July 7, 2022

Become A Better Version Of Yourself | Summer Series Part 2

Become A Better Version Of Yourself | Summer Series Part 2

In this special 5-part series I’m transforming myself this summer and I invite you to join me!

In this special 5-part series I’m transforming myself this summer and I invite you to join me! This show is about creating a community of women who are there for each other, and this series is packed with funny stories and simple advice that you can start following right now that will help you get the most out of your summer and begin transforming your life for the better. 


I’m dedicating part 2 to my eldest son, Beau. Yup, this week we’ve got some Beau-talk! If you’re like me then you probably make goals for yourself that feel too big to ever accomplish. Beau is inspiring me because he’s doing just one thing to better himself this summer – he’s hitting the gym and working on building his muscle mass. 


This summer I’m going to build a better version of myself by increasing my stamina, and the simple way I’m beginning is to get more sleep. What’s the one thing you can start doing right now that is easy to accomplish every day, and that will start you on a path to creating a better version of yourself? That’s my challenge for you this week.


Join me as I live out loud, love out loud, and laugh out loud while we transform ourselves for the better. This is our summer of transformation!


Write in or call in and tell me how you’re creating a better you. You can send an email lolwithkimgravel@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at 404-913-6460


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Kim Gravel: This summer, I've got some shorter, special episodes for you that will help you transform yourself to becoming more confident in becoming a better version of yourself. That's what this episode is about. This series is packed with advice that you can start doing right away, or just things that make you think, you know what I mean?

Sometimes it's how we thinking about things that need to ship me bit. Now I don't have all the answers. You already know that if you've been listening to me for a long time, you know, that I'm just sharing some of the ways that I'm beginning to transform my own life this summer. See my mission is to encourage and lift women up.

So this show is all about how [00:16:00] we can embrace our real selves and laugh about all the stuff that life throws our way. So in this episode, we're gonna talk about how to a better version of yourself. Can you do that in a few weeks? In a summer? I think so. So let's live out loud, love out loud and laugh out loud together.

So Zac let's just hop into it because being the better version of yourself, what does that mean to you? Hey, listen, you've stepped up. You've stepped up your shirt game, you know? You don't have you the plaid on. You took the plaid off.

Zac Miller: I'm going like Steve Jobs black now.

Kim Gravel: It's all black and long sleeve, but you know what? You're, it's progress. It's worth.

Zac Miller: This is, oh, it's short sleeve.

Kim Gravel: So short, short sleeve.

No, seriously, like it, it I'm proud of you, but like, what does being a better version of yourself mean to you?

Zac Miller: For me, Kim? I think I take that back to like [00:17:00] being a parent. And trying to be the best person I can for my kids.

Kim Gravel: Oh, wow.

Zac Miller: I actually think one of my worst instincts. And I think this is like from my life as being like a TV producer and like always looking at my clock and being like very schedule oriented, the best version of me doesn't care about what time it is. Like I have unlimited patience.

Kim Gravel: Wow. Is that attainable for you?

Zac Miller: It's really hard to, it's really hard.

Kim Gravel: I, that, wasn't a trick question by the way. That was not a judgey.

Zac Miller: What about wait, but I wanna know for you though, Kim. So what are you thinking about?

Kim Gravel: Well, it's so funny that you're talking about from a parent's point of view, because this episode is dedicated to my oldest son, Bo, and everybody hears me talking about, and Bo's like 15.

So he is like chill out on the Bo talk in the Bo posts. But like, you know, he's into like, cuz all of his friends, you know, follow me on social media, all that. And so he's like, mom, everybody sees this, [00:18:00] but he's in this transformational time, like he's getting his learners license.

He's, you know, he's becoming a young man, the little baby cheeks and all the little, you know, he's broad, his shoulders are getting broader. He's getting all these muscles and all this. So he's transforming before my very eyes. And so I said to him, I said, look, you know, you can't just sit around hotel D' Gravel.

You cannot sit around my house, playing video games and watching, you know, YouTube and TikTok.

Zac Miller: Does he have a summer job? Did you make him get a job.

Kim Gravel: No, I didn't make him get a job cuz he has summer basketball, but I, but then he's 15 and I don't have time to run him up and down the road either but his, I mean he helps us.

So he has to like move clothes around for our shows and it's a lot of work, honestly. It's physical work and yeah, but I said to him like, so you're gonna do work. You're not gonna sit around, but I want you to have something where you are either learning a new skillset. You're taking a summer course. You know, you're getting, there's some goals that I want you to set for yourself.

And he said, well, I wanna be a beast. I [00:19:00] want to work out. I wanna get better at basketball and tennis. And that's my summer transformation that I wanna do. So by the time he said, when I go back to school in August, I want people to go who's that, you know? And I thought that is amazing. That is amazing.

Zac Miller: The fact that he can even imagine that for himself, I feel like right. That really is amazing.

Kim Gravel: And I thought about this too, being the best you, you can be. And you talked about, you know, as a parent, I think a lot of times we come at that from a really high up big picture place where we're thinking

Zac Miller: we make it impossible

Kim Gravel: and we make it a virtual. That's why I asked you. I said, is that even possible, Zac?

Zac Miller: Like, yeah, we make it totally impossible for ourselves.

Kim Gravel: It's too big. It's too big. I like how Bo just said, I'm gonna take this eight weeks, take bite size chunks out of getting to the best optimum shape I can. So when I hit the basketball court come October, I'm ready to rock and roll.

 And not only physicality, not physically, he's gonna ready to rock and roll, but mentally, [00:20:00] because he's put in the work. So I would say to everybody, listening to this. What is the little bite size better you, you can accomplish over the next 3, 4, 5 weeks of summer. What are those little things that you can do to there's just one little or just one thing?

Just one thing Zac, that you can do to be better. I'm asking you the question. Ooh, what's the one little thing you can do to have that time you were talking about.

Zac Miller: You know, I don't know. How do you think I can do that, Kim?

Kim Gravel: I don't know. Like I said, in the intro to the show, I ain't got the answers y'all I ain't trying to solve every life problem cuz Lord knows I don't have it all figured out.

But I have learned from Bo about taking this summer, I've decided to, of course, you know, I'm finishing my book, we're doing the summer series podcast. I'm taping my own channel for QVC. That's gonna be on Roku and Amazon Fire. Like there's a lot going on. I'm busy.

Zac Miller: I'm so [00:21:00] excited for that, Kim.

Me too, babe.

Kim Gravel: I don't think time is, is what I've got to. That's not, that's not issue that problem. Well, it's not doable for me this summer, but what I have tried to do is I want to increase my stamina and I thought if I could do that over the next five weeks now that might not mean working out four or five days a week, 30 minutes a day or whatever.

I mean, I'm talking about. Really increasing my stamina so that I'm healthy enough, bright enough, you know, focused enough to accomplish the goals that I wanna accomplish for myself. So minus stamina, how I'm gonna do that is I'm gonna set boundaries. I'm gonna go to bed every night at 9:30 and so far, knock on wood.

Besides the two nights I couldn't sleep hardly at all. It's been going good. Last night, I went to bed at 9:30. I woke up this morning, like a raging bull. I was ready to rock and like a racehorse ready to go.

Zac Miller: I have realized for [00:22:00] myself that it is all about sleep. If I don't sleep well. And I'm exhausted. I'm a mess.

Kim Gravel: Yes. You don't have enough stamina on it to get through the day. That's what you know, that is one actionable item that I can become a better version of myself in this summer. It's just to go to bed at 9:30.

Zac Miller: Kim, I feel like the thing for me that is really inspiring about you saying that and talking about how it's like something that you are also struggling with is like people, again, they look at you, they see someone who seems to have it all together. and you have this amazing company and you have you're on TV and you have the podcast book and like, you know, but seriously. Right. And I think it is really refreshing again, to remember that this isn't like, we're all just people, right? Like we have the same struggles.

Kim Gravel: I'm I'm so not together in any way, shape or form, just that's full disclosure.

Ain't got nothing together. Don't know nothing don't wanna be nothing don't wanna start nothing Uhuh, [00:23:00] but I, I will say that. You don't have to have it all together or actually like having it not together is a lot more interesting.

Zac Miller: I was gonna say it's more fun.

Kim Gravel: It is definitely more fun.

Zac Miller: You know what I wanna do? This is my actionable item. You've you've inspired me, Kim.

Kim Gravel: Okay. What is it?

Zac Miller: I actually got a new book on just like mindfulness.

Kim Gravel: Good for you.

Zac Miller: And I'm going to take some time every morning and do a mindfulness exercise. And I actually think that my five year old could really use it too. And I'm gonna try to do that with her every day, every day.

Kim Gravel: And, and look, don't beat yourself if you don't do it, but just saying that I'm gonna do it and even doing it three days a week is more than you're doing now.

Zac Miller: It feels good just to say it and to say it on the podcast too. Cuz now I'm like accountable for it. Right?

Kim Gravel: Cause you know, I'm gonna ask you next week if you did it and I'm just kidding. no, I'm just saying that, that it's I think we we're trying to eat an elephant in one bite and just take that one little nibble, not even a full bite. Maybe you just don't even bite down. You just nibble. You know, um, but even the [00:24:00] nibbling makes you feel better about yourself. So this week y'all, this is your actionable item.

I want you to think of one little change, one little thing. Just one thing you can do to become a better you in this summer transformational series and let us know what it is. You can always email us. You can always call that number, Zac, that we've got listed and, and leave a message we wanna hear from you because honestly let's have a summer of transformation to become better versions of ourself I'm in.

If y'all are I'm in. All right.

Zac Miller: And that number by the way, if you wanna call and you wanna tell us what you are doing for your summer transformation, the number's 4 0 4 9 1 3 6 4 6 oh. Or email us at lolwithkimgravel@gmail.com.

Kim Gravel: And also let's make, let's make sure that we're becoming the better, best versions of ourself this summer.

[00:25:00] Okay. Everybody. I love you so much. Get out there, go to the beach, take a cruise, lay out in the sun. Listen, get a kid pool and just put your feet in it. Whatever you gotta do. Enjoy your summer baby.

I can't wait for next season of LOL with Kim Gravel. I have so many amazing things planned, so many exciting guests lined up too. So also we're gonna start releasing these full videos to go along with audio podcasts. So make sure you subscribe to LOL with Kim Gravel so you never miss an episode, or if you're not a podcast person, then sign up for my mailing list at lolkim.com.

I'll email you once a week. When the new episodes drop y'all season two of LOL with Kim Gravel starts. Simple.

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And thank you everybody for listening. We love you.