April 14, 2022

Surviving Life With Gen Z Kids with Comedian Scarlett Alexandra

Surviving Life With Gen Z Kids with Comedian Scarlett Alexandra

This week, millennial comedian and TikTok star Scarlett Alexandra shares her experience living in a college dorm with Gen-Z kids

This week, millennial comedian and TikTok star Scarlett Alexandra shares her experience living in a college dorm with Gen-Z kids.

Scarlett Alexandra is my Gen-Z expert and she’s ready to make you laugh and inspire you with her message that it’s never too late to start something new. Scarlett's a hilarious and talented screenwriter, comedian, actor, and musician. She has so many funny tales drawn from her non-traditional background and experiences, including a wild encounter with Flavor Flav. She’s proof that at no matter what age you’re never too old to follow your passion.

On this episode, I talk to Scarlett about her return to college as a 30-year-old, her experience living in the dorms with Gen-Zers, Generation Z slang, and generational trends. This episode is jam-packed with laughs and insight into the minds of Gen-Zers that only someone who lives among them could provide. You don't need to be a Gen-Zer to join in the fun.

No cap (no lying), you don't want to miss this episode! Don't forget to listen until the end as we go back in time to a simpler time and play two truths and a lie.


  • I answer a listener question about how to deal with your kids facing adversity 
  • How Scarlett’s nontraditional life has played into her success
  • What it’s like to be a 30-year-old college student living with the Gen-Zers
  • What Scarlett’s learned through the process of returning to school
  • Differences between Millennials and the Gen-Zers
  • Gen-Z trends and generational differences


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*This transcript was auto-generated*

Kim Gravel: [00:00:00] Hey, y'all welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. This is a comedy podcast where we laugh about the messiness of life, and boy, it gets messy and we turn that mess into a message of competence and hope. My mission is to encourage and lift women up. And this show is about how we can embrace our real selves and laugh about all the stuff that life throws our way.

So are y'all ready? Let's live out loud, laugh out loud and love out loud.

On today's show, we have an amazing guest Scarlett Alexandra. She has a hilarious TikTok account called @genwhyscarlett, where she talks about being 30 and living in a college dorm with gen Z kids. I can't imagine. She's been featured in Newsweek, Buzzfeed and The Independent. And she's going to teach us today about all the weird world stuff about gen Z.

But now we're going to do an "Ask Kim Anything." Zac, these questions scare me. What's he going to ask me to do? [00:01:00]

Zac Miller: All right, Kim. How you doing?

Kim Gravel: Honey, listen. It's been one of them weeks. I hope these questions are good.

Zac Miller: Tell me about it. Well, let me, before I get into the question, I want to ask you about the thing that everyone's talking about.

What did you think of the Academy Awards?

Kim Gravel: The slap heard around the world? I don't know. I'm assuming that's what we're talking about right now. First of all, I love will Smith. I have his book, his recent book. I watched the movie that he won the Oscar for, but I got to tell y'all that was not appropriate.

Let me tell you why. And look, Chris rock, these comedians, everybody has to understand comedians are, they're almost like the heartbeat of what's going on in culture, in, in the world, honestly. And they, their job is to invoke emotion. So, whether that emotion is, does laughter or anger or thought provoking.

I mean, that's just, uh, you know, cause my friend, Steve Harvey is, was a stand up [00:02:00] and you know, he's, he's crazy, but he, of course he's very positive and fun and all that, but I mean, he's, he, he will say things that make you go home, you know, make you think. And I think Chris rock, I think it was not, I think it was a joke that was pre-written.

I don't think you go on the Oscars and just wing it. And it was, uh, it was an insensitive comment, of course, but in this business, man, you got to toughen up. That's what I keep telling my kids act. You got to toughen up buttercup. I mean, you can't have a thick skin and be in the world today, much less the entertainment industry.

Do you agree?

Zac Miller: He knows better. He totally knows better. His whole family is in the spotlight. Now his kids are in the limelight. Now his kids are like, they know better. It's kind of, I was honestly shocked and. The 20 minutes later, he's getting a standing ovation, winning the Oscar for best...

Kim Gravel: BUt then he should have won the Oscar.

I mean, you know, it's like, we're human.

Zac Miller: He's an incredible talent. I love will Smith.

Kim Gravel: We do crappy things, Zac. I mean, we're human beings. My point is I think the world is in [00:03:00] such an outrage moment. I think we are addicted to our outrage and our offense and you know, you know, me, I get called every name. I have been said things about me forever.

With this. I mean, I have a thick skin. I don't get offended.

Zac Miller: So in so many ways, this is the perfect lead into our listener question today. Okay. And the reason why I asked you specifically about the Oscars, is because we have a question from a listener who's going through a tough time with her daughter who just like Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia.

Kim Gravel: Which is horrible and really hard.

Zac Miller: I know a lot of people suffer with alopecia. But unlikely to Jada Pinkett Smith. She doesn't go around slapping comedians, but she wrote to us and said...

Kim Gravel: But you know what I mean? I will say this about Will, he's protecting his wife. It just, you know, I think it should have been handled off camera and not in front of the whole world watching, but, you know yeah.

Zac Miller: Or just like yell something like you don't have to get physical. Right. [00:04:00]

Kim Gravel: We're a very outraged nation right now.

Zac Miller: Yeah. I mean, save it for like a Delta flight or something. Right.

Let me, let me tell you this question. Emma was diagnosed with alopecia in 2015 when she was only five years old. It just started as a few hair loss patches, but by December she was totally bald. It was hard to see my daughter go from a full head of hair to nothing. Talk about feeling helpless as a mother.

In school, she has other children talking about her either to her face or behind her back. People stare when we're out. I want to tell them to just take a picture of last longer. It makes me more, self-conscious about her condition. Adults have been the worst. They've no filters. They stare at, they talk about her or when they talk it's oh, you poor child.

You poor family. Sometimes mama bears to come out and set them straight. [00:05:00] I'm so frustrated knowing she's not able to do what other girls do with their hair. All she wants is long hair. And coming from a mama who grew up in the eighties, hairs, everything.

Kim Gravel: hair for a woman is yes. I would agree with that.

Zac Miller: So she's asking, she said, Kim, how do you deal with adversity, especially when it comes to your kids?

Kim Gravel: Oh, great question. I wish I had the answer because honest to God, it, I have dealt with something that, not this year, but last year, that was, I mean, when you start dealing with someone's kids again, this, I can kind of see this from Will's standpoint with about his wife.

When you start dealing with someone's children, mama bear, doesn't even begin to describe. You know how you feel, but for me, even walking through what we did with our kids, Travis and I, for me as a mom, everything comes back to children, [00:06:00] learn, receive, and mimic who you are, not what you. And you say, yes, they do.

They pick, you know, there's peep, addictions passed down angers past, and you know the, yeah, I know what you mean, but kids, they, I don't know how to say this in the right way, but like for me, my children pull from my strength. Not because they see me being strong. That's just who I am, because what you do is not who you are, it's who you are as a person.

Uh, her alopecia, although it is horrible and seems so unfair because truly for women, hair and makeup and brows and all that is a beauty of a young woman. I get that, or it's associated with that, but how she learns how to navigate and handle this adversity is going to come from that, this precious mom.

And it's the strength. I [00:07:00] always say this frustration. Let's, you know, you're on the road to progress. So when you're frustrated and you're, you know, um, even if you get angered by something that God has growing you into another space, he's, he's trying to teach you and show you and build that strength. So she is not her hair, although it's disappointing that she's not going to have the hair that she always dreamt of.

She is from this mom, she's got to be strong. And being strong is facing adversity. You're gonna have to face your haters, face your people who don't get you. And a lot of times people just don't understand they're talking out of ignorance. It's not that they're talking to be. Mean-spirited a lot of people just don't know how to communicate people like, well, Smith, you didn't know how to just be.

You can't do that. That's not how you be in a situation like that. And so for me, whenever I am overcome with insecurity or anger or. Uh, slat back [00:08:00] moment. I have to stop and say, is this my highest, best self? Is this going to serve anybody? Is this solution based? Do what they really say? Matter to me, like if I was going to sit down, like if somebody that hurt my feelings or if my mother or somebody said something that hurt me to the book that would hurt.

Cause I care about what she thinks. Do we really care what some random person says? I don't, I don't have time for that. And you know what else I want to say? Get your child busy being advocate for alopecia. You got to take that mess and make it your message. Because I agree with her statement. She says, God's got something big.

He's going to use it. He will. As long as we allow him to is up to us to decide. What am I going to do with this situation? Because like I said, frustration and heartbreak, or nine times out of 10, an absolute given that you're on the road to growth and growth is hard and it hurts. It sucks. [00:09:00] Growth sucks.

Think about it. Do you think, do you think God is going to you pray, oh, make me stronger. I think he's just going to dump strength until you know, he's going to put you in some situations that's going to make you. If you say, Lord, give me patience. He's not just going to give you patience. He's going to put you in situations where you have to exercise that muscle of patience and it goes on and on for other things.

So if God has allowed this to come on your daughter, this alopecia, there is a real productive, amazing, blessed reason because of it. And people get mad at me when I say stuff like that. But every hurdle, every obstacle, everything I thought has been set out to stop me has propelled me like an arrow pulled back and let loose.

And it's taken me further than I ever dreamed. Your weaknesses are actually your strengths. If you'll allow it as tight as all top, I'm the wisest person. I know the [00:10:00] new, put that out on the podcast. You said Campbell. How, why do you think that she's cocky? Yeah, and no, I don't. That makes me well, when people come at me and go, I got it all together.

I'm like, oh Lord, have mercy. No means you don't know Jack crap. You know what I'm saying? Like that is how it's I call it God's economy. It's the opposites. Yeah. It's the opposites of things. If you pour out, you give more and it will be given unto you. If you hoard it and stingy, you only go have what you have.

You don't have room enough to do except more, same thing with. This mom is dead on. She really doesn't have a question. She answered her question.

Zac Miller: She really did. She's actually a brilliant person. I mean, and she even said there was something there's a little part is, cause this was very long. I sort of summarized it, but I wanted to go back to the original email cause she even wrote Emma, her daughter has been great about explaining her condition.

She wants people to ask her and not assume not talk about it. And that's so smart. It's like, we are so [00:11:00] obsessed with like fitting in and we try to hide. What, you know, our flaws and we try to hide the things that we, that draw attention maybe in a way that we don't feel as positive or there a way that we don't want people to look at us.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. But I'm going to quote Dr. Seuss. I think it was Dr. Seuss said this. I had to do a fact check. Why fit in when you're born to stand out? I mean, honestly, but we think what makes us stand out is our talents, our kids, our wins. It could be. Alopecia. It could be crooked teeth. It could be, you know, you have, you know, you're missing an arm or leg.

I mean I'm not kidding here. Use what God has given you use it. It doesn't have to be perfect. Yeah. That's your super power. I tell my son that all the time, I tell him all the time, I always tell my kids, this is your superpower lean into. He's a he's thick. He's big. He's [00:12:00] naturally big, not, not overweight or whatever.

He's just a big boy. He's not skinny and slim. And like these models and he, he wished he were, of course don't we always win, but he's a big old house. Ain't nobody gonna mow that boy over.

Zac Miller: As a kid, who's like, I've always been a small person. Like I'm a pretty small person. I wish I've always wanted to be bigger.

Kim Gravel: Right. We always trying to do stuff.

Zac Miller: I'm like, I wonder what I would be like if I was like six, two, right. I would just see the world differently, I think.

Kim Gravel: But that wouldn't be Zac. That's what I'm trying to say. Like, you've got to use what you have to the fullest. We always want more, but we're so.

We're so neglected of the things we already have. So why do you want more you ain't even using what you got? So hats off to this mom, Bravo to you, my friend, because you've got it going on to know that God is gonna use this to, um, propel her to where her purposes is. That is the [00:13:00] right thing is not going to be easy.

It's not going to be sunshine and rainbows and butterflies. She's going to be a strong young woman and Zac, can I get a hallelujah? Don't we need more strong, mentally strong people. We need it in this world.

Zac Miller: Preach do that.

Kim Gravel: That's beautiful. Again, do that one.

Zac Miller: My daughter was playing with my podcast set up the other day and she started just recording little things and she recorded the sweetest thing.

She recorded that. And then she recorded a little bumper for you, Kim.

Kim Gravel: That's my girl right there. Cause she said it was such conviction and attitude. Yep. That's so funny. I love it.

Zac Miller: All right. Well, thank you so much, Jody, for sending us your questions. [00:14:00] It really means a lot to us that you poured yourself into us and shared something really real with us. If you want your question to be read on the show, then call us and leave or leave Kim a voicemail. The number is 4 0 4 9 1 3 6 4 6 or you can email your question to lolwithkimgravel@gmail.com. When we get back, we're going to talk to Scarlett Alexandra about living her life in a college dorm.

Kim Gravel: Hey y'all. Have you told anybody about this podcast? The thing I hear most often from listeners is I needed to hear this today. And if you think of someone you might know that would want to hear this message of laughter and hope, please tell somebody that grass-roots tell you, tell somebody they tell somebody that's how we grow in and get more listeners and get this message of hope.

And laughter and just downright fun out there. So help us out, let everybody know, share the word about LOL with [00:15:00] Kim Gravel because the more listeners, the better.

All right. It's Scarlett time. I think she should start using that "Scarlett Time." No, that name alone. All right. I'm going to have to tell a little bit about who Scarlett is here. I mean, this woman can do anything. Comedian, actor, musician. Her videos are blowing up on TikTok, because it's about the culture of living with gen Z kids.

Oh my God. And she has millions of views and I totally get it. I'm obsessed with her. She also hosts a podcast where she makes fun of Christmas movies on Netflix. It's called I hope I get this right Netflixmas. I'm good. Scarlett. Welcome to LOL.

Scarlett Alexandra: Thank you.

Kim Gravel: I love you for two reasons.

I have to interrupt you and just say you've got the most amazing cheekbones and you can put words together. Netflixmas. That's, that's a gift.

Scarlett Alexandra: I really [00:16:00] enjoy port man dose these days. When you smush two words to make one word, I feel like, I feel like it's, it's one brow above puns, right?

If we're going on a measurement of high to low brow.

Kim Gravel: Let's call it an elevated pun.

Scarlett Alexandra: Yes. There you go. I like that. I like that.

Kim Gravel: No, you are amazing. Um, everything you're doing right now, you're blowing up. It's getting exciting out there. How is your non-traditional life path a plate into the part of your success?

Because you are now living in a dorm room, going to college, right? With a bunch of Gen Zers. How did that happen?

Scarlett Alexandra: Well, if you want to get the short and skinny of my life story, uh, grew up in a small Southern town wanting to get out as soon as possible, so I went to New Orleans, where I studied music and opera and industry studies, but I kind of fell out of love with music in a weird way.

So I ended up dropping out and joined a punk band and traveling around a bunch. [00:17:00] And bumming around. Um, I came back to New Orleans. I was like a bartender and I was petty cab driver, but then I started getting comedy and I got more and more into comedy and hosting shows and putting together like improv sketch and standup shows.

Then I decided to, you know, kick it into high gear. Cause I was like I want to, you know, elevate my career to the next level, even though it didn't really have a degree at that time. I moved to Austin, Texas got a fancy tech job, which is a nice day job to supplement preforming and doing comedy at night.

Then during the pandemic preform. I couldn't produce, I couldn't host. I couldn't do all the things. I love doing the thing that, like I worked the nine to five in order to do so. Uh, the pandemic forced me to reassess and reprioritize my goals and I was like, do the thing, which is I want to be a paid comedian.

[00:18:00] I might as well get a degree to boost me up to that next level.

Kim Gravel: So where are you you in school right now? And tell me your situation here at this.

Scarlett Alexandra: So, oh, I know. So I am an undergrad and in order to afford it cause you get a lot more scholarships if you're on campus. And yes, I'm also an RA. So I got hired on to be an RA.

So I get free housing and food.

Kim Gravel: Oh my God. We've got to park it right there. So you're an RA going to school. And how old are you?

Scarlett Alexandra: 30

Kim Gravel: Living on a dorm room with a bunch of crazy partying, crazy nutbag kids. Is that what you're trying to say?

Scarlett Alexandra: Oh, yeah.

Kim Gravel: There's your show right there. That's the TV. That's a reality TV show waiting to happen.

Scarlett Alexandra: Oh yeah. And like gen Z's have a totally different language.

Kim Gravel: Can you give us some of the words? Cause I know it, cause my kids have a different language [00:19:00] to them. We'll see if they're there behind or ahead.

Scarlett Alexandra: Um, let's see. No cap, no cap.

Kim Gravel: Um, I know that one. That means not lying.


Scarlett Alexandra: Not lying. Oh my gosh. I have to go back into my room. I write down everything.

Kim Gravel: I'm gonna tell you. Cause it sounds like we I take notes too, girl, because I'm trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Scarlett Alexandra: Bussin, bussin is one. I don't know if they say busing. Yeah. I think bussin is going out.

Kim Gravel: Well, the adults are figuring it out. Anytime it's over 25, we're done. We're done.

Zac Miller: Scarlett. While, you're looking it up. You just post something that I thought was so funny and I pulled it off of your TikTok. Let me, let me play a little bit of the song that you wrote about your love life. Oh my gosh. If that's all right with you.

Scarlett Alexandra: Hello, my name is Scarlett and I'm a 30 year old college student currently living in the dorms, alongside gen Z kids. And people ask me all the time, Scarlett how was your love life? And I tell them it doesn't exist because [00:20:00] I live in a dorm room, what am I supposed to do invite a guy back to my door. Yeah, no, my, um, I have a pretty strict.

Staunch dating, uh, age range of, I'm going to say 24 to 40, which is pretty wide.

Kim Gravel: That's fair.

Scarlett Alexandra: But yeah, it's, I'm not a wide dating pool while I'm here.

Kim Gravel: Let me ask you something. What's some of the positives that has happened going back. Cause I love how you're talking about. It's never too late to start what you really want to do in your life.

I think that's a message that rings true for any age. What are some of the things that you've learned through this process?

Scarlett Alexandra: Well, always be open, always be willing to learn. Like don't, don't take yourself too seriously. Like even though I'm 30, I don't bore that other people, like, I mean, like it is, it is of note as to how I [00:21:00] approach certain situations as opposed to gen Z, but at the same time, I'm their friend there.

Like I said, you can have 30 all the time. It's like, yeah, because I'm here to ask questions. I'm here to learn. I'm here to be a part of a culture. Like I'm into clubs here. And like, and I'm in a comedy, a sketch comedy club, even though I've liked produced sketch and I've liked taught sketch. I was like, you know what?

I'm here. I'm a Dean of sketch comedy club and that doesn't take any position there. I'm just going to observe and act and put in whatever. And it's really helped me elevate my own comedy to get used to gen Z comedy, uh, because it is, it is a little bit different and there's, there's a few other things, uh, that they, they find funny that maybe not necessarily I, I do, but I'm, you know, appreciate it.

Kim Gravel: You're trying to save from their lense. What is one of the major differences between you in this gen Z generation that you're seeing? Because like you're feet on the ground girl for all of us moms out here. Something that you wouldn't expect.

Scarlett Alexandra: [00:22:00] Something that, especially millennials wouldn't expect as gen Z is a much kinder generation.

Kim Gravel: Wow.

Scarlett Alexandra: I know, because I think, I think because like mentally millennials think if you're on the internet, then you're going to be mean because that's how we approached it. Like when social media first started coming out, it was like a way to be anonymous. But gen Z starts off being like, everything you put online can come back.

And they also have this standard of being aware of the ramifications. And being aware I'm more empathetic because you're a millennial.

Kim Gravel: Yes. And so, so this is the thing, I think you're onto something because when millennials didn't understand. I don't need to put all my business out there because it will come back to you in job selections in relationships.

That is a fantastic point. So this gen Z has been taught now by the millennials, by, you know, my generation, which is older. We're gen X [00:23:00] I'm gen. I needed a geriatric pill. You know, we've learned that, you know, I'm trying to teach my kids. Who's also gen Z look, dude, you, what you put out there is going to affect your future.

Scarlett Alexandra: Yeah. And they're, and they're very aware of that. And honestly, like the only mean comments that I've gotten on my tech talk and all my social media have all been from older millennials or gen X, like, but otherwise I've had like pretty positive comments and such like a wonderful, like warm reception into the tick-tock community.

Kim Gravel: That's good. And that's good to hear.

Scarlett Alexandra: Cause I also like growing up in school when AIM was a thing, right. And then MySpace, I was bullied over MySpace.

Zac Miller: I was all about AIM for hours.

Kim Gravel: Okay. I have no idea. I have no idea what you're talking about. I just agreed.

Zac Miller: It's like texting before texting.

Kim Gravel: I just wanted to feel like I was important. I just want to feel like I was in the know, but I have no idea.

Scarlett Alexandra: It's a very specific kind of millennial.

Kim Gravel: Okay. [00:24:00] Which is a brilliant, amazing kind of millennial. \

Zac Miller: Scarlett, can I just ask you, I just like, as an aside, we're probably gonna cut. Uh, ASL,

Kim Gravel: You're not cutting this crap out. What is ASL? Don't leave me out.

Scarlett Alexandra: ASL means age sex location. So when you would go into AIM, or, sorry, group chats and like a, in like a chat room, these were like chat rooms, Kim.

Kim Gravel: This is scary, this is a little like getting...

Zac Miller: But Kim, the scary thing you know, I'm like a 13 year boy, you're asking someone like age, sex and location. When someone asked me ASL, I'd be like 16 female Florida.

Scarlett Alexandra: Yes. Oh yeah. You just lie your pants off.

Kim Gravel: Here's the thing. Let me just tell you about mine. This is what y'all know. Scarlett. I hate to interrupt you in. We did little notes passed back and [00:25:00] forth.

Do you like me? Yes or no? That's what we did. Okay. So you have your ASLs and your aims and all that. Okay. That's what we go ahead.

Scarlett Alexandra: Oh man. You know, or this is an aside, you know, like the check yes or no, if you like the kind of thing. Yeah. I, so I've, I grew up in a house that was haunted. Right. And I liked, and I was so freaked out by it.

Kim Gravel: Back the bus up. What are you talking about? You talking about. Okay, hold on. Hold on. There's a story. Just, okay.

Scarlett Alexandra: Just accept the reality that this house was haunted when I was growing up. Okay. So, but I was trying to like figure it out and I was like trying to like communicate with the ghost. So I literally like left a note in on my dresser.

Are you a ghost? Check yes or no. Put a pen by it. Ran out of my room as fast as I could wait it a few hours in bed.

Kim Gravel: Well, was it checked? Yes or no?

Scarlett Alexandra: It was not checked either. [00:26:00]

Kim Gravel: They were ghosting you. They were ghosting you.

Scarlett Alexandra: Oh my God. Oh no. I accept that. I was waiting. I was white.

Kim Gravel: I've laughed so hard at peed on myself. I'm sorry. That's also, that's also a gen X thing. Yeah, I did. Oh, it's comin for you, baby. Get ready. Get ready. Oh my God. I love that.

Scarlett Alexandra: At one point there was a generation of people where swooning was a thing where women would state because if something was too scandalous, can we bring that back?

Kim Gravel: Scarlett, that's your next TikTok? How to get somebody? Just somebody. If you're not being PC, if you say an un-PC thing, you just have to like straight up full Stace first Saint aren't they doing that already though, to give everybody if you're not politically correct, [00:27:00] everybody's offended over everything now.

So the swooning would help it. The swooning would help. It would help. So, so that's my next question. Are these young people easily offended? Let me just explain myself to everybody listening. So you can look at over the generations, every generation, cause these kids are crying. They're ridiculous, you know, every years, I mean, they said that about my generation.

They've said that about years now, they're saying about gen Z. So that's kind of normal, right? I'm trying not to hop on that train and say, you know, but are the kids today too easily offended?

Scarlett Alexandra: I would say there are parameters. I would say again, there, there is a lot more understanding. However, here's the thing.

It's for being PC and being sincere. It's a second language to us, whereas them it's their first language.

Kim Gravel: Got it. That makes sense.

Scarlett Alexandra: So a lot of it's just like, you know, having to translate in real time in our heads. So I wouldn't say they're necessarily like offended. It's just like, [00:28:00] you know how you would feel if somebody says something wrong.

If they're, if they're like Spanish and they say, you know, something a little off in English, you'd be like, oh, it's a long time.

Kim Gravel: Okay, let me, okay. So I have to understand this cause you know, I'm from, um, you would consider me now old school, right? Would y'all say that I don't take offense to that.

Zac Miller: I think you're more like old school, like I'm saying in a good way.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Whatever's keep it real. I think what it is with, with the younger generation is. For us, for the, for parents out there listening or grandparents out there listening, that's trying to, you know, deal with this new environment that we live in with all these young people, you know, and, and work ethic.

We, you just got to work. You can't just be an influencer and pay the bills. Hence you are working, we're working a day job and doing that like, and that to us, that's how we came up. Scarlett is that you, could you chase your dream after you pay the bills? [00:29:00]

Scarlett Alexandra: I have three and a half jobs right now.

Kim Gravel: Thank you.

Scarlett Alexandra: On top of school.

Kim Gravel: Okay. That's my biggest concern with some of these younger generations is that I'm like, do they get that? That's what you got to do.

Scarlett Alexandra: I don't think any kid does. Okay. I think it's a very rare, like 18, 19 year old who understands that the world's as big as it is, and they are as small as they are.

Kim Gravel: Hmm. Say that again. Scarlett you have to stop and say that again. What have you already forgot?

Scarlett Alexandra: Yeah, I think, um, I mean, like when I first went to college, I was like I'm going to be a musician and I'm going to get discovered and I'm like write the next big songs and , and just like thinking, you know, cause I grew up in a small town. I was a big fish in a small. And then going into college, it was like, oh like I am, [00:30:00] I am a speck in the universe. And I think there's a lot of freedom to that as well. If you place more importance on yourself than there actually is, then you limit yourself a lot. I'm just, I'm just a, i'll die, just doing my thing. And I'm trucking along and I love it.

And you know, as long as I do right by me at the end of the day, I'm doing.

Kim Gravel: I totally agree with you. I have to second that I have to second that.

Zac Miller: Okay. Kim and Scarlett I'm breaking in with a Zac Attack. Oh Lord. Here we go. Scarlett a Zac Attack is the segment we do on the show where we play a game with our guests and Kim has no idea what the game is going to be.

So she gets to play along today on today's Zac Attack. I thought it would be fun since you are 30 and went back to college. I want to take both of you back to middle school. I just want to play a middle school game with [00:31:00] you.

Okay. Two truths and a lie.

Scarlett Alexandra: Ooh, Ooh. I'm down.

Kim Gravel: That is, that is not cap.


Zac Miller: So two truths and lie is exactly how it sounds. I want each of you to make up or tell us two things that are true about yourself. And one thing that is a lie. That's a lie and we will try to figure out which is a lie. Very simple. I'm going to have Scarlett go first. So Scarlett so tell us Scarlett your two truths and a lie.

Scarlett Alexandra: Okay. So the first one is I once bicycled from Portland to Los Angeles. Yeah. Okay. Flavor Flave once came up to me and wrapped about my ass. Oh. And I have four extra bones in my body.

Kim Gravel: Oh my God. [00:32:00] First of all, I love Flavor Flave. I mean, I love him. So that's definitely the truth. And looking at your cheekbones.

I know your butt is probably good. Your booty is hot. I can look at your cheekbones and tell good cheeks. Good cheeks on the other end the cheeks up top the chicks down below. That's the truth. Okay. It's the truth. Come on now. That's why mine are low and saggy.

Same thing when my bottom. But I want to say this to you. To me. You do look granola enough. I hope that's not offensive to some people. To bike from Portland to LA, but I'm going to say that's the lie.

Zac Miller: I think that's a good call. I feel like for extra bones, that's a lot of extra bones.

Kim Gravel: That's not, I mean, the bone can be y'all come on.

Scarlett. A bone could be just an extra cartilage bone in your nose. Right? Okay. She's got some good cheek [00:33:00] bones, so she gets something extra going on there.

Zac Miller: Okay, Kim, I actually, I think I went to agree with you. I think I'm going to agree Portland, although she looks in shape though. I just, I hope it's a Flavor Flave one. Just so you say Flavor Flave one more time.

Kim Gravel: He would say that about her.

Zac Miller: Okay. Scarlett tell us which one of those things is the lie.

Scarlett Alexandra: Bones. I have two extra bones in my body, both in my feet, but I don't very wide foot, but yes, I, once biked from Portland to Los Angeles. It was a journey. I was, it was my birthday present to myself.

Wow. And I had no idea what I was doing, but I had a bunch of fun and it was a whole journey. And I am starting to write a feature film about it.

Kim Gravel: Oh, well, And I knew I could tell was that right? About the cheeks on the, on the face of the cheeks on the behind?

Scarlett Alexandra: Yes, I have.

Kim Gravel: Can you stand up? Can you stand up [00:34:00] and show us stand up.

Scarlett? Yeah. Yeah. There's some, there's some round going on baby.

Scarlett Alexandra: But yeah, so, so Flavor Flave wrapped about my rear end. I was a petty cabbing and I was standing up trying to get riders in the back of my cab, and then some seller just like just runs up and he's short too.

He looked runs up behind me, just like drops two lines about my ass and then just like squrries away. With like two giant Anie dudes chasing after him. And of course, he's got this clock swinging around his chest. I'm like, what?

Zac Miller: He just wears the clock all the time?

Kim Gravel: Come on now. He's committed. That's incredible. Yeah. I was going to say, did [00:35:00] you get it on tape?

Scarlett Alexandra: It happened so quickly and it was so random. I wish I could have memorized that moment, but I, I just thought it was like, cause like, cause he was coming from behind me. I figured it was just like some random bourbon street brings person, but it was fight or flight.

Zac Miller: Okay Kim. Okay. Two truths and a lie.

Kim Gravel: Oh gosh. I used to ride motorcross motorbikes. Oh, God, there's so many crazy things I've done. I fell in love at Graceland and I do not eat anything with cinnamon in it.

Zac Miller: Oh, Scarlett what do you think?

Scarlett Alexandra: I'm going to say the cinnamon thing.

You wait, hold on. I'm judging Zac's face real quick [00:36:00] because he obviously knows you more than I do. Okay. Hold on. I'm going to switch it. I'm going to say you didn't fall at Graceland. You fell in love in Dollywood.

Kim Gravel: Oh, you are so smart, but it's not true. Go ahead, Zac. Are you choosing? I'm just kidding.

Zac Miller: I feel like the cinnamon thing is true. I feel like the Graceland motorcross seems true. Yeah, I'm going to say Graceland. Yeah. I'm going to say Graceland because yeah, I think she fell in love in Dollywood.

Kim Gravel: She is so good. She's good. Yeah. But you are wrong.

Zac Miller: What were we wrong about? So you did fall in love in Graceland.

Kim Gravel: I did. Yes.

Zac Miller: So what's the lie?

Kim Gravel: I don't eat anything with cinnamon. I eat, I love cinnamon. I fell in love at Graceland. And I used to ride motorcross with my very first boyfriend. [00:37:00] I love cinnamon. I love anything food.

Scarlett Alexandra: Okay. Got it. Got it, got it.

You fell in love at Graceland with Elvis.

Kim Gravel: No, with my current husband, which I sound like I've got many husbands, but we fell in love at Graceland. We were looking at his living room. It was like that yellow, gold shag. And he leaned over, we were friends and he leaned over and he whispered something in my ear.

And I don't know, Scarlett if your a fan of Bridgerton, have you been watching Bridgerton?

Scarlett Alexandra: Yes. It's very spicy.

Kim Gravel: It's also so like fabulous too, right? Like the whole, everything, the sets as a creator, like you are just sets the writing that, you know, in this, have you watched all of season two?

Scarlett Alexandra: Yes, I have binged it in one day.

Kim Gravel: Yeah. Um, you know, when he gets up in her ear and does the [00:38:00] breathing close thing, he did that to me in Graceland. I mean, honestly it took me back to Graceland when I watched that, but now it's just farts and burps, and you know, all that crap. Now we don't have any of that.

Scarlett Alexandra: I don't have love or marriage on the horizon myself for quite some time, not on the docket, but yet not on the docket. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: What do you mean by not on the docket love? Yeah. What do you mean it's not on your docket?

Scarlett Alexandra: It's not much to do list it's it's not, uh, yeah, I don't think it's gonna happen until I am settled in a career that I'm clear.

Kim Gravel: I think it's now going to happen next week.

Scarlett Alexandra: That is something that somebody at the beginning of the Christmas romance maybe would say. Yeah. So [00:39:00] maybe, maybe I neither curse or bless myself.

Kim Gravel: Let me ask you this with your, with your podcast. Have you ever thought about doing the Hallmark ones too?

I mean, go ahead and add it all in.

Scarlett Alexandra: We try to limit it to just a streaming platforms. Because that is something that like is accessible to millennials and gen Z, which is our general target demographic audience.

Kim Gravel: We are super cheeseball and they're all the same every single Christmas.

Zac Miller: Kim Scarlett, let me just say thank you for participating in this week's Zac Attack. When we come back from our break, Kim's going to do her rapid fire questions with Scarlett and we'll hear a little bit of Kim's final thoughts.

Kim Gravel: We're back with our wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, and girl with a good cheek bone Scarlett telling you [00:40:00] what we do every single episode is we close out by asking our guests rapid fire questions. Now, please do me a favor. First thing comes to your mouth, pop it out. Don't think about it. Just go with it, which you're a comedian.

You're hilarious. So here we go. And what is the most expensive thing that you've ever broken?

Scarlett Alexandra: That's a very depressing question because I'm a very clumsy person and I literally, I cannot own nice things like it's, it's um, it's a problem. So I would say I have broken about eight laptops in my lifetime too.

I have gotten to a scrape in my car for. Um, oh gosh, I got an accident, in the petty cab one time.

I left my Kindle on a plane two weeks after I bought it.

Kim Gravel: Oh, okay. We're about the same we're sisters in that kindred [00:41:00] spirits. Um, what is your favorite Christmas movie right now?

Scarlett Alexandra: Jingle jangle, I think is one of the best Christmas movies to come out in the past 10 years.

And it really went under the radar.

Kim Gravel: So I got to watch that.

Scarlett Alexandra: I'm going to say a Christmas story because that was also the first play I was in when I was eight years old.

Kim Gravel: Good one. Um, who's your celebrity crush?

Scarlett Alexandra: Ooh, uh, Bo Burnham hands down.

Kim Gravel: Wait a minute. I'm looking him up right now.

Scarlett Alexandra: He's a comedian. He's started on YouTube about 16 years ago, 17 years ago. And I have followed his career since his first file or video.

Kim Gravel: Okay. Beau you're out there. [00:42:00] Would he be on the docket? If that was a possibility?

Scarlett Alexandra: Oh, I, I would, I would never have a career again. There would be no docket. They wouldn't be no docket.

Kim Gravel: I love it. What's your favorite junk food?

Scarlett Alexandra: I'm gonna say sushi.

Kim Gravel: I've always, I love a good hot dog. Yeah. And we're moving on. I knew you were gonna do that Scarlett. All right. One last rapid fire question. Okay. If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?

Scarlett Alexandra: To speak every language and play instrument.

Kim Gravel: That's two super powers.

Scarlett Alexandra: [00:43:00] But there both languages.

Kim Gravel: See, that's why Scarlett's good right there. And bam drop mic drop mic, you are brilliant. I love you. Will you come back?

Scarlett Alexandra: Yes. Anytime you guys are lovely.

Kim Gravel: Thanks for coming on Scarlett. We love you. Y'all go check out her podcast.

Check out. It's called Netflixmas.

Scarlett Alexandra: That's right. So you can find me on all platforms @genwhyscarlett with two t's. Um, you can also find my LinkTree under that handle.

Kim Gravel: Check her out on all social media platforms.

She is speaking into these millennials and gen Zer. We are so glad you are a girl. You're so smart. You're beautiful. And killer cheek bones. Come back [00:44:00] anytime.

Oh my goodness. Scarlett is so much fun. She's so sharp. She's funny. And she's sharp and she's, um, she's refreshing. That's the word I'm going to use.

Zac Miller: Have you been in a fish out of water like that recently, Kim at all, like where you're in a position, all of a sudden her story is just being a 30 year old in the dorms is just so wild to me.

Kim Gravel: I think I'm too old to do everything I'm doing, but that's the beauty of it. Time is not your boss. I say that a lot. Time is not your boss. Um, so don't say, oh, my time has passed or I'm too old for this, or I'm too young. If it's put in your heart and your soul go for it. I think the, like she said, the pandemic really made her reassess, made a lot of people reassessed.

So just remember that, get out there and do the thing. It's never too late. You're never too early. You're right on time. Just move forward. And that's what Scarlett is living at her life. And I'm glad to hear it. [00:45:00] I'm glad to hear it. I think we need to have her back. Cause I think love is on the docket for her.

Whenever you say it's not. That's when it always is. So I always think about that. Don't let time be your boss, get out there and do it. Yeah. We'll have her back. We'll talk about her love life and heard haunted past, which like, oh my God. You know, I tell you all the time, I think bell manners haunted.

So I'm going to do, I'm going to leave a note before leave. Check yes or no. I hope they don't go with me. Thanks for listening. Everybody love y'all.

I've got so many great people that help make this show possible. LOL is produced and edited by Zac Miller at Uncommon Audio. Our associate producer is Kathleen Grant at Brunette Exec. Production help from Emily Bredin and our cover art designed by Sara Noto and Taco Pella performs our theme music. Head on over to lolkim.com to sign up for our mailing list.

Thanks for listening. Y'all we love you. Bye.[00:46:00]

Scarlett Alexandra

Scarlett Alexandra is a hilarious and talented screenwriter, comedian, actor, and musician. Scarlett has found fame on TikTok by sharing her experience of living with Gen-Zers as a 30-year-old college student. She has many funny tales drawn from her non-traditional background and experiences.