March 31, 2022

The Best Is Yet To Come with Leanne Morgan

The Best Is Yet To Come with Leanne Morgan

This week the comic sensation, Leanne Morgan is here to make me pee my pants laughing and share why it’s never too late to have the life you want. This is a can’t miss episode!

This week the comic sensation, Leanne Morgan is here to make me pee my pants laughing and share why it’s never too late to have the life you want. This is a can’t miss episode!

Leanne Morgan is my favorite stand-up comedian. She’ll make you crack up and then drop some wisdom that will inspire you. She’s a rural country girl and family woman turned comedy superstar, but her career in comedy didn't get going until later in life. Leanne is achieving her pinnacle of popularity right now at the age of 56 after 22 years of dedication to the craft. She is presently on a 100-city tour across the U.S. called The Big Panty Tour. This episode is all about how it's never too late to try something new and find success, and Leanne Morgan is a perfect example of that. Turns out getting older ain’t so bad and theres no such thing as too old or too late.

On this episode, Leanne and I discuss the importance of laughter as a medicine and the pleasures of adopting a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. Make sure to listen until the end for this week’s Zac Attack where Zac has Kim and Leanne take a BuzzFeed quiz called: Sorry, But If You Did More Than 13 Of These Things As A Teenager, I'm Grounding You, written by Kelly Martinez. 


If you want me to answer your question on the show in my new “Ask Kim Anything” segment, then email or leave me a voicemail at 404-913-6460. Nothing is off-limits and we’ll only use your first name.


In this episode:

  • I answer a listener question about what to look for in a pageant coach
  • How Leanne’s comedy career got started and then got hot
  • What it’s like to have a career change later in life
  • Why comedy bridges so many divides
  • The realities of menopause
  • Advice for women finding their purpose at any age
  • Discovering your talents
  • Why laughter is the best medicine
  • What me and Leanne were like as teenagers 


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Leanne Morgan: [00:00:00] Hey,

Kim Gravel: y'all and welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. This is a comedy podcast where we laugh about all the messiness of life and turn that mess into the message of competence and hope. See, my mission is to encourage and lift women up, and this show is about how. All can embrace our real sales and laugh about all the stuff that life throws our way it's crazy out here.

So let's live out loud, love out loud and laugh out loud together. On today's show, we have an amazing guest, Leanne Morgan. She is one of my most favorite comedians of all time. I'm telling you not just female comedians, comedians. Her and Steve Harvey are neck and neck for me. She's so funny. I can't wait to talk to her.

Her videos on her social media accounts are insane. You will laugh out loud, pee in your pants, but first I'm going to answer some questions from our listeners. Zac, it always scares me when you [00:01:00] are going to ask these questions because I never know what people are gonna ask. I'm not scared though. Let's charge forth and encourage people today.

Zac Miller: I'm a little scared to say that. Well, I'm always a little scared, but today I'm especially scared because we do have Leanne Morgan. She's just so funny and so great. And I am on with these two hilarious, powerful women and you know, I'm a little scared I'm going to gird my loins.

Alright, here we go. We get messages all the time from young women and girls who want to get into pageants. And, you know, we have a performer on the show this week, and I thought this would be a really great week to talk about the two questions that these girls ask you all the time, which is the first one is what is the best way to start.

And the second one. Will you be my coach, which, but no, but I think the question really is like, what do you look for in a good coach? Right. So, you know, what do you need in order to start? And what do you look for in a good coach? How [00:02:00] do you get to the level that?

Kim Gravel: Well, this is the thing. Everybody thinks a coach is going to get you to that level.

And a coach is just that. I mean, if you look up the definition of coach, it's just like a guide. It's like a teacher, it's not a person to provide you with a platform. It's not a person to provide you with exposure or opportunity it's to prepare you for that. So when I tell young girls, how bad do you want it?

That's my first question. I'm actually working with a young man right now. His name is press. He's got the it factor. You know what I mean? He's good looking. He has the greatest disposition. He's a very likable young man. I mean, he really has a lot of potential and I'm kind of coaching him in how to go about being in the business of acting and modeling and all that kind of good stuff, because it is truly a business.

So my first advice to all of you out there who was wanting to try anything when it comes to entertainment, Learn all you can about the craft, but also about [00:03:00] how to do the business of acting, meaning how to audition, how to put yourself out there on social media so that you can be hired. There's so many aspects that were not in existence.

When I was coming up that you need to know today and start acting. I can't tell you how many people said Kim, I want to be actress. And I'm like, okay, what are you acting in? I mean, they're not even doing a TikTok account. So, I mean, there's so many ways right now. And so many people are getting discovered on social media.

So if you say Kim, I don't, I don't, I can't afford acting classes. I can't afford to do all this. Get, put yourself on ticked off and Instagram and social media playing out a movie role that you love, or, or readings, a book in a caricature kind of way. There's always ways to get your talent. Start now start now and find a coach that actually cares about you.

Not about themselves. That's my second.

Zac Miller: How do you figure that out though? Like, what are you look for?

Kim Gravel: When they sit down and you pay in the money? Are you helping giving them some kind of cut? And they're talking about themselves when they're talking about you, [00:04:00] that's a red flag. I'm not about trying to collect ride flags in my life.

Meaning if it looked like a duck walk like a duck. So if you've got a coach, that's talking about how great they are and what all they are doing, that means they are into them. They're not into you.

Zac Miller: That's such good advice. You know, it's funny when I was starting out in film. I worked on movie sets starting when I was 18.

And one of my mentors, when I was on my way to college, she was like, don't major in film, major in business. And I was like, what do you mean? He was like, well, they can't teach you inspiration. They can't teach you how to be creative. If you learn the business, then you'll be more successful with the projects you want to do.

Kim Gravel: Well again, I say to people just don't, don't let rest on your laurels. I'm a creative, I'm not interested in business. You better get interested in business.

Zac Miller: Yeah. And marketing.

Kim Gravel: I mean, come on. That's the bane of our existence, Zac. Let's do a whole social media how to market yourself podcast.

Write that down. Cause [00:05:00] that's a brilliant podcast app. People will be snapping.

Zac Miller: Right. I mean, I honestly, I need that podcast.

Kim Gravel: We can have an expert on that can help us. And by expert, I mean, somebody actually doing it.

Zac Miller: But do you feel like, so, you know, you, it's interesting that you went right from like pageants to like the next like acting or something else because pageants really are like a stepping stone.

Kim Gravel: I did pageants for was for exposure. So like, I can't have QVC in the brand I have without exposure. So the more people know about Kim Gravel and Belle and my message. And that's why I do the podcast is for exposure. It's it's not that you're not talented or. People, the people there's probably actually more talented and more naturally gifted people sitting at home that are actually on the screens of your TV.

It's just, they put themselves out there. It's just like a relationship you want to date. This is a podcast by itself . We should really talk about how to level up in business in marketing.[00:06:00]

Zac Miller: It's on the list. Awesome. Okay. It's time for a quick break. Um, if you want your question answered on the show, call and leave Kim a voicemail, the number is 4 0 4 9 1 3 6 4 6.

Or you can email your question to It's that easy. We'll only use your first name, so we'll keep it anonymous. And I'm going to put all that info in the show notes that accompanies this episode. So check it out. We love to hear from you, send us your questions, send us your silly stories, whatever you got for us.

We're going to play the best stuff on the air. And when we get back after the break, we're going to laugh out loud with Leanne.

Kim Gravel: Hey, y'all have y'all told anyone else about this podcast. The thing I hear most from everyone is I needed to hear that today Kim. So if you could think of anybody that you know, that might want to hear this message of hope and laughter and just, [00:07:00] you know, having some fun. Please tell them, tell them about LOL with Kim Gravel.

It'll definitely help us get the word out about the podcast and maybe it will help them to have a little bit more, you know, pep in their step a little bit more encouraged in their day. So help us out, let everybody know to share the word about LOL with Kim Gravel, because the more listeners the better.

All right.

I've never been more excited Zac, to have an interview and talk to someone on this podcast. Other than this woman, I am fan girling up big damn Leanne Morgan is a comedian. And when I tell you she's a comedian, she's a comedian's comedian. Like I'm very snobby about my comedians and people that make me love Steve Harvey.

And it's Leanne Morgan. They are neck and neck, and I'm gonna have to stay lean a little bit more, but don't tell Steve, I mean, it is one of those things [00:08:00] she has she's on a tour right now, Zac, a hundred cities. Guess what the tour's called.

Leanne Morgan: I'm not going

Zac Miller: to guess. What's her tour called, Kim?

Kim Gravel: The Big Panty Tour.

Let me say that again.

Y'all got to go check her out, but first let's talk to her and then I'll just tell you where you can find this woman. Cause you are going to laugh til you pee on yourself. Leanne Morgan, welcome to LOL with Kim Gravel. I love you, sis.

Leanne Morgan: Can you go out on the road with me and say this every time I come up, girl?

Kim Gravel: I'd be the best hype girl. I mean, I ain't trying to toot my own horn, but toot, toot, I will be. Leanne. Let me just start by saying you have get, helped me get through a mini a night. That sounds weird. They'll take that wrong. It, when I was sitting on the couch at COVID eating a bag of Oreos and I would sit there and my kids like write up only.

You don't say it just right, right [00:09:00] up under me and they're oh, they're like 13 and 15 now, but just all up. My husband, your videos. Y'all go listen to this woman's videos. Leanne, how did you, what, how, when, where, what has caused you to be this phenomenon .

Leanne Morgan: Well, I've done it 22 years.

Kim Gravel: It always starts with that.

Well, I've done it a quarter of a century.

Leanne Morgan: I got started and I think people are shocked by that because they think I'm just coming out in the sun, but get your own. People didn't know which, by the way you saying that Steve Harvey, cause he's one of my favorites. And if I could be like anybody, if I could have a game show, if I could have a talk show.

Kim Gravel: You are going to. Claimed, claimed in the name of Jesus it's done.

No you are so similar to him, Leanne in your real life comedy. It's not these expensive written jokes. It comes from you.

Leanne Morgan: Well thank you my darling. I wish that I was [00:10:00] so brilliant that I like Jerry Seinfeld, that I could look at a cotton ball and write a bit, but I don't, it doesn't work that way for me.

I talk about what happened, you know, when my kids were little older T-ball field or, you know, when I was pregnant with my third baby. I've uh, it's all from, you know, just stories that have happened. And I wish that I could have somebody write for me cause I'm exhausted, but it doesn't make sense.

Cause it's gotta be, for me, people are used to me telling, but I got started 22 years ago and now I'm married and they both say, oh, but we don't, we never heard of you. And I've worked comedy clubs, but raising three children, I couldn't do all comedy clubs. So I had to carve out a different place. Yes. I had people in the business tell me early on, like we think you got it Leanne, but you can't raise three babies and be on the road.

And I wanted to raise my children. My husband, thank the Lord, is a wonderful [00:11:00] provider and tended to me and these children so that I could pursue my dream. I didn't have to get out of here, make a living so I could, I could pick and choose, like I didn't have to drive 500 miles, make $50 and sleep in a Ford Vista.

You know, I didn't have, I got to ski up a lot of crap because I had Chuck Morgan as a backbone.

Kim Gravel: Morgan's a lot of your, you gotta thank Chuck Morgan, just from being a provider. Now, Chuck, it's been a lot of your material.

Leanne Morgan: Uh, no, I know. And he gives me he's an odd bird.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I married an odd bird too, honey.

I can relate to you in so many ways. What is it like Leanne being your age? And I'm 50. I just turned 50 this year. My career has just, it's more on fire than it has ever been. And you are too. And I just talked to another woman about this the other day. What is it about women at our age that [00:12:00] people are really turning on now?

Is it just, what is it leaning in that it's making, we're making a comeback baby.

Leanne Morgan: I know. Isn't it wonderful? And I think, I don't know. I mean, I'm comfortable with who I am and this is who it is and take it or leave it. And that people are trained to do that yet, you know?

Cause everything. Yeah, everything on Instagram. You know, in everybody's fannies big, you know, when I was growing up, my fanny was big, but I was ashamed of it. It everybody's got a big fanny and a little waist and some yoga bridges and nobody looks contoured. And, and there's times when my baby child, who's a professional makeup artist, she'll bake and contour me, but she does.

But, um, but I think people will regal I'd really, especially the horror that we're in, and the world comming to a an end and a Jesus coming back, which I think he is. I mean, [00:13:00] you know, good night.

Kim Gravel: Listen, I want to be caught up with him when he comes.

Leanne Morgan: I want to go to, I don't want to stay down here.

Kim Gravel: I want to be beside you because I know we go laugh at, eat the whole way up.

Leanne Morgan: Yes we would.

Kim Gravel: What is it about laughter? You know, the Bible says it does the body good? Like the, like a medicine, it's like a medicine to the body, to the soul. Why do you think that is Leanne? Comedy really it bridges so many divides.

Leanne Morgan: It does. And I dealt, I just think life is so hard and we've not been promised happiness, but God promises us, Joy and I think life is hard and it kicks you in the teeth. And if you get any time on this earth, you know, we all go through horrible, bad times and then there'll be good times. And yet you're in a valley or you're up on a mountain top. And I think people that can laugh can [00:14:00] cope more effectively.

I got a degree in crisis intervention counseling at the University of Tennessee and child family studies. And I've always wanted to.

Kim Gravel: I love it.

Leanne Morgan: And I barely got out of there by the skin of my table. I'm so scared somebody is going to find out my GPA, but I love people and I love behavior and I love learning about people, but I do.

I think people that can laugh and enjoy can cope more effectively. And I speak in my mama Lucile, and we just had a ball growing up and it wasn't, you know, things weren't there. I mean, I had a pretty good childhood, but there were, you know, things that happened and, you know, utilize people, death and different things.

But my mama always found the good in something where we had a ball and we'd laugh and we got tickled at church. [00:15:00] I think we just had a ball and I've been raised, I've raised my children to laugh and dance in the kitchen and have a good time because this life is short.

But then I married Chuck Morgan, whose family took everything very serious, very serious. And he's like, how dare you have a good time. Let's all shut up, everybody shut your mouth. Let's not have a serious, crazy. Yeah. And, um, so I hope that he's gotten some from me, but yeah, that's been tumultuous. I'm a glass half full kind of girl.

I feel like I'm pretty paused, you know, except when I feel fat. I'm going through like period menopause medicines.

Kim Gravel: I'm full blown, menopausal. Like it's been a while and that not to overshare, but my cycle is so irregular.

Leanne Morgan: You're in it, you're in it.

Kim Gravel: And I think I'm early menopause. My mom went through it.

She went through it for [00:16:00] 10 years. She was.

Leanne Morgan: You're in period. Cause your cycles getting funky. And you know, I had a podcast called Sweaty and PS Menopause and More. Did you know that with my nurse practitioner who is brilliant?

Kim Gravel: I'm sweating.

Leanne Morgan: Sweaty and PS Menopause and More start listening to that. We don't do it anymore, but it was very successful.

Zac Miller: It's super fun. I listened to a few of them when we were prepping for this episode. It's really fun. It's a fun show.

Leanne Morgan: And, and she talked about medical stuff and I told, you know, tells them about lentil bean recipes, you know, and, and Johnny Cash She's in Heaven.

I believe he's a believer, you know, I mean, it's crazy, man, but she talked about. She is a hormone guru. Okay. And she said perimenopause lasts 10 years. When you get [00:17:00] into full menopause, they, they know what to do. Cause you're, you're not up and down right now, like a middle-school girl.

That's what your like.

Kim Gravel: Well, and my son is 15 and he's able to it's like, I'm just like with his hormones and my hormones. And then we both eaten like we're, I mean, uh y'all this is true story, Leanne. And then, I don't know. I feel like I've known you forever. I found a, um, I had hidden a box of Whitman's chocolate from Valentine's in my bottom drawer and I had forgotten about it.

And last night I opened that drawer and I almost started speaking in tongues, run up, down the bedroom. I was like, I thought I had hit the Motherlode.

Leanne Morgan: You did. I love a Whitman's box of chocolates and I don't eat all of them. Cause I don't like a cream. I do love a good solid chocolate and I'll like a caramel.

Kim Gravel: But you don't do the marshmallow stuff.

Leanne Morgan: I'm not crazy about [00:18:00] it. I've been on this tour and my concert promoters will say, everybody needs a little dab of a chocolate. And so they would have these, all these little miniature Hershey bars backstage for me.

And I was like, y'all are killing me. Cause I love those things. And I'd say it and take them in my purse because I'm from the country and I can't wait. So I would take these, everything from my green room and put it in my purse in Ziploc bags and then I eat it on a plane. And I said, well, if I'm going to, if y'all want me to eat candy, could y'all at least let me do Ghirardelli.

Kim Gravel: Oh, you've gone. You've gone bougie.

Leanne Morgan: That's bougie but they've got the dark chocolate. It's like trying to kill cancer. You know, it's not like a Goober, you know, I love a Goober. I'd love it, but I feel like I'm at least combating, you know, with antioxidants or something, but I'm still eating those, like the nut.

And I don't want to be in band all kale, you know, I know, and I know all [00:19:00] these medical stuff. I can't repeat it because I listened to most of it, but I didn't receive all of it. Um, I don't learn that way. But I learned so much with her on that medical pump podcast, but do i do any of it, no. Now I am on an estrogen cream, a testosterone cream and an oral progesterone.

So this is what I want to say to you, Kim. You need to get yourself straightened out, get somebody that will listen to you. I would get a female, a nurse practitioner, or a PA somebody that's been trained in hormones. Where do you live?

Kim Gravel: I live in Atlanta. When are you coming to Atlanta?

I'm trying to get, I'm trying to get the tickets. I, cause we were going out of town is all this I'm like, Lord Jesus. I need to get there. All my friends are going.

Leanne Morgan: I just did three shows at Center Stage and sold out. And so they said, do you want to do another one? So we did. We got a call four o'clock.

They [00:20:00] call the energy center it sold out. But the seven o'clock is ot sold out.

Kim Gravel: I know a lot of my friends are going.

Leanne Morgan: Well, Atlanta, you got hormone people in Atlanta good night. You got all, y'all got everything in Atlanta.

Kim Gravel: I'm gonna find somebody Leanne.

Leanne Morgan: Women need to know on this podcast that the bio identical hormones are very protective for your heart and all kinds of things that they didn't know about.

Kim Gravel: Does it help with the chin hairs that are growing out of my chin?

Leanne Morgan: Well, you may be protecting, you might sounds like you're producing a lot of testosterone and that can surge.

So yes, that is a big black fish hair coming out. It could be out of your eyebrow. I've got one that comes out of my eye brow that's the size of this mouse. And then I've got, I had them on my chin. They're gone now. I used to, when I would be pregnant, there were .

Kim Gravel: Well, I had them come out and stuff in other areas.

Leanne Morgan: Yeah, that's probably a little testosterone. Yeah. [00:21:00] That's a little testosterone. So you need to talk to somebody about it. Don't let people put pellets in you 'cause you'll like, oh, well, I'll get a pellet. I'll want to do it with my husband. And then he's going to give me a new purse.

That pellet will put a big rush of testosterone in, it'll be fun and it'll all be great. And then that dips off and then you'll be sitting in a closet turning a lamp on and off.

Kim Gravel: Do you see what I'm saying, Zac? Isn't this woman just...

Zac Miller: I had to mute my mic because I am laughing too hard.

Kim Gravel: Okay.

I was laughing too much. I got choked up. Alright, Leanne, talk to me about women who are out there living vicariously through you. Like I do. I'm watching you do your thing, your God given gift at this age. Can you incur the, I probably get that email Leanne every day, Kim, [00:22:00] I don't know what to do with my life.

I still feel I have purpose. My kids are grown or my kids are older. Talk to that in talk to the women, listening today and give them a word because it's never, it's not over.

Leanne Morgan: It's not over. And, uh, and, and you know, I'm human during this whole journey of mine. I would, I would have, there were times I couldn't get over.

There were times nobody cared about me. I couldn't, I couldn't beg somebody to let me come on stage and say, let me, I'll clean your toilets. If you let me come up here. And then there were times when I'd have a deal in Hollywood with ABC, for my own sitcom to be on top of the world, and then it wouldn't make it.

And then I'm on my fourth television deal. I've had people want to do reality shows about me, but I just didn't want my kids get owned out. And I just thought everybody that does reality show it just didn't turn out well. So I never did buy it, but I have [00:23:00] Tums because you, in this business, you hear a lot of nos and you're not right.

We love you. We don't want you, or you're a mom comic or whatever, you know, we're not going to book you here or whatever. And then. Um, I had my first child get married and I knew they wanted babies and they were wanting to get pregnant and they did and I've got my first grand baby. And when he was coming, I thought, you know, things were going great.

And I was tired and I thought, no, it's okay. I've had a good time. I'm going to bow out of this thing. And then that's when thing, I swear. Okay. I've made the decision. Uh, or I got asked to do the Drybar comedy. And a lot of people figured out who I was at that. My manager said these sweet Mormon people, or he goes, they're shooting this special.

They want you to do the special. Nobody will ever see it. And he goes, we've never heard of it. It means no. Um, you're going to be doing [00:24:00] a luncheon at the chamber of commerce in Dubuque, Iowa. That's how great my career was going, Kim. They were darlin and they were all girls getting lunch, you know, people in Iowa, who don't have anything else to do when the snow's on the ground.

So they drink alcohol, so they were good crowd. But anyway, I flew out there to do that. They had, and then I went to this Drybar, and I was scared because I didn't really work that much. And I forgot I was to do a bunch of old material that had not been out anywhere. And I got a spray tan and I, oh, Lord Jesus.

And, uh, and I had a big thyroid nodule poking out. And anyway, I did this special if they pulled it out of my butt. Pulled it out of my butt and I've never been able to watch it since, because I see that big thyroid nodule and just feel like I wasn't good in it.

And because I hadn't been working and that. And was very successful, but wasn't selling tickets and I was getting cute sweet jobs, [00:25:00] sweet jobs, but it was like, we're, we'll pay you this amount of money, but you gotta, um, you gotta get yourself here. You gotta ride in an Uber with a man on marijuana for two hours, you know?

And, uh, and I, at the end of that year, I was exhausted and I thought, this is, this cannot lead, but I made a little money and I thought I'm fully gonna invest in myself. I have never, I had had like two headshots done over 20 years because when.

I wanted mt kids to have a new outfit. So I decided to invest in myself. And I hired out my social media and they got me organized and then a couple of clips went out and they went viral. I went home and that's how people found me, becuase Drybar wasn't selling tickets. And all of a sudden I started selling out all of the United States, so to say that and then now this has happened, [00:26:00] which is, I've got one of the top tours in the United States and I'm thinking, yeah, It's just like, I still pinch myself every day. It's like, what in the world is happening, but what I'm going to say is never give up, never invest in yourself. And I know that from the time I was little, I wanted to be in entertainment and I'm thankful that God gave me that clear cause I did, I knew it.

I knew what I was supposed to be doing. And it took me a long time to get to it. And I got started in comedy selling jewelry and women's houses like Tupperware. So it wasn't, you know, all smooth, but, and I was 32 when I got started, but everybody has a gift. Everybody, everybody has a gift, if you're a good organizer, I've got friends that have started organizing businesses and have raised a bunch of cans and honey they come in and they get paid a lot of money and they'll get your house in order.

There's, everybody's got a gift doing something. And, and [00:27:00] if you loved it and when you were a child and you dreamed of it, I'm a big thing about, I believe in dreaming. I believe in dreams. I believe in that if God's speaking to you and you feel like he's saying, you need to go do this and you're trying to fight it or whatever, listen, you know, that's your gut.

I believe that's God. Everybody has got like my sister's kids in college and one's already graduated and she's really had a hard time with what am I going to do? And she worked for a Fruit of the Loom when she was before she had her first baby, she married late in life and I'm like, man, you ran a marketing firm and I'm like, she would go, go to New York when those models will wear an extra small panty and then they'd have to clip it.

'cause they were so tiny. I said, man, you are a wonderful organizer. Why don't you work at a nonprofit? You don't need the money, but you could help somebody. You can run [00:28:00] something.

Kim Gravel: We need her leading.

Leanne Morgan: Yeah, I go, you could do it at your church. You could do.

I mean, it's not over, but in her mind and she's like, oh, I don't know, what do I don't have your talent? I go, well, that. You don't need, you're not me, but you got, you, you got so many gifts. And so many women have got that. They don't know how to.

Kim Gravel: Yeah, you just feel like you can't like my mom's 74 years old in his modeling for my apparel line on QVC.

Come on. Y'all 74. It's not over Leanne. It's women like you that inspire. I cannot tell you how much you have not only made me laugh, but I made my heart exhale with like, oh, I'm in the right place for myself. Look at Leanne.

Leanne Morgan: Well, thank you. And, uh, and you're right. It's never too [00:29:00] old. When you hear of like, of, I've met people that said my 90 year old mother went back to nursing school and you're an artist believe in stuff like, oh yeah, You know, unbelievably to always keep learning, take classes, go get a degree. If you didn't have the confidence to get it in the sixties, go get it now.

It's just never too late. Well, I mean, you got one life . Why don't you give it a shot? You know, you want to be Jazzercise instructor. I think that'd be fun. I've always thought it would be fu to work at Target in the back where the bedding is and color coordinate that.

Kim Gravel: Well, and then the discount and then the discount they get like 30%.

That's what I've heard, what I think I need a part-time job.

Leanne Morgan: Well, I've got a green baby and I like for him to have, you know, burn toys and stuff, pricey, and you know what I also think would be fun. I think it'd be fun to pop up corn at a NASCAR track. Can you imagine watching people.

Kim Gravel: What would you wear doing that?[00:30:00]

Leanne Morgan: I would have to wear something cooling.

Kim Gravel: So no Daisy Dukes or nothing.

Leanne Morgan: I would try to find a good Eileen Fisher relaxed fit capri. With maybe a good support bra with sleeveless, because when I'm hot and I don't feel good, but when, but I've always saw, oh, wouldn't it be fun. I could think of a million jobs I'd love to do. And I just think it's just good to get out and have accomplished something.

Kim Gravel: But you gotta stay with the job you got. You got promise me you not going to go to NASCAR. You gonna keep it right here.

Leanne Morgan: Promise. I'm going to stay. [00:31:00] Good night. I'm doing dates every weekend and I know, and I'm having a ball, but that travel, I tell you what's stressful right now is this.

Kim Gravel: I know that's a question I was going to ask you.

But you know what Leanne and you are bringing hope back like, cause I think we were so locked down and so fed fear and negative. That I think it's people like you that get out there and beat the band going what you know, well now it's not that bad.

I mean, it's, we need this, we need, which that's why you're so talented, but people need you. They need you.

Leanne Morgan: Thank you. And I've made, I mean, there were people that I watched during the COVID that kept me going, and that was a horror. It's still hard. And so I do, I play there's a lot of people who can't make it go in through COVID cause it was, you know, and I [00:32:00] was telling her about it.

Everything's going to be all right now, I believe. And then there was a couple of months in there where I thought is it, but I kept going, it's the way the jello salad, but definitely eating for comfort. And I know I do. And I think it's okay to eat a chicken, the casserole. I've got a Mississippi pot roast in right now.

I put it on this morning that I'm going to take to my, my grandbaby. He eats like a man and he's 15 months old and he's going to make a big man. And I, and my husband, my oh, everybody's coming, but my son and his wife works so hard and she's in MBA school at night and on the weekends. So I love to cook from them.

But if you ever had a Mississippi pot roast with pepper and packaged ranch dressing,

Kim Gravel: And listen, and I could just eat the gravy, just put it on anything.

Zac Miller: This is making me [00:33:00] very hungry, but I'm going to break in to this conversation right now because Leanne, you're not going to get away without having to do a Zac Attack.

Kim Gravel: Oh Lord.

Zac Miller: So this is where I break in to do a game with our guests. Kim has no idea what this game is going to be. I have not shared this with her. Leanne, since your comedy is so much about like stories from you and your kids and your family, I thought it would be fun to explore what you were like as a kid.

Okay. So what better way to do that then for you and Kim to both take a Buzzfeed quiz, that's called "If you did more than 13 of these things, as a teenager, I'm grounding you."

Leanne Morgan: Okay.

Zac Miller: So we're going to find out basically, if you were a good kid as a teen or a bad kid.

Leanne Morgan: Okay. Okay. [00:34:00] I'd like to know. I can't even remember.

Zac Miller: There's a lot of questions. We might not get to all of them, but, let's see where we're at. I'm going to keep score and we'll see who had more. And just to give credit this is written by Kelly Martinez on the Buzzfeed staff. So thanks Kelly. We'll put this quiz into our show notes and we'll start with Leanne, did you ever ditch school?

Leanne Morgan: No.

Kim Gravel: You never ditched school, Leanne?

Leanne Morgan: No, no. I'm a real follower. But I did other horrible things.

Zac Miller: Can't wait, can't wait. Were you ever grounded?

Leanne Morgan: Yes. Yes, but maybe not.

Kim Gravel: I'm still grounded Leanne.

Zac Miller: I thought I was like, oh, [00:35:00] Kim sort of was like, from what I know is like kind of a goody two-shoes as a kid.

Kim Gravel: I have a smart mouth.

Zac Miller: Leanne, do you remember what you were grounded for?

Leanne Morgan: I think I got caught making out with somebody.

Zac Miller: Ooh, well, that's a question for later.

Okay let's save that.

Kim Gravel: I love them too honey.

Zac Miller: We'll unpack that.

Kim Gravel: That's a whole nother podcast. Keep going. Zac.

Zac Miller: Did you ever get detention?

Leanne Morgan: No.

Kim Gravel: Yes.

Zac Miller: Kim you're three for three.

Kim Gravel: Well, I tried to take over my, uh, my chorus teacher, Ms. Edwards. I just thought she was the dumbest thing on the planet and I could just teach the class.

And so she finally gave me detention after like four, you know, in fractions. She could have told it, I sure could possibly. And I'm a type a person. She was slow. [00:36:00] Like, come on lady. I love Miss Edwards.

Zac Miller: Did you ever throw a party while your parents were away.

Leanne Morgan: No, no.

Kim Gravel: I didn't either. My dad would have killed

Leanne Morgan: We lived out in the country.

It was dark.

It was dark.

Zac Miller: Okay. This is okay. This is a good one. And I think maybe we make any guess at all yet. I don't know. Did you ever take your parents' car without permission?

Leanne Morgan: No.

Kim Gravel: I took it out. I haven't even started, I just put it in neutral and we pushed it out the garage. It was a brown Malibu.

Leanne Morgan: No, because I'm from the country and we all started drumming real young. Like I get in the car and go get that bail of hay.

Kim Gravel: It wasn't fun. It wasn't fun.

Leanne Morgan: I could drive it anytime.

Zac Miller: Where you driving like the tractor? Where you like the kid that drove the tractor when you were nine years old?

Leanne Morgan: We had it.

They never gave me that [00:37:00] responsibility

Kim Gravel: Did you like farming work?

Leanne Morgan: We had somebody that farmed because we had a meat processing plant.

And so I had to work in meat and I had, you know, big hair. And makeup on it was the eighties. And no, I did not enjoy it. I was not going to hell, but I didn't like to touch deer meat. And I didn't like hamburger meat, and I had to, you know, we, you know, we can just go, wow. Yeah, it was, um, but we had a garden and all that, but I knit and I bailed some hay.

It was while I'd pick up hay, but, or set tobacco, rattle the backup.

Kim Gravel: Um, my grandparents were tobacco farmers.

I would work with summers at tobacco fields. That's the hardest work. South Carolina.

Leanne Morgan: Yeah. [00:38:00] Yes. Okay. Well, I worked in tobacco a little bit. That's hard work girl and my people group to back up.

Oh, don't you love a tobacco basket. Now they put that on the wall. Fancy people can, you know,

Kim Gravel: you get a $200 for a fancy tobacco.

Remember the smell? I remember still

Leanne Morgan: It was a good smell.

Zac Miller: That's wild to me, honestly, like I grew up in the suburbs. It was a very different experience that I had outside of. Did you ever, and so this is for you, Leanne. Did you ever get caught hooking up with somebody?

Leanne Morgan: Yes. All the time, buddy.

I was out making out with somebody all the time.

Kim Gravel: Who was your first boyfriend. Do you remember his name?

Leanne Morgan: He is Warren, and he was precious and I tormented him and I would make out a little Warren in his, uh, he had a Monte-Carlo 79 at his [00:39:00] house. I talk about it on stage and he is a precious human being. And he was, uh, darlin. He was my first boyfriend.

Kim Gravel: Oh, I love it. I remember my first love.

Zac Miller: Who is that? Kim?

Kim Gravel: Stephen. I'll never forget.

Zac Miller: These little boys sounds so cute.

Leanne Morgan: Mine was cute.

Kim Gravel: And sweet too.

Leanne Morgan: Yeah. And I probably weighed more than my first boyfriend.

Kim Gravel: I know I did too, I did then to my butt was, and that was a rule I thought, you know, should my butt be bigger than the man I go with.

Zac Miller: Did you ever blow off studying to do something more fun?

Leanne Morgan: Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't need that. My junior term paper cause I blew it off. And Chris Knighted and I went to him and said, oh, chat, you've got to help me write this freaking term paper. He was like, okay.

Because he knew I was torn up [00:40:00] and he helped me write it. Yeah. I blew off. My sister is very anal. She cried over spelling tests and stayed torn up and had diarrhea. And I was like, I don't, I think, can I stay home and watch Hollywood Squires? And my mom will be like, sure.

Kim Gravel: Well, you know what grades weren't that big a deal back then?

Or now it's like the, it's like the academic Olympics now?

Leanne Morgan: Uh, no. Yeah, God. And I took home ed, like I, you know, what an exam would be like making an omelet, right. I didn't worry about that either.

Zac Miller: Kim, so same for

Kim Gravel: I skipped more classes than I went.

Zac Miller: Um, all right. Did you ever sneak into an R-rated movie?

Leanne Morgan: Oh, I'm sure. Yeah. I remember my next door neighbor was going to take me in that little land that only the theater, he said the big man's [00:41:00] watching tonight and he was talking about God. So we didn't get in, but I'm sure that Warren would take me to movies and I was probably 16 and I, I looked old enough and so we went, uh, probably made out.

Warren was probably trying to watch the movie. And I was probably trying to eat Warren's lip.

Kim Gravel: We can't go any further with that game.

Zac Miller: All right, Kim. Well, you won, let's go to a commercial break.

Kim Gravel: All right. We're back with Leanne Morgan and we have what we like to call the the rapid fire questions. Okay. So I'm just going to ask you three or four questions and I don't want you to think about it because you're so quick witted you won't, you'll just whatever rolls off the tongue, say it. Okay.

What do you always take with you on the road when you drive? [00:42:00]

Leanne Morgan: Lots of medicine. Anti-diarrhea anti-nausea, you know, I just got this thing, like I'm worried something, you know what, in the world, it's just me, what am I going to do if something happens? So I'd take a lot of pills. I always worry that the airport they're going to go, she needs to be in the hospital cause I carry so many pills.


Kim Gravel: So let me ask you something. Do you enjoy traveling and being by yourself?

Leanne Morgan: Um, yes, it, now that I'm doing it all the time, I get kind of lonely and I wish that my kids and sometimes my last little Cub, but I'm in a bad mama jama tour. Right now. We're on time, but normally I would love to go to a hotel and watch HBO and be laid up in a bed and everybody leave me alone.

You know, when I was, when I was this

Kim Gravel: busy.

What is your favorite topping to put on your Southern casserole?

Leanne Morgan: Oh, a rich cracker with a butter butter and Ritz cracker on top.

Kim Gravel: That's, [00:43:00] that's the staple. Um, how has comedy changed over the last 22 years?

Leanne Morgan: I don't know. I think it's always been, there's always like the clean ones and the dark ones and people go really dark and twisted and it seems really dark and twisted now, but then there's also the.

This a need, I think for an glove for plain people like Nate Gatesy Jim Gaffigan. Like all these people are so successful. ,

Kim Gravel: You can't have the dark without the light on them.

Leanne Morgan: Yeah. And I think that their now, I mean, women have really struggled over the years of getting the gigs.

I didn't, I didn't have as hard as a lot of women did, but I think people are now and we can't treat women like that and they get, they can, they're fun, you know, for years I just take like, oh, women are not funny and they don't want a book and they, and they [00:44:00] certainly wouldn't put three women up, you know, in a night in a comedy club.

And I think that's changing. That's, there's so many wonderful people out there and they know, you know, it was used to be a bunch of, old man comedy club owners, you know, uh, they controlled everything and it's not like that anymore.

Kim Gravel: No, not with social media and all that. What is your favorite city you've traveled to?

Leanne Morgan: Oh my gosh. There are so many wonderful places in the United States and everywhere. I'm like, oh my gosh. But I'll tell you it lately Charleston.

Kim Gravel: Oh, the food, the people the historic district, all of that.

Leanne Morgan: All of that. Those seagrass baskets. Uh, I'll love it. The houses, i love it all.

I ended up staying for a few days, and my daughter went with me cause I love it so much.

Kim Gravel: I got two more questions. One. What's your favorite junk?

Leanne Morgan: Uh, I'm [00:45:00] a cake person. I like, okay. But then when you say junk food Lord, I love a cheeseburger and a French fry, but I love a chicken tender. I may not have no there's a lot.

I like junk. Oh Lord a Frito chip.

Kim Gravel: Oh yeah. Fritos are good. Yep. With Dean's ranch dip. Have you ever did it for Dean's French onion dip on a Ruffle. Okay. All right. Last question, I think is our most important. Who is your celebrity crush?

Leanne Morgan: Matthew McConaughey.

Kim Gravel: Hey, he's a good one. He's a good one.

Leanne Morgan: I feel like I have a lot of the same philosophy he has.

I believe in dreams, I believe in going forward. I believe in destiny, I believe in, in, uh, you know, he's a believer, um, you know, I know God's got his hand. I just love him. And I think he's beautiful. I've thought he was [00:46:00] beautiful. And I, but I also think he's some of that old school kind of guy that could kick a door in if you needed to.

You know what I mean? And I liked that. I like it when a man can kick it over and dig a hole. You know what I think he's got that.

Kim Gravel: Does Mr. Morgan have it?

Leanne Morgan: Yes.

If there's a terrorist attack, y'all come to my house. It doesn't matter. I mean, he was never in the military and he's, he likes to play golf and he loves a club sandwich and a Diet Coke and tennis.

But if push comes to shove, Yeah. HOney. He could tend to, yeah, he would, he could build a bunker. Yeah. He could he'd knock somebody out. Yeah.

Kim Gravel: Love it.

Zac Miller: It sounds scary and relaxing.

Kim Gravel: No, he loves a club sandwich and Diet Coke and tennis. Yes.

Leanne Morgan: He loves all that kind of stuff and loves to, you know, a good card game.

But, but he and my son's very [00:47:00] outdoorsy. Kayaks and mountain bikes and does all that. But wait, my husband's never been into all that, but my husband could tend to us or something went wrong.

Kim Gravel: Well I'm coming to your house for many reasons, that pot roast. And I ended up coming for the bunker. Leanne will you come back and be with us?

Leanne Morgan: I'm going to try my best.

This seems like it was 10 minutes.

Kim Gravel: I know. Honestly you are so let me brag on you for us. You are, so you are one of my sheroes in life, like right up there, top three. I mean, I'm so thrilled. And I thank the Lord for you. I think that he is calling you up in a time where we need some level headed, funny, beautiful women to lead.

Where are the strong women? Where are they? We need you and I love you. I do. You bless my heart and bless my life in more ways than you'll ever know. And I know this podcast, people are [00:48:00] going to be like, where can I get ahold of this one?

Leanne Morgan: Oh my darling. Thank you so much. Thank you. My angel for lifting me up.

Kim Gravel: God's got it for you, girl. I don't know how it's going to end up, but it's going to be big.

Leanne Morgan: Thank you, my angel.

Kim Gravel: Please come back and be with us.

Leanne Morgan: All these women, they can go in there and I got a lot more men coming, but

Kim Gravel: And how long has this tour lasting? Because we're gonna put up all your social media.

You're you're all over social Facebook.

Leanne Morgan: I think we won't be able to finish this tour until a little bit into 2023. It's a hundred cities. I don't even know how many I've done. Maybe getting close to 40, but I'm all over. And they haven't even added all the days. People say to me all the time.

What about Dallas? What about it's coming Southern California. They it's not even, they don't even have it all laid out all yet. [00:49:00]

Thank you.

Kim Gravel: So Zac did I lie about Leanne? Is she not amazing?

Zac Miller: I loved Leanne.

Kim Gravel: I know this is it Zac her message. She's 50 plus and her career is on fire. Do you see a pattern here? It is incredible to start just realizing that the best is yet to come.

Zac Miller: That for me is the thing that I keep coming back to personally.

Kim Gravel: That is, say that again twice, right?

Zac Miller: The best is yet to come. The best is yet to come. I always am stuck on like the past. And it's like, it's all about the future, right?

Kim Gravel: Yeah. So funny. Cause I mean, Amy and I we're talking today. I mean, we're so busy that we're either going to have, we have to make some pivotal moves here and, and really important decisions.[00:50:00]

We're leveling up so fast. We can't keep up. And I was just thinking, why, all right, is this happening now? But I don't think there's an accident there. I think people are so desperate for real. It doesn't matter what package it comes in. Zac, you know, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if it's old, if it's young, if it's, uh, if it's real and it's authentic and that's why Leanne, I mean a hundred cities to what comic that, you know, that's not like on a national TV show doing a hundred cities.

Zac Miller: And she's not doing a tour in like small venues. She's doing the biggest venues in the country.

Kim Gravel: Because it's really, the timing is right for her. And I don't want to say there, buddy, well, you're not gonna make it until you're in your fifties. I'm saying the timing, you know, when it's right for you, she made some really strategic decisions with her family and wanted to be, you know, home raising her kids, which is the most noble hardest job you'll ever do.

I [00:51:00] don't think that's all you're ever going to do. It's it's all about how you are walking in your true self and know that sounds so like what she said. Remember when she said, I believe in dreams and all that , Matthew McConaughey. I'm the same way. I believe in dreams. I believe there's a bigger purpose for all of us out there.

And you said, well, Kim, how do you, I don't just believe it. I know it. I live it. So it's my life experience that, that makes me have the confidence to say that about you, Zac and everybody listening. I've experienced it. When you give over to that and you start believing that for yourself, you'll start to see doors open.

It's not over.

Zac Miller: No, it's not over.

Kim Gravel: The best is yet to come. The best is yet to come. That that should be the show. The best is yet to come. I love it.

Zac Miller: Boom. That's it. That's the message. And it's a big one and it's such a big one that I think it's worth saying over and over again. And reminding yourself.

Kim Gravel: Let's do that on the podcast because y'all, I'm [00:52:00] telling you is so easy to forget. It's so easy to get caught up and look right in front of our face. But your future is not a Mirage. It is truly out there and it's going to be big and great and everything you've ever dreamed of. If you'll let it I'm feeling, I'm feeling it, but you know what so many great people help make the show. LOL is produced and edited by Zac Miller at Uncommon Audio. Our Associate Producer is Kathleen Grant at Brunette Exec. Production help from Emily Bredin. Our Cover Art is designed by Sara Noto and Taco Pella performs our theme music. Make sure to follow and subscribe to the show and head to to sign up for our mailing list.

Thanks for listening. We love you. .

Leanne Morgan

After 22 years in comedy, Leanne Morgan has cemented herself as a must watch comedian.

Leanne was feeling the lure of Hollywood after graduating high school, but the idea of moving there was unheard of and too daunting for a country girl who had never been away from home. She enrolled in college at The University of Tennessee, where she graduated (by the skin of her teeth) with a degree in Child and Family Studies.

Shortly after that, she married her husband Chuck and they moved to Bean Station, TN in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

To stay busy after having her first baby, Leanne started selling jewelry at home parties. She was supposed to talk about the jewelry but instead conversed about breastfeeding, hemorrhoids and being a mama. The party guests thought that she was hilarious to the point somebody peed on a couch, and before she knew it, she was booked out a year in-advance.

The jewelry company saw what was happening and asked her to speak at their sales rallies. It was there that women started saying, “you need to do stand-up!” That gave Leanne the courage to really go for it! Leanne finally had access to comedy clubs when her family moved to San Antonio in 2001, and her career in comedy quickly started to skyrocket.

Leanne’s comedy has landed her at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and has brought her development deals for her own sitcom with ABC and Warner Brothers, writer/producer Matt Williams (Rosanne and Home Improvement), TV Land and now with Sony Television.

Leanne has garnered over 1.5 million followers across social media and her popular stand-up special, So Yummy has reached over 50 million views on YouTube.

Her fan base continues to grow with her relatability as she discusses everything from being a housewife, sharing Jell-O recipes to having a new grandbaby. She has appeared on ABC’s The View, Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom and toured with the Southern Fried Chicks.

Now that her children are grown, Leanne is currently on The Big Panty Tour for her 100-city theater run across the U.S. with Outback Concerts.