Oct. 6, 2022

What's Your Superpower? with Allisyn Lambes

What's Your Superpower? with Allisyn Lambes

Everyone has a superpower, and I’m here to tell you that if you can find and embrace your God given superpower, then the sky’s the limit, boo.

Buckle up, because Allisyn is on the show this week and y’all know that my sister brings the fun! 

Allisyn’s not just here to laugh, we’re going deep to talk about how to find your superpower. Everyone has a superpower, and I’m here to tell you that if you can find and embrace your God given superpower, then the sky’s the limit, boo. 


To discover your own super power start by asking yourself these questions:

1.  What feels effortless to me?

2.  How do I amaze others? 

3.  What makes me willing to sacrifice? 

4.  When am I fearless? 

5.  What can I see more clearly that others cannot see? 



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Kim Gravel: You're a classic sports car and I'm a hot, you know, Victoria's Secret model. Pretty much we're just vain.

Hey y'all. Welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. This is a comedy podcast for women where we laugh about the messiness of life, and we turn that mess y'all into a message of hope and of confidence. Now, my mission is to encourage and lift women up. What does that? We want you to feel good about you because you are one of a kind.

And this show is how we can embrace our real selves and laugh about all the stuff that life throws our way. So if you're ready, I know I am. Let's live out loud. Laugh out loud, love out loud. And today we gonna learn out loud. We're gonna do it together. Hey y'all. Did you know that we've got video episodes of LOL with Kim Gravel on QVC Plus?

So just head on over to QVC plus the link is in the show notes and just wait. The audio version's great, but wait till you see it on video comes to life. Check it out.

Y'all. Welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. I'm gonna tell you just full disclosure, just right off the jump . This has been a rocky road, Zac, to come up into this today.

Zac Miller: It has All our tech stuff just stopped working today, didn't it?

Kim Gravel: Well, this is the whole thing. I think the devil. Is in technology.

Zac Miller: You kind of sound like a Luddite right now.

Kim Gravel: No, I'm telling you so, so before the show y'all, I was going, I can't believe this technology and Zac, like, I don't think I've ever seen you like that. Allisyn's going, oh yeah, honey, this is how she is

Zac Miller: because we have your sister on the show today. Right. That's where she just like throw it out there right now.

Kim Gravel: That's why, that's why we're having problems, Zac. I'm telling you, if there's ever chaos, it surrounds this woman that is gonna be on the show today. I love. But it's never a dull moment with her.

Zac Miller: I love that you are just immediately throwing Allisyn under the bus, like before we even bring her on, so she can't even respond.

Kim Gravel: We gonna run over her this way and that way it's like, boom, boom, boom, boom, going back and forth.

Zac Miller: let's start the show. Kim. I have, a really great listener question for you today. This question is from Shannon. Okay, Kim. I see you on TV and I feel like I'll just never be as confident as. I'm so critical of myself all the time, and it's like you have some kind of superpower that I'll never have.

How did you get this superpower? How do I stop self-criticism?

Kim Gravel: Well, Shannon, that's not true. I don't have a superpower. That you don't have. The, the thing about it is I just know what my superpower is. And you probably haven't identified yours yet. That's the, that's, that's the whole big thing about it.

It's not that you don't possess it, is that you're not recognizing it because we all have a superpower. I will say you. Since I have two boys, and so I've watched all the marbles and the spidermans, all that, you know, Ironman and, and, and they have seemed to have this gift, like everybody. Every superhero has this gift, and I truly believe that every human on the planet has a superpower.

You all have a superpower, Shannon. You have a superpower. The goal is, okay, is to really do that work on yourself and that an and and, and analyze and think about and drill down to what that is. I've got a few things that we could talk about today. Actually, it's a perfect question cuz Allisyn is on the show today cuz she has a superpower.

I don't think she even knows what it is. I'm gonna show her how to, for her to recognize that today in herself. Ooh. But we all have it and I have a little kind of like, not a test, but a little bit of a thought provoking things to think about that can help you figure that out. So Shannon, this is a perfect episode for you to be watching right now because we're gonna dedicate this to you in finding your superpower.

 Girl. Allisyn, welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. The video, this, you know, we're streaming this on qvc plus, so the video is going live too. Normally Allisyn would be here with no bra, no makeup in, a baseball cap on. Yeah. So I had to say, this is video.

Zac Miller: How you doing, Allisyn?

Allisyn Lambes: Awesome today.

Kim Gravel: Allisyn. I wanted to have you on the show. Did, cause she didn't even know why you were coming on today, did you? No, I have no. So I wanted to talk to people about how to like increase their confidence and it just hit me with Shannon's question about the whole superpower thing. Do you, do you know what your superpower is or do you have an idea what you think your personal superpower is?

Or do you think people even have one? I think people absolutely have superpowers.

Allisyn Lambes: I mean, I have a couple. I have more than one. I believe the first one I already.

Kim Gravel: What? Hold on Lord , just slow down up my good stuff. And what does that mean to you? What does, what does saying you have a superpower mean to you?

Allisyn Lambes: I think it's a really good strength that you have. That's what I would call a superpower. A strength that maybe you've developed over time. I don't think they just come to you. I think that's something that develops and it didn't really develop for me and me. Utilize it, and I'm afraid to say this, but into my thirties.

It took me into my thirties to kind of get enlightened about myself. Does that make sense? Still getting enlightened about myself, I think gaining more superpowers now in my forties than I ever did.

Kim Gravel: I just know, I just wanna say this, I think people get confused about what a gift is and then what a superpower is, because I think those are two different things.

I think you can develop a lot of different gifts, but I think there's a couple of things that are innately in our D N A that make us unique. We spend a lot of time developing all the little giftings and the strengths, but we forget about the origin. Where does it start? Like to me, that is where I think you are headed.

Do you know what I mean? Like I think you're developing all of your stuff, but I still don't know that you really understand what that thing, that God-given superpower that he gave you as Allisyn's d n a, that only exists in yourself, would you?

Allisyn Lambes: Yes. I think a superpower that I have is a connect that is being able to connect with people.

I think also encourage people. I think it just comes out. I don't even try.

Kim Gravel: Hold that thought. Zac, what do you think your superpower is?

Zac Miller: Oh, my superpower. That's a good question. I should have been ready for this question, but I amnot ready at all.

Kim Gravel: That's good. That's good.

Zac Miller: No, I think, I think that my superpower is, oh, good question.

Kim Gravel: Think on it cuz I've got a way to help you kind of figure that out. I've got a couple of things, a couple of questions to ask each of y'all and everyone listening and watching what that means. And I've written 'em down and I absolutely. If you are trying to figure out, now I'm not talking about purpose.

I'm not talking about developing gifts. I'm talking about a real way to find out what that thing is that is special and unique to you that makes you have a superpower. So think about like all the Marvel superpowers, all the, all the, you know, superheroes out there and how they have that one gift or that, that couple of gifts that work together to do miraculous, life changing, earth shattering things.

Right? And think about you and then let me read, read a couple of things to ask you a couple of questions, okay? Ask yourself this. This is the first question that you need to ask yourself to really dig out and find out what your superpower is. What feels effortless? What do you do? Allisyn, Zac, Shannon, everybody watching, what do you do That comes effortlessly, not.

Effortlessly, which means just flows out from you. I do a lot of things that are easy for me, but you know what I'm talking about. When, when, when you're just in that zone, when you're just feeling that, that almost the what is it that you do that is effortless? Allisyn, go,

Allisyn Lambes: 100% is my connection with people.

It's, and it can be any type of. It can be any, it can be any, I mean, it can be a c e o and I can make that c e o laugh and we can have fun together. Or I can go on down to the dirt bike track on Saturday night and hang and chill with them pees. And I love 'em all. I mean, and it, it, it literally, I think it's easy for me to connect and love people.

Kim Gravel: I, I would agree with that. I have, I have some thoughts on that. We might not have time for this podcast, but I think it's, we could drill it down even more. I agree to Joy. I think that you, you are a person of joy, which is a connector everybody wants to be around, people who are happy and joyful and correct and have that kind of outlook.

 But I think yours, one of yours is definitely joy. Zac, how, how about you, what, what comes effortless to you?

Zac Miller: I think the thing that comes effortless to me, really listening to people. Being able to

Kim Gravel: Wow. I would agree with that.

Zac Miller: Be like, be there for people. Be someone that, that people can like, go to when they wanna like talk through things.

That kind of thing. And I think that makes me not only like a better producer, like for this, right. But it gives me that like sort of empathy that I need to put myself in someone else's shoes.

Kim Gravel: I totally agree with that. So that's the first question you wanna ask yourself. What feels effortless?

 This is the second question. Absolutely. Love this one. So, you know, think on this, don't rush. Think on it. How do you amaze. Others. Now, before you jump on and say it, I want you both to really think about what I'm talking about. What I mean, amazed means when people are going, wow, how did she do that?

How did he do that? And see, the great thing about this, I'm giving y'all some time to think here. The great thing about this, and I hope Shannon is watching, is that we never stop and ask ourselves these questions. These questions are how you drill down to find. What you're really supernaturally good at, what is not something you've earned or developed or have grown, but something that was gifted and put in you before you were born.

So, How Allisyn, do you amaze others?

Allisyn Lambes: I think exactly what we were talking about a minute ago. Joy is my exact thing that I bring to the table. I can always bring that.

That's like, the least I can do. It rubs off on people. I mean, listen, that's something that not everybody's feeling every day these days. It's, let's get real, I mean, . I agree. I mean, we're, we're, we're in a fire dumpster over here, .

Zac Miller: Do you mean a dumpster fire?

Kim Gravel: Well, you know, whatever. But can I, can I give an example of that, Allisyn? Like I, I agree with you. You are contagious when it comes to laughter and fun and joy. It, it, I say this all the time, that is definitely your superpower. And so if you don't believe me, just ask me cuz my superpowers telling everybody what to do. So that is one that you have is like in sp. True joy is your superpower.

Allisyn has the ability. This is a, now this is a true story. So, whether Allisyn's in the room awake, asleep, it doesn't matter. She's always bringing joy. So we were at Thanksgiving last year. I have a, everybody over the whole family, it's like, and I get up at three 30 and I'm cooking and I'm doing everything.

And Allisyn makes a moon potato, castle roll. We need to put that on there for. Potato casserole is made. So everybody brings a couple of dishes or what have you. So we're all up early. We're cooking, we're preparing. Everybody comes buffet style. We all eat. First of all, you, it's, you can hear Allisyn laughing.

She goes, she laughs like a rooster. Okay, we're all have eaten. We we're all sitting around and talk normally we're making fun of my mom, and just carrying on. And all of a sudden Allisyn goes missing. And so my son comes up and he goes, mom, Aunt Allie is over there and she's snoring like a freight train.

So I took my video over there and we all get in the, we all get around her and watch her for like 15 minutes. Fuck. She laid on my couch and snored like she was a six five. It's 298 pound man on my couch. We all, we, I, I actually posted on social media. It was just so funny. Even asleep. Allisyn brings joy.

Allisyn Lambes: That makes me happy.

Kim Gravel: You, would you not? That's what I'm saying. That's, that's your superpower. Zac, what is it that you do, Zac? That amazes.

Zac Miller: Yeah, that's a good question. I don't think I bring joy the same way that like Allisyn does. I'm just not as much of like a hu like a big personality.

Kim Gravel: But you're not supposed to, that's not your super, that's not what you do.

Zac Miller: Yeah. It's hard to know yourself, right? It's hard to know yourself and see yourself from the outside.

Kim Gravel: Bam. Bam, bam, bam. Which is totally my superpower is to see the potential in others. But I, I think for you, what amazes others, I know what amazes me about you, Zac, is the way that you bring order.

You bring order to chaos. You bring a calmness of things making sense that don't, and can I just tell. I love people like you. , appreciate that because God knows my life is one big ball of chaos. So everybody watching, what do you do? That amazes others. What makes you willing to sacrifice? What makes you willing to stay up late?

Work harder, put in the hard yards. Do more than you thought you could ever do. Sacrifice your personal time, your energy, your finances. What makes you willing to sacrifice kids?

Allisyn Lambes: I mean, it's just a simple answer as that. My kids, I don't think I would push as hard, just being honest. I don't know that I would push as hard as that.

Sounds terrible, but that is so true. No, that is so true. No, that doesn't. So true. 100% is.

Those kids. I will tell you, I had Brooks at 19, I had Brantley at 39, 20 year difference between. And so I was a different person at 19 than I was at 39, and I feel like getting a grasp of, of that two different times in my life has helped sustain me.

Does that make sense? Like sustain it does me in the, in, in stay in the, the right track and doing what I'm supposed to do. And, and cuz it's, cuz I'm a mom. Yeah, and I'll say I love my husband, but, and I'll do all of that for him. But, I might not like I do my kids. I know that is terrible, right? That's terrible to say,

Kim Gravel: but no, but that, that's what, what, what makes you willing to sacrifice is your family here? Here's, here's another question. When are you fearless? Now, keep in mind all of these questions are going back to define what is your superpower? When are you fearless? Now, don't just pop off and answer this.

Really think about it. Let me tell you, when I am fearless. I am fearless. When I am a thousand percent. in the knowing of my worth. Hmm. Let that sink in. I am fearless when I am standing in the knowing, not believing, not faith in it, not feeling it in the knowing of my worth. Yeah. That is so important. So when, when, when I ask y'all that question, put it through that filter. When are you the most fearless?

Zac Miller: Can I ask you Kim, though? So, how do you, like when does that happen? Like when are you in a situation where you're like, yes, I, I can feel my, I know, I know my worth, right? Here I am. I know my worth and I'm going to do whatever. Like what is the, whatever, what are you doing?

Kim Gravel: The key word to that is knowing. When I say knowing, that means it's always been there and you're now recognizing and knowing it's there and everyone gets to that spot. Some people never get there. Yeah, some people never get there. But knowing who you are and why you are here, that will make you the most fearless of your entire.

You won't be afraid if they don't love. You won't be scared if the money goes away or the job goes away because they don't appreciate who you are and what you bring to the table. You'll actually see it as an opportunity and, and that shifting and you're being moving, moved on to level up. Like a lot of times bad things happen to us that we don't have control over.

A lot of times we make big mistakes and we got to suffer the consequences. And that's a, that's a learning tool too. But sometimes things happen to us, we have absolutely no control over, but when you know your worth, you have to trust that there's something bigger. You have to trust that that superpower is gonna serve you and take you to another level.

And, and God always has a purpose and a plan that we don't understand. Yeah. But the knowing who we are in our worth does make us fearless. Now, I will tell you, this is a true story happened to me. I worked for, and I also remember this, I worked for a large church and, I was the interim worship, leader there.

and it, it clearly was not my long-term, you know, place and purpose, but it was just, it was a good learning and growing tool and I absolutely loved it and appreciated it. But there was a meeting where a gentleman looked at me and said, you don't need to talk to people on the platform because that.

That's not what you're good at. Don't, I can't remember the exact words, but he was like, don't talk to people from the platform. Just sing. And something came over me, a fearlessness came over me, okay? Instantly, which I would've never talked out a turn like this. And I said, no, you're not gonna talk to my call.

That's the one thing I can do is communicate with people on stage. Now we not gonna do that. And I said, I'm gonna have to leave cuz I don't do, there was just something that woke up si inside of me. The fearlessness like, no, you're not gonna call me out of my name. My name. I can, that's what I can do.

I can speak to people on a platform and stage and you're trying to tell me I can't and shouldn't, it wasn't his fault. Whatever it was, it was something that rose up in me. Right. Yeah. Have y'all ever had those moments? where you're just like, yeah, I don't, definitely, that's not true. It's not there being ugly or mean or anything.

It's not somebody attacking you, it's just you don't agree with the facts that they're, that they're telling you. Does that make sense to you, Allisyn?

Allisyn Lambes: Very much so. With my previous marriage, I mean, there's just a. . There's, you know, I think I just figured a lot out . I think I figured a lot out about myself.

I think I figured a lot out. I was a different person right from 19 to 37. And, and those looked like two very different people. So, what happened though was

Kim Gravel: Yeah, but what gave you, what gave you the fearlessness to get out of that situation?

Allisyn Lambes: The situation was so toxic. That's what pushed me to get outta the situation. Not just for one person.

Kim Gravel: No, it'd been toxic for a long time. What happened that you made the decision to say, yeah, I'm not doing this anymore.

Allisyn Lambes: I'll never forget it. It was a January 3rd. I'll never forget it. It was a day that when he said the same words that he said to me 50 million times. that day. It hit different, it clicked. And when he said it, I thought, yeah, I'm not gonna do that.

Kim Gravel: That's what I'm saying.

Allisyn Lambes: I'm not gonna do this. That's not me. I'm done with this. I'm done with being treated like this and called certain names and I'm, I mean, and look, we, yeah, we were terrible to each other.

So I don't, I'm not trying to bash my ex-husband here, what I'm trying to say. , you come to a realization that you're like, yeah, I know who I am. There was a process that, let me say this, Kim, right? There was a process, Kim of Queens. See, the process happened. Let me tell you what happened, because my ex-husband looked at me before we started filming Kim of Queens, and he said to me, I don't know that this marriage will last through this.

And I think he kind of knew. Oh, you never knew that.

Oh, he told me. He told me. He thought it would not. No, he said, most people get on reality. Television shows become different and then wanna get divorced.

 What happened was I did become somebody different. Just not in No, no, no, no, no.

Not in the way people might think, let me tell you what happened to me. I figured out.

Kim Gravel: No, you just became, you started living more of who you are.

Allisyn Lambes: Yeah. I started, I started being myself. I was out of my little zone in Loganville, Georgia, and I was going out and experiencing things and seeing other people and, and my impact that I had on other people.

Kim Gravel: No, wait a minute. No, no, no. That's not what you did. You discovered your superpower. See, do you see what I'm telling everybody?

Zac Miller: So what's Allisyn's superpower, Kim?

Kim Gravel: It, it's to bring joy. Allisyn brought so much joy on Kim of Queens. She was that person that always saw the glass running over. And, and what happens is when we move in that superpower, we see things through that supernatural vision.

What can you see more clearly? that others cannot see. That's huge. Think about that process that, what can you see more clearly that others cannot see?

Zac Miller: I think, I know for me, I think I know for me, I think I have the ability to put things together in a way that's like, that tell a story that's compelling, right?

Like I think I'm a storyteller. Like I think I can you know, take whatever it is, like a podcast episode or, you know, and then put the pieces together. Bring order in a way that actually bring order, like interesting and bring or bring orders.

Allisyn Lambes: There you go. Yeah, yeah. There you go.

Kim Gravel: Let tell y'all something. Let me tell y'all why I'm asking this. Every superhero you see in these superhero films, they just don't come birth through their whatever mother's canal and have a gift. There's always been a a hardship. Or a situation or a circumstance. That develops that. Yeah, so don't mistake giftings for a superpower because

Zac Miller: you have to work on your superpower.

Kim Gravel: Well, you'll develop it and then you'll develop it, and then other things will come to you, and other people will come to you to help you support it and everything. Basically what I'm talking about about superpower y'all is purpose. It's just a fun, kitschy way to talk about everyone is here for a reason.

We all the time so many times mistake our due for our who we mistake, do what we are doing and how what we can do, how we can read the room, how we can do ba, ba, ba, ba, pop, how we can do things with who we are. . Our do and our who is not is is they work together. But keep in mind what you do is not who you are.

It's a manifestation and a it's evidence Yes. Of the superpower. Yes. Yes. So when Sha, when Shannon asked us earlier, when she asked me, Kim, how are you so confident? The. confidence, I believe comes through God because I know he's created each of us for something supernatural, for something amazing, or we wouldn't be also individualistic.

Think about that. I mean, Allisyn, there is no one that can walk in a room and. That thing up. Like it's the fourth of frigging July. I know about that. But there's nothing you, you, with Allisyn, you, is, you can't get enough of that joy. And Zac, you're the same way with bringing order you when you are around.

It's just, he's got it. So I'll Good calm. I don't have to, that is, I checked that off of my li It's calm, but it's order. Yeah. And it, it brings order. You really know how to bring things together. to make it work. And so for everybody watching this, you have a superpower. You have one. Ask yourself these questions.

Really think about it and, and remember, it's not what you do. It's really deep down. It's that knowing who you are. Remember, knowing who you are is what is how you get there. And, and that for some of us, it takes a lifetime. Some of us, it, you know, I mean, it, it truly is. Like you said, Allisyn, we all grow.

Zac Miller: All right, I'm gonna break in really quickly with a super quick.

Kim Gravel: Oh my lord.

Zac Miller: Here we go. All right. This is my favorite part. You ready for it Allisyn? You ready? Okay, because I'm gonna take over, I'm doing the Zac attack mixed with the rapid fire questions now. I'm taking over rapid fire and I just want you to tell me the first thing that you would do if you had the following superpowers.

 You ready? So this is like whatever pops into your head. What would you do with the superpower? Ready invisibility.

Allisyn Lambes: I would be a fly on the wall in so many people's walls. Getting all kinds of tea.

Kim Gravel: Who?

Allisyn Lambes: Couple people at the church. I'll tell . I know that sounds terrible.

Zac Miller: Kim, if you had the power of invisibility, what would you do with it?

Kim Gravel: I would go to England and Buckingham Palace and I would be invisible and know what's really going on with the royal family. I'm dying to really know how Harry and Megan are accepted or not. the truth. And I, I mean I would cuz they're so like, everybody is so stoic. I wanna know the real British tea.

Zac Miller: Allisyn, what would you do if you were a shapeshifter? What would you turn into?

Allisyn Lambes: 1967 Camaro . I mean,

Zac Miller: wait, wait, wait. Would you be like the car from night Rider? Would you be able to talk, would you have like a little light that would like just if

Allisyn Lambes: That's a hot, hot vehicle right there. I, I would take it.

Candy, apple, red, and, hmm, honey, with that, this dark hair going, it would be beautiful. I, that's what? Mm-hmm. right there. That's it.

Zac Miller: Alright. Kim, what do you, what

Kim Gravel: I would shape shift into a Victoria's Secret supermodel and walk a runway as victoria secret model,

I would wear the thong and the wings and everything. Sure.

Allisyn Lambes: We could you recreate. Me, you mom and Amy .

Kim Gravel: You're, you're, you're a classic sports car and I'm a hot, you know, Victoria's Secret model. Pretty much. And pretty much We're just vain. We're just vain.

Zac Miller: Yeah. It's weird. I have a weird feeling that Travis would have the same like,

Allisyn Lambes: oh my God.

Travis would be like, just see my wife up on that stage in the

Kim Gravel: Victoria

Allisyn Lambes: Secret.

Kim Gravel: No, lemme tell you something. He's lucky and blessed to have him some. Kim. Move on.

Zac Miller: Last question. If you had the power to fly, where's the first place you would fly?

Allisyn Lambes: Oh, Fiji. Just take me away to some. Some just beautiful Fiji, beautiful land.

I can hang out with my girls one night. Then I'll hang out with my husband one night and I'll go back and hang out with my girls. We just all hang right there On Fiji. That's where I'd go

Kim Gravel: if I could fly one place. I think I'd go to the moon.

Zac Miller: Why?

Kim Gravel: I don't know. I just would love to see the world from that view.

Zac Miller: Do you want to go live on Mars, like with Elon Musk?

Kim Gravel: Well, Elon honey, no, because I have to have my skincare and stuff here. You're supposed to, I bet you gets all dry and cracky up there. I would like to go to space and look and, and see, see, you know, the world from that. Yeah, that would be beautiful.

All right, Allisyn, I love you so much. You do. You bring such joy and such. It's truly you're contagious and I love you so much. I love you, and I'm so glad that you're our brand ambassador on Q V C. You are killing it. And let me just say another part of you, this, a superpower is running your mouth by yourself on camera.

Allisyn Lambes: That is awesome. The apple don't fall far from the tree.

Kim Gravel: Every Wednesday.

Zac Miller: Oh my gosh, no.

Kim Gravel: And every Wednesday at 2:00 PM you can catch Allisyn out. Allisyn out on QVC two doing our shows for Belle by Kim Gravel. Zac, I love you so much. This has been a lot of fun, right? And everybody watching, do a little homework, okay?

Remember, remember this and repeat after me. I have a superpower, , and I'm gonna find out what that is. All right, y'all. Till next time, this is Kim Gravel, Allisyn and Zac saying live out loud. Laugh out loud and laugh out loud, and let's all do it together. I love y'all,

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I'm so excited. Head to lolkim.com to sign up for our mailing list. And y'all, thanks for listening. We love you so much. Till next time, live out loud. Laugh out loud, live out loud together. We love you.

Zac Miller: Like I've never, hold on, let me start that over. I'm sorry.

Allisyn Lambes: I am a joyful person.

Zac Miller: I love Allisyn coming on the podcast yelling.

I am a joyful person.

Kim Gravel: We're not getting into that. I'm asking you what? Something like that.

Allisyn Lambes: Just get to girl.

Kim Gravel: No. Will you say it?

Alright, ask the question again. I am so my mother, she, yes, you are so mother.