June 30, 2022

5 Ways Top Gun Maverick Transformed My Life | Summer Series Part 1

5 Ways Top Gun Maverick Transformed My Life | Summer Series Part 1

I’m sharing the 5 ways that Top Gun Maverick has transformed my life in part 1 of my summer transformation series.

In this special 5-part summer transformation series, I’ll share all the ways I’m working on transforming myself this summer so that we can do it together. This show is about creating a community of women who are there for each other, and this series is packed with funny stories and simple advice that you can start following right now that will help you get the most out of your summer and begin transforming your life for the better. 


This week is part 1 and I’m starting with a bang. No, make that a sonic boom! I’m sharing the 5 ways that Top Gun Maverick has transformed my life. I love that movie and it really inspired me and gave me a new perspective. So, strap into the cockpit and join me this summer as we live, love and laugh out loud together.


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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Kim Gravel: [00:00:00] Hey, y'all and welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel summer transformation series. Now for the next five weeks, I've got some special episodes that are a little bit shorter for you that will help you transform and be more confident and just have a little bit of fun. This summer. This series is packed with advice, funny stories and things that you can start doing right now that will help you transform and change your life all summer long.

Look, Rome wasn't built in the day, and it certainly is not gonna be transformed in the summer, but I'm just gonna share some ways that I'm transforming my own life. Even in my family's life this summer. See my mission is to encourage and lift women up. And this show is about how we can embrace our real selves and laugh about all the stuff that life throws our way.

So in this first episode, I'm gonna get into how Top Gun transformed my life. So y'all buckle up and get ready to live out loud, love out loud and laugh out loud together. [00:01:00] Okay. Summer series. Zac, are you ready for summer? Summer, summertime,

Zac Miller: summertime, baby.

Kim Gravel: You knew the song.

Zac Miller: I did. Come on. Will Smith.

Kim Gravel: Bravo! I'm so you are clearly ready for summer when it comes to your tunes, but I have one question for you to kick this summer series off. Dude, why are you still wearing a flannel plaid shirt? We've handsome people call in and talk to me about, say, does Zac have anything other than a plaid shirt and I, you need to, so next, next time you gotta bring us a Hawaiian shirt.

You gotta, you gotta step into summer.

Zac Miller: Okay. Okay. Well, can I just say something that I wore? Like what I thought was like kind of a cool shirt when I think it was the Guro Sparrow episode and I was made fun of on this podcast by you.

Kim Gravel: You know, what do not, I swear. Do not play passive aggressive with me.

Look, dude, this is the summer like, lemme tell y'all [00:02:00] I love Zac like a brother. I mean, he's really like, I'm seriously like a little brother, dude. We're doing a summer series. See how I'm in bright colors and everything is I'm really, you are.

Zac Miller: You're very summery. I'm sorry.

Kim Gravel: And you're wearing a fall plaid shirt.

I'm just calling it out. So we're gonna start off transforming Zac this summer series. No, I'm, I'm just playing with you.

Zac Miller: My studio is in my basement and my basement is cool.

Kim Gravel: good for you. So while I'm having a hot flash upstairs here at Belle Manor, you're downstairs with the cool breeze. I'm no, I'm teasing with you, but um, next time let's, let's spruce it.

Let's summer it up some. Okay. I've been waiting to ask you that question ever since we got okay. Oh my gosh. So this summer series, y'all, it's just gonna be a quick shot in the arm to give you this transformational moment that you can use throughout your week. Now, how Top Gun Maverick, the sequel to Top Gun, the original 1980s movie transformed my life.

Zac, have you seen it?

Zac Miller: I have not seen it. I wanna see it so badly. I've read so much about it. [00:03:00] So I'm assuming you liked it.

Kim Gravel: Like is not even the word. Like it was so bad. I went by myself. I was like, it was afternoon. I had like a three hour, little window without the kids, without zoom meetings without, you know, I just put the book down, you know, I'm writing a book.

And so I said, I'm just gonna go see Top Gun, cuz I was a big fan of Top Gun one. Now you've seen that, right?

Zac Miller: Yeah, of course.

Kim Gravel: I'm looking at it through like this nostalgia. When I go into the theater, I'm like I'm gone back immediately to the eighties when that movie was out the volleyball scenes.

Okay. High way to the danger zone. Oh my God. Kenny Loggins was just everything. And, and also, you know, you've lost that loving feeling. I mean all of those things come rushing back. So I go into the movie theater to see Top Gun Maverick strictly from a nostalgia point of view. This one is 5,000 times better, Zac.

Zac Miller: Really?

Kim Gravel: The [00:04:00] storyline of course is fantastic. And I've learned, I, I can tell you there's five things. I really could go like 10 things. I've learned that transformed me from seeing Top Gun Maverick. I'm just gonna bring it down to five, cuz we're not gonna keep you that long. Okay. But, um, number one, I walk in, I've got my popcorn, I've got my drink.

I sit down the, you know the opener starts going on. If you've got the jets, you've got this immediately, I feel patriotic. And you know, whatever you feel about this country, we live in the USA is the best country on the planet. It really is, regardless of what you know, you're thinking right now in the atmosphere and that movie just reminds you of that fact in the opening scene, when you see these fighter jets going and these military uniforms and everything, you instantly have this respect and reverence for those who serve our country.

So bravely and so sacrificially. So that's number one, like I was reminded of, my patriotism and, and how much I really do appreciate. And of course it came [00:05:00] out around that time of Memorial day and all that. So, you know, it, it, it, it made me feel a sense of pride when it comes to our military and what we have here in the us.

So all of a sudden, I'm, I'm excited about that. And two y'all the Tom Cruise. Okay. Tom cruise. No, I'm serious. He's a cutie. Tuty his call to excellence and how he delivers a part in a role inspired me, Zac. He could bring it, dude. It's more than bring it. It reminded me of what filmmaking and actors and actresses used to be before we had social media.

 And we got two behind the curtain to know about all their personal junk. Cause we've all got personal junk, but I enjoyed watching Tom cruise in the excellence that he delivered this part. It, it was truly, it made me wanna be better and do what and doing what I do. Like to me, it was something to aspire to.

I was like, you know what, [00:06:00] Tom Cruise, I have much respect, mad respect for you, my friend. So, um, that was number three. Is, are we number three or number two?

Zac Miller: I think we're at number two.

Kim Gravel: That's number two. Number three. I don't have any of this written down. So this is all coming from my heart. So number three is the storyline of these young whipper snappers.

Is that even a word anymore. These young whipper snappers, old people or young people. It's old people.

Zac Miller: No, it's young whipper snappers is young people, but I think only old people say it.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Well thank you for,

Zac Miller: so I'm saying you're not old enough to say whipper snappers,

Kim Gravel: well wear Hawaiian shirt on the summer series.

Okay. So we're one for one here. no, but let me say these youngins. Okay. These young, these young little hot things are coming in. There was, you know, a group of young guys, all different. It was very diverse, a female, you know, beautiful, strong female woman. As a pilot, she was there too. And then there was this one dude, [00:07:00] and I absolutely love this in the movie.

And those of you who have seen it will know. So there's this one guy and he, they are going around doing their call signs. Right, Zac. So they're just young, they're in a bar, they're shooting pool, they're talking trash. And so they're going around talking about their call signs. Well, and they kind of glance over to this, this young guy and he is got these like seventies looking throwback.

I hadn't bought a pair of glasses since, you know, in 30 years, you know, the nerd glasses, you know what I'm saying? You clearly know he's extremely, highly intelligent. Okay. Just by looking at him. And they were like, Hey Robert, Hey Bob, what's your call sign? You know? And everybody's like, Hey man, and Maverick and you know, yep.

I'm trying to think of any, you know, song land right now. I can't think of any.

Zac Miller: What about ice man?

Kim Gravel: Oh wait. And we're getting to Iceman. That's number four. It's number four, we're on number three. Okay. So, um, they all these little young whipper snappers. Look around and they said, Bob, what is your call sign?

And he just sits there like this Bob. [00:08:00] And I thought to myself, this is what I learned. This is what that, that Bob transformed me. Bob was just cold, flat dog, Bob. He wasn't trying to be cool. He wasn't trying to be Mr. Social media. He wasn't trying to front, he had money. Didn't have, I'm speaking to a lot of people who are out there posting stuff, you know, acting like they rich, instead of being rich, he didn't act like he knew anything.

He was there to do a job. And his little job Bob ends up really saving the whole entire operation.

Zac Miller: No spoilers, no spoilers.

Kim Gravel: So Bob is very instrumental, you know, in, in what he is doing. And, and when you show his helmet, it just says, Bob, this is fantastic. Okay. So that's number three. That's number three.

Number four. Is this come to Jesus meeting with Iceman?

Zac Miller: Do you know how they did Iceman in that movie? By the way?

Kim Gravel: I don't, but I don't really care because he's, he's [00:09:00] really not well, right.

Zac Miller: Val had, I think he had throat cancer or something. They used the deep fake technology to do his voice. Like he couldn't talk.

Kim Gravel: You would, you would never know it was beautifully done. They kind of set that up. So, so like, it was mirroring real life. You know, for what he's going in real life. And what, what code goes on in the movie with Iceman? Yeah, Tom, there was no, they clearly had such love for each other.

The reconciliation had already taken place. And you could see through this movie in the storyline that these guys have stood in the gap for each other, as friends for decades. And y'all. I was like every person, I don't really have any enemies or I really don't. I, I really don't have that in my life, but anybody I was quarreling with at the moment, I think it was my sister.

I immediately called her at the end of that movie because it was such a beautiful representation of how we can compete in this life and support in this life at the same time. It was a [00:10:00] beautiful moment and it really showed where Iceman was a true leader. And Maverick was a true Maverick. He was true.

He was truly not trying to be Iceman. He was not trying to be this you know Naval leader. He was just trying to do what he do, which is flying and completing these missions. So I was like, oh my God, it was a perfect representation of two men walking in their purpose, doing what they were meant to do and both being tremendously successful.

So I cried at that scene. I won't do any spoil alerts. It's worth it for lesson number, transformational, lesson number four, and Top Gun is Iceman and him and Maverick, him and Tom. I can't wait for next season of LOL with Kim Gravel. I have so many amazing things planned, so many exciting guests lined up too.

So also we're gonna start releasing these full videos to go along with audio podcasts. So make sure you subscribe to LOL with Kim [00:11:00] Gravel so you never miss an episode, or if you're not a podcast person, then sign up for my mailing list at lolkim.com. I'll email you once a week when the new episodes drop y'all season two of LOL with Kim Gravel starts soon.

The last, certainly not least that I'm gonna share with you tonight about how this movie really set off this transformational summer series for me was how things never really die. Now back the bus up people.

Zac Miller: Getting deep, we're getting deep.

Kim Gravel: We're getting deep to the highway to the danger zone.

Because back in the original movie Goose dies. But in this movie Miles Teller, who is just a little Hotty McTotty is Goose's son in his call sign, of course is Rooster. And that [00:12:00] story, I won't spoil it for you, but when you go back and watch the movie, listen to what I'm saying, how we live on.

Even after we're gone through our children, through our legacy, through what we leave behind. And it was a great testament to that. I mean, the flashback scenes were, were perfectly, you know, placed the sentiment was not cheesy. It was heartwarming. And it made me hearken back to like when my grandmother was around and what she's left behind and wow.

I won't give it all away, but y'all you never really die. You never really go away. You hear this all the time. You won't be here for long. Enjoy it. Not only enjoy your life when you're here, but leave something behind for people to remember you, even if it's just your children or your grandchildren, or, you know, your, your partner and spouse and your community, your church, your whatever, because we all matter.

It was such a [00:13:00] beautiful thing. It's like goose, dying. He was in this movie still it was the weirdest thing it was beautifully done. So those are my five, just five I could go on, but I would say like the bonus transformational thing in this, Zac tell me was, you know, the volleyball scene.

Zac Miller: Yeah, of course.

Kim Gravel: So seeing all those dudes in, and our one girl and on that play football on the beach.

Zac Miller: Okay. That's what they did. I knew there was gonna have to be something like that.

Kim Gravel: It was hot and it made me wanna lose weight. So that's my last transformational thing. it didn't make my top five, but it was an add on, it was a bonus transformation.

Zac Miller: There you go.

Kim Gravel: This is a way to kick off a transformational summer series. Don't you think?

Zac Miller: There we go. There we go. Kim. One question for you. What would your call sign be?

Kim Gravel: What would yours be?

Zac Miller: I wanted to do like fireball or something like. Like I always thought when I was a kid, I thought Iceman was the [00:14:00] coolest thing.

Kim Gravel: So you going opposite and burn 'em down.

Zac Miller: I wanna go. Yeah, opposite. I'm gonna burn it all down.

Kim Gravel: You wanna do fireball or firebrand? Fire star fire star is fire star, fire star.

Zac Miller: I like that.

Kim Gravel: All right, so what would you my say my call call sign was be careful. Be very careful.

Zac Miller: No, you can't turn this around on me.

Kim Gravel: No, I have my call sign. Here it is.

Zac Miller: What's your call sign?

Kim Gravel: Whipper snapper.

All right. Y'all next week tune in for episode two. We're ready for our summer transformational series, right, Zac.

Zac Miller: I'm gonna go change my shirt.

Kim Gravel: All right. We'll see y'all next week. Love y'all.

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