June 9, 2022

Fan Favorite: Marriage and Dog Shears with Kim’s Husband Travis Gravel

Fan Favorite: Marriage and Dog Shears with Kim’s Husband Travis Gravel

I'm bringing back one of my most popular episodes this week! My husband, Travis is on the show and we lay it all on the table from money to sex to kids and everything else.

I'm bringing back one of my most popular episodes this week! My husband, Travis is on the show and we lay it all on the table from money to sex to kids and everything else. This one is so full of love and laughs that you won't be able to stand it. Zac also comes in with a holiday shopping Zac attack, and Travis and I prank call my mom. This one has everything so don't miss it!


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Kim Gravel: [00:00:00] Hey, everybody. Welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. This is my comedy podcast, where we are going to laugh about the messiness of life and turn that mess into a message of confidence, hope and even faith. My mission is to encourage and lift women. And this show is how we can embrace our real selves, who we really are and laugh about it and laugh about all that stuff.

You know, that life throws our way. So let's do it together. Let's live out loud, love out loud and laugh out loud.

Zac Miller: Hey there, producer Zac here with a special message for you. I would just want it to let you know that we're taking a break from producing full episodes of the show for a few weeks. So we can sit down and work on some new and exciting things that we've got coming up next season.

But don't worry. There's always going to be something for you to listen to every Thursday in this feed, starting mid June Kim and I are going to be sharing a special series of shorter episodes with you [00:01:00] that are focused on personal growth. And we'll also be rehearing some of our favorite episodes that we've done over the past year.

And if you're looking for even more episodes of LOL with Kim Gravel. Then go back and listen to older episodes. We have over 50 episodes to listen to, and they're all totally free. One of my personal favorites is called Kim Gets Hypnotized. She's fully hypnotized on the show in order to try to stop eating junk food.

I also love any episode with Kim's sister. Allisyn she's hilarious. I love having her on the show. She's so real. She's so funny. This week though, we've got an episode from last Christmas. I'm just going to go ahead and call it our Christmas Special. Kim's guest is her husband, Travis Gravel. So buckle up everyone because this is a really funny one.

I hope you enjoy it.

Kim Gravel: Hey everybody Kim Gravel here. So glad you're listening just right off the bat. I'm going to tell you rate review and share [00:02:00] LOL with Kim Gravel with all your friends and leave us some leave with some comments we want to hear from you. We appreciate you listening.

And today we have a very, very, very, very exclusive guest. I was going to say special.

Travis Gravel: Elusive.

Kim Gravel: Travis. Don't talk yet. I haven't introduced you.

Zac Miller: I have to say, we always say we're excited. This is making me so excited.

Kim Gravel: Oh, Zac. I asked everybody he's people have been asking me who is Travis we never see a picture of Travis.

I have my husband today on the podcast on a, he said, she said, LOL with Kim Gravel everybody. Welcome Travis Gravel.

Don't play with that candle.

Travis Gravel: Smells good.

Kim Gravel: No, you'll break it. And then just leave it along your fidget or don't fit it.

Zac Miller: I'm going to tell you right now, all of this, I'm keeping it all in the show.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Wait. Okay. Say hello to the people, Travis.

Travis Gravel: Hello people.

Kim Gravel: So Zac, no one knows [00:03:00] this, but my husband is. Like you how Dolly Parton's husband never wants to be filmed or in pictures.

And you just don't hear a lot about him and all that. That's Travis,

Travis Gravel: The Mutt Lange of podcast.

Kim Gravel: You're not.

Travis Gravel: Well, Mutt Lange never wanted to be seen either, which, and I joined.

Kim Gravel: So people don't even know who Mutt Lange is. So you might have to tell them.

Travis Gravel: I think they do. Okay.

Zac Miller: I didn't know. I don't know what you're talking about.

Travis Gravel: I'm a music guy. Come on. Def Leppard. I mean, he did all the rock stuff. He was a producer. He never, but you don't know him cause he hit in the background.

Kim Gravel: So, so you're saying you're a background player, I'm a background person. What does that mean to you? Travis being a background person in my life because honest to God.

If you are a friend of me Zac, you notice, or you're in my circle of trust, you can be thrown under the bus at any given moment.

Travis Gravel: Absolutely. At any given moment, you just, and luckily she, you know, we found each other and I could care less. What she says about me. If I [00:04:00] did, we'd be in trouble. We'd have been divorced by now.

If I cared what you said about me,

Kim Gravel: we've we've well, we'll get into it. Everybody. Travis Gravel my husband's here, Zac. This has been a long time coming.

Zac Miller: It has, we have been trying to get Travis on the show for awhile.

Travis Gravel: I'm elusive, like I said, in the beginning, elusive.

Kim Gravel: Okay. So we're going to just jump into it.

Travis. I want to talk to you today about marriage, raising a family and being married to me. Are you doing, are you down?

Travis Gravel: People pray for me, please. People pray for me. Okay, go ahead.

Kim Gravel: 20 years. Yeah. Do you remember when we met, where was it? What was going through your mind and all of that?

Travis Gravel: I fell in love with you at the big chicken and all that stuff.

Kim Gravel: All of, at the big chicken, it was at service merchandise. She said it was love at first sight.

Travis Gravel: Yeah. I knew I was going to marry you then, but [00:05:00] then the love come, you know, the love comes later and it was at the big chicken traffic light at the big chicken. First.

Kim Gravel: What last?

Travis Gravel: I guess.

Kim Gravel: So that was snarky. That's hopeful? No. Seriously. What, what, when you first met me all of

Travis Gravel: Cut all of this, Zac,

Kim Gravel: When you first first met me, what did you, what was going through your mind

Travis Gravel: that I'd never met anyone like you. And that we, I felt we had a connection. Maybe you didn't, but I certainly felt that we had a connection.

And when you, like, I've said this before, when you started talking about Tina Turner, I was like, okay, she's the one like we have, we have the, you were into music. I was massively into music.

Kim Gravel: Okay, Travis, you got to get a little deeper than that. I mean, Tina Turner isn't can't hit that.

Travis Gravel: It was just, we had, we had that.

There's not a lot of people who were into music and that's, you know, it was a big part of your life. And that was [00:06:00] a big, obviously a big part of my life. And so then I knew,

Kim Gravel: I thought you were odd, strange, unique, and quirky.

Travis Gravel: I thought the same of you. You did. Yes. And that's why we were perfect

Kim Gravel: nothing quirky about me

what makes me quirky?

Travis Gravel: I mean. No, I'm going to get like ridiculous. Why are you quirky? You have your idiosyncrasies, right? Your you burst out into the song at any moment, any given time, you create your own songs in the morning, you'll just create your own songs. And we join in together and we create our own music sometimes to our kids and they hate us for that.

Absolutely hate it. What's one of our songs. What was sweet baby picket was one of our first, the original sweet baby pickup. Sweet baby pickup. Sweet baby. Pick up with her two front teeth.

Kim Gravel: No, no, no. Sweet baby. Pick [00:07:00] up sweet baby. Sweet baby.

Travis Gravel: Pick up with your cute with your tooth front teeth and you're something and you're cute.

Butt cheeks. That was the last bit I forgot that was come on. That's 14 years ago.

Kim Gravel: What was another one we just did recently? What was it,

Travis Gravel: Sometimes do it about the kids' relationships or friends will just like songs about that. We do, we do them all the time. We didn't just make up random songs.

Yeah. Especially in the morning. And they get so mad at us, you know, they're teenagers.

Kim Gravel: So do you miss life without kids?

Travis Gravel: Like when they're at school?

Kim Gravel: No. When they, like, we're not around ever.

Travis Gravel: I'm looking forward to that.

I'm looking forward to that.

Kim Gravel: But I do miss the days. Remember when it's just me and you, Travis and I were married six years before we had kids.

We enjoyed one another because God knows after we did, we ain't enjoying much anymore

All we do is work work work. We just weren't work. Do [00:08:00] you remember those days when it was no kids? It was just me and you.

Travis Gravel: Yeah, I remember those times.

Kim Gravel: What was, what was one of the what's one of the roasts romantic times we've ever had?

Travis Gravel: That's funny that you say like, when we didn't have kids, what comes to your mind? It certainly wasn't one one of those romantic times.

Kim Gravel: Well, this is a true story. Tell that story to anybody except like just our close family. So when we were dating, this is how this all went. So we met at church in, Travis loved me instantly, right?

Travis Gravel: Correct.

Kim Gravel: And, and I was, it was, I was, I was not as gung ho in the relationship aspect as I was, I liked him as a friend. I thought he was a really highly intelligent, smart, gifted discernment, meaning he can read people's mail. Travis can meet you in, in two minutes. Be like, yeah, I wouldn't mess with that person.

I mean, that's just who he is. And so I lean on that, like a lot of his giftings, how we, why we have a [00:09:00] successful marriage. And it's been tough the last few years. And we'll get to that in a little bit, but is because I respect him. He respects me. I listened to him. He listens to me and we, we have a true partnership.

There are no gender roles. There's no, the man does this. The woman does this. It is a true partnership.

Travis Gravel: That's all things of the past, those roles of you take out the trash and you do the dishes. That's I think our previous generation, I think our we've we've evolved.

We've moved on now, the next generation, they won't take out the trash or do the dishes. So we're in trouble,

Kim Gravel: male or wife or husband. But why don't you think that we have a solid marriage? Cause people say I've got a great marriage, but I said, we just have a salt of the earth. Like we are ride or die and we could be the ones doing the killing to each other.

But I mean, we are there for each other. Why do you have,

Travis Gravel: I think that's respect, like you said, it's respect. I absolutely listened to [00:10:00] every word that you say. And, and we, we hear each other's heart and we respond to that and we take it seriously. It's not one-sided.

Kim Gravel: Do you remember the first year? Or like, I think it was the second year we were married and you pulled me aside.

You want to talk to people about that? What you said to me?

Travis Gravel: Well, Kim can be a little erratic at times from the beginning.

Kim Gravel: What do you mean? What do you mean erratic? No, just tell it, tell it like it is.

Travis Gravel: There was a plate that flew across the table one time. So in the beginning it was, you know, trying to figure out this, you know, relationships and we're married.

We're like, okay, this is married life. I'd never been married. And so this was something new to me and I'm like, I got to figure out this whole thing. So at one point, probably about second or third year before we had kids, she got hot headed again. She's been before and I just said, just stop now, before you say anything you regret, this is all just wasted breath.

You're just wasting your time saying all this stuff. You're gonna apologize for it later on. So just stop now.

Kim Gravel: That's not what you said.

Travis Gravel: What did I say?

Kim Gravel: You said, [00:11:00] this is, this is when I thought this turned me on. Actually, this was a turn on you. You said I want to talk to you and you say it in a real calm voice.

And he said, You need to stop and don't say anything that you are going to regret and just come to me 30 minutes later and apologize is getting old.

Travis Gravel: Okay. That's basically what I said. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: And I thought you had me at stop. That that was a turn on.

Travis Gravel: Actually you stopped being, as you know, there were never, there was never another plate.

So that was, I think it worked, I think it worked.

Kim Gravel: Verbal plates, but never actual plate.

Zac Miller: Do you remember even what you were fighting about?

Travis Gravel: I don't, but I remember it. I remember standing in the room next door, our bedroom, where our kids' room was. We're going to be, I remember that piece of it, but I couldn't tell you the date or the time or anything of that, but I do distinctly remember standing there.

Kim Gravel: It was a turning point in our, in our marriage for me. Yeah. And what you don't know, [00:12:00] Zac is Travis is so cheap. So let me give you a story. So when we first got married and say, I'm not, I'm a giver, I would just, you know, look, it is what it is . I'm not, I'm not irresponsible with money and I'm a giver.

I'm just, you are a giver, but you're cheaper than dirt.

Travis Gravel: The nicer things at the lower price.

Kim Gravel: Yes. Like he will drive five hours to a Nike outlet. So he was so excited that we went on vacation this year and he finally found a Nike outlet outlet. It wasn't just a Nike outlet. It was even more discounted than it was a double outlet.

And he's like, can we find a Nike double outlet? Now of course you're getting colors that are chartreuse or lime green that have two stitches missing, but he's going to buy it. You know, that's him, he's so cheap. So I remember. Like he wouldn't eat out. Like I grew up eating out. Like that was our fun time.

My dad traveled all the time with his job. So mom and I, and Allisyn, we would just go eat [00:13:00] out like four or five times a week, which was like commonplace to us. So when I'm at Travis, I'm like, let's go out to eat. So, I mean, I would see him like hyperventilate having, so he started doing these creative ways of eating out.

Because that was a compromise. You wanted to eat out with me, but at the same time on how to save money to make it. So he's, it's livable. Honestly, he has panic attacks. He has, he gets ill. He gets me and he gets if, if money is not saved. Okay. So I remember the first time we went out, of course it was a Mexican restaurant, says favorite, favorite kind of food, Zac.

So we're sitting at the restaurant and I said, I'll take a Coke. He goes, now we're going to get one coke and one water and split it. So my whole married life

Travis Gravel: Well they turned up the price. So you basically forced you to split it. They know you're going to split.

Kim Gravel: Free refills. So our whole entire marriage, I have been drinking the backwash of the kids and try this [00:14:00] marriage.

Yeah. I mean, we have gotten one drink and we're all sharing.

They share a drink and we share a drink.

Zac Miller: I was going to say, once you have kids, you gotta cause the backwash from kids is gross.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. When you have kids everything is gross

Okay. Travis, what bothers you about me? What's some of my texts and idiot things that bother you about me.

Travis Gravel: You're very performance driven. And so when people aren't performance, if you're not a performance driven person, just break that out.

Kim Gravel: Yeah, pretty much that to me, before you have never said I'm performance driven, have you?

Travis Gravel: Not really, but it's a podcast. This is my first time. It was part of my last time.

So I might as well get it out now.

Kim Gravel: Am I performance driven. You have to define that.

Zac Miller: What do you mean by that? I want to know what that means.

Travis Gravel: People are driven by different things. And so Kim is driven by performance and excelling and being, you know, on top and being number one. And that's just how she's.

She it's performance, [00:15:00]

Kim Gravel: but it's, you're making that sound like it's a bad thing.

Travis Gravel: No, I'm not. I'm not trying to make it sound like a bad thing, but it can spill out to other things. Oh, okay.

Kim Gravel: Tell me what you're going out to tell me what it's spilling out,

Travis Gravel: You might expect someone else to be performance driven or achieve like you're achieving, right?

Not me personally, but it might trickle to the kids to be performance driven. Make sure you got good grades.

Kim Gravel: Have y'all talked about this behind my back. No, we have not. Recently, I heard him pull, the boys over to the side. He thought I had left out and I came back in the house and I was listening.

And you said,

Travis Gravel: no, we were still on the phone and I didn't hang up and you were listening. And I didn't even know it

Kim Gravel: he goes look Mom is just in that kind of way. It might be that time of month, everybody just like pull it together. And that may be matters that, and

Travis Gravel: then she pipes up. I was like, oh my gosh, she's still on the line.

I'm like, I thought I hung up on her. It's pretty [00:16:00] brutal. Yeah. One of

Zac Miller: I'm sorry.

Travis Gravel: It's like sending the email to the wrong person and you're complaining about that person or something.

Kim Gravel: So, so my performance, drivenness gets on your nerves.

Travis Gravel: I don't think I said it gets on my nerve. You just ask, you know, kind of that it bothers me, I guess.

Is that what you say?

Three, not that big a deal.

Kim Gravel: Do you want to know what bothers me about you or not?

Travis Gravel: I'm sure there's loads of things.

Kim Gravel: What bothers me about you? No, I mean, I'm used to that and plus I'm kind of grateful for that now, so that, you know, I can't, I can't get you on you there. How you crack your feet and your toes in the middle of the night and your restless leg syndrome.

Travis Gravel: I think I have a little bit RLS.

Kim Gravel: You have runners.

Travis Gravel: I have no more hair on my legs.

Kim Gravel: So I knew like a year in, when I would have these big holes in my [00:17:00] sheets and I'm a textile person, so I love sheets and bedding and pretty things. I love to smell good and look at fresh sheets. And so I would like, I wash my sheets at least once a week. And so, I kept noticing these big holes.

In the bottom of the sheets where our legs were, I'm thinking, what in the world is, we got a little mouse chewing up our sheets, Travis, the calluses in his cracky, Rick rags, my feet are going and carving a hole, cutting a hole in our sheets in the middle of night. That's how much he moves.

Travis Gravel: I didn't really believe it.

But then when I checked my Fitbit, it said I ran like a mile when I was sleeping. So then I was like, okay. So that gets on my nerves. Maybe it's true.

Zac Miller: You need to see a doctor about that

Kim Gravel: Well, and we've actually thought about this act like my mom and dad sleep in the same room, but in separate beds, like I Love Lucy, right?

Like my dad has a queen size bed. My mom has a queen size bed and you know, they go over and visit when they need to. But you know, the beds [00:18:00] I've

thought about that.

Travis Gravel: What's the age that... Cause my grandparents were the same way. Like they split up and they were in the same room, but they had separate beds. So I don't know what that age for that right now.

I'm not down for that.

Why are you not down for that? Because I, I can't sleep apart from you. I feel depressed. It's not a lie.

Kim Gravel: He never said that before. That's a lie.

Travis Gravel: It's not a lie. It's not a lie.

Kim Gravel: Do you know why I make the show? I make this show as a way to give back to all the incredible women who supported and listened to my message throughout the years.

I also do it for myself too. We all need each other. We all need each other to inspire one another to lift each other up. Let me tell you something. When you get a group of women, empowered is buckle up buttercup, because we will change the world together as women. If you love what you're hearing and you want to be part of this army of strong, empowered, [00:19:00] confident women, let somebody know to listen to LOL with Kim Gravel.

And I appreciate you. I love you. I thank you for listening in honey together. We don't change.

Travis Gravel: Let's then switch to another pet peeve of mine. Now that we just go right in that direction. It's the talking. And I, like, I get used to it. I'm not upset about it, but just the talking about me, like on TV and just different places. I can, I can kind of deal with it at times. But I remember this one time I met work and some friends of mine, like some worker co these workers of mine, they were like, Hey, you need to come into the break room.

Cause I just got a text that Kim's going to be on Steve Harvey or whatever. I'm like, okay. So I'm like go in there and I walk in and Steve talking to Kim and she, she starts telling a story about our sex life. Like I'm in a room with my employees and I'm like, oh [00:20:00] no, this is not going to happen. I just walked out.

I'm like, I've got to get out of here.

Zac Miller: You just can't listen. Do you listen to the podcast?

Travis Gravel: Have I listened to it yet? No, I have not. I'm being honest. I haven't listened to it yet. I wouldn't do it because there's no telling what she's going to say. And so I've learned to just like, just kind of, not like,

Zac Miller: I support that.

I one hundred percent support that though. I would prefer no one I knew listened to the podcast.

Travis Gravel: I probably won't.

Kim Gravel: Is everything I'm saying true. I'm giving true stories here.

Travis Gravel: Oh, absolutely. There is. That's the only thing

Zac Miller: that's worse.

Sometimes worse.

Kim Gravel: The story that I told on Steve Harvey was absolutely a hundred percent true.

Travis Gravel: We don't need to repeat it.

Kim Gravel: I'm repeating it.

Travis Gravel: We don't need to.

Kim Gravel: So Travis is adventurous.

Travis Gravel: You just say it was sexual. It was about our . You just say that you don't have to get into detail about it. Why do I have to relive it again?

Kim Gravel: The actual [00:21:00] sex act? We're talking about you dressing up in that wrestling outfit. It was adorable and it made me laugh. We laugh together all the time. I think that's what's. So I came home, he's laid out on a wrestling outfit, laid out on the bed. And I,

Travis Gravel: So fast forward this story that happens on TV and I, you know, and I'm like, I walked out, I'm done

So I go to my dentist. I go to my dentist to sits down in the chair and, and the ladies clean my teeth and everything. And then at the end they have the dentist come on. And out of nowhere, and I've known this gentleman for a long time, he's like, Hey, I was watching the Steve Harvey show the other day.

And I'm like, okay. And I honestly didn't click at that time. I was like, you like those wrestling outfit, you got to be kidding me. So like, no joke. Like every time I [00:22:00] go to the dentist I mean, now it's been like years. Every time I go to the dentist, he's still talking about the wrestling outfit. I'm like, you've got to be, you got to let it go, man.

And now I beat him to the punch. I'm like, remember the time I was on Steve, I like, I already beat him to the punch. He doesn't even say because he loves to talk about it. He loves embarrass me. I'm like, let me go ahead and get it out now when I get here. So he doesn't, I don't have to hear him talk about it.

Kim Gravel: This is coming from a man who truly likes to stay anonymous. He doesn't want people like you talk to people. You're very friendly. You're kindhearted giving loving person, but you don't like the spotlight. Runs from it. My mom trusts to take Christmas pictures. There was a huge blow out with him and my mom one year.

Cause he did not want to take a Christmas picture. And my mom was, you know, you know, my mom, she ain't having it. So to go into your dentist office and to say that you'd like to dress up and wrestling outfits. Yeah.

Travis Gravel: Yes. I was not. I did not see that coming. I didn't. And of course you never know who stole what.

Zac Miller: I mean, Travis, if you really want to freak them out, you should go dressed [00:23:00] in a wrestling.

Travis Gravel: That would be, yeah, that's scary.

Kim Gravel: I thought it was cute.

Zac Miller: I think that's really cool. It's like the opposites attract thing, right? I mean, do you, do you guys think that's sort of, what's working for you because you clearly have just such a close relationship that is just built on so many layers of trust that you can go on a podcast and air your dirty laundry and it's fine.

Travis Gravel: Yeah. I, I, you know, the one thing that doesn't exist in our relationship that I think exists in a lot of relationships, it's a competitiveness or. That's nothing for me. I, she, I, I support her 1000% and like, go for it. And I'm back here supporting you. I know what I'm called to do and this relationship and what I've been called for.

And so I, I encourage and support her to go, you know, I know she's the talent, I'm not the talent. And I don't try to compete with her. And I think a lot of relationships and marriages, people get stuck in competing with each other and trying to one up the other person. Right. And that [00:24:00] doesn't that just releasing that and not having that in our way at all.

It's so freeing for our relationship and for her success.

Kim Gravel: A lot of people say, Kim, you're so confident. You're so confident. I'm a force of what Travis Gravel is and confidence, Travis, the main, the sexiest, the most amazing thing. He's a great father. He's very committed. He is all of the things that you want in a husband or mate, but the one thing.

He has that a lot of people want is that 1000% confidence in who he is and what he is way more than me. And honestly, I piggyback on his allot. Wow. So I, I always say this men get a bad rap and also y'all, don't do enough either, but that's a whole nother podcast, but I'm just saying like, Travis is a true man.

He's a real man.

Travis Gravel: Okay. We're getting real heavy. Should I, should I tell the dog sheer [00:25:00] story at this moment?

Kim Gravel: Oh my God. Oh my God. This, so

this is another thing. This is another reason. This is another one of his frugal, owned a cheap moment. So when I met him, you know, try to shave his head, you know, he's, follicly challenged. And so, he shaves his head all, all over. And when I first met him, he was on haircut. He had, right. So he's on haircuts and then he has the shaver.

So we had a dog. Well, he had a dog. When we first got married, his name was cheesy.

Travis Gravel: Yeah. We had a little a miniature schnauzer that I had before we married.

Kim Gravel: Well, he need to go to the dentist more. You didn't ever take that down to the dentist.

Travis Gravel: So my razor broke and I needed to shave my head . And so I went to the store and I'm like, I need to get another razor. And so I looked and the human one was more expensive, you know, a little pricey. And I looked at the dog one and I'm like, man, at the same, like, this is, this is [00:26:00] cheaper.

The dog one is those same thing, the same item. But this, there are exactly the same items, but this one's cheaper. So I bought the dog sheers instead,

Kim Gravel: but that's not the only problem Zac. He didn't just buy the dog sheers, the cheaper dog sheers to use on his head. He used it on the dog's head too on the dog's body.

So he was shaking his doll and shaving his hair. Okay.

Travis Gravel: That's probably one of my cheaper moments.

Zac Miller: That's a lot. Yeah. It's pretty funny.

Travis Gravel: They're like they're the same thing. I mean, they're, they're exactly you can, they're built. They're probably made by the same company. One has a dog face on it.

One has a human face on it.

Zac Miller: I mean, that's totally true. In the last few years, obviously, you've been very successful. You have more money now, are you less cheap?

Kim Gravel: No,

Travis Gravel: no. I knew. We even, like I said, I'd never checked. I mean, I don't, I just not going to change who I am.

I mean, it's [00:27:00] hard, you know, you get older, it's harder to change. Yeah. Right. Do I still go to taco bell and instead of going to a five-star place? Absolutely. I got to talk about getting lunch.

Zac Miller: We'll Taco Bell is amazing.

Kim Gravel: We don't just go to taco bell, but he downloads the app so he can get the free Chalupa.

Travis Gravel: You can get the rewards, you get the rewards. I get the free stuff.

Kim Gravel: Okay. So all the little Coke caps that you get on Coke, bottles, Coke, zero, you get a soda bottles, all the family give them to him. Cause he gets free popcorn at the movie. I mean, he's that guy. I mean, you don't get popcorn. You bring a coupon.

Travis Gravel: That is one thing I don't do anymore. I used to be really into coupons.

Oh my. I used to get coupons all the time.

Kim Gravel: All of our baby food for Bo for like $10 for his entire first year of his life.

Travis Gravel: When, when you have a baby is very expensive. So you can find coupons to cut back on that. You're constantly buying diapers. You're constantly buying formula. So I would go find the coupons.

Kim Gravel: He should have been on that show. Coupon crazy.

Travis Gravel: Yeah. I watched that. Yeah. [00:28:00] I didn't ever, I never cut that many coupons. They would have like a bill of a thousand dollars and pay a dollar, but I used to have fun, like getting as much as I could. And then like, I would pay like $2 for like $50 worth of groceries.

That was fun for a minute.

Kim Gravel: I'm going into my closet. Right. This is recently like, listen a year ago, I'm going into my closet. I'm looking around. And I'm like, where's that purse? Where are those shoes? Where is that top? He'll take like my coach purses and almond. And he will put that stuff online and sell it.

Travis Gravel: You need to get rid of it and sell it

Kim Gravel: True story.

And I was like, where's that? Where's that cream coach purse of the black Trump. Oh honey. That's sold.

It's called eBay.

Zac Miller: That's incredible.

Travis Gravel: Everybody's got stuff laying around.

Zac Miller: In some ways I love that because it like, it cuts down on your stuff.

Like you just collect so much stuff in your life.

Kim Gravel: [00:29:00] That's not the point of the conversation,

Travis Gravel: but that's the positive side

Zac Miller: I can get by with this one. Don't take someone elses stuff that's funny.

Travis Gravel: I just don't talk about the suit that you threw out of mine. Okay. I had one good suit tailor made.

Kim Gravel: It looked you had a baseball in your crotch.

Travis Gravel: It did not. It didn't. No, it didn't. No, she threw in my one good suit so she can not talk about me selling a purse. She threw away my one suit.

Kim Gravel: He's lucky to have a pair of drawers.

Travis Gravel: No, nobody wears suits anymore. But back then you wore a suit and I needed a suit and it was gone. And then I had to go to a funeral or a wedding or something and I'm like, where's my suit.

Oh, I threw that out. I'm like, she will throw all your stuff out. Like in two seconds, you'll look around and boom, it's gone. I'm like what happened to the, I got rid of it. She's doesn't like clutter.

Kim Gravel: And he's a pack rat.

Travis Gravel: I'm not a pack rat.

Kim Gravel: So Travis in all honestly, like,

Travis Gravel: and the land that time forgot downstairs, that's it.

But it's contained to like a closet of stuff.

Kim Gravel: You have the whole house, every room in [00:30:00] that house is yours or the kids. Yeah. I have like a, I have like a, a chair

Travis Gravel: I've been reduced to one closet down the basement. That's it.

Zac Miller: That's just a closet full of your stuff. Just for your junk.

Travis Gravel: I call it the land that time forgot.

I mean, it's got a CD rack in there with these

Kim Gravel: full sound system down there. It's a closet.

Travis Gravel: I got a record player. I've got record record guy, right? Yeah. I've got albums down there. I've got all my frame stuff up or autographs from different bands that I've met and everything. I've got it all down there.

Okay. So it's but it's contained into one closet. It's a big closet, but it's, but it is, you know, it's a closet

Kim Gravel: Travis. And I say this, this is our motto. Our family motto never mistake our kindness for weakness and never mistake that we're alone because when one goes, we all go nice. So when one falls, we all fall when [00:31:00] one, when one has, when one's got an issue, and this is even outside of our faith, this is our, our, our, our extended family.

When someone is down, we all go. So, you know, I think that's a way to really parent and have relationships is loyalty and commitment. If it's a safe environment. And I mean, everybody has their problems. You know, if there's not abuse in the home or whatever, you know, I'll all of the, but just, just, you got to stick to it.

You've got to stick to it. Unless there's abuse of, I want to hear everybody hear me clearly. This is not a be all Findel, I'm not a psychologist or counselor, but I know for Travis and I we've had our tough times. We have just been through a tough time. That's what y'all don't know. Travis. We have been just recently through, I don't know.

I'm hormonal. I'm premenopausal. You've got teenage boy. Who's who's raging with his hormones. Travis is going, oh my God. It's just emotional emotion. It's tough.

Travis Gravel: Yeah. It's the [00:32:00] world that we're in. We're all busier and busier and busier and have less time for ourselves.

Zac Miller: Why are we so much busier? Why does that seem?

Cause I feel the same thing. I feel like I'm just getting busier and busier and busier and I don't know why.

Travis Gravel: Well, it's, it's the pressure from society. It's the pressure that you put on yourself. It's the pressure that, that job's put on you. You're now tied to a phone you're tied in and you're supposed to answer your phone.

There's no off time. There's no off time because phones have made it where you can work from anywhere. So that's a great thing that I can work from anywhere, but I don't need to work all the time. And I think that's where the confusion is is that now it's like, now that you're accessible, then we can reach you out to you at any time, make sure that you're working.

Kim Gravel: Travis loves his, some Travis

Travis Gravel: coming from you.

Kim Gravel: Nothing like you are on this. Travis is hashtag self-care and self-love, he should be the poster boy for that. So Travis would go to work. He would pack his lunch cause you ain't gonna go out to eat. He would go out once a week to taco bell for him.

Travis Gravel: I would only go out once when I [00:33:00] got paid.

Kim Gravel: Oh, so biweekly.

Travis Gravel: Yes. When I got paid, that was the day that you went out to eat. That's funny.

Kim Gravel: So he packed his lunch every day. He would go pack his lunch, eat it, go into his car and take a 10 to 15 minutes. Every day what'd you call your siesta? He said he called it.

Travis Gravel: It wasn't every day, but it would be, if I was, if I was a little more tired that day, I would go to the car and I, I had it like on spot.

Like my, I had like a human alarm clock. I could sit, I could sleep. I wouldn't even set an alarm. I would wake up exactly 10 minutes later and go right back into work. I had it down to a science.

Kim Gravel: So travis is going to take care of him. So he pops up, goes running. He does great. That's important. That's why I think you're more sane than me.

Travis Gravel: I think the exercise gets all that out. It really does. If I don't exercise for like a week, man, I am like bunkers. I cannot it's all this energy that I it's all this. I mean, I don't know. I didn't have ADHD, but I'm sure they would diagnose me as in my youth. Oh, okay. Thank you [00:34:00] doctor Dr.

Zac Miller: But you two work together too, right?

So how does that work?

Travis Gravel: But we're in separate rooms. I mean, we're not in the same room, like.

Zac Miller: My wife and I, we, we have a very close bond. We, I don't think we've talked about this. Like, we wouldn't be able to work together. We're together all the time. Like, like COVID locked down. Like that was fine.

We were fine. Like, we're not the people who are like, not able to be in the same space together all the time, but I just know that that would be really challenging.

Travis Gravel: It's not challenging for us because we try to separate what we do. There was a time that we were doing, we were both trying to do the same job.

Like when Kim sang it did get a little weird because we both had vision about what we wanted to do. And I would be kind of pushing my agenda more than her. So it did, we did, [00:35:00] we did kind of clash then. I mean, this was gosh, 20 years ago, maybe 15, 20 years ago. And so we did clash a little bit then. Quickly.

I learned like, nah, she just needs to do what she needs to do. And I need to stay. I need to work on some other aspect of what we're doing. So we don't go, we're not doing the same thing. We're not competing to do to one up, Hey, I'm going to get involved in this that you're doing. And then try to tell you what to do.

So we kind of like backed off those things and then I go do something more like separate from her. That's how I kind of stay away from it.

Kim Gravel: You won't Travis managing your money. So like for me, this is a true story. Everybody's going to be, I get an allowance every two weeks. I do. I'm cool with that. Like I get my money in my account every two weeks.

Now, what I'm not cool with is when the kids and Travis start depleting my little stipend, I get every two weeks, I don't get, oh my god, Travis. Do you want me to tell everybody what you give? And I have to buy groceries out of that [00:36:00] money.

Travis Gravel: That sounds really controlling,

Kim Gravel: not controlling, but he managed money so well, so I, to me, it's not about what you make is what you save and what you do with it.

So for me, I'm going to go buy what I want to buy that let's not get crazy. But what I'm telling you is it's that partnership again, like there's a lot of things. I'll say Travis, as a female, as, as somebody with that, like intuitiveness myself about certain things. I'm like, there's something going on with the kids.

There's something not right. I'll do that all the time where he doesn't have that. Like I do, like, I'll say something, ain't right. Something's off. And I'll go look through his phone every day. I do it every night. Don't tell him, and I'll look and I can, I can kinda see what's going on. You know? So we just work together as a partnership, right.

Everybody wants to have like this, there's not a big romance story. I mean, we, we have to schedule our sex times. Should I say that out loud did right. [00:37:00] We have to schedule stuff. And like w date night is going to the grocery store on Sunday, just to pick up a few things without the kids. I mean, it's not, it's not this hallmark card love story, but it's.

I'm gonna quote, my dad, I'm doing, I'm quoting. I said, dad, I said, do you ever like, think back and say, what if you would have married someone else? So we were driving home from my thing. She, he goes, that's ridiculous. We're here. We're doing it, whatever.

Travis Gravel: That's how we thought about it.

Kim Gravel: And that's what we always say.

Like, Travis is like, we'll look at each other, go, we're here. We're doing it. Whatever. Sometimes if you can't be with the one you love this love the one you're with. I mean, there's something into that story.

Travis Gravel: Cut all of this. Sounds like we hate each other

Zac Miller: No, no, no.

Kim Gravel: That's a little too real.

I mean, Travis.

Oh my God.

Let me explain. [00:38:00] I just peed all over myself. Just stop you making me laugh. I didn't mean like, I love someone. I mean, you just gotta be where you're at. Yeah.

Travis Gravel: I know. It's like your foot is so far in your mouth. Just you know, just got to get

away for a minute.

Kim Gravel: Favorite part about being married to me, your crazy side.

Travis Gravel: I mean, even though it's the thing that also can be a pain in the worst thing, it's also, it keeps things interesting and fun and fresh.

Kim Gravel: I love your stability.

Zac Miller: All right. Well, I'm coming in with a Zac Attack.

Kim Gravel: Oh, Lord.

Zac Miller: Travis doesn't know what this is because he doesn't listen to the podcast.

Travis Gravel: I have no idea.

Zac Miller: All right. Every episode or every few episodes, I surprise Kim and our guests with a Zac Attack kind of a game show. I'm going to call it a game show for today's one. So today, since this is kind of our holiday episode, this is the last episode that [00:39:00] we're going to put out before Christmas. I wanted to do a 2021 edition of Price is Right in honor of travis being so cheap.

Travis Gravel: Oh, I have a lot of pressure to win. You'll win.

Zac Miller: I was going to get prices, right. Music, but I don't want them to sue us.

Kim Gravel: But the way you sang it was perfect.

Zac Miller: Right. That's it right.

Travis Gravel: Or is that wheel of fortune?

I think that might be.

Zac Miller: I don't watch wheel of fortune.

Travis Gravel: The showcase showdown.

Kim Gravel: No.

Travis Gravel: That's right. Sorry. You're right. Yeah.

Zac Miller: So I did some research and found some of the hot products for this [00:40:00] holiday season.

And I'm going to tell you what they are. And then I want you to tell me how much you think they cost prices, right? So this is price is right rules. That means that if you go over, you lose.

Travis Gravel: Oh,

Zac Miller: okay. There's a couple that are like kids toys. There's a couple that are more for adults. I'm gonna start with a kid's toy because it's called the LOL surprise OMG house of surprises.

Kim Gravel: Okay. That's a toy. That's a girl story.

Zac Miller: It turns out it turns out. Yeah, there's LOL doll. They're huge Kim. So you guys know unboxing videos online. So the whole point of these apparently is that you don't know which thing you're buying. So you buy these things and you on box them and it could be one of, you know, however many

This is a real wood [00:41:00] dollhouse. Over 85 surprises.

Travis Gravel: Wow. Small surprises though.

Kim Gravel: How big is the doll house?

Zac Miller: That's a good question. Yeah. So this is the price. This is the price on Amazon. This is a four foot tall and four foot wide, 10 rooms. It says wood, but okay. It's not it's it's, I'll say this it's like one sided, right? It's not, it doesn't have all the like doors open.

Kim Gravel: I have it. I have it. Okay.

Zac Miller: Travis, you go first.

Travis Gravel: I say $149.99. Okay.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. I say nine $99 and 99 cents.

Zac Miller: Ooh, the real price is $184. Oh.

Kim Gravel: For a Woodall house. It has [00:42:00] surprises in it

Travis Gravel: It has 85 surprises,

Zac Miller: 85 surprises. All right, Travis won that one.

Kim Gravel: This is a rich Christmas because that's expensive.

Zac Miller: This next one is something I read about that is like, so all the people who are investing in like Bitcoin and meme stocks, there is something that they're buying, I guess, for their desks. It's a three inch pure tungsten cube. Okay.

Kim Gravel: What does the cube do?

Zac Miller: It is literally a paperweight.

It is eight kilograms. So it's over.

Travis Gravel: Is it shaped like a Bitcoin or something, what's it?

Zac Miller: Nope. It is just a cube, a metal cube. It is one of those things I read about. And I was like, this doesn't make sense to me. This is so interesting.

Kim Gravel: It's like, it's like, what, what, what were those things called?

Zac Miller: Fidget spinners. Those at [00:43:00] least did something. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: We went all over the world looking for fidget spinners. We probably went to 14 stores. We, we, we, we buy in the hype. So we might be getting the scoop for Christmas. I say it is 1599, $15, 97, $50 on. I said, if it's more than that, and it's just the cube that sits there, people on crack, they need to really wake up.

Zac Miller: I will tell you right now. Wait, let me, let me just say part of the reason why people buy this is because it's expensive.

Travis Gravel: Yeah. I knew it was more than 59. So I automatically win because I'm going to say $16. So ding, ding, ding, ding me. I'm going to win. I knew this would be expensive.

Kim Gravel: How much is it? Cause if it's a cube,

Travis Gravel: it's probably like a hundred bucks, you know,

Zac Miller: it's so funny.

So Kim, you were right and you are wrong. It's $15.99. But it's $1,599.

Travis Gravel: Wow.

Zac Miller: So when you said 1500, I was like, this is crazy. No, it's literally just to a cube of tungsten.

Kim Gravel: Isn't that the [00:44:00] metal that they make, the, like the jet planes out of and all that,

I'm very smart.

Travis Gravel: But you can never tell what these things cause you like, you can go on Amazon and get like a, a massive phone case for three things.

Kim Gravel: Travis, or you can get a, you know, you can get her phone case for a dollar. I mean, Amazon is, it runs the gamut. It's stupid. It's a cube we need to get in the queue business.

Zac Miller: So this is so one that's one centimeter

Kim Gravel: it's 29, 99

Zac Miller: 30 bucks.

It's an expensive metal. It's a cool metal

Kim Gravel: too much time

Travis Gravel: becomes like a social symbol symbol. I've got the tungsten cube on my desk.

I mean, I got a Starbucks in my hand,

Kim Gravel: Travis will make it out of aluminum fall. That's what he'll do.

Zac Miller: Okay. Next one. Have you guys heard of the company rivian? no, they're a new electric car maker. Oh, they have a pickup [00:45:00] truck. So they're, first-generation revealing electric pickup truck. They're trying to compete with Tesla and all that.

What do you think a ravian electric pickup truck costs? Travis, you get to go first.

Travis Gravel: It's always tough because you don't want to go over the price. Can easily go under the price. I don't think it's going to be that expensive. I think it's going to be anywhere from 10 to 15. So I'm going to go. Yeah. The electric, some of these smaller electric cars. Is it a big car or a small car? It's a full size pickup truck.

It's a full size.

Zac Miller: It's a full-size pickup truck. Yeah. Okay.

Kim Gravel: I used to drive the f-150.

Travis Gravel: So I'm going to go up. I'm going to go as high as 35,000. Okay.

Kim Gravel: I'm going to say 50,000.

Zac Miller: Okay. The price is 67 5.

Kim Gravel: You can't get no car for $35,000.

Travis Gravel: Yeah. Yeah, you can. There's little puddle jumpers,

Kim Gravel: Travis, this electric car. You are in the dark ages [00:46:00] with cars.

Travis Gravel: Yeah. Well, that's not my household

Kim Gravel: We have four cars. There's a long story to that, Travis. And he'll rotate each car that he drives every day, depending on who's got the most gas, cause he didn't want to stop, fill up with gas and we'll tell you something else about Travis and his cars he'll drive him to the wheels fall off. When I met him, he did not have a car that went in reverse. We had to push him out of the parking space.

Travis Gravel: I had a car, it was crazy, but I had a car that stopped going in reverse. So I would park on Hills to stores so that I could just push it back. Right.

Kim Gravel: Did you still have that car when you asked my dad to marry me.

Travis Gravel: I don't. I don't remember. But your, your driveway was a hill. So. But there was a time that I, like, I literally like poured it, like pushed it back and then had to pull. Right? Yeah. I look back and I'm like, that's a little crazy, a little, that's a little extreme Jeep for sure.

Zac Miller: That's pretty good.

Kim Gravel: Travis says it's sick that you buy a car because it loses value when you drive. [00:47:00]

Zac Miller: That's true. Okay. So the reason why I love the fact that this is like popular again is cause like, this is totally a throwback for us. It's the Vtech kids, zoom, kitty zoom, print, cam digital camera and printer. It's like you take a picture and it prints the picture.

And it prints the picture when you take it. Just like a

Travis Gravel: Polaroid, like a Polaroid. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: I'm going to say that's 49 99.

Zac Miller: Okay. This is, this is a Walmart price, by the way. I don't know if that changed for you.

Kim Gravel: I'm gonna say 39 99 then.

Travis Gravel: Well then I'll go $40. Okay.

Zac Miller: That's so brutal.

Kim Gravel: Okay.

Zac Miller: Kim you are so close.

It was 49, 88.

Travis Gravel: He tricked you when he said, I knew

Zac Miller: you were over, you were going to lose. I was trying to help you out. So Travis, you got three and Kim you only got one.

Kim Gravel: Oh my God. Which is pretty [00:48:00] typical. He's the, he's the money, man. He's my money, man.

Zac Miller: You got the right money guy.

Travis Gravel: I'm the one that buys the toys. So I know.

Kim Gravel: Okay. I'm just telling you, we have done black Friday for 20. We made 20, almost 21 years. So we have done it for 20 years, black Friday and he get, he gets his son. He used to get us up at midnight and we would stay out all night and shop. And now it's like after Turkey day, we load up in the car and we hit all the stores.

That, to me, that's one of my fondest memories is black Friday.

Travis Gravel: Black Friday has changed so much over the years. Christmas on black Friday. Yeah. You would get up early in the morning, back in the back in the early days you get up at 5:00 AM or 3:00 AM.

Kim Gravel: And you'd say get in that line right now?

Travis Gravel: I would go in and try to get the line. And then they, then they started doing it before they start. They moved it to Thanksgiving day. So we go at night, we would go at night and go before, like, you know, Thanksgiving night and they would start shopping and then they kind of got away from that. Now it's kinda more online and they do have some stuff in the morning.[00:49:00]

Zac Miller: So are you going to go out, are you going to go out?

Travis Gravel: I probably won't go out. I actually, this year I looked and I was like, there's really nothing that, that interests me in any of this. Everything has moved online anyway. So I might be, I would be online, like buying stuff like Thanksgiving day, but I probably, I don't know.

I mean, we'll probably go out just for old time's sake, like just, you know, because we're so used to doing it,

Kim Gravel: That's a good way before we do the rapid fire to kind of just wrap this up. Cause Travis can come on. We can talk about other subjects, but I think the special things about the holidays are those traditions that we've created, not only for each other, but like the black Friday, we started that without our kids.

Right. And you do the scavenger hunt every year, first with Santa Claus.

Travis Gravel: And we'll do again this year. So you just create, like, if there's a big present for that year, you leave little clues around. So they would, it would say go to where the cookies are stored or whatever. And then they go to the cookie jar and they pull out another one and it says, go to where you play basketball or whatever.

And they would go and better than [00:50:00] that, what I'm saying, but, and they would go around and eventually they would find the big gift. So this year I've got a big gift and so I'll have to come up with this.

Kim Gravel: We still do like elf on the shelf and like all of that. Do you do mench on the bench?

Zac Miller: No, we don't do, we don't do the elf on the shelf thing.

both my kids get Hanukkah and Christmas. Cause I, you know, cause I'm Jewish. Camielle's Catholic.

Travis Gravel: How lucky are they, you know, they're like rock on. I get two.

Kim Gravel: Gosh, don't tell my kids. Cause they'll be Jewish.

They'll get Hanukkah and Christmas now I think that supportive part, it doesn't matter what holiday you celebrate, you know, just make those traditions because those are things that really last you forget about all the little fights. You forget about your restaurants.

Travis Gravel: but you remember the traditions and what you do.

The kids come down every Christmas and [00:51:00] we, they can't come down the stairs until a certain time until everything's, you know, I, you know, back then I would go and hide all the gifts in the middle of the night. I'd bring all the gifts from wherever they were hidden and bring them out and put them on the floor, separated out.

And then we, they would come down and they'd be so excited to come down the stairs and they couldn't come until everything was clear. And then they would turn the corner and everything would, you know, they'd see all their stuff. Now I'm a rapper and she's a non rap. She doesn't rap and I rap. I'm all about the rapping.

Like you've got you, can't just walk into a room full of stuff. That's not cool.

Kim Gravel: The moral of the story is that Travis is just a big kid. So if it has anything, but I think most, I think most dads are that's what makes them great. I love you. Okay. I want to do one thing before we go. Can I do the rapid fire question Zac?

Yeah. Should I do it? Okay. Some of them are personal. So what you do is Travis. Don't sit there and think, try to be clever and all that. Just say what you need to say.

Trust me. It's easy. Okay. Here we go. [00:52:00] What's the funniest thing I've ever said to you.

Travis Gravel: Oh, come on. These are like, I wouldn't.

I mean, I can, I gotta think about that next. I can't even think. I mean, these are hard. Come on. Nothing came to my mind.

Kim Gravel: Well, this is easy because we host Thanksgiving at our house about 20 people every year. What is your favorite Thanksgiving?

Travis Gravel: My favorite Thanksgiving food is your mashed potatoes, fresh mashed potatoes,

Kim Gravel: crackpot, mashed potatoes.

And if y'all want the recipe, we might want to add it here.

Zac Miller: Mashed potatoes, amazing

Kim Gravel: dude, this there's so much cream, cheese, butter, milk, heavy grain. You can't eat them, but once a year, it's illegal. What do you want for Christmas?

Travis Gravel: All I want for Christmas is you

Kim Gravel: that's so suss.

Travis Gravel: I am person. That doesn't need anything.

Kim Gravel: Can you just say one thing that you want for [00:53:00] Christmas, a wallet? Do you need a wallet?

Travis Gravel: Yes.

Kim Gravel: Who is your celebrity crush?

Travis Gravel: Elizabeth Hurley.

Kim Gravel: I knew that she's in a new movie on Netflix. She still looks good. She does. Why is she your celebrity crush?

We look nothing alike.

Travis Gravel: All right. Next.

Kim Gravel: Which of our boys are your favorite?

Travis Gravel: I don't have a favorite.

Kim Gravel: I know you're going to say that, but if you did, who would it be?

Travis Gravel: There are both favorites for different reasons. So Blanton would be my favorite because he's compliant and he looks up to me. I think they both do, but more so and Beau for his independence.

And he's just like me.

Kim Gravel: This is what I say to our boys all the time. I'm like Blanton. You're my favorite youngest son. And he didn't, he, he, he didn't understand that for a long time. He goes, mom, I'm your only youngest son. And I'll say, oh, you're my favorite oldest son. That's fine. Okay. What's one thing that you could change about me.

If you could change something,

Travis Gravel: [00:54:00] your temper. Okay. Just drop it.

Kim Gravel: Just, just drop that in there. Yeah. What's one thing that. I'm having to process that

Travis Gravel: you see how long it took me to answer that question, right? She said, don't think about it. I'm like, oh, I didn't think about that at all.

Zac Miller: This episode is going really well until

Travis Gravel: have you ever heard her lost for words?

Kim Gravel: What's one thing you love about my mother.

Travis Gravel: She is the most unique individualistic person I've ever met. She doesn't care about anybody or anything about what they say about her or what anything. I mean, she, she is marching to her own beat.

I've never seen anybody March to their own beat. And that's coming a lot coming from me, different beat marchers than me. And I'm like, she has her, she, she lives in her own world.

Kim Gravel: Yes. Okay. We need to do something and we need to do it now. I just had an idea. I know we need to wrap [00:55:00] soon. Yup. We need to do Travis needs to crank call my mother right now.

This is another crank call mom. Okay. So let's just go and set it up.

Travis Gravel: I don't know what we, I prank her all the time.

Zac Miller: How about this? What about, what if it's like good? What if it's like someone won something? Yeah.

Kim Gravel: Yes. Say Jo, I entered you in a contest to win a brand new.

Travis Gravel: Well, no, I got it. I got it.

I just got Allisyn on Dr. Phil and you're the guest. They

Kim Gravel: want you on.

Say Jo, I just got an email from Dr. Phil. Why has this not picking up his phone? How many Bluetooth things do you have on this phone? A lot, dude, you might have to, and your phone is on dead.

Travis Gravel: You didn't say to bring my charge phone.

Zac Miller: What did you get her on for?

Travis Gravel: We're going to get her on for enabling, enabling that she is [00:56:00] more enablers or enablers for her grandson and they need Dr. Phil wants her on specifically and she needs to fly out to California.

Kim Gravel: Both of them, her Allisyn's and Brookes going to be on the show. They want pops, but pops won't come. Yeah. Okay. So say all that.

Yeah. Okay. Shut up. Shut.

Travis Gravel: Hello. Can you hear me? Okay. You can hear me now. Okay. I have this surprise for Allisyn for Christmas. You can not say a word, please.

Kim Gravel: Don't say anything. You tell secrets.

Travis Gravel: If it didn't involve you, I wouldn't tell you because it kind of involves you. That's why I've kind of got to say something.

Well, you know, Allisyn loves Dr. Phil, right? Yeah. So I sent in a request, a show request to have her in Brooks on the show. [00:57:00] So they are gonna, you know, they're going to be on the show and all that. And so they're looking for angles for the show. And so they said, well, I was brilliant. I thought this was brilliant.

Yeah. I think, I mean, I think they're doing the right thing and they're like, we need to talk to like the people in the person's life. Like, and, and

well, they wanted four people, they want enablers.

Kim Gravel: They want, and dad won't go, mom and dad won't go.

Travis Gravel: They said, we wanna, we want to talk to the enabler people and with the, you know, with the child on the show. And so they said, you either w we need three, but we'd love for, but if you can't get three people, they can't go.

Now I know it's a touchy subject about the enabling, and I don't know if you want to go on national TV. Would you go on TV and talk about it because you're not really enabling.

Kim Gravel: She is. She just went over today and set up a Christmas tree for him and a [00:58:00] reef. So yes, she isn't.

Travis Gravel: Right. So we would be no big deal for you to go and be on the show.

Right. I need to get back in touch with Dr. Phil's crew and tell them that you're willing to go. And you Allisyn and Brooks,

Jo Hardee: I'm not going on it by myself. Kim needs to go too.

Kim Gravel: I got shows and everything else.

Jo Hardee: Make Travis go.

Travis Gravel: I'm not involved. I'm not, I'm not enabling. So I'm the non enabler

we'll make sure you get a good ticket. I mean, they pay for your round

trips. It's not first-class or anything, but it's coach.

I mean, you'd be great on Dr. Phil and people want to hear what you have to say. They do. You could impart some wisdom to the world, Jo.

Jo Hardee: Travis, I'm going to bust

Kim Gravel: your tail.

Travis Gravel: Why, that's truth. You've got a lot to say, [00:59:00] Jo,

Jo Hardee: Let your dad go

Travis Gravel: He's not going to go. They need three people.

Kim Gravel: So if you just fly up there, it's, it's like a five and a half hour flight. You're going to do the show.

Travis Gravel: Nobody, nobody watches that show. They'll never see Dr. Phil come on. I'm trying to,

Kim Gravel: but we don't want to commit to it because honestly he needs more enablers than just Allisyn they're trying to add on people.

And I don't really, I'm not that involved with it, but you know, and I can't go, mom, I've got two major shows that weekend. I mean it's cause you're typing on a Thursday. You'll come back on a Friday. Oh my what's the date.

Travis Gravel: They don't have a specific it's in between that time. They don't have a specific date yet, but I need to get it back to them by the end of the week, by Friday or

Kim Gravel: dead serious.

Jo Hardee: How did you get that fast reaction? Travis?

Kim Gravel: He sent it two months [01:00:00] ago since that thing.

Travis Gravel: A long time ago, because she loves Dr. Phil, but we can't tell her until christmas. It's just so perfect timing. Yeah.

Is that a yes. Do we have a yes,

Jo Hardee: I don't know. Y'all I don't, I don't want my face on TV anymore.

Kim Gravel: Mom. It's just, you've not you haven't been to California since, since in a few years, California. I can't fly though. Five hours across the thing to do this crap.

Travis Gravel: It's seven, but it's fine.

Kim Gravel: It's five hours, four and a half back. Yeah, you can do with the time change. So it is kind of seven with.

Jo Hardee: Oh, my God would be, oh, terrible. That's too far.

Travis Gravel: Do you want to help or not?

Kim Gravel: I mean, at this point, Brooks is he needs it, mom, and you know that.

And it will help us as a family.

Travis Gravel: Can [01:01:00] I call them back? So you're think about it.

Jo Hardee: California, if it was New York...

Kim Gravel: I mean, I know it's a longer flight. I want you to pray about it. Okay.

Jo Hardee: I might have to pray about that hard.

Kim Gravel: Okay. All right. Well, I need to know about, can you pray about it? Like in the next hour, let them know, not let me think about this.

Jo Hardee: That's a long flight.

Kim Gravel: It's two days, mom.

Travis Gravel: It's for your grandson. Do I have, do I have a commitment? I need a commitment now.

Kim Gravel: These kinds of opportunities a lot. We gotta know. I gotta know.


Travis Gravel: Get, get some serious help.

Well, partly that too. She's a major crush on Dr. Phil. So it'll be a dream for her too, but you can make two dreams come true, Jo, [01:02:00] you can make two dreams come true and one know to kill two birds with one stone.

So I've got your commitment. You can just say yes, you can do it.

Jo Hardee: I don't want to fly five hours. And I don't want to be on televison.

Travis Gravel: Yes you do. You're a former Janssen's model.

The world needs to hear what you have to say.

You have no problem talking.

Jo Hardee: Yeah. Yeah. Please say this is a joke.

Please do.

Travis Gravel: Can I get a yes, because I need to get back with Janet at the doctor. Phil's called me and I need to get back with.

Kim Gravel: Her name is not Janet.

Jo Hardee: Are y'all kidding. [01:03:00]

Kim Gravel: We are. You're on the podcast. Hey mom.

Zac Miller: Gotcha. Hey Jo.

Jo Hardee: I thought I started to say, oh my God, I can't do this.

Kim Gravel: Well, you know what I was worried about? I was actually worried about Dr. Phil leaving Robin honey when he saw old Jo, he'd be like, let me leave you Robin. I got me a new lover.

Jo Hardee: Crazy. You are just as crazy as

Travis Gravel: do i not win the a hundred dollars, but I don't get her to commit

yup. See, I was, I was trying to get the money. If I, if I get her to say yes, I should get some money,

I was trying desperately hard to get you to say yes,

Kim Gravel: I'm trying too hard, but I'm telling ya. That's something that I don't want to be on a plane for five hours. All right. Well, I'm gonna let you go. Love you. Bye bye. Got ya. Got ya. Oh my gosh. [01:04:00] I wish the phone call would have been a little bit more where you and mom were like arguing and fighting.

Cause y'all fight all the time.

Travis Gravel: I like to stir the pot

Kim Gravel: You banter

Travis Gravel: Yeah, but I stir the pot with her. I know how to get her go in to get her juices flowing. She did give us a Travis in the middle of that. So that's typical Jo. That's typical.

Kim Gravel: Well, I say that to a lot, so

Travis Gravel: no, not like her. She has her own special way of saying that

Kim Gravel: it's all about family though. Y'all family is everything is forever. Whether you like them or whether you don't. So this holiday season make memories, you know, I'm not gonna say tradition, tradition.

Love your people, right? I love you, babe.

Love you, Zac. Happy holidays. Y'all Kim[01:05:00]

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