravel: well, I think that's why we're close. We're kindred spirits in that for sure.

Mally Roncal: Yes. Cause it was always about being able to come face to face, body to body with another human to share. And energy and, and lift each other up. And that was really what it was all about. And I believe, aside from the fact that I'm duty at doing people's hair, I really do believe that it was makeup that brought me there.

Because think about it, when you're doing somebody's face, you are inches. Mm-hmm. from them. So there's nowhere to turn. Like literally, there's no way. If you're doing somebody's eyeshadow, guess what? They're looking dead center into your soul, whether you like it or not. And yes, that can be very uncomfortable for people.

I always welcomed it. I loved it. I loved looking at somebody and seeing all the beauty physically, but more importantly in here. So anyway, long story. I just wanted to be a makeup artist. There's a long story about it. We'll talk about another day, but how I ended up doing celebrities was, ironically, I have the best agent in the world who I still have 25 years later. Hello, Jim and Dorado, the greatest in the world, who was just took me on as a baby. Okay. Talk about a mentor. Talk about a person who believed in you. Takes one person to believe the song. Takes one. One. Just takes one. He took me on with nothing and just said, I don't know why, but I believe that there's something in you that's different from everybody.

And I don't know why, but I'm gonna take you on and we're gonna do this. And then as we progressed, he said, I'm gonna put you with celebrities. You know why? Because you are like a cup of coffee in the morning. You are like a cheerleader. Like you are that person who, when they gotta go perform in front of a stadium of people, you're gonna be like, pop it up.

You got it, you got it, you got it. Exactly. Exactly. So that's how it happened. I was like, well, Whatever. And then next thing you know, you know, it's, you know, early two thousands and there's this girl who needs makeup, Beyonce. Okay, I'll show up. Angelina Jolie, who's that? Okay, let's go. You know? And it was like, and it just happened.

And I do believe, and I just wanna say this very quickly, I have super respect for the makeup artists on this planet that. Really amazing. I have never, ever claimed to be the most technically perfect sound. And I want people to hear this cuz it's important. You don't have to be perfect at what you do per se, but it's what you bring besides that, because I believe that not only was it just, you know, I think I did nice makeup on them of. But I think when you bring love and positive energy and people just want you around them, I think that that is also just as much important as what you do.

Kim Gravel: There's so much there to unpack. We don't even have time for that, but, right.

You, not only did you do it with celebrities, but then you know, you had that opportunity opening up for Mally Beauty, and that's when it took you to the masses. Yes.

Mally Roncal: Yes. I mean, yes. Yes. Well, just, just a few, just a few weeks ago you were on, you know, the Today Show with Ho Hoda, and you know, I mean, so you're always, God is always bringing you to a next level.

Kim Gravel: Can you talk about that a little bit? Like he's never done with you, right? Yes. If you keep following. Yes. Yes. Cause you, you just keep growing. You're just

getting bigger.

Mally Roncal: Okay. And this is something that I thank you and I love you, and so are you.

Kim Gravel: Hello? I still want you to do my makeup one day. That's, that's okay.

That's a bucket list item for me. Okay.

Mally Roncal: Oh honey, you better watch out. You are gonna be sexy time.

Zac Miller: Fierce.

Mally Roncal: Thank you, Zac. Bravo. Well done. Well done, Zac. Ok.

Zac Miller: I got the lingo right.

Mally Roncal: I want, I want you. Very well done. I want, are you a drag queen? No, I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

Maybe you never know.

Kim Gravel: It could be part two, 2.0.

Mally Roncal: Thank you. Thank you. I love what you said and I want to reiterate that for everybody listening. This is the thing I love about your podcast is no matter who you're talking to, aside from the fact that wait, very quickly, I was just telling Zac and Kim this so when I get my nails done right, and between you and me, I don't love getting my nails.

I'm the least girl I know. I'm the least girly girl. Girly girl. There is like, I like all this stuff. I know, but I don't like to sit there and I don't like You don't wanna sit. Oh, it's like a whole thing. Anyway, I distract myself by watching LOL with Kim Gravel and I do it every time. But the funny thing is I'll be doing my nail and they're sitting there, but I have my AirPods and I'll be like,

Just like buzz down laughing and my girl, she's like, oh, oh my God, what have you watch? I'm like, you gotta watch this. You gotta so funny. It's the best. It's the best. But what I love about your podcast is you are so special. Like you have. Thank you, ma. That's, uh, it's this, attractiveness, but it's this thing where you are, you really are America's Best

GIrlfriend, like really? Like there's never a moment where I wouldn't think I wanna just be with you. Like just whatever. Going into TJ Max or cooking a,

Kim Gravel: we could kill a TJ Max girl.

Mally Roncal: We could tear that store up

Kim Gravel: like a two tornadoes on a sunny day.

Mally Roncal: You tassmanian devil. Thank you. But you know, or like making boiled peanuts.

Kim Gravel: Oh honey,

Mally Roncal: I told you I watched.

Kim Gravel: Did Phil? Did Phil.

He knew boiled peanuts. Right?

Mally Roncal: Of course. My favorite thing. Anyway, I digress. But getting back to saying that the reason why this is so great is cuz I never leave your podcast without carrying something.

With me that I can use in my life. So if there's one thing and you just said it, and that's the thing, God is not done with you. No. Everybody who hears the sound of your voice, my voice, Zac's voice, needs to know today because I'm gonna be honest with you, you and I, we've been in this game a long time.

I'm 51. No, wait, how old am I? I'm 50. I'm When did you turn 51?

Kim Gravel: July. I'm 51. And a half.

Mally Roncal: Well, you better work. Okay. I thought you were 50. No.

Kim Gravel: Where's my fan? Where's my fan?

Mally Roncal: Hold on, hold on. Here we go. New fan. Yes. So fan is, cause it actually says yes, but it never opens all the way.

Zac Miller: We're gonna have to, we're gonna have to like, Blur that out.

Kim Gravel: No, we're not blurring that out. There's no blurring out. That's hilarious.

Mally Roncal: Oh my gosh. Anyway. But this is the thing, right? We've been in this a long time, have we not, mommy?

Kim Gravel: Yes ma'am.

Mally Roncal: Do you ever, let me ask you this, and I'm gonna say this and I know it's gonna make me vulnerable and I don't care. Do you ever have those nights where the enemy enters your brain and says to you, cuz I do.

You've been at this game a long time, girl, I don't know what you're thinking because you're not that special. You're not that important. If it was gonna happen for you, quote unquote, big time, you know what I mean? Like, I don't know, like Oprah style or whatever. If it was gonna happen, it would've happened already.

So I don't know what you're doing. Why are you still trying, like nobody cares and you haven't succeeded the way you thought you were gonna succeed when you were young? I mean, it comes in heavy and hard and, and, and, and that's why I think the enemy attacks you because they know that you are destined for.

Right? Yes. I'm so glad to hear that. You think that wouldn't have been funny, Zac, if she was like,

Kim Gravel: no, no. I feel that on a weekly basis, and I think you're, Molly, what you just said is dead on truth. Yes. My daddy used to always say, baby, if you ain't dead, you ain't done's. And it's so true. You know? I mean, we level up as much as we want to level up.

It's up to us. Ain't nothing stopping us. I totally agree with you. There's nothing stopping us, Molly and I keep watching you Rise and rise and rise. And let me just tell you, these little home chickens, these little young girls, they need us and we need them.

Mally Roncal: Yes, that's right. That's right. Thank you. I love that.

You know what's funny? Let me ask you a question about the home chickens ,

Kim Gravel: the young home chickens. The home,

Mally Roncal: is that copyright? I think that's now

Kim Gravel: hashtag young home chickens.

Mally Roncal: I'll be chicken. I I do. I. Okay, so here's the funny. Okay. And this is the thing cuz you're an OG and you're a gangster. You have been around and you have seen it all.

And that's what I love about, being able to, to that we're friends and we can discuss this kind of stuff because it is hard, right? It's hard looking at watching, you know, uh, the new world and the new generation. You know, sometimes I don't know. Again, I'm gonna be a little shady and I'm, I don't mean to be, but every once in a while I'll see like one of the young home chickens, , and they're like, oh, and then there's this tip where you do this, that I created this tip to do this to make you look like this.

And then there's this tiny little part of me that's like, Mm. I think I was doing that, you know, that's 20 years ago, . Yes. Exactly, exactly. However, however, let's start, before I get canceled, let me just say,

lemme just say this. I don't blame them. I really don't. They're discovering. Take your opportunity.

Exactly. And discover and if you and I can be a part of that growth. Yes. And a part of that, you know, because again, we both have young kids, that you want them to succeed. Right? You want them to grow. Want 'em to have hope.

That's right.

Kim Gravel: I want 'em to have, you know, we're getting older Mally let's just face it.

And you know, I want 'em to have the good old days.

Mally Roncal: Yes.

Kim Gravel: There was nothing like the eighties. Bring the out. Yes, the out there's.

Mally Roncal: Thank you Kim.

Zac Miller: All right, Mally and Kim.

So we got deep and now it's time to get a little frivolous. Mally, you gave us the perfect introduction to this game. You don't know it yet.. Oh Lord. So for those of you who don't know, the Zac attack is a fun game that we play with almost all our guests. And Kim has no idea what is in store.

So today, We are going to play a game. I'm calling it the beauty hackathon . Do you, do you all know what a hackathon is?

Kim Gravel: Uh, we know what hacks are.

Zac Miller: Right. Well, you know what hacks are, right? Yeah, yeah, so , a hackathon is like a programming thing where you try to do as much as you can in a really quick amount of time.

Kim Gravel: Oh my Lord, Lord.

Zac Miller: So I want you both to work together as a beauty hack dream team, okay? To drop as many real deal beauty hacks as you can in two minutes.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Oh gosh, Zac. Oh, you go first. Mally. Beauty before age. Beauty before age. You go first.

Mally Roncal: You better stop. You better stop.

Zac Miller: So we'll see how any beauty hacks we could get through in two minutes.

Mally Roncal: Girl, girl, girl, you have a secret. Just make it up. He

doesn't know.

Kim Gravel: Okay. That's hilarious. Hold on. I say this with her makeup artistry and as a makeup artist and my pageant stuff, we got this on lot girl. Let's go. Let's go.

Zac Miller: Everything is on the table. Any kind of beauty hack you could think of.

Kim Gravel: We got this. Come on. Go first. We got this.

Zac Miller: Ready, go.

Mally Roncal: Okay. Your eyebrow pencil as lip liner.

Kim Gravel: Ooh, good one. Okay. Uh, you can have cleavage by taping your boobs together with duct tape.

Mally Roncal: done that. Okay. Uh, using a number two lead pencil to fill in your eyebrows.

Kim Gravel: Ooh, God, I've never done that one.

Uh, tape your pinky toe and your toe beside it together so when you walk in heels, it doesn't hurt his back.

Mally Roncal: Oh, snap. I know, right? Okay. Cold, camomile, wet, cold, camomile, teabag to make your eyes less puffy.

Kim Gravel: Ooh, I've not done that one either. Yeah, love that. I'm totally doing that one. You can get some, the baseball players spray their hands and put their hands up in a MIT to, so their glove doesn't slip.

You can do that with your swimsuit so it doesn't ride up and you don't have a thong cuz God knows, most of us don't need to be wearing one . That's a good tip. Y'all better use that one. Go ahead Mally. .

Zac Miller: I think Mally's focusing on the top half. Kim's on the bottom half.

Kim Gravel: That's right. We're tag teaming baby.

Zac Miller: We got five seconds left.


Mally Roncal: Alright. Use your fingers to contour your nose with a little. There you go. Little eyeshadow. Don't use the brush. Use your fingers cuz you can feel the cartilage. You can know exactly where it is.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Add a little baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to your toothpaste. Add a little mixture to bright and whiten your teeth naturally.

Mally Roncal: Oh, you better sell that girl. Ok. Ok, . Okay. Take contour. If you're feeling a little chunky monkey, take contour powder and fill it in on your thing. And guess what? You can even put it on your abs. Make abs. Ayeah, I know exactly.

Zac Miller: Does that work on a dad bod?

Mally Roncal: Honey. It sure does.

You better believe it. I'll tell you offline who I did that to. Okay. Right? Yes, yes, yes.

Zac Miller: That is time.

Kim Gravel: Yes. Oh my gosh. Okay, so we close out every shout and you know this with rapid fire questions, okay? So I'm gonna ask you just random questions. Just the don't think about it. I want the first thing, which you never know what you're gonna get with.

That pops into your mind, just say it. What is your, if you were stranded on a, on a desert island, what would be the one makeup item you'd have to have?

Mally Roncal: Oh gosh. I'm gonna say a shadow stick because you could do anything to it. It's really a crayon. You draw all over your face.

Kim Gravel: That's it. Uh, how do you take care of your skin? I had so many people asking me this about you.

Mally Roncal: Oh, um, I have, I wash my makeup off every single night without fail, that's my mommy talking to me. She said, I don't care how tired you are. I don't care how much you have been doing all day. The last thing you need to do is sleep with makeup in those sports.

Are you crazy? So ever since then, I hear her voice in my head. So I wash my face every single night. No fail. Even if it's three in the morning. Never. I

Kim Gravel: love it. And I love, I love how you are keeping, not only do you know what she looks like, you remember her accent. Okay? Oh, how many days do you go without washing your hair?

What's your, max?

Mally Roncal: You are not gonna believe this. Oh, I believe. Okay. Are you ready? Thank you. Hello. Now this is crazy, but I have the most amazing hairstylist named Nicole who does a bulletproof blowout that you have never, ever seen, like, I don't know what kind of sorcery she does , but I could do not. Are you ready?

It was eight solid days. I did not wash my hair. And it was, I mean, I did it yesterday cuz it was time, but I'll tell you right now, I looked at Phil, I was like, do I look camera ready still? It's been eight days. He's like, yes,

Kim Gravel: your hair is the best hair on qvc. I'm just saying you got, you got some locks, girl.

Don't ever cut it. What is, what is your most favorite, uh, piece of clothing you.

Mally Roncal: Oh, uh, that my mom's dresses, I've kept everything of my mom's. Yes. And by the grace of God, I still on certain days can fit into them . So I'm the stretchy ones for sure. But all that eighties glam, you know those Alexis Carrington Colby.

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh. Dynasty dolly. Oh my gosh. Love it. Love it. We should remake that one too. Okay. Who is your celebrity crush? Who is your celebrity?

Mally Roncal: Okay, now you know what, I'm gonna say this, and y'all are gonna roll your dang eyes. I know you. No, no judgment. I really don't. You know, if you're gonna say,

Kim Gravel: Phil, I'm gonna walk out

I'm out now. You gotta have some kinda secret love. At least on tv. At least on tv. Come on. What? Oh, God. If she says Phil, we're gonna be like, thank you, Mally. That's it.

Zac Miller: Yeah, we're playing her off.

Mally Roncal: I'm ready. I'm ready. Okay. For the record, I'm gonna leave. I'm not, I'm gonna give you one, But I really, I am saying, Phil, I'll give you one.

Can I, can I say a young Johnny Depp. No offense Johnny. I'm sure you're

Kim Gravel: No, you, you're talking about like early 21 jump street young.

No offense, Johnny, but not now. We'll, you back in the day. Okay. That's awful. No, this is question. Would you, would you, would you, this is terrible, we'll cut this out.

Maybe not. Would you want you to be now and him back in the day, or you wanna be back in the day and him back in the ? Cause that makes a difference.

Mally Roncal: I've got, this is awful. This is awful. Ok. I need to change my answer.

Kim Gravel: No, there's nos. No, that's all. You can't, it's time. It's over.

Mally Roncal: I'm sweating. God. . I feel bad. Like what it gets, it's like rude. You want. So what if yourself, girl ?

Kim Gravel: No. What if he's trying to Mally? He could try to slide in your dms, honey. Call us.

If that happens. We'll tape a second podcast. All right, here we go. Your favorite junk food could be anything.

Mally Roncal: Okay. I have a few, so I'm gonna give you Okay. I love our root beer float any day. Ooh. Just said vanilla with vanilla ice cream. Yes. It makes me so happy. I love the, the chip dip, the Lipton with the sour cream, and you make it yourself with a good old, big old wavy lays and just eat that thing right up.

Yes. Thank you. I love nachos. I love. Uh, French fries. I love any potato of any form. Okay. I could do this for hours. I could do this for hours.

Kim Gravel: What's your favorite sweet, other than the root beer?

Mally Roncal: Okay. I, I like a Reese's Peanut buttercup. Oh. Like I could do, but it has to be the Halloween ones that are actually like, pumpkins or bats that has more peanut butter.

You know what?

Kim Gravel: Okay. This is my last question, is my last question. If tomorrow was the last day on Earth mm-hmm. , what is the one piece of positivity you would leave us with?

Mally Roncal: You are worthy. You are worthy. I think so many of. Don't feel worthy. I, you're truly included. There are times when I'm like, you're not special, girl.

I don't know what you're thinking or what. Somebody smoke, somebody's blew up your butt, but you are not, and everyone is worthy. And I think raising children in this day and age is the number one because there's con constant comparison to everybody, and that is, That's tough. That's hard because you, you have to have a strong will to say, you know what?

I am okay. I am good. I am meant to be here. I'm destined for great things. And that's not always easy when you're comparing yourself to everybody's highlight reel on Instagram. So, you are worthy and you are a gift, and you are meant to be here and your best days are ahead. And I believe that a thousand percent with all.

Kim Gravel: I love you.

Mally Roncal: I love you. I love you so much. I can't, honestly, can we just do this every day? Like, I'm not even kidding. . Thank you.

Okay. Jesus wants to tell you that he loves you.

Kim Gravel: I love dancing Jesus. No, babe. I remember I told you. Where'd you get 'em? And I bought like six of 'em and gave out to all my friends.

It was Dashboard Jesus. Dashboard Jesus.

Mally Roncal: I love you.

Zac Miller: So, for those of you listening and not watching this show, Mally is holding up a bobble, A dashboard Jesus. Yes. A dashboard Jesus. I dunno what with all the QVC people and like, you know, we have like Jesus pens, we have Jesus dashboard.

Mally Roncal: We, you know, because we need him.

Kim Gravel: Amen. That's, that's the end of the show. Thank y'all and good night.

Well, we sure did laugh out loud today. I love, didn't you love Mally? Don't you love her energy, her positivity, her spirit.

Zac Miller: I totally get why like these celebrities want to work with her, right? Because like she just comes on and she lights it up, sets it up, like that's her


Kim Gravel: was like the best is yet to come, I mean, like she, she gets it too.

I think it, I don't know if it's a generational thing or it was just meant to be, I guess because she gets it. Because, and it's, it's one of those things where when you get it, you still scared. You still don't believe all the time. You still have your doubts. But the knowing it that the best is yet to come, that's the first step.

That's the very, very first.

Zac Miller: How do you do, like if you, if you have not found success, right? If you are someone who is still kind of struggling as you move into your, you know, whatever age, it doesn't really matter what age it is. I guess that's the point. Like how do you change that mindset though if

Kim Gravel: you haven't found success in what your heart's desire and what you wanna do?

That's a really good thing. Okay, so hang. Because the fact that you still want to push forward and rise and level up and bump up. As we heard earlier, our car was saying, we gotta bump up, tells me that you're not done. The fact that you're still. A little empty, you still have things you want to do or, or you still have a desire to be successful.

Tells me you're on the right path. But you sitting there saying, I'm not successful. I'm not on the right path. That means you are.

Zac Miller: There is also no such thing as being done. Right? Like who has ever, has anyone ever been like, well, I'm there. I got it.

Kim Gravel: No, the answer to your question is I just went to a, a conference last Friday.

I call it my fill my cup moments. I always take when I'm feeling tapped out. I'm feeling pressure, I'm feeling stressed. I'm eating three or four, you know, Twinkies at his sitting. I'm, I'm, you know, that's, that's my, that's my advice of choice. I know I need to do fill my cut moment, so I just, last minute, it was the day before I said there was a little conference going on with John Maxwell.

I don't know if you've ever, we need to get him on the show. I absolutely adore that man.

Zac Miller: John Maxwell, the business guy, right?

Kim Gravel: Oh, he's, he's just, he's amazing. And so I said, I'm just gonna go half a day, nine to one, sit and hear a bunch of speakers and just be, you know, fill my cup. And, he, I didn't even know how old he was, dude.

He's like 76 years old and still, and he's just still taking it on stage. Right. He's still got a new book coming out in March. I mean, he's still doing the thing. That's awesome. Yeah, he's still operating and leveling. and saying his best days are yet to come and so are yours. So listen, get this,

repeat after me.

I am successful. God has a plan. Am and the best is yet to come.

I love y'all. Thank you so much for watching y'all. Go follow Mally, uh, hit us up at Download, share. Let everybody know that uh, we're out here to make everyone the world a better place, but also help you to level up because best is yet to come. We love you so much. Bye.

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Come on. All of that stuff that we say equate with sex. Sex, we create . That was a Freudian slip that we now, sex is not the same in your fifties. Trust me. .

Mally Roncal: Okay. Look at that. Looks like you.

Kim Gravel: She is my dream team,

Mally Roncal: could you imagine if Kim Gravel and Dolly Parton were in the same room?

Kim Gravel: I've got the breast for it.

Mally Roncal

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Mally Roncal is the founder of the makeup company, Mally Beauty, and former make up artist of many A-list celebrities.