June 2, 2022

When Is It My Turn? With Renee Greenstein

When Is It My Turn? With Renee Greenstein

If you’re ready to be empowered and proudly toot your own horn, then this episode of LOL with Kim Gravel is for you!

If you’re ready to be empowered and proudly toot your own horn, then this episode is for you. 

QVC’s powerhouse fashion designer, Renee Greenstein is on the show to help you look your best and deal with everything that life throws your way on this week’s episode of LOL with Kim Gravel. Renée shares how she made her way in the fashion industry, what her dad told her that helped her reach success, and how she overcame major adversity. I talk to Renée about the amazing insight in her book, including how to roll with the punches, the importance of taking risks, and how to be disciplined to achieve your goals.

Renée Greenstein is a renowned global fashion designer, and founder of Women with Control and Attitudes by Renée, two of the best-selling fashion lines on QVC. Renée has been in fashion for over 25 years and uses her platform to help women gain control and confidence. She is one of my QVC mentors, and champions woman throughout the world to rise up and reach success, which is reflected in her book Women With Control: 12 Secrets of My Success That Every Woman Should Follow.

Whether you’re going through a life change or in pursuit of success, Renée has plenty of wise words for those looking to build their self-confidence and reach their goals. You don’t want to miss this episode!


This Week On The Show: 

  • Dating advice after divorce on this week’s “Ask Kim Anything”
  • How Renée started her apparel businesses for women
  • Renée’s first on-air experience
  • How Renée helps women find their confident through her apparel lines
  • My favorite secrets of success that women should follow from Renée’s book
  • The importance of rolling with the punches
  • How to take smart risks
  • How to reinvent yourself
  • How to find your passion and the discipline to achieve your goals


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Kim Gravel: [00:00:00] Hey, y'all welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. This is a comedy podcast where we laugh about all the messiness of life, and we turn that mess into a message of confidence and hope. My mission is to encourage and lift women up everywhere. And this show is about how we can embrace our real selves.

And laugh about all the stuff that life throws our way. So come on, let's live out loud, love out loud and laugh out loud together. We're gonna have some fun. I am so excited today because my good friend, Renee Greenstein is on the podcast. Renee is a founder of women with control and attitudes by Renee, two of the best selling fashion lines on QVC.

Her book, she just recently put out a book called Women with Control. She's such a great supporter of women, and I've gotta tell you so many stories about Renee. Zac they are so good. She's so inspiring. I mean, I just can't, I can't wait to have her on the show, but I have so many questions that I can't wait to ask her cuz I've [00:01:00] known her for over five years.

So I, I just can't wait to refer to be on the show. You're gotta gain a lot and learn a lot from this powerhouse of a woman. But first Zac, you're telling me that we've gotta ask him anything, anything.

Zac Miller: We do, we're asking Kim anything. I have a voicemail today from a listener who called in looking for some love advice.

Actually, it's funny. We get this, we get a version of this question a lot. Like a lot, a lot, actually. Okay. It's one of the most asked things. So let's, let's take a listen.

Debbie: Hi, Kim. My name is Debbie and I am 67 years old. I am divorced and I have been available for almost 10 years now. And I have been down one dead end road after another in finding love again.

And I guess. Because I haven't dated in [00:02:00] many years, maybe I just don't get it anymore. And how the new dating happens. I've tried many dating sites to no avail. So I'm just wondering if you have any great advice for meeting someone in this, day and age and what you might have as far as some recommendations or some tips or something to get this old girl smiling again. So, I appreciate any advice you could give me. Thank you so much.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I absolutely love her. Well, Debbie, let me first off by saying that first. That's an amazing question. And Zac, I, I really get this question a lot too. Yeah. Because so many people are single again, single and ready to mingle.

Single and ready to mingle. But I will tell you dating used to be just for the young, right? Right. We always have been movies and, you know, [00:03:00] marketing and everything is about the young where now it is single again. And so many people boomers all the way down to gen, you know, Z, everybody, or gen X, whatever we're calling everybody.

My age is dating again. I wanna say this. When we, as women get older, We get better, first of all, but we don't necessarily come from that place. Meaning our perspective on who and what we have to offer lessons. Although in all reality, we have more to offer and more to give to a relationship or to a business, or what have you, in this case, a dating relationship or love.

So Debbie, I think the first part that you've got to start is is that you need to sit down and write down what you are looking for, because now it's not just about, do you have that, you know, sexual chemistry? Do you have that thing that makes you butterflies happen? It's not [00:04:00] about that anymore. That's part of it, but it's even more about, is it, are they compatible?

Do they want the same things out of this, you know, season of my life, do they wanna travel? If you wanna travel, do they love to, you know, spend time with family and grandkids? Do you want the Brady bunch type feel family? I mean, there's a lot of things that I think as women, we don't consider what we want.

A lot of times we are looking at like, do they want me? And when you do that perspective shift, In who you are as a person, you will be surprised what you will draw to you because everybody on the planet is drawn to confidence. Yes. I, I say this, I say this a citizen's upcoming book I'm writing. Every single person is, is drawn to people who know who they are and why they are.

Okay. And what they're here to do. Yes. It's just an aphrodisia that you can, you can't per in no perfume, no, slim body, no hot, [00:05:00] you know, your big boobs, your big booty, you know, big lips, none of that attracts people too. You more than confidence. And so we've got to shift on how you're thinking about yourself.

Okay. So you've had some dead ends. Get it. That's you gotta try, you gotta get on the field and, and play before you can win. So you know that you're gonna have dead ends. Yeah. But have you Debbie really sat down and thought this is what I'm looking for. Listed out. I know it seems very, you know, juvenile, but it really does make a difference because you might be looking for people on these dating apps and putting things down on your profile and meeting people, things that you really don't want you society influences us so much to tell us what we do and do not want.

We, we very rarely think for ourselves. So I want you to do that first, too. Debbie, I want you to work on. So you say, Kim, what does that mean? I don't know. You wanna read more? You wanna start exercising more? You wanna start, you know, I don't know, creating something. I want you to get some hobbies and some [00:06:00] excitement and some things going on in your own life that is outside of love because nine times outta 10 love is not something you find.

It finds you. The more you seek, the more it doesn't come to you, the more you just be, then it's strong to you. Does that make sense?

Zac Miller: Yeah, it makes sense to me.

Kim Gravel: So love doesn't you don't seek love, love finds you. And so when you are at your best optimum prime self and ready to receive that love, God's gonna bring it to you.

And, and don't I know it's so funny cuz there's there's a scripture that says that. Yeah, well there's a saying or scripture. I can't remember. So let's just say there's a saying that's like one day to us is 10 million, you know, to God. So for me. Don't put a time limit on it. Like we always are doing that as women, we gotta do this by this time.

And this, by this time, I want you to sit back, work on you, make your list, stay on the dating sites and maybe seek some professional help on [00:07:00] how to, or look at other people and how they craft their, you know, their profiles. Yeah. Because there is a, there's a game to that as well, but let it find you, but start thinking about what you want because you are the most important thing right now.

That would be possibly in your dating relationship. You want to draw to you what is going to be true love. And I say this all the time. If you do not love yourself, how do you expect anybody else to love you? You gotta fall in love with you, and by doing, by working on yourself and knowing what you really want, you're gonna be coming from a place of confidence.

And that is irresistible when it comes to dating and being in love. I hope that helps Debbie. And let me know how it goes. Call back and give us your list, honey, cuz we wanna know what you're looking for, girl .

Zac Miller: Yeah. Tell us Debbie. And if you listening, want Kim to answer any of your questions on the air, you can call and leave Kim a voicemail. The number is 4 0 4 9 1 3 6 4 6. Oh. [00:08:00] Or you can email questions to lolwithkimgravel@gmail.com. When we get back, we're gonna be chatting with Renee Greenstein.

Kim Gravel: Talk about a confident woman. Let's get to it.

Do you know why I make this show? I make this show as a way to give back to all the incredible women who supported and listened and to my message throughout the years, I also do it for myself too. We all need each other. We all need each other to inspire one another to lift each other up. I mean, to telling you something, when you get a group of women empowered this Buffalo up buttercup, cuz we will change the world together as women.

If you love what you're hearing and you wanna be part of this army of empowered confident women let somebody know to listen to LOL with Kim Gravel. I appreciate you. I love you. Thank you for listening and honey together we gonna change the world. .

All [00:09:00] right. I gotta tell you, I'm excited about this show, Zac. Okay. So I've got one of my favorite people. I was so privileged to meet this amazing empowered, confident woman at QVC. One of my first times I ever went on air, I met her and her beautiful husband, Justin backstage and Renee almost kind of like just kind of took me under a wing a little bit and kind of just really guided and guarded me a little bit.

When it came to QVC. I can't tell you how. Thankful I am to her. She is a powerhouse. She's an author. She has two brands at QVC. She's launched into men's wear recently, which no one has ever done. I don't think so. There's a lot of first, she's a trend setter and she is such a strong proponent in encourager of women.

Everyone, please welcome my dear, dear friend, Renee Greenstein. Renee. Thank you for coming on.

Renee Greenstein: Hello there. My love. How are you? Powerhouse? Come on, listen. It takes a village.

Kim Gravel: [00:10:00] It does, you know, but you are truly, you've been doing a long time, so let's just cut to the chase here and give some of the details on your background.

You've been at QVC as a designer. How many years?

Renee Greenstein: Almost 25.

Kim Gravel: And y'all wow. That is like, I started when I was two. Yeah, right. I was okay. Cause you're only, you're only 27. it's so hard to do that, that people, people not understand being anywhere 20 plus years being married 20 plus years is an accomplishment these days, but to have a strong thriving business and several of them is, is really, really a feat.

Let's tell everybody how you got into this briefly and what has made you sustainable and, and able to last so long for decades.

Renee Greenstein: Okay. Well, I started out as a fit model. Okay. And then I went into the norm world of clothing.

Kim Gravel: right. What you actually wear, what people actually wear

Renee Greenstein: You know, they would give me a couple of pieces afterwards, meant look at it and I'd go, like, they don't [00:11:00] fit me and I'm not, you know, a big girl, but they didn't fit.

And I wanted. so I said, you know what? I want clothes for real women. There you go. We all, I mean, all of us and, you know, I mean, it's a philosophy, which I said in my book, when you, how you dress is how you feel. And that's where Attitudes by Renee came in. Because you know, when you feel good, you stand a little erect and you feel powerful.

Okay. So I came up with this clothing line first. I did a line sitting net and I was manufacturing and designing and doing, and then I went into, it was all about being. Metropolitan Manhattan lady. Yes. Traveling all over the world. Cause I've been traveling since I'm 12 years old and never have checked luggage.

Kim Gravel: What? Come on Renee. I check five bags when I'm going down the road.

Renee Greenstein: Well, that's probably for your hair products now.

Kim Gravel: Y'all this is why I love this woman. Okay. She's quick. I hear you.

Renee Greenstein: I [00:12:00] mean, my, my assistant's coming to work with me, you know, and she. I can't check luggage. I said, are you gonna pay for it? Cuz I'm not. She's business savvy too. She's basically like, look, I'm not paying you $35 for your luggage. Okay. So I came up with this clothing line and it's basically listen, I've always been about girl power.

I am a firm believer of taking those young girls and teaching them yes. Not to look at and be intimidated. What you see that's falls out there that you are beautiful inside and out. Yes. So I started seeing that mother nature started doing things to my body I did not like.

Kim Gravel: Can she do 'em to me, Renee?

Because what you she doing to you? You looking good, Honey.

Renee Greenstein: No, no, no mother nature was doing that. And I said, no, no, no, no. You said I fight back gravity and fight back. I'm gonna bring it on up. Yeah. And that's when I created. This fabric in attitude. Yes, but women with control and it was all about us [00:13:00] taking over.

Okay. Listen, I know Sarah Blake. We very well. And God bless Sarah. And what have you? I cannot wear a shape. I am not gonna put a shaper on my body. It's just, you know, you know me. Okay. You try to control me. I mean, forget it.

Kim Gravel: Forget it. She's, she's a total eight on the Enneagram. Y'all I'm telling you she's not gonna be controlled.

Renee Greenstein: So I said, what can I do? But I don't need a shaper. I don't want athletically. I don't, I don't want poly and spent that shiny nylon. So I came up with this fabric. That's cotton rich. So it's breathable. It's yummy. You pop in the washing machine, pop in the dry, you pop it in your body. It's got 14, as I say, butt lifting.

Kim Gravel: Lift your booty girls.

Renee Greenstein: That's right. Lift, lift on.

Kim Gravel: No, but Renee and I love, can I just say. You have so many fabrications, you've got your blue tech, you've got, you've got so many things you're [00:14:00] technological in your design, as well as, you know, the aesthetic, the fashion forwardness of it. Right. But also you're on camera. Presence is beautiful. It's classy.

It's fun. I love how you tell women. Let's not take ourselves too seriously because I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves as. Don't you think? Right?

Renee Greenstein: Well, we, we do definitely. And that's from a child, a girl, like I have a granddaughter who's it was gorgeous on up. And that's why when I wrote the book, I said, I wanna do a book that a young girl can read it or a great grandma.

So from like 10 to 110, that you'd be able to understand and, and, and, you know, empower yourself. Mm-hmm but yes, we have to listen when I first went on air. And I'm gonna talk about this for a minute.

Kim Gravel: Okay, please, please. This is, this is about you talk about it, girl.

Renee Greenstein: You know, this is years ago in a collection called city nets.

So when I first went on air, everybody, all my friends, I went, wait, Renee, go, cuz I'm sitting there and I'm going, so this is a great little Panex [00:15:00] top, and this is great. And what have you. And I'm freaking out because I'm like, you know, and the pressure. Okay. And I'm young and I'm going, oh my God, what did I get myself into?

And I guess. About a month or so late and business was doing great. They loved the packable. They loved the, the fabric. They loved, they loved whole thing. Well, thank you. But I didn't know that at the time. So I went and I said, bunk, this mm-hmm . But next time I went on air, I went and I said, okay, ladies, let me explain to you what this is all about.

I said, took the fabric. I tied a not in the leg of the pan. There you go. I held it up and I. Now I'm gonna undo this on air. Okay. This is live television. I am dead, not a wrinkle ladies. Okay. This is what your body's gonna look like. You just put this on and it's done. And the phones were. Yep. Yep. And everybody went there's Renee and that's when I started dancing.

Kim Gravel: Oh, you're dancing. You started the dancing before anybody did girl. Right? You were shaking your group thing before [00:16:00] anybody.

Renee Greenstein: And talking to girls and saying, you know what? Yeah, the best thing in the world about QVC, you could be in your bedroom. You could be in your bedroom and try your clothes on. You don't have to worry about being intimidated in a, in a dressing room. You know, where the mirrors are horrible and the light's horrible and everything. You can go put an, unpack it, put on your bed, try it on, look and see how you feel. And then I want you to walk out the. And I want you to see what happens.

Okay. Cause I'm gonna put my money on this. All right. You're gonna walk out that door and a woman. Cause when a woman gives you a compliment, you have reached the epitome of life. Cause you know, girls' girls, girls will knock you down jealousy and everything they'll go. But when a girl says you look good, honey, you look good and you go, wait, your arm starts like getting all the chills.

And everything's like, is she talking to me? Is she talking to me?

Yeah. And you stand up a little straight and you go, well, thank you. That's that attitude. So I'm lifting you, I'm giving you that confidence for you to go out in the world.

Kim Gravel: Well, I'm gonna tell you, and I wanna dive into the book a little bit [00:17:00] because I was so glad to see you've read.

I bought the book. I've read the book. I absolutely love it. I I've highlighted it. Like I've, there's areas in your book that I'm like, okay, I wanna remember that, you know, I I'm, I loved it so much. And that's why I wanted to have you on the podcast. You have these 12 secrets now I want to. Because you are a accomplished woman, you're mature, you're successful.

You're gorgeous. And I know you're wanting to. Empower other women to be the same. Mm-hmm these 12 secrets. I thought, honestly, Zac and I were talking, he said, Kim, you and Renee are in lockstep on belief. I said, oh, no doubt. I said, no doubt, because I love how you're a ball Buster. I mean, you are a business savvy person, but your heart truly is to see others rise.

And I think it's because you had to crack scratch and claw a little bit to get to where you are, because I wanted say this too. Renee actually manufactures her clothes. And for all those of you who do not know the fashion world and the behind the scenes, like the wizard [00:18:00] behind the curtain, she's the wizard.

So she like actually like designs them and makes them, so that is like a double whammy with you in business. And I just wanna toot your own horn there. I don't wanna get into it. People are like, I don't understand, but people who know no.

I love this. I mean, I'm gonna skip on down one of the 12 secrets in your book. I love how you say roll with the punches because I think life and where we are in this season of life post COVID, or, you know, almost post COVID, you know, we're in the right level of. All this that we've never experienced before, as far as challenges just in everyone's life, you know, death.

I mean, I hate to say that. Financial problems. How do you roll with the punches and tell everybody that chapter was so profound? I thought it was very, very thought provoking. Tell me what you mean by that and tell the audience and everybody listening to what you mean [00:19:00] by that.

Renee Greenstein: You know, I love when people preach, but they don't know what they're preach.

Kim Gravel: I say that all the time. You gotta say that she has to repeat what said very slowly and loudly. Stop looking. Listen, we are the mighty Panthers. Say it one more time.

Renee Greenstein: No, you gotta stop preaching things you don't know about.

You cannot tell somebody what to do if you've not been there yourself. Okay. And when I say, listen, I became a very young widow. Mm. Okay. In 1989, I dealt with my father's death. I dealt with that. My deceased husband didn't have life insurance. Okay. So I was out there and, and didn't know what to do. I had a child, I had all of this going on and I just didn't know what to do.

Okay. And I say to people, you can accomplish anything. It's like when the pandemic happened. Okay. And I was one of the. [00:20:00] I was the last TSV on you were.

Kim Gravel: I remember.

Renee Greenstein: And we were out in Pennsylvania at the house that my husband built, you know, cuz he said to me, I need you close to the, to the

Kim Gravel: well cause you were there every other day.

Right. Okay.

Renee Greenstein: And we come home and the world shut down. I know. And we were, you know, texting and we were doing all this. And what I said to people was stop the bloody texting, pick up a phone. Call someone FaceTime them. Don't tell me, well, honey, I don't have . I used to get slip, so, and so I can't really FaceTime you now.

Why. I'm calling to see how you are. I'm calling to say, I care for you. I love you. Right? I love you. Okay. And then I would say, I, I know it's hard for us to get outta bed sometime. I mean, I've been there. Mm-hmm I went through death. I was a young widow. I had a child of support. I had my father to support. I had a lot to do.

People didn't understand that. And that's why I wrote the. Because I also dealt with that as a [00:21:00] young person, anorexic and bulimia. Mm. So I can talk about things. Okay. And you, you learn, and I would say to people roll out of that bed, do not go under the covers, roll out of the bed. I'm not gonna tell you to shower.

If you don't wanna shower, I'm not gonna tell you to take a bath. You don't wanna take a bath, but get up, wash your face, brush your teeth and just put on a little. Just put on a little lipstick, just, just do something lipstick and, and mascara will make you feel so much better.

Kim Gravel: Okay. And women with control.

Renee Greenstein: Yes, no more wiggle. No more jiggle. We're gonna get there. I want, there's a quote that I wanna say that's apart that, that ties back to the role with the punches. I love when you say. And this is a direct quote from you. You have no control over the garbage that life throws at you mm-hmm , but you can certainly control how you deal with the trash.

Kim Gravel: I just, and honestly, Renee, I appreciate that quote so much because it's, it's real talk. It's not like this psychological mumbo jumbo that people can't it. What happens to us sometimes is [00:22:00] really crappy it's carpet, essentially.

Renee Greenstein: And we need to talk about it and we need to acknowledge it and we need to get healthy.

I mean, you know, we just can't wallow in it. You've gotta be and be supportive of other people. Do you know what I'm saying? I mean, we all go through it. We're crying. I mean, listen, when Doug passed away, I lost my whole world

Kim Gravel: Yes, you did. Okay.

Renee Greenstein: I remember people would call and I would just sit there and they'd say it's okay.

It's okay. I couldn't breathe. I would start crying, but they would stay on the phone with me. So that's why I say to people just reach out to someone you never know when they're hurting. Mm-hmm you never know when that voice simple thing of reaching out in touch. Reach out and touch somebody's hand.


And that's what it is and get books like this because I'm telling you it's such a great read and [00:23:00] it will make you feel.

Kim Gravel: Renee. When I read the book, I felt better about me. I was like, okay, first of off, I knew, I know you and I know your heart and I know where you're coming from, but when I read it, I felt like it was talking directly to me, especially this chapter called take smart risk when we went through COVID and I want you to speak to this, and I wanna tell, I want you to tell everybody, and y'all gotta get the book and read it, but I want Renee to give us a brief description about what she's talking about.

When she says, take smart risk. It's almost like an educated risk.

Renee Greenstein: Well, it is because, you know, I took a big risk in going into business. You did. Okay. We had, and, and, and Justin, I'll tell you, I mean, I wanted the place. We were, you know, to buy a place. And I went into business the same time. okay. At the same time came home, bought our place, went into business, wired the money.

I'll never forget. And that [00:24:00] Tuesday was 911..We had no money in the bank. Wow. We had no money in the bank. We had just bought our house apartment and opened the company. And Justin's friends was like, why didn't you let her talk you? And like, I was talking the, how could you, but you know, the whole world, like, oh, 911.

Okay. Nobody knew 911 was gonna happen. Right.

And I'm sitting there like going, okay, God. Mm. Okay. And I say God to woman, Zac, please don't get upset.

God to woman.

Kim Gravel: Honey, Zac, don't get upset about nothing.

Zac Miller: I'm not upset. Listen.

Renee Greenstein: Okay. I use that metaphor. That God's a woman.

Kim Gravel: We love you. You know what we love you for you.

Renee Greenstein: She has a manicure and she has a pedicure and I said, most callouses start coming down on you.

Kim Gravel: You better get out your luffa.

Renee Greenstein: She's testing you. Yeah. She's testing you. And I try to say to people, I say, you know what? Look at the people that, that have lost [00:25:00] things in life. Oh, you know what? Listen. We're friends. We have family. You can't get them back when they die?

Kim Gravel: No.

Renee Greenstein: Okay. So what's the worst case. So your house burns down. So the money is gone. What have you, as long as you are healthy, you can get all of that stuff back you cannot bring that person back. So I collect people. Do I like materialistic things? I love materialistic things. Don't get me wrong.

Kim Gravel: Oh, yes you do. And you're fabulous. OK.

Renee Greenstein: But it's the friends. It's the family. That to me is the most important. So you can bring it on, bring on who you are and you can don't. What am I saying? Don't shortchange yourself. Don't shortchange yourself. Okay. I want every woman out there and you know, I've been inclus, inclusivity, body shape and everything.

Since I was young because I was anorexic and worried, and I had, you know, all these [00:26:00] fears and everything gained 45 pounds when I had my baby. Right. I mean, hello I look like a pregnant sizzle stick

Kim Gravel: I know exactly.

Renee Greenstein: But you know what? You can accomplish and do anything.

Kim Gravel: Renee. We really can.

Renee Greenstein: And don't let anyone tell you you can't. Cause you know what people told me, I couldn't do it. You're crazy. You're this you're people told me. No. Okay. Yeah. No, my own husband. I love him dearly, but when I said to him, I wanna start my own business.

He looked at me and he goes, what, what is wrong with you? I was making nice income, running a company, you know, head of a company and everything. And I said, I wanna do this cuz I want women to be able to feel and be able to afford to buy clothes. Okay. Yeah, go to, Bloomingdale's go. I say I wanna do this.

And be on QVC cuz it's one side, one price for all sizes. I believe in their story. Yes. I believe in this and [00:27:00] this is what I wanna do. And he said, and

Kim Gravel: QVC, Renee QVC is completely inclusive. I mean, they have been is they were social media before social media exists. They were inclusive before this big old thing that we're in now with inclusive.

I'm like. Honey QVC been doing big, you know, all sizes for, for decades. I mean, right. Renee, you know, attitudes by Renee women control been doing, I started this. Yes. Gonna say y'all been doing big.

Renee Greenstein: And basically, I mean, you know, so everybody would look at me, you know, your size two or four, what the hell do you know? And I went and I got my plus size models and when my, with thick garments and they would go, girlfriend do not put a zipper in the back. Right. Do not put a zipper in the right. Do not do this. Do you know what's going on here? My thighs. And they taught me. So I was able to being a fit model to see because only your curves.

Oh, one thing I wanna say don't ever wanna look like somebody else.

Own what you have. Okay. And we all have something, right? [00:28:00] It might be your mine. It might be your eyes. It might be your hands. It might be your booty. It might be the girls. It might be whatever own the curves own what you have because no one can take that away from you.

You've got the jewels that nobody else can take.

Kim Gravel: Okay. I'm clapping. Yes. Yes. And I, so I just, and this is another favorite chapter. My, I I'm telling you, it's like people think we plan this I, that we're going, she's going right into it. You gotta reinvent yourself because it's one of those things where we think we can only do that in a certain period of time or season of our.

Right. Like people think, okay. I can only, I can't tell you how many times I got advice as a young woman do it now because you won't be able to do it later. And I don't, I don't agree with that. I think that you're not, if you're not dead, you're not done. And I think that see what I'm saying. So I love this speak to how, and actually we just had a call her call in about love, and I kind of said the same thing to her, you know, re relook at your own [00:29:00] life.

Right? Tell everybody what you mean by reinvent. Cuz you had to do that. You've had to do that many times.

Renee Greenstein: I've reinvented myself a lot of times. Right. And also wardrobe warriors that are in the book, right. Reinvented themselves. Yes. They are divorced through this, through that. You basically, you go through life and it's almost. What are those animals that shed the skin. Okay. A snake or whatever.

But we do the same thing. We do reinvent yourself. There is nothing stopping you. What they say until that lady saying what happened.

Yeah. Until you're six feet under. Yes, you can do anything. And it's never too look at Colonel Sanders. Okay.

Kim Gravel: That's a beautiful story. .

Renee Greenstein: So I'm saying you reinvent and I've had to do it numerous times. Listen, you know, one thing went bad. I had to look to something else. I had to look at something else to do something else.

I was a widow. I had no insurance. I had a son, I had my father living with me. I had things I had to take care of. I didn't know what the [00:30:00] heck to do. Right. You know, people look at me and they look at my Chanel bag and they might look at the house. Like they don't know you don't don't judge people cuz you don't know what they had to do to get where they are.

Kim Gravel: You know what, you know, I wanna tell you this, but before I go into my favorite chapter and my favorite part of who you are, you know, I will never forget this. As long as I live Justin and I, you were on. and we're watching you on Eric QVC, we're backstage and Justin, your husband, who I adore and think is precious.

We were talking about you. And I just said, you know, Renee's a natural blah, blah, blah. You know, we were just talking about how, you know, much, I look up to you and admire you. And Justin looked at me and he said to me, she is the most disciplined person, not woman, person I've ever known. And I, that always stuck with me because I struggle with that.

It's the discipline part. And I'm gonna get emotional here talking to you. It's the discipline part that keeps me from moving forward in a lot of things. [00:31:00] And people look on the outside looking and say, oh, Cam's gray, she's left. And, but it really does. I really admire that of you. And, and I mean, he almost said it like discipline was your passion.

It was, it was part of your passion. Can you speak to how to find that passion and how to find that discipline to get where we need to.

Renee Greenstein: You can't be fearful. I'm sorry. It's like, you know, listen, I have a lot of insecurities. I have a lot of insecurities. Okay. We, I had to go through a lot.

Okay. I mean, I hear things of the people didn't here cause nobody would ever think I'm Jewish. Yeah. So certain things, what have you, but you, you have to dig inside. Yeah. And have I knew that if I didn't set a. Okay. Justin always says, I wake up each morning and I have a plan. I do. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: He said, that's what he told me.

He said, you're the most, that's what he meant.

Renee Greenstein: I have a plan. Okay. My father said to him, [00:32:00] you better be, have some broad shoulders. Cause Justin went to my father to say, you know, I wanna marry her. And he said, well, you better have some broad shoulders.

Kim Gravel: What did he mean by that? What did he mean by that? I love that saying.

Renee Greenstein: You can't control me. When I put my mind to something don't ever say no to. Even in business don't ever say no to me. And you know what? This little girl who didn't know anything, you know, I was intimidated cuz I didn't graduate from college. Okay. That people might be smarter. I might not know the big words out there and everything.

I don't give a flying hoot. Okay. I can go out there and do what anybody else can do. And. This little girl who knew nothing came here and said, you know what? Don't, don't start with me. Don't mess with me. And I need everyone to say that too. To look at yourself and I'm not, I'm not tell me yourself that can't happen.

We can do anything we can. We want to,

Kim Gravel: we can, we really can,

Renee Greenstein: and we need to understand. [00:33:00] And I think that that's why I like my wardrobe warriors, cuz they won't allow someone to go on those pages and knock somebody down. They will take up for those.

Kim Gravel: You got an army, babe. You got an army.

Renee Greenstein: They are so powerful and so strong.

We have one woman who's under a colo, a hundred pounds. I have another one who went through a divorce. I mean talking about things that we've all somehow dealt with, we need to understand. You can do anything, take it from one who went to have nothing and built it up. Okay. Okay. I, I mean, I lost my dad. I lost my first husband.

I had my son to take care of and everything. And I found a way my father always said, when I sat on his lap, when Doug passed away, I'll never forget it. And my daddy was my life. He was my mother and my father, my life. And I said to him, daddy, how am I gonna, what am I gonna do? How am I? He said, I said, when it's gonna be my turn, that's why I said, when it's gonna be my turn.[00:34:00]

And he said, it never will be, come on now, Renee.

Kim Gravel: Now let me tell you something. I just got cold chills from my Rooter to my tutor. Say that again? I want the world to hear this girl. He said what you say, he asked you

Renee Greenstein: I asked, I said to him, when is it gonna be my turn? He says, it's not.

Cause you are out there and you are a survivor. You can accomplish anything here I am. My, the husband died. I have no life insurance, whatever.

And I'm sitting with my dad.

Kim Gravel: He's saying there ain't no turns out there. That's no one gets that's a myth. No, that is a absolute myth of life. I totally get when you said that.

Renee, did we have the same father? Are we sisters. I'm just saying like, cause my dad said the same thing. He said, baby, you waiting for it to be fair. It ain't never gonna be fair.

Renee Greenstein: Thank you. It's not life.

Kim Gravel: Life ain't fair. Life is what you make it. That's why I love you. That's why I'm obsessed with you.

That's why I respect you. That's why I really do esteem.

Renee Greenstein: Well, that's why when you walked into my life, I mean, I remember when you came in and I went like, I like this woman [00:35:00] mm-hmm it was like, you know, this somehow disrespect. I, I totally respect you. Oh, totally. I mean the two of us, cuz I think we've gone through.

Yes. And you know, and we don't, it's not preaching. We tell the truth. Why is not it's it's common sense. You don't like me. It's okay. It's, can't be somebody else. I can't be somebody else. This is who I am.

Kim Gravel: But see, I like people are different than like that.

You know, Renee, someone said to me yesterday, Kim it's, she people it's, she people, I said, I don't have no people, everybody.

Renee Greenstein: What does that mean? Thank you.

Kim Gravel: You know what I'm saying? Like, like everybody's each we're all the same, just in different ways. I love that your father was brilliant. May he arrested peace. God loves him.

Renee Greenstein: He was, oh my gosh, definitely. Okay. And it just, it took me a while to understand that I'm like crap.

Well, I'm

Kim Gravel: 50. So when I turned 50, I thought, oh my God, my parents are smart. Everybody's brilliant. Now, you know what I'm saying? , that's what happens to you when you grow up? Okay. We end every show with what I call rapid fire. So I'm just gonna ask you random questions [00:36:00] and Renee, I know you will do this the proper way.

Most people do not. You have no filter, so you, no, I don't. So I'm gonna just I'm positive, baby.

Renee is fantastic. She does live TV every week. She, she has a static show. We we'll I'll we'll do the promotion part here in a little bit. Let's just see rapid fun.

If you could be transported into one movie, what movie would it be?

Renee Greenstein: Casablanca. Casablanca.

Kim Gravel: Night class, baby. Mm-hmm what's the first thing you created that you were proud?

Renee Greenstein: My son.

Kim Gravel: Oh, okay. Drop mic. That's done. What's the most comfortable thing you wear?

Renee Greenstein: My women with controlled pants.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Two snaps. Okay. What is the funniest thing that's ever happened to you on TV?

Renee Greenstein: Oh my God. When I had the moment of bridesmaids and I had to go to the bathroom, cause I had.[00:37:00]

And my producer knew and ran me to the bathroom. Luckily I had Imodium and then they said, no, I said, no, I'm going back and ending that show. Yep. I'm a finisher baby. I'm a finisher.

Kim Gravel: Exactly. I love it. That's my nightmare. Well, honey, after you've had kids is a nightmare.

Renee Greenstein: We could have a whole chapter of embarrassing moments, honey.

Don't go there.

Kim Gravel: She's been, she's been on QVC a long time. Okay. What advice do you have for a young woman who wants to get into the design and passion world?

Renee Greenstein: Don't.

Kim Gravel: I love you. And more, more on that with part two with Renee Greenstein. Yeah. No follow up questions. No, this, this is the follow up interview is women who are not in control. Don't do this. Okay. What is your morning routine?

Renee Greenstein: I'm like this. Good morning and jump out bed.

Kim Gravel: So you're chirpy and cheerful.

Renee Greenstein: Oh yeah. Justin cannot deal. No, no, we got married and on a honeymoon [00:38:00] and I went and go,


Kim Gravel: This is the thing. I'm a morning person too. I will go into my son's room and say, good morning, good morning. And my they're like, oh, I hate you mom. So I, I can relate to that. I think morning people get more done, but that's a whole nother podcast.

Zac Miller: As not a morning person. I disapprove of all of this.

Renee Greenstein: I'm a 24 7. I go to bed at like one and two o'clock and up at four.

Kim Gravel: I was gonna say, give Renee's three hours. And she got,

Renee Greenstein: oh yeah, I'm done.

Zac Miller: Are you one of those people that just doesn't sleep very much Renee?

Renee Greenstein: No, my father said when I came out. I said, I'm here now what?

Kim Gravel: And you're still saying that Renee you've actually said those words to me. Okay. What we gonna do now? Okay, great. What's the, I mean, you actually said those words to me, right? I love it. Who is your celebrity crush?

Renee Greenstein: Who is my celebrity crush?

My celebrity [00:39:00] crush is Diana Ross.

Kim Gravel: Oh, good. One. good. Great hair. Great. Talk about a legend. Talk about some's lived through love that. And what is your favorite junk food?

Renee Greenstein: Potato chips and fries.

Kim Gravel: Mm, your potato girl.

Renee Greenstein: Yes. I, I, I love, you know, salty. Oh, treats, bat, potato chips. Love it. Love it. Love it with champagne course.

Kim Gravel: Okay, so you got the fries and the champagne that makes it really fun, right?

One last question. What is no more wiggle and no more jiggle.

Renee Greenstein: No more wiggle and no more jiggle is that, you know, when that ate don't move. When the thighs don't float together, that's it.

Kim Gravel: And how can we get the no more wiggle no more jiggle?

Renee Greenstein: Go onto QVC.com and buy women with control and get uplifted.

Kim Gravel: I love it. Well, you've uplifted us today. I love you so much. I miss seeing you in person. [00:40:00] I miss smelling you. You're the best smelling person I've ever smelled in my entire life. You know what? Some people just smell good like money.

Thank you.

Renee Greenstein: Yeah. Well thank you. But your personality overshadows, everything.

Kim Gravel: You're so sweet.

Renee Greenstein: No, I'm not sweet. I'm real.

Kim Gravel: Now what? I'm kidding.

Renee Greenstein: You know, I adore you.

Kim Gravel: I adore you too. And everybody go get Renee's book right now. We're gonna post it in all the comments, Renee, where can we find you in your book? Because everybody needs to read this. Every woman who's going what's next for me? You've gotta get, okay.

Renee Greenstein: Well, the book just dropped again at qvc.com and it's also on Amazon. And it's Renee Greenstein, Public Figure of Facebook and ReneeGreenstein_ on Instagram.

Kim Gravel: It's a great read. You'll read it. Yes. You'll highlight it and you'll take it with, but

Renee Greenstein: I opened up, it was the hardest thing in the world to do cause I really I'm kind of a private person, but you know, I wanted people to understand what I [00:41:00] went for the trials and tribulations.

Kim Gravel: We've all got 'em but like you said, honey, reinvent it. Use the that's right advantage. Take the garbage and, and make it work. All right. I love you, girl.

Renee Greenstein: Love you too.

Kim Gravel: You gotta come back. You gotta come back and be with us. Do it again. You're one of my favorite people.

All right. Bye bye, Renee.

And there you go. That's why everybody should go read Renee Greenstein's book. It's so good women with control. I love that Zac, that on her like Facebook page, her quote on her Facebook page is a strong woman. Stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else. Yes. And it's truly it.

That is, I mean, There's something about people and I, that we were I'm. That's what I was mentioning to Debbie. And, you know, in this question that she had about finding a love, there's something that is empowering when you see someone else stand in their power. Yes. And, and I [00:42:00] mean, it's whatever you can believe, which want to, there's no way other, other way to say it.

And when Renee Greenstein said to me that her daddy said she was, when is it gonna be my turn? And he said, never, oh, that he's so right. You don't get a turn. You take your.

Zac Miller: Yeah. When does that change? You know what that made me think of. It's like I have these young kids and I'm always telling them, take turns, give each share, take turns.

And it's like, there's a moment. I feel like in life when no one's telling you that anymore.

Kim Gravel: Well, that that's etiquette taking a turn. What, what basically she was saying is when is it gonna be my turn? Meaning she's coming from that place of take turns. But really what she's asking is when am I gonna get mine.

Right. And you, no one gives you yours. You've got to go get yours. So the turn thing is just a word. What she's really said, what she was really saying to her father is when is it gonna happen for me?

Zac Miller: But no one's gonna give it to you.

Kim Gravel: No one's gonna make it happen, but that's a big. That's the big lie, right?

The big lie that we tell everybody is it'll happen [00:43:00] and, and you can work hard and it'll happen. No, you can work hard. It'll never happen that ain't got nothing to do with it. You got to toot your own horn. I said that on Kim of Queens, that's the most popular repost of all time. I said, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but toot, toot.

I mean, you got get out there and toot your own horn. You gotta ring your own bell. You gotta holler your own message. You got, like, she said, you gonna say, excuse me, excuse me. And you gotta make your way to the front. That's it. Period. You can follow all the steps and the rules, but you've gotta be willing to love and believe in yourself enough to speak up for yourself.

And it's hard because we're not taught, especially as women, that's not polite. That's not, that's not a woman, a very, a classy, controlled, amazing woman doesn't do that. But you know, at some point you gotta learn to do that, cuz nobody's gonna fight for you more. Even your kids, you can fight for your kids, but so long, but you gotta teach your children how to fight for themselves Bo playing [00:44:00] football, or he is, you know, they wanted to be on the football team.

He's a big boy. And so they immediately wanna put him on the line. Right. Mm-hmm so, I mean, there's a no brainer. Right? You got a big old boy, you put him on the line. Yep. Yep. And he doesn't wanna be on the. right. And so he says, mom, I'm not gonna play. If I'm on the line. I said, well, that's not fair.

That's not fair to your coaches. Have you told them you don't wanna be on the line? And he said, no. I said, you gotta go tell him. Yeah. And then if they put, they put, so he did one day, he said, he said they still said, so he said, they're gonna try me out at other places, but they really need him on the line.

I said, tell, 'em say, yeah, when are you gonna do that? And he goes, mom. I said, no, there's nothing wrong with that. Say, sir, when are you gonna have to do that? Cause I'm ready to show you cuz he can really throw in catch. You gotta push mm-hmm you can't assume these coaches and people know who and what you are.

You can't assume Zac people know your pedigree and what you've done. People. People perceive me as being loud, Southern and dumb. And I'm far from it. Well I'm loud and I'm Southern, but I ain't dumb [00:45:00] they got two outta three on that one. I'm saying like you can't. Sit back, you gotta stand up.

And you gotta ring your own bell and toot your own horn. And I love that Renee does that. So go get her book, watch her on QVC. She supports other people, other women in, she's just a powerhouse lover.

Zac Miller: And you said one of my favorite things you've ever said in the show, which is I miss smelling you.

Kim Gravel: She smells so good girl got money. Okay.

Zac Miller: I bet I bet.

Kim Gravel: But you can put on that high dollar perfume and make it work, you know? I've got, I got dove soap in a squirt or something. I got on the counter that I've had probably for 10 years.

Zac Miller: So Kim, what should we call this episode?

Kim Gravel: Oh, my inclination is to say no more wiggle, no more jiggle, but cause I thought that was fantastic. Cause that's that's Renee's theme yesterdays thing.

Zac Miller: She actually has that trademark.

Kim Gravel: No, I'm just saying like.

Zac Miller: She'll to fill out some paperwork on that.

Kim Gravel: I don't know. You know, what about, I don't know.

Zac Miller: I was talking about taking your [00:46:00] turn.

What about like when is it my turn? When is it my turn?

Kim Gravel: Mm. I like it. People that I like it. That's it. Okay. When is it that it's my turn. I like it.

Zac Miller: All right, Kim.

All right, everybody. Thanks for listening. And remember to share LOL with Kim Gravel, we empower women everywhere. Bye y'all.

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And thank you everybody for listening. We love y'all.[00:47:00]

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