Aug. 5, 2021

Old School Teeth Whitening and Classic Cars with Carrie Keagan

Old School Teeth Whitening and Classic Cars with Carrie Keagan

This week LOL with Kim Gravel is visiting beautiful Joshua Tree, California where Carrie Keagan spills the tea about life in the desert, and her journey to restore a classic ’65 Chevy c10 pickup truck. Carrie is an entertainment powerhouse

This week LOL with Kim Gravel is visiting beautiful Joshua Tree, California where Carrie Keagan spills the tea about life in the desert, and her journey to restore a classic ’65 Chevy c10 pickup truck. Carrie is an entertainment powerhouse: she’s a talk show host, author, comedian, actress, producer and entrepreneur. Her hilarious naughty interviews with Hollywood’s elite are the stuff of legend, having amassed over 2 billion views online, earning her the nickname “Barbara Walters on Acid.”

Kim debuts a new segment called Kim’s Tips and Tricks where she shares her grandmother’s homespun secret for teeth whitening, there’s a ridiculous Zac Attack, and Kim vents about shopping for school supplies. This episode is so much fun. You can’t miss it!


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Hey everybody! Welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. I'm here with Zac, my producer. What's up, Zac?

Zac 00:06

Hey Kim!

Kim 00:07

Oh my gosh, you look so handsome today.

Zac 00:09

Hey, thank you. You look great too.

Kim 00:11

I actually put on a bra and makeup.

Zac 00:13

You're stepping it up for this podcast today. Thank you, thank you, Kim. Thank you for bringing your A game.

Kim 00:19

I'm excited about this episode. You know, today I've got a good friend on Carrie Keagan.

Have you ever met Carrie Keagan before?

Zac 00:25

I haven't met Carrie before, so I'm excited to meet her. You said she's great!

Kim 00:29

Oh, if y'all don't know Carrie Keagan, you've just got to Google her, go to Do whatever you got to do because Carrie and I met on Steve Harvey and today, um, it was that we did all these segments on Steve Harvey, but she's got a new project coming out I am obsessed with. We're talking to her today about getting her hands dirty and learning how to fix cars. Yeah. Cars. Automobiles.

Zac 00:52

Do you know how to fix cars, Kim? Is that a thing that you know how to do?

Kim 00:56

Zac, for real? You asking me? I, I barely know how to drive a car, much less fix it.

Zac 01:02

I feel like there's all these like Southern things that you just are like, "oh yeah, I know how to, you know, change the oil" or whatever.

Kim 01:07

No, I don't. I know how to sucker tobacco. I know how to, you know, put up some canned peaches and butter beans. I know how to fry some chicken. But I don't know, I just expect when I go and I stick my key in the ignition and turn it that the car comes on and if it doesn't it's Travis's fault.

Zac 01:24

It's the way to be. All right. What else we got in the show today?

Kim 01:27

Okay. So later on, we're also going to talk about, talk about... This is a perfect segue, Zac, cause you said, I just felt like you know how to do everything. I do. I can bleach your teeth.

Zac 01:35

You can?

Kim 01:36

Yeah. I had the perfect homemade remedy of how I bleach my teeth. I want to share it with everybody. I mentioned it on QVC and people went nuts. So I'm going to show you how to do that.

Zac 01:45

Oh, awesome.

Kim 01:46

But first I've been a little tense lately. So I want to talk to you about something, that's getting on my last nerve. We say in the south getting under my crawl.

Zac 01:56

Yeah. I don't have any idea what that means.

Kim 01:57

Basically... Say it. I want you to say crawl.

Zac 02:02

Gettin' under my crawl.

Kim 02:04

There you go. Bravo! Congratulations. I am so proud of you.

Zac 02:10

I feel like you just, you know, get me into Louisiana or whatever, the crawfish or something.

Kim 02:16

Okay. That's a good point of reference. But what that means is, it's things are getting on my nerves. I don't know if it's like I'm at the point of, you know, premenopausal or it's just the fact that I'm living with three men, but they wearing me down, dude.

Zac 02:29

Kim, you know what, I feel like we should do a segment that's just getting under my crawl and just every week, just this podcast is just gonna become a list of grievances.

Kim 02:40

Let's say it together. Let's say it together. Getting under my crawl. Okay. You're late. Come on now. Okay, we'll go. 1, 2, 3. Getting under my crawl... Oh my God, you are slow. You are Southern.

Zac 02:54

All right. Ready? 1, 2, 3. Getting...

Kim 02:57

Getting under my crawl... Anyway, y'all. They getting on my nerves. So, you know, Travis and I are partners in our business and he runs the financial and the, you know, COO end of it, the operating part of it. And I run the creative and, you know, the team and what have you. So we're both very, very busy and we have two children that are so involved in sports and school and, you know, just friends and blah, blah, blah. So, you know, we ordered this pre-box of school supplies. Now, Zac, you're not there yet with all of that. And it's like Hunt For Red October, I mean, when you're going into that store, and that mom on aisle 572 of the school supplies, and she's picking up that last composition book and honest to God, you have the tendency of running her down and throwing her on the ground to get that last book. You know what I'm saying? Cause these over organized people go like Camilla, like your wife will go and pick up her stuff early. But you know, home girl here is last minute Lucy. So to avoid all of that drama, we just order the box. So you order...

Zac 04:03

Where do you order the box from? Wait, I've never heard of this.

Kim 04:05

From our school, so you can get this big box of supplies and they fill the... Everything you need for the school for that year for your kid is done. So you just order the box, I'm sure it's like $500 as opposed to going to target and just like paying your, you know, 98 bucks for all your school supplies. It's worth every penny for me cause there's no stress in that.

Zac 04:25

That's really smart for the school because the school... It's a win-win, cause the school makes money. They're not forcing you to do it. It saves you time. That's great.

Kim 04:33

And I'm curious to see who else is listening can relate. Who do, who does that? It's it's overpriced for sure, but worth it.

Zac 04:39

Can they stick a tutor in there too? There's just like.

Kim 04:41

Right? But so I order, I normally order the boxes every single year, because I know my husband who is precious, who we need to have on the podcast. He's adorable. Okay? Wonderful! Brilliant.

Zac 04:56

Is that how he would self-describe, as adorable?

Kim 04:58

No. Yeah, not adorable, but you know, he's so real. We have the best relationship because we say anything. I mean, there's nothing off limits. We fight hard. We love hard. We play hard. Anyway, we're both very family oriented. So I said, he's like, I'm going to do it this year. I'm going to order the box. Boxes, right? There's two box, we have two children. It's I'm like, okay, this is going to be easy enough. You know, I'm sending the link, it's a link and you just click on it. You order the grade for each kid and they magically appear like late July. So two weeks ago I come home. Zac, there is a box. One box that, that particular day I was very stressed. I'm like, I'm not gonna ask because I don't want to start an argument. I'm just gonna let it fly. Okay. So I see the one box and I'm thinking, okay, well maybe the other one will show up. So two, three days go by. I'm walking by. The one box is still there. I'm starting to have a little bit of a panic attack. Cause the last thing I want to do is to go to any Target, Walmart, wherever, and pick up school supplies with 5,000 other people. So finally, two days ago, I said, "Hey Travis, why don't we have the two boxes of supplies? I only see one box here." "Kim, I don't know what happened. I never got a confirmation for both." I said, so when did you not get the confirmation? Last April when you was supposed to get the confirmation, cause you ordered them like before the end of the... The box was never ordered for Beau and Beau is like the high schooler. So he's got to have the protractor with a compass on it. And then, you know, he's got all that bull crap algebra calculator that is impossible to find a, try to go on Amazon to buy it, sold out. I'm just like, you know what?

Zac 06:50

Go on a Target, Kim.

Kim 06:52

Did I just vent too much about that? But Zac, this is the thing, y'all, y'all and I'm lumping all men in here. Y'all can't do two things at one time.

Zac 07:01

That's very fair, Kim, by the way.

Kim 07:03

I don't care if it's fair, I'm beyond fair. Just y'all can't do two things at one time. That stresses a male brain out. Now I can say that with full definitive confidence, because I live with three men. If I start going [KOOKY NOISES] and I start rattling off, we got to do this, and this, I mean, I see the panic come over their face and they're not listening. They're tuning me out. I become Charlie Brown's teacher. Nobody's listening.

Intermission 07:36

And we'll be right back with more LOL with Kim Gravel after this.

Kim 07:52

Oh, yes, we're back. Next we're talking to Carrie Keagan. I can't say enough about this beautiful, amazing, talented, gifted young woman. She really is a TV sister to me. She like started internetting. Is that a word?

Zac 08:10

Uh, no.

Kim 08:11

We're making it a word. Okay? This is my show, I'm gonna say what I want to say. She started internetting and being an internet star before the internet had even like blown up.

You were still in diapers. Just kidding. I met her on the Steve Harvey show. Um, Zac, do you know, she was like on had a talk show on Bravo, she did work on Fox. She was on VH1. Do you remember VH1 that daily morning show? She was on NBC, the Celebrity Apprentice, the Arnold Schwarzenegger version.

Zac 08:41

Can you do an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression real quick?

Kim 08:44

I wonder I'm going to ask her if he said, "You're terminated." Um, she has a book called Everybody Curses, I swear.Everybody welcome my dear, dear. I call her my little sister, Carrie Keagan.

Carrie 09:00

Hi Kim! I am so happy to see you! It has been far too long.

Kim 09:08

How long has it been, Carrie?

Carrie 09:10

Like, uh, well, if we forget that COVID happened. So we just forget that year doesn't exist.

Kim 09:16

That makes me wanna curse.

Carrie 09:17

I think it was, it's been at least two years before that, which is too long.

Kim 09:23

Remember all those things we did together?

Carrie 09:25

We did so much fun stuff on steam. You tried to get, find me dates. Remember that we had, we had those like sexy shirtless dudes on the show trying to get me a date?

Kim 09:37

They were hot.

Carrie 09:39

Oh, and then remember you coached me. Um, I went on a date and you were in, you were in my head. You took over my brainwaves, "Asking him this!"

Kim 09:50

Well, this is the thing, what I love about you is you're super cool. Like you're one of those cool chicks, you know, where the guy's like, eh, I love her she's so cool. And I've always been like, kind of the funny chick, you know what I'm saying? So I think we're, we're, we're both dude magnets for different reasons. Wouldn't you say?

Carrie 10:05

I mean, I would, I would like to agree with you. However, my track record...

Kim 10:10

Your track record is just fine, honey, okay? Well, listen, what have you got going on now?

Carrie 10:15

I met a guy and he lives in Joshua Tree. So I came up here and I fell in love. Oh, like with him, with his truck, with this lifestyle, with the desert with... Now, I'm like running around the sand naked around Joshua Trees. I'm like a weird desert hippie witch.

Kim 10:32

You know what? I'm so funny. Cause remember we would always have like conversations about men and everything. And remember when told me, I said, I said, Carrie, when are you going to get married, settle down and have some babies? And you were like, "Never."

Carrie 10:42

No. My feelings on that have not changed, but I do have a really great guy in my life and I have a puppy. So does that count?

Kim 10:52

Totally. You're a puppy mom and it counts 1000% and sometimes puppies are harder than kids. Do you remember when I called and said, "How'd you get like 400 something thousand followers on Instagram? Did you buy 'em?" and you go, "No..."

Carrie 11:05

I don't know. I don't know. I started out, you know, I was like one of the first YouTube people, celebrities before anybody cared about YouTube and now everybody loves YouTube celebrities, but I'm not one of them anymore.

Kim 11:19

No, you're a Joshua Tree baby.

Carrie 11:20

Oh my god, so maybe that makes me like the great grandma of YouTube.

Kim 11:26

Let's talk about the book a little bit. I think we must, because it was such a popular book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You spill a little bit of tea, sweet tea in the book. Why did you call it, and her book is called Everybody Curses, I Swear.

Carrie 11:46

Well, so my entire career of interviewing celebrities for no good TV was, um, you know, we, we flipped Hollywood on its ear a little bit, and all of my, my interviews were uncensored because to me that was how you got people to be their most honest, true selves, was to sort of tear down that wall of censorship and just puck. And you know, that's what you and I do naturally, but when a lot of these celebrities they get, so media treated that they, they put up a wall. And so the second I got to tell them that we were uncensored and anything [CENSORED] goes, well, then anything [CENSORED] went.

Kim 12:23

Out the door. Okay, so did everybody cuss? Everybody cussed.

Carrie 12:28

Yeah, but it's funny because everyone has a threshold, right? You know, um, some people would throw the C bombs and the F bombs and other people would just think that, you know, saying, saying, damn was as far as they wanted to go, but to them, that was cursing and that's totally great.

Kim 12:45

What do you mean to them that was cursing? That is a curse word!

Carrie 12:48

Oh, well for sure it is a curse word, but uh, some people like my grandmother, to her fart was a curse word.

Kim 12:56

Well, fart is, fart is offensive both when you do it and say it, what's your favorite cuss word?

Carrie 13:01

[CENSORED] juggling thunder [CENSORED].

Kim 13:06

Hey Zac, we can leave in juggling and thunder, we can leave in juggling and thunder though.

Zac 13:13

Two of the four words were good.

Carrie 13:15

There's a whole story behind it, but it's a great one.

Kim 13:17

And this is the thing about the book, though. It's not about cursing, that's just, it's about really the life experiences you have had through your career.

Carrie 13:24

Yeah, for sure. I mean, I have definitely lived a pretty crazy and interesting life.

Kim 13:29

Girl, okay, why are you redoing a pickup truck? What is going on? How did you become like a gorgeous, like pin-up to a mechanic?

Carrie 13:40

Those two things do not need to be mutually exclusive. They can be...

Kim 13:44

Well, that's true, that's true. They actually could work quite nicely together.

Zac 13:48

That's what I hope your resume says it's like, you know, pin-up mechanic.

Kim 13:54

Yeah. Hot girl that can fix your car.

Carrie 13:56

I can fix a car. Well, I'm learning how to fix a car. So here's what happened, I met, I met my boyfriend, his name's Errol. He's very, very cute. He's six, four. And he's like the nicest man on the planet.

Kim 14:10

Are y'all gonna get married?

Carrie 14:11

No, Kim! No! Cause I don't like marriage.

Kim 14:14

I'm coming to Joshua Tree. I'm gonna be performing this ceremony and I'm going to sing Ave Maria, as you walk down the dirt. [SINGS AVE MARIA]

Carrie 14:26

That sounded like it was going somewhere very good.

Kim 14:29

It was going good, but you won't have me. You won't have me cause you're not gonna get married. Go ahead. I did not mean to interrupt.

Carrie 14:34

Can I have like a fake union ceremony or something?

Kim 14:37

I'll do I will, I will do the union ceremony. What are we going to call it? Are we going to have a cake? Cause I ain't coming if we ain't gonna have no cake.

Carrie 14:44

Oh, well we'll definitely have cake. There's always any excuse for cake. Are you kidding?

Kim 14:48

Okay. Get back to the man.

Carrie 14:51

Oh, he's dreamy. But anyway, when I met him, he had just gotten a 65 Chevy C10 pickup truck and he was like, You know, I really want to rebuild this and just put motorcycles in the back of it and drive across the country. And I was like, oh my God, I think I just fell in love. Yep, I want to do that. Let's do that. So we started doing it and we thought it would be fun just to document the whole thing. And so then that started our YouTube show called Adventures With Carol. Carol, meaning Carrie and Errol, Carol.

Kim 15:21

Oh my God. Oh my God. Carrie have y'all done the whole Bennifer and all that? No!

Carrie 15:27

We just did it. We just did it. Boom, Kim in your face! It's Carol now!

Kim 15:33 

I thought his name was Carol.

Carrie 15:34

No, his name's Errol. And it's funny when people see adventures with Carol, they're like, is that the truck's name? Wait, is that your dog's name? Wait, what? Where did this? And then they realize that's Carrie and Errol and they're ohhh!

Zac 15:47

Carrie, I, I pulled a clip from the show. Do you want it? Let's let's listen to it.

Kim 15:50

I wanna hear it, I wanna hear it.

Adventures with Carol Clip 15:52

And the moment of truth, will there be leaks?

Are you ready?

Let's do it.

Carrie 16:07

I think that we were changing out the, uh, transmission. I had to, there were, there were leaks in the transmission fluid pan. And so I had to, I had to learn from scratch. I had never done this before. Everything I'm doing, I've never done before mechanically. I don't, I don't know anything. I didn't even change a tire before. I had no idea. Um, but I, we, we, uh, figured out how to do. well, he knows some things, I don't know, anythings. Uh, yeah, so we changed out the, the oil filter, the fluid, the, um, the, the, all the gaskets that go around those are the little rubber things that go around the edges of the metal pieces and then put them back up. It was real messy. Uh, uh, transmission fluid is red, by the way. So when it drips on you, it looks like you're bleeding, so you can't tell the difference. Like oh my God, is this me? Ah! But it's, it's really, really fun. The best part about mechanics for me is that it's A, it's something I've never done before. So it feels very empowering when you're able to learn something.

Kim 17:11


Carrie 17:12

Right? And then when you're done like the engine runs. So you feel like, oh look what I just did. But the other thing that I think is even more important is that women are always kind of sidelined when it comes to mechanical stuff. And even getting your oil changed feels like incredibly intimidating. Like nobody wants to walk into a mechanic.

Kim 17:31

You feel like, you're like oh my God, yes.

Carrie 17:34

They don't talk to you right. They, they sort of like, oh, well you're a girl, you wouldn't understand.

Kim 17:38

Well, talk down, not talk down, but a little bit, just like, okay.

Carrie 17:41

Oh no, it's definitely talking down, but yes, they do, they do. But it's just a, you know, I think it's a sign of the times that's changing, right?

Kim 17:49

I don't know. I just felt like. I could do, you know, I can't do it, but I felt like, you know, well if she, if Carrie can do it, I know I can do something. You know what I'm saying? Like it was it's, it's almost aspirational in a way.

Carrie 18:01

Good. And you can do it because for the most part all the things...

Kim 18:04

You know I'm just going to run up there to Jiffy Lube and have it done. But you know what I mean? I felt like if I could.

Carrie 18:08

But if you had to.

Kim 18:10

If I had to, I'd call you.

Carrie 18:11

Okay, that's fine too, that's fine.

Kim 18:14

I have a network of strong women I can call. But that, I think that's a good, that's a good way to look at it too. You know, you've come from like doing this glamorous talk show, interviewing celebrities to getting back to what really matters. Just getting, you know, just getting it to heart.

Carrie 18:30

I like getting my hands dirty and I feel like after I wrote the book, I felt like I had done that world. I had done it to the best of my ability and there was nothing else I could do.

Kim 18:41

You left it on the table.

Carrie 18:43

Yeah. So I needed to do something else and then it just so happened that, um, COVID hit, so I got a year off to do anything else. And so I, I bought a house out here in Joshua Tree and so I remodeled the house a little bit and then we started building the truck and, uh, yeah. So life is very different now.


Zac attack! Zac attack! Zac attack! Zac attack!

Zac 19:10

I have, um, I have a little game I want to play with both of you. So I actually stole this little game from a podcast I love called Planet Money and they stole it from another podcast by Tyler Cowen, it's called Overrated or Underrated.

Kim 19:28

Ohh, I like this.

Zac 19:30

So you have to...

Carrie 19:32

Can there be a third category of underwear?

Zac 19:34

There can be underwear, so, okay, yep. For, so for you, Carrie, it's overrated, underrated and underwear. I like that. I love that. Okay. Is YouTube overrated or underrated?

Carrie 19:53

Underwear. It's a tough one, I think it's a really useful tool and I think everyone's still on it. Um, and I like that it's not just a TikTok platform where you're just getting people dancing and doing short form videos. It's, you know, you can get anything you want on YouTube. So I don't think it's overrated or underrated at this point. I think it's just part of the ecosystem that we all live with.

Zac 20:21

Being internet famous.

Carrie 20:24


Kim 20:26


Carrie 20:27

And underwear!

Zac 20:30

A nice car.

Carrie 20:33

Wait, is it a nice car underrated or not overrated?

Zac 20:36

Overrated underrated, like, like, uh, like a, like a fancy car.

Kim 20:41

Okay. [KOOKY NOISES] Is it a fancy car? Like a bougie car?

Carrie 20:47

Like a Lamborghini or?

Kim 20:48

Yeah, or a nice car?

Zac 20:50

Let's go nice car, but I want to hear what your definition, what, what, okay, so what is a nice car to you?

Kim 20:55

Paid for.

Carrie 20:59

She's driving a fully paid for Kia Soul.

Kim 21:03

There you go, baby.

Carrie 21:04

That's a nice car.

Kim 21:06

I am dripping. That's another word. I don't know if y'all know that. That's a new word. That's a new hot word with the gen Zers. That is so drip. That means...

Carrie 21:14

That's so disgusting.

Kim 21:16

Oh no, Is it a sexual thing, Carrie? It was like drip. Like, you'd knock you dripping with diamonds. I'm so stupid.

Carrie 21:23

Well, I don't know, but when I hear that word, I don't think of diamonds.

Kim 21:27

Well, when I hear that word, my son is now on restriction. So get ready to get your phone confiscated, dripper!

Carrie 21:32

Sorry, I just got him busted. He's grounded for a year.

Kim 21:35

That's underwear, baby, for you.

Carrie 21:39

Um, I mean, my definition of a nice car now is very different than I think what I would have referred to a nice card before. Um, you know, like Mercedes are really nice cars. Audis are really nice cars, but now I'm like, give me a classic Camaro or something and that's a nice car.

Kim 21:58

Good old Firebird, something like that.

Carrie 22:00


Kim 22:01

I had that in high school, Carrie.

Carrie 22:03

Oh, we just bought, did you? Oh, I bet you looked hot.

Kim 22:06

It had the bird on the front like that...

Carrie 22:08

Of course it did.

Kim 22:09

Yes, it did.

Carrie 22:09

It's a Firebird.

Kim 22:10

And it had T-Tops.

Carrie 22:12

What color was it?

Kim 22:13

Gray. Silver.

Carrie 22:15

What color was the bird?

Kim 22:17


Carrie 22:18

So sexy! Now I also have to say this living out in the desert. Most of the roads out here are dirt roads and they're not super driveable. So also to me, a nice car is a truck or something that can get me from point A to point B.

Kim 22:35

An off-road four Wheeler.

Carrie 22:37

Anything with four wheels is fantastic. Uh, we had a Mini Cooper for a little while and it was like, what are we doing? This is ridiculous. A it's black. So the sun just was down on it and had a sun roof so we were just getting fried all the time. And then we were trying to drive on these dirt roads. It's like, oh, this is not a nice car.

Zac 22:56

That's great. I love it. All right. Uh, next one. Being naked.

Carrie 23:03

I am naked all the time now.

Kim 23:05

Me too, Carrie, I am too!

Carrie 23:07

Good girl. I think more people need to get comfortable being in their own skin. I run around the backyard, like a crazy desert witch naked all the time. Thank God we don't have neighbors. But sometimes people drive by.

Kim 23:22

Why would they not? Um, sometimes I run around naked cause I'm having a hot flash and premenopausal. So whatever; the result is the same.

Carrie 23:29

It's the same. And do you find that you like, have you always been a nudist?

Kim 23:33

Yeah, we are... I said this on another podcast. We have a naked family. Like we're, we're just free. We're not inhibited. We're not modest.

Carrie 23:42

Sister used to do naked Sundays with her kids.

Kim 23:45

Oh my God. I love her. First thing that comes off of my body when I walk in the house is my bra.

Carrie 23:50

Oh my God. Yes. Yes. Every single day. I hate putting one on, first of all, I won't put one on anymore if I don't have to. They're heavy! These things are heavy, and it's like 110 out here and there's boob sweats. And like, I'm bloated.

Kim 24:06

You can put three pencils under it and hold it. Hold three pencils under the over. Okay, stop.

Carrie 24:11

Okay wait. I have a new idea. We just bought Otter pops, you know, those little popsicles and I stick them in and under.

Kim 24:18

What flavor?

Carrie 24:19

It doesn't even matter. You don't even have to open them. Put them back in the freezer when they're melty to eat later.

Kim 24:24

Oh my God. That's a good way. Okay. Carrie Keagan is giving us menopausal cool off tips. Just put a popsicle in between your bosoms or up under them for the, for the chill to take that heat off. We're brilliant.

Carrie 24:39

That's recycling, that's recycling.

Kim 24:40

It's recycling and this is a new, we need to do this. We saw this on QVC. Boob pops. Boob pops.

Kim 24:47

Can you just make a frozen bra? You know, they used to do the sleepovers. You'd take somebody's bra and you, why don't you just make a frozen bra? Can you and I do that? It's the water bra.

Kim 24:57

Carrie, someone's gonna steal your idea, hush, we have to take this offline.

Zac 25:00

No, that's it. We're done. We're done. Thank you for playing overrated or underrated or underwear.

Kim 25:11

Alright, I love it. Okay. So Carrie, we close out, uh, every guest with these rapid fire questions. So, and I always say it's rapid fire, so don't sit there and think on it. I want to see the first thing that comes out your mouth, or it comes into your head out of your mouth. Okay.

Carrie 25:26

It's gonna be a lot of swear words go!

Kim 25:27

Oh my God! What is easier fixing a car or fixing a man?

Carrie 25:32

Oh, fixing a car, are you [CENSORED] kidding me? Fixing a man is like, does the job ever end?

Kim 25:42

No, it's not. It's it's. That is the, the fall of man is us women having to fix a man. Okay. Here we go. What advice would you give your younger self?

Carrie 25:51

Um, just do it, whatever it is that you are wanting to do, just [CENSORED] do it.

Kim 25:55

Do it, Carrie. Live!

Carrie 25:58

Yes. We're always so worried about what other people are going to think. Or you know, like, maybe I won't succeed. Who cares? Just do it.

Kim 26:05

Do it. If you fail, try again.

Carrie 26:07

Or do something else.

Kim 26:09

But that's the sweet part of it to me. It's just, it's the trying. It's the journey that's exciting. Okay. What advice would you give a girl who wants to be internet famous?

Carrie 26:19

Um, go get a life. But listen. I mean, honestly I gave this exact advice to my nieces. Like we talked about, um, I want to be internet famous. Great. What is it that you do figure out what it is that you do that you do differently than everyone else. Be very, very true to yourself and then put it out there and also be aware that you are going to get a lot of opinions about who you are and what you do and what you look like and all of that. And you have to be very strong about just being you and being honest about being you. That's it that's advice.

Kim 26:58

Well and being you is now, like, I think the biggest commodity anyone can possess.

Carrie 27:05

Yeah. More than ever, probably.

Kim 27:07

Because no one is really authentic anymore. Everything is just tweaked and twerked and, you know, molded into what some kind of marketing company thinks you need to be.

Carrie 27:19

Which is the problem with social media cause when you think you're getting authenticity, you're not. You're getting what the sponsors paid for.

Kim 27:29

Carrie, that's why I absolutely, I just, I have loved you from day one. I will always cherish those times we had together with Steve Harvey and just our fun little escapades off a field, and just...

Carrie 27:42

I just enjoy you so much. You're such a, you've always been such a little, um, not even little. You just this big ray of sunshine, you're a tiny little ray of sunshine, tiny little waify, little toothpick of a ray of sunshine.

Kim 28:03

I'm just gonna say complete me. Now I can say that you complete me now. No, I'm serious. I just, when I saw, when I met you for the first time, I thought you were absolutely beautiful outside, but I don't think I've ever met another, like in, in lockstep with me when it comes to girls girl in a real way, not the snake, "Oh girl, I hope you win." I mean, you said, "Girl, I HOPE YOU WIN. Okay. Kick but!" That's you, that's you. And I just knew, I said, I, I came home to my family, I said, I just love this girl. She is. And then my husband looked you up on the internet and he said, I love her too.

Carrie 28:35

I love you too. Thank you so much for having me on. It's just wonderful!

Kim 28:42

Oh, I love Carrie so much, Zac. She's such a sweetheart. What a great friend. Guess what? Coming up next. I'm going to tell you and everybody my secret of how to keep your teeth so white naturally with household items. It's a trick I've been doing for decades and it works.

Zac 29:01

Oh, I need it too, my teeth are yellow.

Kim 29:04

I didn't want to say anything, but you need this remedy.

Zac 29:06

All right, Kim! All right.

Kim 29:08

All right. After the break, though.

AD BREAK 29:10

Let's break, break for an ad!

Kim 29:19

Wow. That was an intro. [SINGS] I loved it.

Zac 29:27

I love that one.

Kim 29:29

You know what you're going to love?

Zac 29:30

What am I going to love?

Kim 29:31

You're gonna love this is Kim's tips. And I said that tips. Okay?

Zac 29:37

Yeah. Well, I always was gonna call it just the tips, but no one wanted that.

Kim 29:41

Just... I can't with you, Zac. It's like always the unexpected with you. It comes out of nowhere, but I love it. No, I'm serious. I have to be very careful because people are like, "Kim's crazy." I am crazy, but it's a good crazy. And I have been around the block, Zac, a time or two. You know, from my pageant experience growing up, um, you know, we didn't grow up with a lot of money. There was not teeth whitening booths or, you know, Groupons or, you know, light ultra the, what do they call those light?

Zac 30:14

Ultra violet light or whatever?

Kim 30:15

Ultra violet. I was gonna say ultra therapy, that's a whole nother show. You know, there was none of that growing up to get those pretty white teeth that, that you know, you saw on TV and stars and everything. So I was always in the pursuit of getting my crooked teeth, which my mother and dad never gave me braces or, oh, she don't name them, gives you character. So my dad said.

Zac 30:34

You didn't have braces or anything?

Kim 30:35

No. Look at my teeth.

Zac 30:37

Okay. But your mouth looks good.

Kim 30:39

Yeah. But like now my, the, the camera is up my crawl. And you can see all my crooked teeth, but my mom says it gives me character. My parents, that means they cheap. But anyway, I learned this from my grandmother on how to bleach your teeth. She is like inhabit now, Mary Blanton. I'm the spitting image of her. She was so spicy and sassy and crazy. She told me a long time ago. I was young. I think I was like 15. If you'll take a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and a tablespoon of baking soda. Mix it together. No water. Just equal parts.

Zac 31:21

Okay. Will fizz does it fizz?

Kim 31:23

It will fizz. Oh yeah, honey. Don't you love that? When I pour anything hydrogen peroxide, I love the fizz? Am I going to seek that white's infection? It's the same thing kind of happens with that baking soda. When you mix those two together, it just creates this like paste that's, you know, active and you just put it on your toothbrush and you brush your teeth. Three, four times, you know, in one week. And the end, it really does whiten. It doesn't happen like overnight. Like if you can't just brush it one time and they'll be pearly white, but if you're looking for an alternative way in a, you know, a natural way to whiten your teeth, this is it. Have you ever heard of that?

Zac 31:58

I've never heard of that. Will work on me though, cause I have really sensitive teeth.

Kim 32:01

Well, go check with your dentist. Okay? Make sure that your dentist is okay with it. Um, but it really is. I've been doing it for years. Don't do it every day, y'all, okay? Just like any teeth bleaching treatments that you get from your, you know, orthodontist or dentist or even the ones you buy over the counter, you know, you do it for seven days and you, you chill out. You know what I'm saying? You give it a break.

Zac 32:22

Oh, I love it. I'm going to try this out. I'm going to try this out and we'll do like a before and after.

Kim 32:25

Okay, let me see your teeth. Let me see your teeth. Okay. You can bump them up a few...

Zac 32:30

I can bump them up. I drink a lot of coffee.

Kim 32:33

A lot of coffee, sodas, anybody that drinks a lot of, you know, or eats anything that can stain the teeth. This is a good white and a cheap way, right? On a dime.

Zac 32:42

That's great. Baking soda is amazing, isn't it?

Kim 32:46

It really is. And why vinegar too, don't do white vinegar on your teeth. I'm saying like, even for your cleaning supplies. Maybe we should do like Kim's tips each week. Cause I have a lot of little secrets, a lot of little Southern secrets too, of how to clean, you know, how to shave. I got a good shave and one that we'll save that, we'll save it. Listen, one tablespoon baking soda, one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Mix it together. Brush your teeth with it a few days a week. Once a month, you have that bright, pretty smile you're looking for. It works.

Zac 33:15

That's really cool. Thanks Kim!

Kim 33:16

Let's say Kim's, let's say Kim's tips and tricks. Kim's tips sounds a little.

Zac 33:23

Kim's turning tricks!

Kim 33:28


Outro 33:32

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