July 14, 2022

Spice Up Your Summer | Summer Series Part 3

Spice Up Your Summer | Summer Series Part 3

In this special 5-part series I’m transforming myself this summer and I invite you to join me!

In this special 5-part series I’m transforming myself this summer and I invite you to join me! This show is about creating a community of women who are there for each other, and this series is packed with funny stories and simple advice that you can start following right now that will help you get the most out of your summer and begin transforming your life for the better. 


In part 3 of our summer transformation series we’re going from salty to spicy and we’re bringing the flavor, y’all. I want you to ask yourself, what can I do right now that will make my day more fun and add some new flavor to my life?


There are always opportunities for fun in your life, even inside your routine. It’s as simple as laying a big kiss on your husband that will knock his socks off. Be intentional about having some fun and you may surprise yourself when you start enjoying your day more. So get a little silly, get a little frisky, step a little outside your comfort zone, and laugh out loud with me this week! 


This is our summer of transformation!


Write in or call in and tell me how you’re spicing up your summer. You can send an email lolwithkimgravel@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at 404-913-6460


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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Kim Gravel: [00:00:00] Hey, y'all welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. This is our summer transformation series. This summer we've got some special, shorter episodes for you that will help you transform your life. And we be more confident and also add a little bit more flavor to your life here. We're gonna talk about something flavor on this episode.

This series is packed with advice that you can start doing right away that can change your life. But y'all, I'm not here with all these answers. These are just little tidbits nuggets, little pieces of, you know, seasoning to add to your summer. So I'm just gonna share some ways that I'm transforming my own life day to day, this summer.

My number one mission, I always say this is to encourage and lift women up. This show is about how we can embrace ourselves. The. The good, the bad and the ugly, and also laugh about it along the way, cuz we're not trying to take ourselves too seriously. So in this episode, we're gonna get into how to [00:01:00] spice up, add some flavor to your life.

So get ready. Y'all cuz we're gonna live out loud, love out loud and laugh out loud right here right now.

Zac Miller: I'm excited. Spice up your summer.

Kim Gravel: Spice up your summer. So, let me, let me just tell you how I came to this. So I'm on QVC. You know, we designed things a year out. So like, I'm like now in, you know, July designing things that are going to be, you know, hitting the streets, designer drop, hitting the streets in the streets. I know. Right. I'm in the streets next, you know, July. So like I'm always designing it.

Zac Miller: That's wild. I didn't realize it was a year.

Kim Gravel: Dude envision a one arm, paper, anger. Like, wow. I don't know which ends up. What is that? I love that funny quote. I don't know whether to wind my butt or scratch my watch. You know what I'm saying? Like that is where I'm. so, but a quote who, [00:02:00] who said that quote kid? I don't know. Probably Dolly Parton.

Who's my, you know, that woman is full of wisdom in Southern colloquialism. So that is, I live my life by Dolly. I love Dolly, but anyway, the Bible in Dolly, but anyway, so last year I was designing this summer bell beach. Like kind of summer sweatshirt. Yeah. And so we were putting little sign, little sayings on the sweatshirt, right?

So one of 'em said beach and one of them said vacay, and one of them said lake life. And I said, I wanna do one that says salty.

Zac Miller: Nice.

Kim Gravel: Now, when I say salty, what do you think of when I say salty, what does, what would a shirt that says salty with a middle aged woman wearing it mean to you. Don't think about it.

Just blah, just get it out there.

Zac Miller: Someone with salty language. That's what I think.

Kim Gravel: Oh, someone with, so, so somebody a little bit vulgar language,

Zac Miller: vulgar language. Like someone who's like, oh yeah. She's pretty salty.

Kim Gravel: Right.

Zac Miller: What do you think of Kim? What were you thinking?

Kim Gravel: Well, I [00:03:00] mean, honestly, that is what people would think.

So I got some pushback, you know, people were like, Kim, you know, it's a beat shirt. It's supposed to be funny, kitchy, you know, kind of tongue in cheek. Yep. And so when we were talking about it, I actually designed it for my mother because she truly is salting and she don't have vulgar language but girlfriend don't give two reps.

Like we were at a restaurant and she's like little girl. I said, half and half sweet tea and unsweetened tea. What's this, this full on sweet tea. You won't gimme a diabetic coma. I can't do full on sweet. And I'm like, mother shut up. I mean, like she's not being rude. She's as a matter of fact, she's just a little salty.

Zac Miller: Right.

Kim Gravel: So that's what you think.

Zac Miller: Yeah. That's salty. I like that.

Kim Gravel: Now, when you, when you snap, when you do your finger on a check, little girl, little girl, and you call a 32 year old woman, a little girl,

Zac Miller: It's nice to know that your mother like anyone's mother can always embarrass them no matter what, or maybe, I don't know.

Do you get embarrassed, Kim? You don't get embarrassed?

Kim Gravel: No, I don't get embarrassed anymore. Don't screw with elderly women. Let's just, I mean, if we're gonna define salty, let's just go on and do the [00:04:00] obvious and talk about please a woman who's over 65, just say yes, ma'am and shut up and do what she needs you to do.

Yep. Whether it's your mother, your auntie, a, a stranger that you meet on the street, just shut up and do what they say to do. They've earned it. They've earned the right to be salty. So I designed Zac the shirt for my mother. This is salty. It took a little convincing because people were like, that's shady, Kim, you know, that's like a little itchy, right?

Zac Miller: It's a little salt. It's a little salty, Kim.

Kim Gravel: I didn't, I didn't, I mean, I realized it, but I didn't, you know, cuz of course I don't take myself too seriously.So, you know, in my little, you know, flip the script moment, I said, I designed this for my mother, because she's really the salt of the earth.

now you're laughing. And I meant this, Zac. I said, she's salt of the earth. Now this is your story. I said, she adds flavor to our family. Now I said it in a little sales pitch to get my little [00:05:00] trashy salty on my sweatshirt. Right. Yep. But I started thinking about it and it's really good.

Zac Miller: That is really good.

Kim Gravel: It's really true. Like, think about like, you can add pepper to things. You can add sugar to things you can add oregano, paprika, nothing gives flavor like salt to food. But also think about what salt does, like the beach and the ocean. You can have a cut and go in that ocean and it heals it. Like it also has healing properties to it, preservative properties to it.

Like we grew, my parents grew up on a farm and we would sucker tobacco and, and, and, and cure meat. And you do that with salt. Yep. so I'm just saying to you, like, there's a lot of depth to that when I said that, that I didn't intentionally mean, but it's so true. And so you say to yourself, well, Kim. How do I add flavor into my life?

How do I become salty?And I I, don't know what that [00:06:00] is for you listening. I know for me, it's saying yes, a lot more than saying no to things it's taking a little bit more risk, you know, when I'm afraid, it's trying new things. I've never tried before. It's not getting in the loop of life where you're just watching the same shows, listening to the same TikTok people, listening to the it's stepping out and, you know, venturing out a little bit and learning something new about something like, like even your mindfulness thing that you said that you wanted to start practicing with your little daughter, precious daughter.

It's just stepping out and doing things that you haven't done before. Maybe it's going home and walking up to your husband and just a laying of kiss on him. Like knock his socks. Because, you know, we get in the routine of life that we don't do that. I did that the other day. This is a true story.

I'm getting overshare here. so I just walked up cuz sometimes Travis will walk up and go honk honk [00:07:00] you know, like so romantic.

Zac Miller: Oh my gosh. I love Travis.

Kim Gravel: So I just, I just walked in one day I was feeling frisky. I was feeling salty and I walked up and I just gave him a honk honk on his, he ended like, look we're there.

Zac Miller: What did he do?

Kim Gravel: Oh my God. He was like, whoa, it's gonna be a good Friday. You know what I'm saying? Like, and. I'm just saying like step out and really add some flavor and fun into your life. There's so many different ways to do it.

Zac Miller: If you think about what can I do today that will just make this day more fun. What a great way to think about the day.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. Get salty.

Zac Miller: Let's get salty y'all .

Kim Gravel: And you said y'all too. Look at you.

Zac Miller: I really feel like that come a long way in this, in this whatever 10 minutes that we've been talking about this

Kim Gravel: isn't that a good way to look at it though?

Zac Miller: Honestly you've turned me around on salty a hundred percent.

Yeah. I'm not even thinking about it the same way.

Kim Gravel: We go from vulgar to flavor. [00:08:00] Think of it like being salty as being that salt of the earth, for sure. But actually adding that kind of flavor into, into your life, do something.

Zac Miller: And we all need that flavor and it doesn't have to be something big and expensive.

Kim Gravel: No. Sometimes that's a high, that's not adding flavor. That's just adding to your pocket book and, and it's actually depleting. It's not adding too. I'm I'm telling like start start doing a 30 minute walk, four days a week that you didn't think you would do start reading a book that you have sat there.

You bought at to target for 30% off. And you've sat there and sat there for three, open it up, read a chapter a day. Read a page. Maybe it's like, you know, taking an art class with your granddaughter or your daughter, maybe it's you know, start doing daily motivational things on social media just to encourage people.

I mean, whatever it is, it's time to get salty. It's time for you to add flavor into your life because I promise [00:09:00] you you'll have the most fun and talk about transformational. Not only will you add fun to your life, but people wanna be around you. Yeah, you'll be adding to other people's lives.

Zac Miller: That's true. You'll be the life of the party. I love that.

Kim Gravel: And if you wanna see that sweatshirt, check it out on qvc.com.

Zac Miller: I thought you were gonna say it was like sold out instantly. Like everyone wanted it.

Kim Gravel: No, that one still we, I think we still have some left. Yeah, a few left.

Come on y'all get salty, get salty. Y'all I love it. All right. Y'all transformational summer series. I hope you're enjoying it. We love you so much, but listen, add some flavor, get salty.

I can't wait for next season of LOL with Kim Gravel. I have so many amazing things planned, so many exciting guests lined up too. So also we're gonna start releasing these full videos to go along with audio [00:10:00] podcasts. So make sure you subscribe to LOL with Kim Gravel. So you never miss an episode, or if you're not a podcast person, then sign up for my mailing list at lolkim.com.

I'll email you once a week when the new episodes drop y'all season two of LOL with Kim Gravel starts soon. So many people help make this show possible.

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