May 5, 2022

Part 2: Faith, Family and Blaming Your Husband | A Special Mother’s Day Episode with Kim’s Mom, Jo Hardee

Part 2: Faith, Family and Blaming Your Husband | A Special Mother’s Day Episode with Kim’s Mom, Jo Hardee

We're back with part two of our Mother’s Day special featuring my mom, Jo Hardee, and we’ve got the wildest family stories I've ever shared on the podcast.

We're back with part two of our Mother’s Day special featuring my mom, Jo Hardee, and we’ve got the wildest family stories I've ever shared on the podcast.


This week mom and I go deeper and the stories get wilder. We’re talking about faith, family, and even sex. Yup, this one gets a little spicy so watch out. Mom and I had so much fun this week laughing together and sharing family stories. Jo also shares some of her life experiences with me that have shaped her into the confident person she is today. Without a solid foundation of faith, we wouldn't be the strong people we are today. We talk about how to lay a firm foundation for your belief system in order to trust yourself and discover what lights up your spirit.


Make sure to listen to the end when I ask mom some hilarious rapid fire questions that truly embarrasses her. Usually, it's our moms who embarrass us, but this week I’m flipping the script and spilling mom’s tea. Watch out, you may pee your pants from laughing so hard. 


I’d like to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, adopted moms, stepmoms, mother figures, and expectant mothers out there. I love you and I appreciate you! And even if they don’t say it, your kids appreciate you too. 



  • Jo and Kim’s near-death experience and the miracle that saved them
  • Stories and experiences that have made us strong confident women
  • The importance of faith
  • How to establish a foundation of faith
  • How to find your purpose in life
  • Why Jo is the most confident person I’ve ever known
  • The importance of stillness in life
  • Some spicy family stories that embarrass mom


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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Kim Gravel: [00:00:00] Hey, everybody. Welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. This is my comedy podcast, where we are going to laugh about the messiness of life and turn that mess into a message of confidence, hope and even faith. My mission is to encourage and lift women up. And this show is how we can embrace our real selves, who we really are and laugh about it and laugh about all that stuff.

You know, that life throws our way. So let's do it together. Let's live out loud. Love out. And laugh out loud right now, back by popular demand. We've got my mom for part two of this mother's day podcast. And we're gonna be talking about stories that make your hair stand up on your head. There's little hairs on the back of your neck, both in a funny way and in a real way.

We're gonna talk about faith, how to be funny, not take yourself so seriously, and about the importance of moms in this world.

Zac Miller: Kim. I can't wait to get back into it with your mom, but before we [00:01:00] do, I have a gift for you.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Oh, please. You know, I love me some gifts.

Natalie: LOL with Kim Gravel.

Zac Miller: I had Natalie record just a whole, we just did a whole recording session for you, Kim.

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh. Zac, let me hear more please. What does she say?

Zac Miller: That's her saying, "Kim preach."

Oh no, there's so many funny ones. She doesn't really nail. This is her saying girl. This one's really funny.

Natalie: But that's interesting.

Kim Gravel: Do that one again. Do that one again.

Natalie: Oh, that's instant sing.

Kim Gravel: I love it so much.

Zac Miller: She got some good ones. She got this one.

Natalie: Kim Kim Kim.

Kim Gravel: I love that girl. That's my girl. That's my baby girl right there.[00:02:00]

Zac Miller: All right, let's get back into it with Jo. We're just gonna pick up right where we left off last week.

Kim Gravel: Let's do it.

Jo Hardee: Zac. Yeah. Let me tell you, let me tell you this. We lived in Burg, North Carolina.

Kim Gravel: . I remember this.

Jo Hardee: And Kim and Allisyn were young. Well, Kim was like, she was older. Allisyn was, I think two or three and she was at the church daycare. So I had Kim in the car. We were going and I looked in front of me and on the right side of me was a big filling station, you know, where you could pull in. And on the left side of me was nothing but a field, you know a drop off in a field, Kim back then they didn't, we didn't have car seats [00:03:00] and Kim was standing up in the back seat. I guess Kim was what? Seven, something like that.

And playing. She was playing because like I said, we didn't know the danger. We didn't have car seats back then. And I was coming, I was going down the road and like I said, the final station on the right the drop off was on the left and the, the traffic was a two lane, a little two lane road. And I guess I was doing 50, 55, probably around 50.

And the car in front of me, I could see it hit its brakes because somebody was turning , hit its brakes. And now there was cars coming toward me on this two-lane road. Now this is the honest truth. I would never, never tell you a lie. And, and some people might not believe it, but this is the truth.

I saw that and I was gonna hit it. I never touched my brake, Zac. So help me. I never, I didn't turn, I didn't turn to the right. I didn't turn to the left. I never hit my brake. When I came [00:04:00] to, I was on the side of the road, past the filling station. I knew what had happened because if I had to hit my break, she would've gone through the windshield.

And we would probably been hurt. I don't know how it happened. I can explain it, but the traffic, nobody stopped. The traffic was still moving perfectly. I was sitting on the other side of that traffic on the side of the road, and I realized in that second, what had happened. I never touched my break. God put.

I don't know how he did it. I don't question it. But I ended up on the other side and that only had to be a superpower and it had to be the Lord because I'm gonna tell you right now, the devil would've killed me. If he could have you believe that.

And most people probably won't believe it, but that's the honest to God truth.

 That is a miracle. I will [00:05:00] never forget.

Kim Gravel: We've had a lot of those in our family and probably a lot of people listening do too. And we, don't what we call testify about it enough or share it. I mean, we could go on and on the stories, I'm actually writing a book with all of these stories that have happened to me personally and together in our family, but that has given us strength. So people say, oh yeah, I've got great personalities and you're real authentic. And all of that is true, but we couldn't have that unless we had the foundation of faith. Yeah. And that is what, as I get older and I'm gonna start crying cuz as I get older, that's really, all we got, Zac, is our faith because you can't trust the go.

You can't trust your own instincts half the time you can't trust people, you can't, you can't depend on all of that, but your experiences in your stories and how you've related [00:06:00] to the world. Personally, you can count on that. Like no one can take away. My mommy story said, she said, people can say you dumb.

People can say this, but they can't take away your stories and your experiences and your faith. That's something people can't take. And, and I think that's something we're missing today. What are, what do you believe in ? You know, what are you putting your faith in? What are you putting your faith in your money and your health and your beauty and other people and other people, your relationship you can, because all you really have is your faith at the end of the day.

And people don't wanna hear it. And they think, oh, with our Bible beaters or whatever, whatever you wanna say, I don't, I don't give a real I've lived it. So I. You can't take away my experiences.

Zac Miller: Can I ask you a question about faith? Because I think that for some people, right, who aren't as religious, right?

Kim Gravel: Yeah. And we're not talking religion. Religion is flawed.

Zac Miller: Oh, that's really interesting. But do you think that there's this, that faith that you're talking about can sort of [00:07:00] transcend that can like, is bigger than that? Or are you really for you is it tied to.

Kim Gravel: It's not tied to anything, except my quiet time and my personal relationship with Jesus.

That's it.

Jo Hardee: That's it. That's the bottom line.

Kim Gravel: And that's what my family taught my mom. I remember this is a true story. So dad, you know, as a female and strong and loud, cuz people say, well, the church has hurt me. The church has hurt me. Well, yeah, they human beings. they big idiots just like the rest of us.

I mean, my dad and mommy used to say, mom said that he puts his drawers on the same way. I. You know, I didn't see my parents put their faith in a person. My dad wouldn't even go to church coming up. He was cuz his dad's a preacher. And he would say like, look, I'm not interested in these people's opinions.

Okay. They just like butt holes. Everybody got one. My dad would say that. Damn he is what he'd say. And he'd say, I just want, just read the scripture and let the scripture do the time. I'm not trying to hear your opinion on it. I swear to you, my dad would say that and mom and mom went to church. He didn't go to church for no follow.

No [00:08:00] man. Listen, I went to a true story. The preachers used to come sit at our kitchen table and get advice from my. That's a true, I used to, I grew up watching that. And you know what? Those preachers aren't preachers anymore, but you know, who's still standing. Oh, Jo B. Hardee. She's the same as she always was.

What would you tell him, Jo? What would you tell him?

Jo Hardee: Just what she said.

There's only, there's only one way to have that confidence. To have that assurance is to have faith and believe and know that in the end. You'll still be standing.

Kim Gravel: That's all that matters.

Jo Hardee: Because he's going to be the one to stand.

Kim Gravel: And if you don't hold you up, if you don't have faith in God, it's so hard for me to write this book. Mom, I had a book call yesterday about it, and I'm so glad we're locked up with my editor. But if you don't have a foundation of faith, you cannot have faith in yourself. You, you have to believe in something bigger than.

because you are mortal , you cannot do it [00:09:00] alone. You can't pick up your car and put it on the other side of a convenient Martin. Save yours life. You, you can't, you can't science it to death in it's beautiful science doctors, all that, God God gave him the, the smarts, the talent, the creativity, the inspiration, the ingenuity, all of that is great.

But when it comes down to it, That they can't save you your money. Can't save you. Look, I'm blessed. I am blessed and highly favored. Mom will tell you that I am so blessed and I'm so thankful for God on that. But honey, your money can't save you either. And, and that's where true confidence comes in. And as you know, as we're approaching mother's day, I've watched my mom.

she never, it wasn't what she said. It was who she was. And my dad too, but most my mom has been is my hero. It's who she was, kids. They, they, they become and see and learn from [00:10:00] who you are, not what you do does that. I want everybody to hear me cuz you're like, well, I know a lot of people that have done the right things and they're a basket case.

Crap show life right now. They're they're they're they have nowhere to, I can't tell you the people that I grew up with that were just, you know, my mom and dad, my dad, mom, and dad, your stories fight. She goes well, so and so takes so and so to his wife out to eat every Friday and he said, well, they're broke.

Okay. So we ain't, we ain't gonna do that. We don't.

Zac Miller: Meanwhile, you were going out to eat on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Kim Gravel: But, you know what I'm saying? Like fancy restaurants and stuff. I mean, I just remember how my parents always like, well, they can do what they wanna do, but that ain't what we gonna do.

So you gotta, and that's that foundation of faith. I hope that I'm not sounding too preachy, but honestly, when you, the truth is not preaching. I know mom, people preaching people. They're like telling the Bible beater, [00:11:00] whatever, you know, but I honestly, I only say it because of not my head knowledge, but what I've experienced it I've experienced it.

I've seen it. I've, I've watched it with my own two eyes and I I'm telling you, a lot of people have experienced it. They just don't recognize it. You know, they call it, you know, coincidence and they call it on. But there is none of that. So how would you suggest someone who doesn't have that foundation and. it's easy to have.

Zac Miller: Yeah. How do you find it?

Jo Hardee: Not for some people it's easy.

Kim Gravel: It's easy to have if you, if you want it.

Jo Hardee: No, but it's hard for some people to, to grasp it and to accept it. It is hard for some people, but I'm telling you, it doesn't have to be hard, but I'm gonna tell you this. I'm gonna tell you this and you can believe this.

And like she said, I've experienced it. That's the only reason I can say it. A lot of people don't recognize it, but when [00:12:00] something inside of you is stirring you. And you don't know what, what to do right. Or wrong, or should I make a choice, but it's pulling at you. I'm gonna tell you what that is.

And a lot of people gonna have a, something to say about it. Well, they can, when something inside of you is pulling at your heartstrings and you feel, you feel. Like they, so something going on? Yeah. Uneasy. That's the spirit in your spirit inside of you telling you wake up, that's it wake up.

Listen, I've got something better for you. I've got something better for you. Yes. And like Kim said, some people don't recognize it, but if you'll be quiet and listen. and you, and you reach out for that. Your life will never be the same.

Kim Gravel: And if you're in a place right now, and if you're listening and you're in a place of, you know, we we're diagnosing everything is depression and anxiety.

I'm not so sure [00:13:00] now I'm not a doctor. And so please don't quote me, but be open to what I'm saying here. I'm not so sure our anxiety and depression is not this pulling that mom's talking. Because I just know, and I get kind of mad about it, honestly, cuz I get mad with God too, honey. And we go at it and he's so patient I'm sitting now I'm sicks sick of this and I just screw at it, you know?

And he's like, all right, girl, let me know what you got. You know, you mind as well said, cause already he already gets it. But every time I get comfortable. And I feel like I can exhale. And Zac, you're going through this right now. So hear me. This is for you. Every time I get comfortable and I feel like I can exhale that pulling and that stirring God seems to take it away or move it or get less comfortable.

But he said to me, in my spirit, I just was reading something and it just jumped out at me. When you are comfortable, [00:14:00] you might not be on the right path. It's in those uncomfortable moments where you're stretching and growing and it's tough and it's hard and it sucks and it pisses you off and you're mad and then you're sad.

And then you're like, what me and all of that. That is a good spot to be in. See, we're looking at it all wrong. We're diagnosing it as depression. And so it's a bad thing. It's not a bad thing. when you are in those moments. That is what my mom just said. I wrote it down. That's the pulling, the stretching that pulling back of that arrow.

So when he lets you go, you're gonna go further, bigger, longer, and more effective. So if you're too comfortable right now, you need to check it. If you are at a place where you are, what's the word, mom, when you are confused or. [00:15:00] Disappointed or heartbroken or depressed or don't know which way to go don't know which way to go.

That's a good thing. So that's when you get on that still small voice, like mom said, and you just get silent. Yeah. And all you gotta do is ask him, What's next God.

Jo Hardee: And people talk about prayer. I talk the way I look at it. Prayer is awesome. But I'd like to just, I like to talk to him like I'm talking.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. You do like to, to talk a lot.

Jo Hardee: I, well, no, it's just because he listens. He's the only one that really listens to me.

Kim Gravel: Mom and dad just, I heard him talking to themselves. I was not, they talking to themselves.

Jo Hardee: He is such a awesome God and he listens to me.

Kim Gravel: What I'm saying is like, Zac, there's a lot of people out there that don't have a lot of direction.

Yeah. And like, My nephew is in that spot right now. He's like, I don't know what to do. And I'm like, if you will just, don't worry about what am I supposed to do? Just get quiet and still, and those doors will open up. Like I can't, I wish I could just, I wish I could put [00:16:00] words to it, Zac, like, even with QVC, mom, do you remember all that?

Like I've never people think, oh, you're such a off, babe. You had been pursuing and hustling mom. Have I pursued anything? It always pursues you correct? That's it purpose pursues. You. now I was prepared for it. I was positioned for it, and I had worked hard on me to be ready for it, but I never hustled and pursued it.

Everything I have tried and hustled and pursued has failed miserably. Am I right or wrong?

Jo Hardee: You're right.

Kim Gravel: It's cost me more money. It's cost me time. It's cost me everything.

Zac Miller: Can you give an example of that? I'm so curious.

Kim Gravel: You, you, you're an example of how it just came to me. You okay. Claudia, my book agent QVC Thomas Nelson, my book deal that I just signed QVC Kim of Queens, Miss Georgia, Travis [00:17:00] Gravel, my kids.

I didn't even try to have kids and I didn't prevent having children. That's the true story. I never took the pill. We never did any of. we never tried to prevent having children. Now, I'm not saying that is a wise move for everybody. I'm just saying, life will chase you down. And the blessings of God will chase you down.

If you trust him, you don't have to go to church every Sunday. You don't have to be a Bible beaten reading the Bible every day, although that will help you. You will get wisdom from that. All you have to do is just be open. And put and aware and aware awareness is huge, but I'm just saying like infancy stage here.

If you say Kim, I don't know what you're talking about. You're talking about ghost mark and cross your front porch and angels and all, and don't freak out on all that. Okay. Cuz we're very real raw people. Okay. But just like mom said, just get still [00:18:00] and get quiet. That's it. Do that first. That is a necessity.

Just, just do that. That's good for your blood pressure. Just do that first because faith. Okay. Faith is the total opposite of fear. Do you think Zac fear is powerful?

Zac Miller: Yeah. I think fear is one of the most powerful things.

Kim Gravel: Do you believe in law and physics? What you put out comes back to you?

Zac Miller: Yeah, a hundred percent.

Kim Gravel: If there's a scripture about that, you know, Press down, shaking together and running over same type of concept. They can call it physics. It's already in the Bible. So what you put out, gonna come back. Yeah. So if you put out fear, what's gonna come back more fear, more fear. If you put out faith, what's gonna come back more faith, stronger faith, stronger faith, and more confidence.

And as you see God moving in your life, and like mom said, you're aware of it. Those building blocks stop. That's why. My mom is the most confident woman I've ever, [00:19:00] excuse me. The most confident person I've ever known. That's a human being, both people I've known and people, sorry. I thought I had the opening that, you know what I'm saying?

She's the most confident person I've ever seen in my entire life. Yeah. Never seen celebrity pre president CEO, preacher never met somebody come that they would come to her. Yeah. But it all. It's not because she's great. It's her faith.

Jo Hardee: And Zac, I'm gonna say this last thing.

Kim Gravel: All right, close this out, honey. Bring us on home.

Jo Hardee: I can tell you this with a okay. And you can believe this because it's coming from the bottom of my heart. I'm crazy. And I carry on it all, but I'm gonna tell you, okay, this is me. This is who I am right now. If he call me today in the next five minutes, I'm ready. I'm ready to, I'm excited about seeing him because I've seen him in my [00:20:00] life.

I've he's touched me in my life. I know he's waiting and I would not. I've had a wonderful life and I am no fear, no fear of death. And I've told my girls when I do go, I want them to celebrate my life. Celebrate my life. That's what, that's the last thing that I've told them.

Kim Gravel: That's not the last thing you've told me.

Jo Hardee: That's the last thing I've told you about my family.

Kim Gravel: What's the last thing. And the only thing that you tell me every single year,

Jo Hardee: I got 10 more good years. but if he don't see it I'm ready.

Kim Gravel: No, but what I'm saying is now I believe also a manifestation. So every year she says, Kim, I got 10 good years.

So she's just adding 10 more years, every two times.

Zac Miller: Good.

Jo Hardee: Well, as long as he keeps blessing,

I'm willing. right. But when he calls I'm ready.

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It will definitely help me answer my call to empower as many people as I can. I love you so much and thank you so much for listening.

Zac Miller: Legal disclaimer from Zac. It has to be five stars.

Kim Gravel: That's funny, but yeah, he's right. Five stars please. Five stars please.

And so what [00:22:00] I'm saying is like this podcast is gonna touch people. You gonna get, you gonna get some feedback, cuz people need this message. And you know what, and some people do need to hear it. And I, I got the balls enough to say it. I do. I'm I'm not trying to please. Nobody no more.

Zac Miller: Well, thing that really speaks to me, frankly, Kim, like I'm Jewish, right?

I was raised Jewish. My wife's Catholic. Our kids are both beautiful at this point. Right. Our kids are beautiful. ]We celebrate everything at this point. We, you know, we're trying to keep everything open for them. But, but for me, it's like hearing this message, you speak into it, you know, through Jesus Christ, you know, but I hear an openness of like, people can feel it in their own way.

You don't have to be this thing in order to be right. Like you're not telling me that I'm wrong.

Kim Gravel: No, I would never.

Zac Miller: No, I know. I know you wouldn't and that to me is so meaningful too. Right. Because I think. people start talking about religion and, and you get so closed to your...

Kim Gravel: it's very, yeah, it's very divisive.

Yeah. And [00:23:00] there's nothing about the Lord that's divisive. Nothing. He's very open and inviting. All I would say to everybody is just be still don't try no be open, be still and sit there and say, God, what would you have me do today? Tell me what you have, just stop. It's like mom said, get aware.

What I'm saying is all of the religious and all the, all of this is there to distract.

Jo Hardee: Distract. Absolutely.

Zac Miller: So I say more about that. Jo, what you saying when you say absolutely. What do you mean?

Jo Hardee: Well, knowing the Lord. It's not what you, it's not what you do every day. What this, or, or that, or guidelines that they've put out there for.

The one only thing he asked the most simplest thing I'm knocking. You have the, you have the Availability. You have it to open that door? The opportunity to [00:24:00] open that door, just open the door. I'm not going to, I'm not going to stress, stress you or what? That's the simpleness of it.

I'm just there. He's not going make us, he's not going to do any of that. Now he will uuh us at times.

Kim Gravel: Well, it's not uuh mom. It's woo. She's doing that a lot lately saying the words. What did you say the other day? Zac, you have to, he will uuh you, he will uuh you. It's woo.

Jo Hardee: I know that.

Zac Miller: I've been uuhed. I think we gotta cut that out of the podcast, cuz that...

Kim Gravel: Do not cut that out. Zac will be that's the teaser. He will uuh you, but zac, this podcast is gonna, uuh you.

Jo Hardee: That's the only thing that's the only thing you have to do is be, be quiet and listen. Nobody don't let nobody can do it for you, zac.

Kim Gravel: I know, I know we gotta do this she's so right. But mom, I gotta tell you this. This is that you just said that because yesterday I was on the phone with Janet who's my editor at Harper Collins, Thomas Nelson. Did you hear how [00:25:00] I just, I just named dropped there just, yeah, that was big. Did not mean to brag, but toot toot, not toot my horn, but toot to that horn.

Zac Miller: So that book's gonna be amazing.

Kim Gravel: No, I'm really not. But anyway, so we were talking and she. Because the manuscripts due in two months, I'm stressed out. Okay. So I'm sitting there talking to her and she says, Kim, there's just gotta be something. Listen to this. See, this's what I'm talking about.

See what I'm talking about? Listen to this. This is how I click in people say, oh, Kim, you ESP signs and all this. And remind me to tell you about something. We gotta have a conversation about she said, Kim, I was, I was having, I was just sitting in, in my quiet time this morning and I just heard stillness.

Tell her to write a chapter on being still. I was just like, and when we've been, I just got cold chills. That's what I'm talking about. See, but if you're distracted, you can't, you can't be aware of what's going on.

Jo Hardee: And if you worry about [00:26:00] the rules okay. And what you should do and what you shouldn't do that takes away from your connection straight connection with him.

Kim Gravel: Well, and maybe we talk about this in the next. Maybe we do a part two of this one and talk about this whole thing about another thing. Mom and dad always taught us. And I say, mom and dad, cuz dad was not absent. Okay. My father was such a strong leader in our home. Mom was the heart of the home. I don't wanna say spiritual leader, but just exercise that faith in a very visible way.

My dad has faith too, but in a different way. And we're talking about mother's day, but. I forgot what I was saying. It was good. What were we talking about? See. I'm my mother.

Zac Miller: Well, you were just about to introduce a new thing that your parents, you said we could do a part two about this one.

Kim Gravel: I cannot remember. Yep. Welcome to 50 about stillness camp. Well, there you go.

Zac Miller: You were talking about stillness. But then you didn't really, you didn't really tell us. You didn't tell us yet what you were gonna say. I can't remember Zac .

Kim Gravel: Oh, that's it. [00:27:00]

Zac Miller: No part two. Sorry. Sorry everybody.

Oh my God. We were gonna do a part two, but we're not doing a part. Kim, can't remember what the part two's gonna be.

Kim Gravel: I don't why I think it's cuz my mind goes like 50 million directions, but that's my mother. My mom will say, mom, what were you gonna say?

She says, honey, I can't remember.

Zac Miller: Well, you were about, you said something about ESP signs or something. You said something like that.

Kim Gravel: Oh no, no. Yeah. But my mom always would tell me, thank you, Zac. That's why you're our producer. My mom used to say, go with your gut, go with that gut. Everything starts in the gut.

Health starts in the gut. Everything go with your gut. If you, my dad and mom used to my mom used to say this, just be walking down the street and you get that weird feeling. Somebody was up on me at the target the other day, and he was right on my heels and I turned around and said, hello, can I help you? and he was an older gentleman. He goes, I'm sorry, I was following too close. I said, that's okay. I said, just, you know, you're getting up on my personal spot. I just wanna check it. Yeah. I said, can I help you, sir? Yeah. You know, like, like that was my instinct. My instinct was like, what is he coming up on me for?

Do you know what I'm saying? Like that [00:28:00] thing we always say, oh, be nice. We said it to our kids. Don't do this. You know? And that's how a lot, a lot of things happen when you feel that gut go with it. Now. Not fear. Not just whatever, but when you feel that where you just, your whole, everything about you, lights up good or bad, go with that, go with that.

Your gut will speak to you. It will tell you. Yeah. And every time I go against my gut, mom, it's wrong. I know that's true. Now people will argue and say, well, Kim, that's just, that's superficial. That's whatever, whatever you wanna say. Well, maybe your gut ain't as good as mine. Cause every time I do my gut, it works.

When I don't, I fail.

Zac Miller: Well, but you are trying so hard. I mean, you are, you are trying to put out good into the world and I think it comes back to what you put out. You get back.

Jo Hardee: I think that's like, I know, I know that.

Kim Gravel: Well, that's the law of attraction and I believe in the law of attraction, right?

Zac Miller: Other [00:29:00] people have, you know, they've had different life experiences. They've had different.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. But see those life experiences should have taught you. So like Allisyn's a hard head. for some, she's a slow learner. Mom, will tell you that. She says that she ain't as fast. She don't learn as fast and, and that's a choice.

Like I, I tell my son all the time, my oldest son, he's a quick learner. He don't wanna go through that again. So if he's made a mistake, he's like me. Yeah.

Jo Hardee: he's like me in that, in that respect,

Kim Gravel: honestly, everything that's good in the family, you take free credit.

Jo Hardee: well, he's like me. He he's a planner.

Kim Gravel: Like with, with something that he does something wrong.

Like Allisyn used to party you just like your dumb daddy.

Zac asked, you know, had me ask everybody on my social media mom, what makes you know that you're becoming your mother and I said, one of the things for me was when you always like, basically say dad is stupid, dumb for no reason, like he cannot even be...

Jo Hardee: You know, I don't really mean it.

Kim Gravel: Mom. Don't try to cover, make, be Susie sunshine.

Jo Hardee: Okay. [00:30:00] He is a very smart man, but he is dumb as something .

Kim Gravel: This is dad though. Let me tell you how far dad's come with all of it. This is when you know, dad says. I'm like, dad, mom did this. I'm so mad. He goes, I ain't say nothing against your mother. She'll stop cooking for me.

she's right. Like it used to be, you would fight her on it now. He's like the woman's right. Whatever she wants.

Jo Hardee: Well, let me tell you, it took a strong man to live with me, I guess. And he is strong.

Kim Gravel: He's very strong. All right. So Zac, we do the rapid fire. Mom, do you know what that means?

Jo Hardee: What does that mean? I don't know, but I got it.

Kim Gravel: What does rapid fire mean? Rapid fire.

Jo Hardee: Gonna ask me a question. I got to say it real fast. Yes.

Kim Gravel: Don't think about it and go, eh, okay. What's the one thing you would change about how you raised your kids?

Jo Hardee: Wow.

Zac Miller: You getting right into it, Kim?

Jo Hardee: I don't know, Kim.

Kim Gravel: Really? You wouldn't change a thing?

Zac Miller: Kim, what do you think?

It was [00:31:00] perfect. Everything was perfect.

Jo Hardee: It wasn't perfect, but I mean, I, I can't remember that according to what I knew.

Kim Gravel: Okay. That's fair. Would you change anything though? That's not what I mean. I'm not, you don't have to defend your position as a parent.

Jo Hardee: No, I don't change anything. All right.

Kim Gravel: If you had a boy, what would you have named him?

Jo Hardee: Oh my gosh.

Kim Gravel: I know that's a good one.

Jo Hardee: Probably Bo.

Is that a

Zac Miller: family name?

Jo Hardee: No, I just love that name.

Kim Gravel: Um she's vain and Bo means very handsome.

Jo Hardee: Oh, I didn't know that. Oh, it does.

Kim Gravel: What's your favorite food that you make?

Jo Hardee: I guess fried chicken.

Potato salad, potato salad.

Kim Gravel: I can't believe you didn't say potato salad. Her potato salad recipe. Y'all we really should put it on.

Jo Hardee: We'll do that on a talking show.

Kim Gravel: Okay. I mean this is a talking show.

Zac Miller: cooking show. All right. She's pitching cooking shows.

Kim Gravel: Who was your celebrity crush back in the day?

Jo Hardee: Now you've asked me that before and you know, it was Tom Selleck.

It was Tom Selleck.

Kim Gravel: Who's your [00:32:00] celebrity crush now?

Jo Hardee: Tom Selleck. He's the one that kept up with...

Zac Miller: How he looking these days?

Jo Hardee: Good, I think so.

Kim Gravel: Favorite movie?

Jo Hardee: Steel Magnolias.

Kim Gravel: I knew you were gonna say Steel Magnolias. Who, what character would you be in still Magnolias?

Jo Hardee: I know I would probably be Weezer.

I probably would be weezer. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: Mom acts like Weezer. I know y'all don't think that you think she's really sweet and kind.

Jo Hardee: I am sweet and kind,

Kim Gravel: she would grow tomatoes and then throw 'em in your face and say, here's your tomatoes. Mom's not a lovey person.

Jo Hardee: I expect a lot from people.

Kim Gravel: Yeah, you do.

Jo Hardee: I get disappointed a lot. I expect a lot.

I get disappointed a lot.

Kim Gravel: Well, there you go. Not, I have too high expectations of people. She gets disappointed. Lord her mercy. Uh what's one way you would wanna change the world?

Jo Hardee: Have peace.

Just peace. The older you get the more you'll understand. Peace is so important.

Kim Gravel: [00:33:00] Favorite song?

Jo Hardee: Amazing Grace.

Kim Gravel: Oh, favorite non-Christian song.

Jo Hardee: I don't have one with that.

Kim Gravel: Oh, let's see. Yeah, you do.

Jo Hardee: Stay.

Kim Gravel: You sing it and I'll do the harmony. Stay just a little bit, bit longer. I love it. Okay. That's I also got singing for mom.

Natalie: That's beautiful.

Jo Hardee: I love, I love that.

Kim Gravel: Okay. What, what's a time that I embarrassed you the most as a kid.

Jo Hardee: Oh, Kim, for real.

Kim Gravel: Well, I didn't have to be as a kid. It could be just last week on QVC. Cause I do that.

Jo Hardee: Oh, you talk about me terrible.

Kim Gravel: I talk about her terrible. It's all true too.

Jo Hardee: She tells all of my flaws. All of them. It's a good thing that I'm good with it.

Zac Miller: That's pretty funny. Wait, actually, I, I just thought of one, cuz you were asking about favorite song. Kim has said on the [00:34:00] podcast before that you would take her music and throw it away and she'd have to buy, she'd have to hide music from you as a kid.

Jo Hardee: Oh gosh. Yes. I would break those records in half back then, you know, you had a tapes,

Kim Gravel: it was purple rain just, oh yeah.

Jo Hardee: Purple rain. I would take and just get rid of them. Yeah. When she wasn't home. Cause I didn't want that in my house because I didn't like it.

Kim Gravel: It was darling Nicky talking about little girl. That mom goes that that is nothing but filth.

Zac Miller: Okay. But nnow, so like, you know, whatever, 30 years later, do you hate it just as much?

Kim Gravel: She don't hate it. I hate Prince.

Jo Hardee: I'm gonna tell you the honest truth now. And my girls can tell you this. My favorite music. It's Christian music. It is, that's all I, I play that's all now. I was young once and I, you know, I listened to music. You love Elvis music and all that and all that kind of stuff.

But as I, as long, as far as music today and my age, I just love good Christian.

Kim Gravel: [00:35:00] Yes, she loves good Christian music, Zac, and we went on our last vacation might be two vacations to go. Okay. True story. So, you know, mom likes to put on a little Mumu, she'll take a bra. Mom's got some good boobs. They're perky.

They're very perky. They look good.

Jo Hardee: Don't you put this on the Zac.

Kim Gravel: You're gonna put it as the truth. Mom's got a hot body.

I mean, dad is still obsessed with her boobs. He'll go by and honk honk. It's the truth, Zac, don't you do this mom. Am I lying though? Am I lying?

Jo Hardee: I can't say.

Kim Gravel: I can't say the truth. Cause dad will say mom's got a nice rack. We had a little family get together last night.

Last Sunday. Of course we got together Easter, but the Sunday before says she tells no, this is the truth. Like you gonna love this? So we're sitting at the whole, we're sitting under the thing and we just talk everything. We talk about the Lord and then we'll jump to Kim Kardashian. I mean, we talk about everything.[00:36:00]

Now this is a true story. I think you should keep this. Allisyn goes, I just don't get Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, she goes, she goes, I think he's got a drug issue to see the dark circles under his eyes. But dad said, well, Ariana Grande said, he's got a 10 incher.

Jo Hardee: Kim. No, Zac don't you do that?

Kim Gravel: And we laugh. That's exactly what he said. My mom goes, well, my Lord that's huge.

Jo Hardee: oh God. Can't please. Don't

Kim Gravel: So, and mom goes, well, next week at the church we're singing and what time do you want me? That is our family in a nutshell. And Allisyn goes, well, all right, Pete, go Pete.

I mean, everybody's talking, I mean, my dad didn't skip a beat.

Zac Miller: I wanna get your dad on the show. I know you said he'd never do it, but I wanna get your dad on the show.

Kim Gravel: He won't do it. He won't, we hardly get some pictures. Dad is very he's like, mom, they're very put together.

But that's our family [00:37:00] conversations and that's supposed to be private. How does he even a 76 year old man know Ariana Grande? Cause he loves all the gossip brags. I mean, he, he reads everything on the internet.

Zac Miller: Is he on social media?

Is he on social media?

Kim Gravel: Yeah. He runs mom's social. He'll call me and he'll say now, Kim, these men are hitting up on your mom on here. They're really into her. They think she's beautiful. And I, he, I said, mom, do you, dad, do you accept the friend case? Oh yeah, honey.

We want all the friends we can get on you on the social.

Jo Hardee: I had to go on there and delete all that crap.

Kim Gravel: These men are like you so hot, Jo. We could let's get together and date all this. She, my dad accepts them. It's fantastic.

Jo Hardee: Not since he's got his, not since he's got his own Facebook.

Zac Miller: He's like you know, three months from being like, let's go live and get some tips or something.

Kim Gravel: yeah, dad is good. Dad is into it. He is very into all that. That's a true story. It just happened. I think we should end the show on that. [00:38:00] Yeah, that's it.

Jo Hardee: You better not put that out there. Somebody might say something.

Zac Miller: Wait, ready? We're gonna cover ourselves. Allegedly.

Kim Gravel: well, dad doesn't say it allegedly. He said Ariana Grande.

Jo Hardee: Yeah, but you can't put that out.

Kim Gravel: Why not?

Jo Hardee: Because somebody will sue you.

Or he might like it. I don't know

Kim Gravel: Wait, did I tell you if there's one time that I walked in on my mom and dad having sex in my bedroom,

Jo Hardee: Kim, I promise you if you don't stop

Kim Gravel: mom, they both have their tops on mom. It's but it, my bedroom,

Jo Hardee: Kim, nobody wants to hear that.

Kim Gravel: I walked in my I'm. What are y'all doing? Mom goes, we wanted to change the scenery.

We'll just be a minute. And I closed the door and as I was closing door, y'all changed my sheet.

Zac Miller: Oh, my gosh. How old, old were you?

Kim Gravel: Oh, God, I was in high school.

Jo Hardee: Yeah. She tells everything.

Kim Gravel: Butt naked. My parents in my bed, in my bedroom. Like really?

Zac Miller: I'm speechless. [00:39:00]

I don't have anything to say.

Jo Hardee: Yeah. Thank you Zac.

Zac Miller: Wait, we, I still have another rapid fire question. Is there a room? Okay.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Just say it Zac. We're free and open.

Zac Miller: Is there a room in the house show that you didn't have sex?

Jo Hardee: Kitchen.

Kim Gravel: No, this is what dad would say. I don't screw where I eat. okay.

Jo Hardee: Remind me not to ever do this again.

Kim Gravel: Oh, honey. I got stories like this for days, but the Pete Davidson thing just happened two weeks ago. Oh, and don't let, don't let mom, she didn't get offended and walk away.

Jo Hardee: I said, that's awful. that's awful.

Kim Gravel: You did. You said that is big.

Jo Hardee: I said that's awful.

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh. Okay, true stories Zac, another one. So we are mom's at the church now. Our mom's preacher Alan. His son goes to school with Beth name Christian, with my son who I adore. I adore them. I love Allen. I really think if Alan and I would be like brother and [00:40:00] sister, like if, if we were a, he would be like the brother, I always wanted.

So cuz he's a little edgy, fun. He's fantastic. Love the Lord. They would be be, yeah. Would be bad. He's just a goodhearted guy just to give you kind of a sense of his personality and we might not make this if Alan might kill me for saying this, but who knows? He probably don't care. So he goes up.

So there's a woman in the church, comes up to mom and says, Jo, I read this article about you on the interent. Mama, correct me if I'm wrong. Did she go to you or Allisyn?

Jo Hardee: No, it was the head deacon.

Kim Gravel: It was the head deacon head deacon that came up to you.

Jo Hardee: He's told me I was talking to him about it and he said, I'm the one that found it.

Kim Gravel: Okay. So he found an article on mom and they came up, somebody came up to mom and Allisyn in the church and said, yeah, in front of, and in front of the preacher, in front of the preacher. And they sent the article to me, the article read, maybe we'll post it cuz we still have the article. Okay. That mom passed away after Kim of Queens.

But she was best known to be a what?

Jo Hardee: A porno star.

Kim Gravel: It [00:41:00] was, it was, it was a, it was adjective around it. A famous porno star. It was in an article that she was a porn star.

If it's on the internet.

Zac Miller: It's real.

Kim Gravel: So right. You know? Yeah. Right. So that went around the whole church.

Well, the preacher started making fun of it. And so mom goes, well, I'm gonna tell you something, I'll be doing these swimsuits. And Kim's got me, you know, doing these swimsuits and Alan goes, well, you know, you were a former porno star. Yeah.

It's not porno. That sounds like 1992 it's porn.

Jo Hardee: Well, but that was the year she was allegedly doing it, probably.

Kim Gravel: I said, well, mom, you good at it? You were really good at it. Yeah. And so I said, mom, that doesn't bother you. She goes, heck no, I don't care what people say. I know that ain't true. So this is the thing, the moral of this story is if you ain't got a strong faith and you can't deal with this crazy world, That's right. I think we started off the show going it's crazy out there. You can either go [00:42:00] with it and have the faith and go through it and live it.

Or you can just give it, give up. And I say, why not live it ? Why not live it?

Jo Hardee: And try not to be perfect because you'll never be perfect. You just need to be forgiven.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. Wow. Well, bye y'all. After that, I don't know what more to say.

Zac Miller: Bye y'all. Thanks, Jo. Thanks.

Kim Gravel: Love you, mom.

Jo Hardee: Love y'all.

Kim Gravel: Thanks Zac. Tell those girls. I love them.

We love them too. To all you mothers out there. Happy mother's day. We love you.

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