Oct. 13, 2022

Getting Out of Your Own Way with Sheree Zampino

Getting Out of Your Own Way with Sheree Zampino

Sheree Zampino is here we laugh together and she spills the tea on how she got her start on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and how her faith is the foundation for all of her success.

I’ve got my first Real Housewife on LOL this week!


Sheree Zampino is here we laugh together and she spills the tea on how she got her start on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and how her faith is the foundation for all of her success. Sheree has a passion for inspiring women and we go deep talking about how she launched her incredible Whoop Ash body butter, and her advice for other women who are starting something new. So come on y’all and find out why America deserves to have its Ash Whooped this week on LOL with Kim Gravel! 



  • How Sheree got her start on RHOBH and why I call her the voice of reason on the show
  • How to get into the entrepreneurial mindset of embracing opportunities and getting out of your own way
  • How Sheree’s company, Whoop Ash, began in her kitchen
  • How Sheree became a success female entrepreneur
  • How Sheree’s foundation of faith guides her
  • And in rapid fire: Sheree’s celebrity crush and the secret ingredient to her “Crack N Cheese”


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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Kim Gravel: Okay, let, I mean, I'm now, see, now you got me on mac and cheese and I'm like, squirrel.

Hey y'all, and welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. Look, this is a comedy show where we laugh about the messiness of life and we turn that mess into our message of confidence and hope. And my mission is to encourage every single woman, we're here to lift y'all. Lift up, let's go. And we're gonna do that today with this show because we want to embrace our real selves, the true, authentic us, right?

And we can do that together. Y'all, we can laugh out loud, live out loud, and love out loud, and let's do it right now.

This is LOL with Kim Gravel. And I gotta tell you, I am so excited about our guest today. Many reasons why. So let me just, Zac, can I just give you a countdown of why this is probably, I say this every, every episode's one of my favorite people, but this is one of the, this is one of my favorite people that I haven't actually met yet in person, but I feel.

I'm best friends with her because I watch her every like Wednesday night on Bravo, on tv. You know what I'm talking about? She has that ability to make you think like, Oh my God, I know her. You know, like she's, she's, I wanna reach out and touch her. Like, Can we go do lunch? I'll even buy. You know, she's that kind of gal , she's that kind of friend.

Today we have Sheree Zampino on our comedy podcast. Now let me break it down, Zac, about how many hats this woman wears. Okay?

Zac Miller: Okay.

Kim Gravel: Sheree Zampino and Will Smith were married. But that ain't even the real, that's not even a real good one. She's a woman who's on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I've got my first real housewife on the podcast. She is a woman of business. She is the CEO of her own company and her product is called, It's her body butter. Listen to this, Zac. It's called Whoop Ash.

Zac Miller: I love that so much.

Kim Gravel: It's called Whoop Ash. Y'all. I've got so many ideas for her on this. Wait until she comes on and, and my most favorite thing about her, I mean, if you follow her on any of her, Social media pages.

She is a woman of faith and so you know right there, we already sisters in the Lord. We're sisters in faith. Everybody welcome Sheree Zampino to LOL with Kim Gravel.

Sheree Zampino: I got my own song. .

Kim Gravel: Yeah girl. We do this right? Play that again Zac, Play that again. I wanna make sure she reheard it.

Zac Miller: I love making these so.

Sheree Zampino: Listen, I never do another unless I get my own song from now on, I, I just can't, I can't, I can't be interviewed. I can't, I can't.

Zac Miller: That's gotta go in your writer, that's in the writer from now.

Kim Gravel: Do you know what Sheree? We'll just send you this one and you can just play it for the, even walk on camera or. Because it's good, right?

Zac Miller: It's yours. You can have it. You can have it.

Sheree Zampino: I'm gonna give myself one of those little, what are they called? The little, so the little hair in my little belt loop and just play my own little theme song in life.

Kim Gravel: But you know what It's so funny that you say that, but that is like, that's totally who you are as a person. I was just reading all about you. I watch you every Wednesday night, and can I just say, let's just go on and spill the tea.

Sheree Zampino: Oh, come on, get it. Let's get it. Kim,.

Kim Gravel: You are the voice of reason, okay. You are such a breath of fresh air and they need you honey. They don't go anywhere. They need you on the real house life of Beverly Hills. And I'm friends with Lisa Rinna. I mean, I'm, I've known Lisa Rinna from, So don't tell her I said it though.

Don't tell her I said it.

Sheree Zampino: I won't tell her. I won't tell her. I won't tell her. Wow. Yes. And if you help me pay for my, my, my therapist. My therapist, I'll do, I'll do all the seasonings you want.

Kim Gravel: We both have reality TV in common, but Sheree there's more to you than meets the eye.

There must have been a method to your madness about going on Real Housewives or Beverly, because you're so multifaceted, girl. I mean, I loved you from the second I mean, I knew you before then. I mean you, you were married to Will Smith. You are a business woman. You're a woman of faith. Tell us what made you want to do Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and be.

Come on here and just shoot us straight. Cause all your people are listening.

Sheree Zampino: Let me tell you, when Garcelle Beauvais reached out to me, and said, listen. And I had done, I think like maybe two, three, appearances with her. You know, I just as a friend throughout her, the season she was on, I think this is her third and.

When she said, Listen, I'm gonna throw your hat in the ring, you know, the casting people are gonna call you. And I was like, for what? What? So I reached back to her and I said, You know, thank you. And I mean, I knew what she was implying. I mean, I knew what was happening cuz she had made little jokes about it, you know, little comments before.

But my first reaction was when this woman calls me, I am going to politely decline. I am not interested. Wow. I get it on. And I'm gonna tell you, as a woman of faith, I promise you, I felt like God checked me and just said to me. You, you don't have anything to turn down.

Kim Gravel: We have to stop.

You gonna have to let that breathe. Let that breathe.

Sheree Zampino: What are you turning down?

Kim Gravel: Sheree.

Sheree Zampino: I'm almost, I'm getting chilled. What are you saying no ot.

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh, girl, if people could just listen to that,

Sheree Zampino: at least be in a position to say no, and you're making it something that it might not be.

It might be who you meet along the way. It might not be about you at all. I might have somebody I need you to minister along the way, go through the process and at least be in a position to.

Kim Gravel: Okay, so we gotta, Okay. Okay. Well, here we go. Forget Real Housewives in Beverly Hills. Let's get into it, because this right here, Sheree, is what?

I just got cold chills from a rooter to my tutor. Okay. Like I'm lit up like Christmas. And I'm telling you, I can, I knew we were gonna have kindrid spirits on this because this is so much bigger than, than the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What y'all, I hope y'all getting what she's throwing down.

I hope you're picking it up. Because what you're saying is sometimes, as women don't, we say no to things because we're tired, because we ain't got time for it, because we, you know, ticked off what, whatever the reason or we don't think we're good enough and, and it's like God's going. Say no to what? You're missing your opportunities.

Sheree Zampino: Get out your own way. Slow down. Just slow down.

Kim Gravel: Oh, Sheree. You know?

Sheree Zampino: Cause we get ahead of God. So in my mind, okay, I mean it. That's what I thought it. Like here I am. But see that's how God has to deal with me little by little.

Kim Gravel: Little by little. Me too, me too. He knows.

Sheree Zampino: He knows his child. He knows this one. He knows. So little by little, by little, by little.

And then of course I went through the process and then I started to pray and I started to, you know, seek wise counsel and I got into prayer with some of my, you know, some of my sisters in the spirit. And I was like, Now for like I really, I felt if they offer it to me, right, I am to take. That's what I felt if they offered me.

So they offered me a friend and they were so apologetic. It was just, I was like, What? I said, For me, this is the best. Yeah, it is. This is the best of both worlds. You have the platform, because that's why you do the show. You don't do the show to do the show, you do the show for the platform. It gives you Right.

You know, because really what you have to endure, I mean, on a spiritual level, see as, as a spiritual being, we, we make. You know, I make it a point to avoid the drama. I make it a point to, you know, forgive quick and just, you, you make it a, you make it a point to move on, but you, you can't do that. The show is not set up that way.

Kim Gravel: Yeah, but Sheree, I wanna interrupt you to say, though it don't get it twisted. I think at any point if you wanted to pop off, you. And do it in a very smart way, but I can tell watching you on the show, there is something bigger at work in. I can tell you go higher, you definitely reach to your higher, self.

Especially like when you're giving advice or you're, you're in that toxic, not toxic. It is toxic, Let's just call it what it is that, that really, you know, aggressive situation. You're always bringing this like center. Tell me like how you got there, because you've got ups and downs. Girl, you got a. You've been through.

Sheree Zampino: But I don't want, I don't, I don't want you, Zac, or your viewers to get the wrong impression. I will pop off. You know what I'm saying?

Kim Gravel: I know. Oh, girl. I could tell,

Sheree Zampino: Listen, I'm still a work in progress. Praise him. Okay.

Kim Gravel: But you can, you could and do it quite well. But you don't. .

Sheree Zampino: Well, I haven't, I haven't had.

As a friend, nobody's really coming for me. You know what I'm saying? I haven't been in that position. I haven't been in that situation, so it's not like I'm so much more evolved and spiritual than these ladies. I haven't been that way. You know what I'm saying?

No, I hear you. Not yet.

Kim Gravel: Oh, oh.

Sheree Zampino: The more you do, it's, it's coming. It's a part of it. That's what it is. That's what it breathes, you know, So it's coming. You just, you just hope when you pray that, when you get in that situation, you know, your, your flesh just doesn't take over. You know, even if you're tricked, like you're able to spirit, you pull it back.

You know what? I be able to pull it back and be a voice of reason and, you know, and, and, and handle yourself in a way that, that is, that is honorable,

Kim Gravel: but, you will. Can we talk about your body butter? Girl? First of all, I want you to tell me the story in this journey in creating this product because it's so compelling.

There's a lot of women out there thinking, Can I get into business? Can I create things? Or whatever their dream is. But this Whoop Ash girl, we gotta get you on QVC or HSN with this, with the . Can I just say that right now to you? That is so fantastic. Show it. Show it to us. I want you to see it . I want everybody to see this product.

Isn't this? I can't, I can't take it. And it is, this is much,

Sheree Zampino: I just wanna show you the consistency of

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh, do it. Sell me on it, girl. It's, it's gorgeous, and I'm telling you.

Sheree Zampino: and you can kind of see like a little shine. I can a little clean. It's not greasy, but it gives you, and it stays. It gives you a nice glow.

It moisturizes the skin. It feeds the skin. I say it's comfort food for the skin.

That's what it is.

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh. How did you come up with this? That name, Whoop Ash.

Sheree Zampino: It does what it says it whoops ash. So you can declare I got my ash whooped.

Kim Gravel: don't mess with me. Or I'll put some Whoop Ash on you. That's what you end up saying.

Sheree Zampino: I'm saying I'm gonna whoop that as yes I am. I whoop that as, yes I am. But I do, I want people to know, and some people need an ash education because ash is just dry skin and the product is for everybody because everybody suffers. Doesn't matter what race, ethnicity, everyone suffers for.

Kim Gravel: How did this come about, Sheree?

How did all this happen? Like how did you become this female entrepreneur?

Sheree Zampino: Girl, let me, let me tell you. It, it's a, it's a crazy, it's a crazy story and it dates back to, I would say maybe about 2005, right? I'd love to cook. So I dropped Tray off at school. I'm home, you know, trying to entertain myself. You know, I'm a stay at home mom.

So my life is just him. So when he's at school, okay, what do I do? I play. Yeah, so I love to cook, so I found this honey, it was a white honey and it was at the church cafe that I went to, cuz normally I don't like the taste of honey, but the white honey was like icing on a cinnamon roll.

So I was like, Ooh, you know, it was fabulous. White honey is, Well, I've never heard of white honey. I've never heard of that from, there's, it's called white gold. White Gold is the brand. I'm really pumping his brand. It's, it's fabulous. And they sell it like at the higher end stores. Okay. He's still in business.

We're talking this, this was two, 2005. But it literally, it's got a very, very mild sweet, really mild flavor. It doesn't have that, that, that twang, that honey has. There's something in the flavor of honey that. Care for. But like I said, this I loved, so was doing some research about, honey recipes Googled and what were coming up were not recipes that were edible, but spa, spa products, body recipes, body treatments, because it's been in, in, in regimens, skin regimens for royalty like world, thousands of years.

So I said, Okay. So I ordered some things. I ordered a lotion base from, from a company. I ordered some, some organic West African Golden Shea butter. Of course I had my white honey. And what else did I have? I had grape seed oil, and I literally got out my gumbo pot. Put, put these ingredients cuz I knew, I knew that I had to heat 'em in order for them to really blend together.

Cause they were all thick. You couldn't just, you know, So I can't stir it exactly. So I let everything, you know, get melty and, and stir everything together. Put 'em in these beautiful glass jars, you know, with the, with the, you know what I'm, what are they calling it fat latch. They got the little.

And gave them away. And I gave one to Jada Pinkett Smith. and I gave it to Jada, and Jada loved, She's like, What are you doing with this product? And I said, Well, I did it. I gave it to you. And I gave it to a couple other people. I mean, like, I've done it. This is a question. What are you asking me?

I'm confused. So she's like, Re, this is a business for you.

And I was like, What? And from then I just, I pursued it and I had a different name. The name I had was Mela Meel, which just means honey. Honey. It's Honey and French, and honey and Italian, which is a cute name, right? And I promise you, I was going to Starbucks. I'll never forget I was in Chatsworth at the time, going to get my daily fix.

You know, from Starbucks and, and all of a sudden Whoop Ash dropped into my spirit out of nowhere. It's like, if you find your keys, you're not still looking for them. I had a name, I wasn't looking for a name, you know? Thinking of more about, you know, other things, what the package was gonna look like and chemist and all that kind of stuff, but whip ash.

And I was like, Oh my God, that's the name of this product.

Kim Gravel: Oh, it's fantastic. And, and it's so mainstream too. And I just think, I think when you, when you hear it, you see. It. Can I just say how amazing it is that you just were in your kitchen doing this. There's so many female entrepreneurs that started Sheree that start with just what they have.

Don't you think that's how God intends us? We always think we've gotta do something to get something and really don't you think it just like it just comes to like the name. It just comes. Why do you think that is?

Sheree Zampino: You get out of the way.

Real stuff. Purpose comes when you get out of the way and that's what it was.

You know? And I tell you, in 2015, cuz I launched the business 2000, 2008, lost faith in myself as a business woman. 2015. I didn't like, I'm creative, but the business side of it, I didn't like who I. When doing, I didn't like that. I didn't like, I, you know, It, it kind of felt like it was robbing me of my joy.

Anyway, 2020, everything shuts down. God takes all the distractions away. I reenter with him and he starts to work on my heart and my mind and my soul. And he says to me, If you really believe what you say about me, you, you confess that I can do all things you. But if you really believed it, there's no way you would've quit.

Kim Gravel: Wow, Okay.

Sheree Zampino: I was like, What?

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh. You know what? He talks to you like? He talks to me. That's what God is saying.

Sheree Zampino: Why are you looking at you, What your limitations are and your capability.

Kim Gravel: I needed to hear that today.

Sheree Zampino: So I'm like, well, dang, I gotta go back in business. Right?

Kim Gravel: Cause you know what?

Timing is everything Sheree, Everything is in his time and sometimes his time. He lets us start stuff so that we learn, grow, because if he'd give us the bigness of it when we think we're ready for it,

Sheree Zampino: girl. Listen, it's, and you know it, it's about obedience. It's about obedience. You just do what he says.

I don't have, and I don't know why we try to figure everything out. That's another,

Kim Gravel: I'm the worst at that.

Sheree Zampino: How so? Because you seem, you just seem to be like,

Kim Gravel: Girl, I'm crazy in a one arm paper hanger. I don't know how, I don't know which ends up, This is the whole thing. I have to die to self every single second.

People say every day, Uhuh every second, and I'm, and it's, it's like Sheree. It's like there is this thing with us women that we're always looking. Others, the others, the other things, the other businesses, the other women, the other social. And it's like I lose, when I lose my focus on what he, what he, I don't have to think about work or anything if I just look to him.

Everything else. Falls in line.

Sheree Zampino: God always does a new thing. That's who God is, right? Who He is. And when you start to compare, so God is trying to do something through you that hasn't been done and you're comparing your gift to somebody else's gift, to a gift of yesterday, and you're thinking, Ah, doesn't really measure up.

You know what I mean? Cause it's, it's like I don't, For instance, if I was a sing, I don't sound like Whitney Houston. I don't sound like Whitney Houston, so I must not be a good singer. Then lady named Tims, I don't know if you know, she's from Nigeria. Her voice is unlike anything you've ever heard. She.

That, I don't know how much further away from Whitney Houston, you could sound She's the only opposite side of things, but, but it's like she's got something new. She's got, ooh. Her gift doesn't, doesn't measure to a standard, that, that, that has come before it. It doesn't, It's a new thing. So you just have to really let go, let God and allow newness to flow through you.

Kim Gravel: Let me ask you this though, Sheree, a lot of people are saying, Okay, I love that. I love the newness message, but what do you do when you've made a lot of mistakes?

Sheree Zampino: get back up and you dust yourself off and you forgive yourself, and you release yourself from that.

Kim Gravel: How do you do that?

Sheree Zampino: You just do it, and you move on and you release it, and you stop meditating and thinking and dwelling on your path. Oh, yes. How can you step into your future when you got one foot in your past? Dragging it yourself, and you're carrying all that. You're not even, you're not even light enough to go to the next level.

You're too heavy. You're down yourself.

Kim Gravel: I just feel like women are like their forties, their fifties, even their sixties. It's like God's calling us up to be leaders, not only in our homes and our communities, but in titans of business, in in media and television and all of us. Tell me how your faith is your foundation, How, how has that become your, A lot of people say to me, Kim, I know you're a woman of faith. But how did you get there, Sheree? How did you become such a strong woman of faith?

Sheree Zampino: I pursue God. I like, I want to know him.

Kim Gravel: Hmm.

Sheree Zampino: There's literally no other place I'd rather be than in his presence.

Kim Gravel: Me too.

Sheree Zampino: And I just wanna make my dad proud.

I can't really about me crying on this. There he is.

Kim Gravel: That's the most enticing thing about you, is that you're this woman in the world that everybody knows by name. You have, you know, you had such a high profile marriage, now you're on the most high profiled TV show.

You're a female entrepreneur, but the Woman of faith is that foundation that you're building all these building blocks on. And I wanna tell everybody listening, she's the real. and that is, that is what God is looking for. Okay. I got before we start crying and going crazy, I gotta do some fun. All right. I'm gonna do rapid fire sre.

Okay. So we're gonna just do quick questions. Don't think about it. Okay. Just go for it. Just say what first thing comes at your mouth. , good, bad, and different. Everything is, there's no wrong answer. Okay. , who is your celebrity crush?

Sheree Zampino: Oh God, I know this. What's his name? Something. Oh, he's this, He's this wrestler.

Oh, something rain. What? Something rains. Something rains. Is he from? He from fine lands.

Zac Miller: Roman Reigns.

Sheree Zampino: That's the one. Roman Reigns.

Kim Gravel: She's into wrestlers, which I never saw that coming, to be quite honest with you. That was a good one.

Sheree Zampino: Well, I'm not into wrestlers. I'm into Roman Reigns.

Kim Gravel: Noted.

What is your favorite junk?

Sheree Zampino: Oh, favorite junk food would be, right now it's Panda Express.

Kim Gravel: Oh my Lord,

Sheree Zampino: Right? Plant based orange chicken

Kim Gravel: Why'd, Why'd you have to throw in plant based? Why'd you throw in plant based? That, that's not, You can't,

Sheree Zampino: I can't eat chicken anymore. Isn't that crazy? Like my body is like, No ma'am, as of last year.

No ma'am. So I can eat the plant based,

Kim Gravel: So my, my body is saying No, ma'am, on a lot of things, but ma'am is still shoving it down. Okay. What is your next hot product that you want to develop.

Sheree Zampino: I wanna do a Whoop Ash, like, a body rub with little CBD in it.

Kim Gravel: Oh, and you know what? Do one that's got the spray all missed.

Sheree Zampino: Ooh, that's it.

Kim Gravel: Okay. That's it. That's it. Okay. That's, I'm telling you, girl, I gotta connect you with That's good. We gotta, Yes, Yes. I gotta connect you with hsn. No, you'll kill. This is fantastic. Okay. What is your favorite, Okay. What is your favorite thing about your son?

Sheree Zampino: He's so, such a beautiful soul.

Kim Gravel: That's our, that's our highest calling and biggest job ever is big moms and the hardest. And the hardest . Okay.

Sheree Zampino: Cause it was more in the beginning. I didn't know it was gonna work out this way, but God is good.

Kim Gravel: Okay. I got one. That's good. And you need to share it and don't hold it back. What is your secret to your famous mac and cheese?

Sheree Zampino: Oh, Cracker Barrel. Okay.

Zac Miller: we're both like, What?

Sheree Zampino: Cracker Barrel makes cheese. It's the Cracker Barrel extra sharp.

Kim Gravel: Oh, honey. You know, I know. Cracker Barrel cheese. And you get it in the slices and I'll just get that.

Sheree Zampino: No, no, don't get it all sliced up. You gotta slice it yourself.

Kim Gravel: Oh, oh the hunk.

Sheree Zampino: Don't be taking shortcuts on my crack and cheese now.

Kim Gravel: You get the whole hunk.

Sheree Zampino: But it, the secret to it is the extra sharp.

Kim Gravel: I was gonna say, was it sharp, extra sharp, mild chatter.

Sheree Zampino: What do I get? That punch that, that thing, it puts bass in them. Song it like, it's the heartbeat of the dish.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Let, I mean, I'm now, see now you got me on mac and cheese and So what about the noodles?

Like do you get, do you do 'em?

Sheree Zampino: My father's for blooded Italian. So if I go somewhere, my pasta is not al dente, it's going right back, however. And make mac and cheese, it's different. You know, you can't cook it a little, you don't have to cook it all the way, whatever. But once it bakes for an hour plus it's gonna get soft and that's, it's gonna get moist.

You don't wanna, you don't wanna bite in your mac and cheese. You want it to just be, you know, smooth and cream and just, just, there's melting your mouth. Going nothing hard in our Mac and cheese.

Kim Gravel: Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel. Y'all. Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel. Extra sharp. Okay. What is your favorite possession?

Sheree Zampino: Oh, my mind went somewhere else. I was like, she's asking me about favorite positions. Is that, did

Kim Gravel: We can go there. Hey, Listen.

Sheree Zampino: My favorite possession is my, I have a plant. And my granny used to take care of her, so she's probably about 30 years old. Can you see beauty?

Kim Gravel: Oh my gosh.

Sheree Zampino: And she was so little when I got her. She was little, but she had long leaves that, But she's just taken on a different. Her posture is completely different. Her size is, her energy is different. That's my favorite discussion.

Kim Gravel: Uh oh. Don't ever change that, but okay. Your favorite, scripture, Bible passage.

Sheree Zampino: Don't fix your eyes on what is seen, but what is unseen. Because what is seen will pass away. But what is unseen is eternal.

Kim Gravel: But it's a perfect way to end this because that unseen scripture is totally to me that's you. You're a woman of faith. That means you're, you're, you're seeing, you're believing before you're seeing it, Those unseen things that you put your hope and trust in. Girl, I love you.

Sheree Zampino: I love you. When can I come back?

Kim Gravel: Tomorrow. How about tomorrow?

Sheree Zampino: I'm there.

Kim Gravel: I feel like we should start something. Sheree and Kim and them. That's what, that's our new show.

Sheree Zampino: Yes. And them we should do.

Kim Gravel: Well girl, this is amazing. And we've gotta be in touch anyway cuz you gotta get Whoop Ash on HSN QVC. I'm telling you,

Sheree Zampino: girl America deserves to have their ash whooped .

Kim Gravel: Drop mic.

I'm done with that. I got nothing else to. Bye, girl.

Sheree Zampino: Bye. I love y'all.

Kim Gravel: Love you. Love you. Bye.

Oh my gosh, she's amazing. I that, you know, drop mic on her last statement. It's a, you know, but I, she seems, you know, of course she's on the real housewives of Beverly Hills. She was, you know, had a high profile marriage to Will Smith. She's a mom, she's a female entrepreneur, but she is definitely what LOL is all about is like uplifting women and that's, that's what she's about.

She's about really empowering women. I love what she was saying. Being heavy. You know, a lot of times we go into, we wanna level up, we want to, to get to higher places, but we're carrying all that heaviness with us, and, we just got to lay down those bags, you know, we'd lay down those rocks, lay down all that baggage that's weighing us down because I always say this to my kids, if it doesn't matter in a year, it won't matter.

 Like, if it doesn't, people say five years. I'm telling you right now, if it doesn't matter in a year, Get rid of it. Let it go. Let it go. A hundred relationship, let it go. A mistake you've made, forgive yourself. Let it go. Lay it down of the stuff that, that like gets to us is like this actually doesn't matter in the long term.

It really doesn't. It really doesn't. What matters is if we're doing what we're supposed to be doing, that what, why we're, why God put us here on this earth and, and the love that we give to others.

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Till next time, live out loud. Laugh out loud. Live out loud. We love you.


Sheree Zampino

CEO / Fashion Designer / Mother

Sheree Zampino is the founder and CEO of Sheree Elizabeth Inc., which includes the popular WHOOP ASH! Body Butter brand. Sheree is a dedicated mother, blended family advocate, spokesperson, cook, fashion designer and artist.