April 13, 2023

Everything Hustle Culture Gets Wrong & What To Do Instead

Have you been hustling and pushing yourself to the limit, only to find that you aren't getting the results you want? Then this episode is for you.

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We’re worn out, y’all! We live in an exhausted society and it's because we're all hustling. I’m here to tell you to STOP HUSTLING. Do I mean you shouldn’t work hard? No, you should work hard, but there is a huge difference between working hard and hustling. When you hustle, you’re thinking small. This is what I like to call the “crumb” mentality. The crumb mentality is when we think there isn’t enough to go around—because the world is limited—that we have to press, push, and scrape to get our part of whatever’s out there. In this episode, I'll tell you how to stop hustling for crumbs and start thinking bigger about your life. 


This week: 

What is hustle culture and the crumb mentality 

Why persuasion is time wasted 

How to stop hustling and think bigger about your life

The importance of power waiting

How to deal with fear and negative self-thoughts

The meme contest winner is revealed

This is one of my favorite quotes from this week’s episode:

"I'm not going to spend my energy trying to convince someone else that they need to like me, to date me, to be do business with me, to fill-in-the-blank with me. It's a waste of time. If people don't get you, celebrate you, and believe in you. Move on. Don't hustle to get their love, acceptance or whatever. I'm telling you, it's wasted time." – Kim 



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Do you want to stop making excuses and value yourself more than ever?

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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Kim Gravel: Coming up on the Kim Gravel show, y'all hear me clearly. How will I know if he really loves me? He'll call you. That's why. That's how you'll know He'll call you. We spend so much time trying to convince other people that we are great, good, confident. Fantastic. Date me. Love me. And I'm telling you, it's time wasted.

Opening Introduction: Let's just go on and spill the tea. This is The Kim Gravel Show. This is one of the realest persons I've ever met in my darn life. You gotta watch this. My mission is to encourage every single woman, we're here to lift y'all up. There's no one more effective than moms. You mess with the bull. You going to get the horns. I need coffee. I need Jesus and I need therapy. If you can bring a smile to people's faces, why would you not? We love our kids. We love our husbands. What a blessing. We're gonna dedicate this to you in finding your superpower. Okay girl. True confidence is knowing who you are and why you're here.

Kim Gravel: Hey y'all, this is Kim Gravel and this season on the Kim Gravel Show we are gonna be leveling up our lives and stepping into our calling and our purpose. And we're gonna do it together. and we're gonna start today cuz this is a really, really, should I say controversial. I'm gonna say controversy.

Zac Miller: We are doing controversy tonight, Kim.

Kim Gravel: Well, you know, I didn't even think about it, but I've been doing all the media for my book. Huh. Shameless plug.

Zac Miller: Shameless plug. Well, your book comes out in two weeks, I think when this Airs two weeks, I'm pretty sure

Kim Gravel: two weeks everywhere books are sold. it's called Collecting Confidence, but I had no idea when I was writing these stories about my life and how my journey of collecting confidence has unfolded.

That I was really being a tad bit controversial about what I think about confidence and how we get it.

Zac Miller: What do you mean by I'm, wait, wait, wait, wait. Now I need to know. Now I need to know cuz I've read the book and there's definitely some stuff in there that is maybe controversial, but I.

Kim Gravel: Do you think? So?

Really, really? Now, Zac, shoot me straight.

Zac Miller: I don't, well, I think there's some stories. I'm serious. I think there's some overshare that are like good, like good, like, oh, I wanna know. This is, this is the surprise. This is the real Kim right here. I mean, overshare. Let's go with that.

Let's not go to controversy.

Kim Gravel: No, there is overshare and I think, I think what it is in the book, Is cuz even when I was writing it and my editor would say, are you sure we wanna say that? Are you sure you wanna say it that way? And I'm like, and I'm so, you know, whatever I am. Raw real, yeah.

Authentic, total idiot. Whatever you wanna call me. I was sitting there going, yeah cuz that's how it happened. And. But she had me thinking like, oh my gosh, is this going to really be controversial? I mean there, there are some, there are some things that are controversial and one of 'em we're gonna talk about today, but as I was doing the media, Zac, so I'm glad to hear you say that You and my editor agreed and it sounds like you and some of the other media outlets I've been doing media on for the book agrees as well.

I recently just did this, this rather large podcast and. I was talking about some of the concepts of the book and I think he kind of disagreed with me. I mean, he didn't come out and say that. But I could just tell he was kind of challenging the thought process and I had never thought about that happening.

Being this, this, this particular topic we're gonna talk about today, being something that might be a little people might not go to as stupid. You know what I'm saying? But you know, here we go.

Zac Miller: So, so wait, so you went on podcast and you were like, the, the host was like, not buying it?

Kim Gravel: Yeah.

I mean, he didn't say that, but I just felt like he was going. Obviously that's not been his experience, but I'm gonna tell you what I think about that.

Zac Miller: All right. All right. So what are we talking about today, Kim?

Kim Gravel: Today I wanna talk about the anti-hustle culture. Why you don't need to hustle. And what you do instead of hustling, because we are, I mean, you talk about a hustle culture, babe.

It is. It is hustle, you know. To the nth degree.

Zac Miller: That was me in my twenties. That was me fully hustling in my twenties.

Kim Gravel: What is hustle culture? Okay, let's define hustle culture. For those who are listening, define that for me. Zac. What do you think when you say you hustled in your twenties? What did that look like?

We're not talking about inappropriate movie here, people. We're not talking about them. This is, we're not talking about sitting in the alley and playing dice and hustling somebody up for some money. Tell, tell about,

Zac Miller: okay, well that that wasn't me. That was what I was doing.

Dice in the alley. Could you imagine? Could you picture me doing dicey alley? No, no. So for me, the way it sort of like worked for me is that I was like, if I am like the hardest working person, I will get ahead. And that was it. And, and I, that's what I tried to be. And so like, you know, working in production, so I worked in TV production and we're already working 60, 70, 80, a hundred hour weeks, no joke, like seven days a week minimum.

And, You're just grinding. And then on top of that, I'm trying to do some side project or write some screenplay or do some other thing. And you, you know, it's like, it's like you have your main grind and you have the other thing, and then you have like your side hustle and like, it's just you, you can't,

Kim Gravel: I'm not talking about working hard.

That's not, that's not what I'm talking about on the hustle. it's more of a mentality, the hustle mentality and the hustle culture. I want you to read what hustle means because

Zac Miller: this is so interesting. To obtain by forceful action or persuasion,

Kim Gravel: bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.

Obtained by forceful action or persuasion. That's exactly what I'm against. A thousand percent. It has never worked for me, and it, it, it will wear you out and it might work for you. A little bit, but I'm not so sure you'll be content and fulfilled hustling. Let me, can I read you a part of the book?

Can I read you part of, from collecting confidence up until, at this point I had hustled to get ahead to hustle is to live small, to do almost anything to get ahead to tell people what they want to hear, but never lie. To get out and grind, like your life depends on it. This is what I call the crumb mentality.

The crumb mentality is when we think there isn't enough to go around because the world is limited, that we have to press, push, and scrape to get our part of whatever's out there. That's the hustle culture. That I am anti against that crumb mentality.

Zac Miller: I love that.

Kim Gravel: So this is the thing, when you hustle, just think of a little, just think of a little rat.

He's out there, he's screaming, he's trying to get the crumbs, he's trying to get the scraps. You know, I say in the book, life is an, all you eat can eat buffet. Okay? You can, you can go back as many times as you want. You can get, you can try new things. You can take a break, sit it out, talk with your friends, go back, get more.

It's always there. If you've ever gone to eat at all, you can eat buffet. It's always full. It's always hot. It's always steaming. No matter when you're walking in to the Golden Corral, thank God for Golden Corral. You, you, you, you always can grab something and it's, and it's everything. It's seafood, it's salads, it's chicken, it's beef, it's it's steak.

I mean, it's everything. The crumb mentality is, I've gotta sit, I've gotta hustle. I've got to, you know, convince people that this is for me or to give me something. And that is what I'm seeing a lot of on social media and business. This desperate hustle culture to get what's theirs.

And I think I was talking to this person. And they were sitting there going, oh my God, that's what I do. Right. Because we think there's a limited, they think there's, that's a limited amount of opportunity. I'm gonna tell you something else. Read the definition

Zac Miller: again to obtain by forceful action or persuasion.

Kim Gravel: All right, let's talk persuasion. Y'all hear me clearly? How will I know If he really loves me, he'll call you. That's why. That's how you'll know. He'll call you.

I'm just telling you, we spend so much time trying to convince other people. We are great, good, confident, fantastic. Date me, love me, and I'm telling you, it's time wasted. I will never forget. That's what I mean, my dad just said that to me. He said, how will you know? He'll call you. How do you know this is for me?

You'll get the job. We spend so much time trying to convince, there, I, I'll be honest with you, there's people that I have met that don't really care for me, and I have sat there go, why don't they like me? I like them. Why don't they like me? I mean, I was just having this conversation a couple of weeks ago.

I don't know. They don't, but I'm not trying to convince them. I'm not gonna spend my energy trying to convince someone else. That they need to like me, to date me to be, do business with me, to fill in the blank with me.

It's a waste of time. If people don't get you, celebrate you and believe in you, move on. Don't hustle to get their love acceptance or whatever. I'm telling y'all it's wasted time. And, and, and that was another thing that this in particular person was just like, even my e e even people that were, they're helping me edit the book, said Really?

I'm like, really? It's wasted time. If they don't get it, it ain't for you. They're not for you. And, and, and if they are for you, they'll get it eventually and come back around. That's what I'm talking about when we talk about calling and collected confidence and, and, and really this is a book about confidence, but it's also a book about how to find your calling and moving confidence from that when you get in a place that you are confident in what you're called to do.

When people. Don't get it or don't accept it or don't embrace it, that's okay because you know inside and you're confident in that calling. And when you get to that place, and lemme tell you something, one day you're high. One day you're low. Look, it's, it is ebb and flows. It waxes and wanes. It's exhausting.

But I'm gonna tell you what's exhausting will wear you out, is trying to hustle and convince people that you are the one. It it, it will it. That's why you're exhausted. Listen to me. That's why you're tired. We live in a fatigued. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically. Fatigued society. Fatigued culture, and it's because we are hustling.

God, don't hustle. Think about this. He don't hustle. He don't have to. And if he's put a calling inside of you, you don't have to either. And you say, well, Kim, what does that mean? What does that mean? Well, you, you, you've gotta start looking at people, places, and, and things in a different way. It used to be when somebody would, Zac, not like me or you know, it would be ugly to me or, or I'd see something on social media hater or whatever.

Whatever they call 'em these days. They're just people with an opinion. They're not even haters. Cuz look, we're our own worst haters. I beat myself up more than social media people do. I'm telling you and I, and look that, that people aren't haters on social media. They're bored and they're cowards and they got too much time on their hands.

 And it's just their opinions. Nine times outta 10, they're hurting too. Okay? But when that kind of, when that comes at you and you don't feel like you fit in somewhere, or you don't feel like you belong or you don't feel like this person is understanding or doesn't see you believe in you or even love you or like you.

Let them go. Nice. I'm gonna quote a song My daddy used to quote me growing up, if you can't be with the one you love, honey and love the one you're with, this is what I'm saying. We're always wanting the acceptance and validation of other people, and when they don't give it to us, we feel like it's our job to hustle to get it.

 Is not. That is their problem, that is not yours. And when you stop having that kind of crumb mentality, cuz that's what that is, that is thinking there is less out there. There is a limited amount of money. There is a limited amount of love. There is a limited amount of beauty. There's a limited amount of podcast, and if I don't hustle and try and work and do what I gotta do to get where I gotta go, I'm not gonna get


Zac Miller: I think we've all been there. I think we've all been in these moments in our lives where we're just like, we're hustling, we're grinding, we're, we don't even know why we're running so fast, but we can't. We feel like we can't stop. That's how I felt.

Kim Gravel: And you can't get ahead either.

And you feel like, and then, okay, have you ever done this? Oh my gosh. If I don't, if I don't give you an example. If I don't send this email right now, it'll never happen. All the time. If I don't text this friend back right now on my phone, if I don't text her back, she's never gonna be my friend again.

Zac Miller: You know, it's funny, I shouldn't say this to you, Kim. I'm actually actively trying to be less good at email. This is something I am working on because I realize the better you are at email, the more emails you get. Like if I respond to every email within five minutes, which is like my sort of norm, then you just get more emails.

Then people respond to you quickly and then you respond back, and then it's like 46 emails back and forth. Whereas if I just waited like, you know, four or five hours, written a little more, put a little more thought behind it, maybe it's six emails instead of 40.

Kim Gravel: I mean, you cause more work for yourself.

You're hustling is exhausting. Okay, let me read this again. Until, up until that point I had hustled to get ahead to hustle is to live small, to do almost anything to get ahead. I'm talking about that everyday kind of hustle. Well, you'll do almost anything to get ahead. Now. Everybody who's sitting at home, raise your or listen to this only wherever you're listening to this.

Raise your hand if you've ever done that. Thinking about your kids' grades, your kids' sporting events. That's a perfect way to look at the hustle culture is watch parents with their children in sports.

Zac Miller: I have a feeling you're guilty of that. I think you're guilty of that.

Kim Gravel: I'm so guilty of that.

I have to slap my own face and wake up. You know what I'm saying? To hustle is to live small, to do almost anything to get ahead, watch this, watch this, watch this. To tell people what they want to hear, but never lie to get out and grind like your life depends on it. And that's what I call the crumb mentality to hustle is to live small.

To think small, to accept small. If you have to convince someone to buy your product and tell 'em an almost lie to hustle and grind to the point that you're neglecting your family, your health, your personal mental wellbeing, stop. If you gotta convince someone to love you. To tell them exactly what they want to hear, but don't tell a lie. Come on now, I'm telling somebody something right now. You're telling me something right now. If you've got to change who you are or work and work to the point that you're exhausted and grind to have their love, they're not for you.

How will you know if he really loves me? He'll call you. You'll know if it's for you, you'll know. Now what we do have to do is work hard, work hard on ourselves, work hard. Zac, on our, our mental preparation, I'd like to call that the power wait. And you're in the power wait. You're not sitting there.

Feeling sorry for yourself or trying to hustle to come up with an opportunity. You can't create opportunities, y'all. We can't. The society tells us that I've seen a million self-help books Go in, create your own opportunity. You can't. You can't create opportunity. You cannot.

Zac Miller: So wait, you're saying you can't create your own opportunity, but I know that you are such a huge fan and such a believer in manifestation.

So where did those two things fit together?

Kim Gravel: But manifestation is not opportunity. Manifestation is what it is. How it gets to you. You got, you've got to trust God for that. You can't create the way he is. The way you can't create the way it, it's so simple. It's stupid. I believe in the KISS method. Keep it simple. Stupid. I mean, I know I'm not naturally blind. I know it's hard for y'all to believe, but honest to God, I'm not that bright. I'm just not. I'm not, I have to reread two or three sentences just to make sure I've read it correctly.

I don't comprehend things. Well, Zac will tell you, I have to sit here and read the prompter about the same intro we do every single time. Every single time. She's like, really? Do you need this? I want it. I gotta have it. I mean, it's my show. I say the same thing every week. I want the prompter. I mean, I'm telling you, I'm not that bright.

I'm confident. I'm confident in the fact that I'm not that bright. I'm confident in the fact that. No one can build people up better than me. They might do it just as good as me, but they don't do it any better. Yep, I know what I'm here for and y'all, that's where true confidence comes in. Confidence. There is a surface level of confidence that comes with repetition and experience and practicing what you're doing, but that deep down, soulful confidence.

That's in my heart and in my soul. It comes from knowing that I don't have to hustle, cuz what is out there for me is for me. And what is out there for you is for you. A lot of us are out there working hard to get the opportunity and not doing the hard work on ourselves. We should be working on ourselves in that power wait.

That means that moment where you're waiting on your opportunity to find you, when you're waiting for your mate, your husband, your partner, to find you. When you're waiting on that true love, when you're waiting on that business break, when you're waiting, all of that

opportunity will come with you to you with ease, which is the absence of difficulty or effort. It's effortless. Now the next book might be, hang on for the Ride when you get your opportunity, cuz then the hard work is really gonna start. The reason I don't believe in the hustle culture is because what you see, the opportunity that you see for yourself is so small in comparison to what God has for you.

I don't want you to hustle because you're gonna be thinking too small, baby. You thinking about the crumbs? I'm sitting here going, you have an all you eat buffet, get a clean plate every time you go back.

Zac Miller: Can you give us an example? I wanna, I want an example from maybe like from your life where, what you, they're all in the book or from the book?

From the book. Somewhere where like you imagined for yourself something and then waited. power waited, let it come to you. And it was so much bigger than you could imagine.

Kim Gravel: I wanted to be on QVC for a long, long, long time, since 2006. So I wrote in my journal, I wanted to be on QVC. I wanted to have my own brands on QVC 2006.

 Closed that journal. Put it aside. Lived my life. Had two babies, did Kim of Queens. Never pursued it.

Zac Miller: That was before Kim Queens. That was like,

Kim Gravel: that was like years before, almost a decade before Kim of Queens. 2006. Never worked on it. Never thought about it. Never did anything about it. Never tried to create nothing.

Didn't try to get on QVC, none of that. 2006, 2016. We're launching on QVC. 10 years later we're launching on QVC. Wow. The opportunity found me once, through my agent for business reasons. You can read about it in the book. Wasn't a good move for me. I had to turn it. Down. I will never forget I was standing.

I had no bra, a moomoo nightgown. I was cooking fried pork chops for my children and my husband who don't even eat meat. And I was frying pork chops. And Amy called me on the phone and I said, I'm taking this opportunity. Shoes. You can't take it. You gotta turn it down. If it's meant for you, it'll find you again.

Zac Miller: This is actually one of the most memorable parts of the book for me, because I know the story of how you got on QVC and I'm like, this is the story, this what's happening right now. And then when you turn it down, I was like, you're turning it down. Why are you, I got stressed reading it. I'm like, how, what is, turn it down happening.

Kim Gravel: But, but think about it, Zac. I mean, it would be like the biggest opportunity of your life to change the trajectory of your life. And you're going, nah, I think I'll pass. Right? It wasn't right. Yeah, three months for, for whatever reason, read the book, you'll get the details. Three months later, almost to the day, the opportunity found me again and we suggest, yeah, it was right.

I never, one time, the only thing Amy and I ever did to pursue QVC. Was to print off a 500 page manual about how you get on QVC in 2006. I wrote it in my journal and we never did anything with it. It sat there for 10 years. So what I'm trying to tell y'all is you can have those stories too. And I wasn't 20 when that happened.

 I mean, I didn't get on QVC till my what, mid forties. Late forties, sky, late forties. So, I'm just telling you, try it. Try it. If you don't believe me, try it. And that's what I'm saying when I said I've been talking about the book, Zac, is that everybody has kind of, when I'm saying this, they're like, ho, hold up.

It makes people feel uncomfortable because we've always known we gotta work and hard to out grind everybody, you know, get yours, say yes. Mm. You can do that if you want to. Every time I've hustled it has, I've lost money, time, energy, and confidence every time I've hustled. So let me talk to you about, you say, Kim, what do I do in the meantime?

 And my opportunity has not found me. What do I do while I'm waiting for that opportunity to find me? This is straight from the book. Power waiting is an antidote to the desperation of the hustle culture. Read that again cuz it's good. Power waiting is an antidote to the desperation of the hustle culture.

God doesn't hustle. Hustling is all about seizing every second, hurrying every day and taking advantage of every so-called opportunity. But God doesn't need opportunity. He is opportunity. He doesn't have to hustle and neither do you. There's a scripture I love, but if, but if we hope for what we do, not yet have we wait for it patiently, but if we hope for what we do, not yet have we wait for it patiently.

That's what you do instead of the hustle, and that's what you do when you're waiting. I've wasted so much time, emotional energy and money trying to make things happen. What is meant for you will find you. And people. That takes faith. That takes extreme faith and confidence in my faith is in God, but also I have extreme faith that he's gonna show up for me.

That there's something for me, or I would not be breathing right now talking to you and he has something for you. You have got to believe that for yourself. We spend a lot of time, Zac, trusting our computers, trusting that the Internet's gonna work. We trust that, you know, when we get in our cars and drive, we're gonna be safe.

There's a lot of things that I look at and go, why the heck do we trust that? Why do we have faith in that? We have faith in a lot of things we can't see in this world. Oh have a little faith in yourself. Have a little faith that.

That opportunity is yours and yours alone. And everybody, there's, there's limitless opportunity out there for you and for me, and for you, Zac, and for everybody listening, it's out there for all of us. Have a little faith in that. I'm telling you. Stop hustling. Stop trying to scrape around and, and, and grasp and, and grope and hold and collect the crumbs.

We live in a culture that thinks that we have control and that we can make things happen and that we're smart enough and, we're not. But what's meant for you is gonna find you. Regardless of what everybody else is doing, if you will let it.

Zac Miller: What if you know what you're meant to do? And it starts to come.

 For you. And you're too scared. And you don't let it, and you start pushing back, right? Like, I think there are so many people, I think about self, of the people. Self sabot talks you on the show. The self sabotage, the getting in your own head, the negative self thoughts, like all those things that are sort of attacking you, that are trying to, you know, erode your confidence, stop you from acting, make you kind of freeze.

How do you deal with that when you are trying to be conscious and be thoughtful about, you know, letting yourself find this calling.

Kim Gravel: First of all, that's very normal. It's very normal to be scared half to death when something finds you. But I will tell you, during that power wait, if you are patiently preparing for the opportunity, your confidence level to step into that will be a lot stronger.

 Give you an example. Single people. When you are single, you're dating. You might be on a dating app. You're pursuing, you're seeing what's out there. You're, you're doing the little bit of hard work that you've gotta do during the waiting period, but while you're waiting, you're not obsessing about trying to find that mate.

You are preparing yourself to be that mate so that when you find them, A, you'll recognize them and B, or when they find you, however, you know, a, you'll recognize them, and B, you're ready for the relationship.

Like the only reason I have the little bit of success that I have is because of all the lived experience, I've waited more than I've won. I have waited more than I've had the wins in life, people. 10 years.

Zac Miller: Isn't it always that way? Like I you, it is, you hear about the overnight successes and those people are like, this isn't an overnight success.

Like I've been making music for 22 years and like now I'm breaking out, or I've been doing whatever for, I've been, I wrote seven books and now this one's a bestseller. Like whatever it is right?

Kim Gravel: Right. Because I think true confidence comes from lived experiences. Through going around that mountain and having to get that experience.

 I wanted to read one last thing about it. I say what has meant for you will find you, it will show up. You don't have to beg for it, and you don't have to settle for what's offered. I think a lot of times during that waiting period, Zac, we just go, I mean, I think of a story in the Bible, you know, Sarah and Abraham, and he promised him a son and she got impatient. And couldn't wait. And so she took matters into her own hands and she did the hustle.

She started hustling, baby that hustle. It didn't work out for her. She got angry and mad and ticked her off. And her promise and her opportunity still came. I mean, he, God honors this word and he, he gave Sarah a son. But all the grind and the heartache that went through all that because she took matters into her own hands.

And I think, I wanna say to everybody, don't settle. Don't settle. Don't take what's just offered. You don't have to. So when you're waiting and you're tempted to get in the hustle culture again and say, well, you know, it's not happening, and so I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna do this. I'm just gonna settle for this, or I'm just gonna take this job.

I'm just gonna marry this person. I'm just gonna, you know, give up on this. Don't settle.

Zac Miller: And you mean settling is like, I know if I marry this person, I know I'm just going to be like pushing and pushing and pushing. I know that like it's going to be a hustle.

Kim Gravel: Tell me why I know. Ask me how I know that.


Zac Miller: How do you know that Kim?

Kim Gravel: Read the book chapter? I think four.

Zac Miller: Yeah, I was gonna say chapter. Early.

Kim Gravel: All of this, all of this I, I'm telling you, I'm not that bright you've said. I say I'm the wisest person that I know because I'm not that cuz I don't know nothing. All I'm telling you is my lived life experience, and I know this has worked for me, and I believe these truths will work for you.

All right, y'all, when we come back, we've got a specialist, something. We're gonna close this, episode out and I can tell you as though, you know, don't hustle to come back. Just come on back. Come on. We don't want you to hustle.

Hey y'all, Kim Gravel here, and I'm excited about my book that's releasing very, very soon called Collecting Confidence. And I wrote it because I want everyone to feel confident and be the confident person that you already are and walk in it. I'm hoping that when you read it, you're gonna be encouraged.

You're gonna be inspired, you're gonna laugh a little, and also you're going to take. My stories of my life, the experiences, the ups, the downs, the ins and outs, the highs, the lows, and it's been that thread in my life that has given me the confidence to be who I was meant to be. And I want it to do the same for you because you already have it inside of you from the day.

You were born to right Now, it's time to start where you are to become everything you were meant to be. And in collecting confidence it will encourage you to do just that. Collecting Confidence comes out April 25th and you can pre-order it now. Wherever books are sold. Let's all do this thing together and walk boldly y'all in your collected confidence.

All right, we're back. Zac, you've got something for us, don't you?

Zac Miller: I do, Kim. I feel like, you know, this is like, I've been hustling. That's actually not true. I haven't been hustling at all. The fans have been hustling a little bit in a good way. I'm gonna say it's good hustling.

All right. Because, okay, so a couple weeks ago on the show, I said, and, and we'll roll the tape. I said this right now. If you send us, if you send us just text, text the, text the number here, I'm gonna give you the number right now. Hold on. I'm giving the audience the number right now.

They can text. I want to get memes to this number, dude. Four. Oh, I'm kidding. Like nine. 1 3 6 4 6. Oh. Whoever said, text me the funniest meme is gonna get something. I don't know what it is, is yet just, I'm gonna be no promises. It's gonna be something you're gonna, it's gonna be big. It's gonna be big. It's gonna be big.

Kim says it's gonna be big, so it's actually gonna be big.

Kim Gravel: It's gonna be something substantial.

Zac Miller: Okay, so we said that on the show, Kim, and we said it was gonna be big. We did. So do you know what? The result of that is, so the, the number, the number of the text number is a Google Voice number. So like it all goes to an email and I'm gonna text everyone back, but I didn't check it for a few days cuz I've been sick and my kids have been sick and whatever.

I check it and it was like text, text, text, text, text, text. I had so many memes in my email.

Kim Gravel: Aren't they fantastic? I wanna see them.

Zac Miller: Oh my gosh. All right. So where are they? Perfect. Like six or seven best ones. I'm gonna, I'm gonna post them and then Kim, you.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I'm obsessed with memes. And, and like TikToks and funny things.

I mean, that brings me such joy. Y'all have no idea you're getting ready to just boost my joy meter.

Zac Miller: So here are the best memes. That we were said. So this one says,

Kim Gravel: when she asks you if she looks fat and you replied, no, it's autocorrect to move.

Zac Miller: No, no. Wait. So tell us what we're seeing because this is for the people who are just listening to the show.

This is, this is Baby Yoda screaming. I'm in Danger. And it says, read it.

Kim Gravel: When she asks you if she looks fat and you reply. No. And it autocorrects to moo like a cow. Y'all like a cow. I'm in danger. Oh no. I'm in danger. So that's, I would agree with that.

Zac Miller: So that's the first one. It's a pretty good one.

Okay. That's the one to beat. The second one. So it's, it's self-confidence, so it's a, it's a self-confidence, like a poster. And it's a man wearing a cape, like looking in the mirror, going, not bad,

Kim Gravel: not bad. And you know what? I like it.

Zac Miller: It's a self-confidence. If you have that, the rest comes easy.

So that's a good one. Oh, that's right in our wheelhouse.

Kim Gravel: Amen to that. Here's the best one. So how's your take going? So there's porta-potties on the back of a truck going into under a bridge. That it's not gonna clear. The porta potties are not gonna clear. So,

Zac Miller: and there's a, there's a convertible right behind it.

Kim Gravel: Right behind it. That's about to get a surprise. And why would that convertible be f that I need that for like my family text strand. That's hilarious.

Zac Miller: Oh, and then someone set you, you, you gotta, you gotta say it.

Kim Gravel: She's more redneck than Britney Spears with a bag of Cheetos. Or you could have said she's more redneck than Kim Gravel with a bag of Cheetos.

Either one of that would've been great.

Zac Miller: This one makes me feel like this is, No offense, but this is like, reminds me of the, the Hardy, the Hardy girls little bit.

Kim Gravel: I think this is the winner. I think this is the winner. It's four squirrels sticking their head through one small hole in a tree, and it says when your circle is small, but you're all nuts.

I think that's the winner.

Zac Miller: Okay. And then this is the last one. And the thing about this last one, Is that most of these were just sent no context, just sent the meme and I love that. Just sent into it, right? This next one? This, this person said, that she made her own meme and sh this is her homemade meme that she made for us, for the show.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I love it. Okay, time is precious so waste it wisely.

Zac Miller: Time is precious. Waste it wisely. And it's just a dog just chilling.

Kim Gravel: So I'm sitting here thinking, is she saying listening to the podcast is wasting it wisely?

Zac Miller: Oh my gosh. You know, it's funny. So in India, I lived in India, so in India, my favorite thing was that when they're, like, when they're rating movies like they have, we have thumbs up, thumbs down, or whatever they have, like a bad rating for a movie is called Time Pass.

Like, oh, this movie's not good. It's just time pass.

Kim Gravel: There's just something about. Sitting there just mindless wasting time watching frivolous TV or plotless to a podcast or whatever that is so yummy. Good.

Zac Miller: Is this the winner, Kim? Is it the nuts? Are we all nuts? Is this

Kim Gravel: it? I'm gonna do the nut winner. The nut one is the winner. And I say we just call us and we'll let you know.

Zac Miller: 'll text whoever sent this nut one. I'm gonna text them tonight and I'm gonna tell, tell her that she won

Kim Gravel: Big, Belle gift card.

Oh, huge.

Zac Miller: Huge million dollars. I don't think I could say that. Definitely not a million dollars. I can't. Not a million.

Kim Gravel: That's why when your circle is small, but you're all nuts. That's my world. People

look, we're just all squirrel trying to get a nut out here. Thank you for listening to the Kim Gravel Show and remember we're anti-hustle culture. Your opportunity is coming. We love you. Rate review, let people know we're out here trying to share that message of confidence with everybody. We love y'all so much.

See you next week. Love y'all.

Power waiting is the antidote to tore. Anti, is that how I say an boat? Antidote? Antidote. Making sure cuz you know what, like I said, I gotta read two or three times and I wrote it. Power waiting. Shut up babe. So sorry. Sorry. Power waiting. Just living out my, this is my truth.

Zac Miller: Welcome to, I'm welcome to the credits cuz this is gonna make the cut scene. Let's go. We got this.

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