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A much needed from the heart podcast!

Absolutely love Kim from her early days on Kim of Queens. I enjoy how she speaks unfiltered and from the heart. She brings a show that can touch every person as if she’s speaking directly to them. Jody Bell’s podcast about addiction and recovery brings hope to those facing this and thinking there’s no way out! I hope to hear more topics that touch on topics like this….we need to keep keeping it real❣️

Down to Earth REAL

Love all of the guests! Realistic discussions for every person out there. Have laughed until tears several times!

Love to Laugh

OMGoodness this is just what I need. I watch Kim in QVC all the time and heard Kourtney mention last night about her podcast, so this morning I went to find it and as I’m getting dressed, putting on Belle makeup and dressing in my Belle sweater and then hearing the first podcast with her hubby Travis, this set my Sunday for a lot of pay forward love and smiles to everyone I see. Thank you All for what you do and I wish I lived in The south. You are beautiful peeps 🥰❤️😂

Keeps me laughing

I love the variety of guests and topics on this show. Kim and Zack do a great job. It’s entertaining and informative at the same time. Thanks for all the laughs. Keel it up!

Great podcast - thought provoking!

Listened to podcast because of her latest guest Heather Monahan! Kim makes her guests relaxed and asks questions that others don’t and isn’t afraid to follow where the conversation goes. Very refreshing to listen and learned more insight to “villians” and how to be more aware. Greatest thing in life is the ability to keep learning and growing. Kim and Heather do this!

Keeping it real, keeping it positive

Great podcast- Kim brings laughter, light and love to all that she does- appreciate her always keeping it real. Appreciate her honesty. Keep on sharing your gift- as you are ‘dropping’ many gifts into a world that needs to soak it up.

Can it get any better than this?

NO! Collecting Confidence what an awesome, daily applicable principles that we all need. It could not have come at a better time; definitely God inspired. Come on Kim, keep preaching and teaching. I never leave without laughing, and trying to live each day better than the one before. Thank you for investing your time in your busy schedule for putting a positive narrative out there for a change. It is refreshing indeed. P.S. Love your clothes. Entire closet is ALL YOURS!

Thoughtful Inspiring and Joyful

I would give this more than 5 stars if I could. I am so grateful to have come across this podcast. Kim brings so much to each episode. As a listener it is like you are just hanging out with a friend. Not only does she make me laugh out loud, but she is inspirational and really makes you think and evaluate things going on in your life but not in a heavy handed manner. It is just natural and I end up with so may a-ha moments. Her collecting confidence episode was stellar. I also really enjoyed the dream episode and am trying to use some of the techniques her producer Zac’s dad explained. Each episode I learn something new, I laugh, and I become more introspective - you cannot beat this podcast. Thank you!

Collecting Confidence: Drop of Faith

I’m loving these Collecting Confidence episodes! You really hit home when you mention if your life is “dry” and on hold. I can so relate to that right now. I really appreciate your candor about your own life Kim. You are the real deal. I so needed to hear your message today. Thank you! Love your show and even listen to some episodes twice! Keep them coming!

The Podcast that I didn't know I needed

This podcast is everything and more! It is enjoyable but also makes you think. The dreams one was particularly powerful (and funny) and the collecting confidence one I just listened to today came to me at a time when I really needed it. I did not know you had a podcast until I saw the blurb with Isaac on instagram - you need to have him on again, that could have been a 2 hour interview as you both are funny and have so much wisdom! All I can say is thank you. Your clothing has helped me to feel better about how I look, your appearances on QVC made me laugh when I most needed it, and now I have this wonderful podcast to listen to, learn from, and get joy from. I don't know how you get the energy, but thank you Kim.

I can't thank you enough - Collecting Confidence

Throughout your incredible work, designs, performances, creations I have felt your teaching to all of us - and this podcast reached in, and touched me directly. You lift up women, and men, and families, not through your "successes" but through your words, your example of being.

Thank you!!!!!

Love the podcast! Funny and insightful. Collecting Confidence really hit home. Thank you for all you do! Just listening to you makes me happy. 😃 And WE ARE LISTENING…….😃

Great Podcast

I listen to LOL with Kim Gravel and thoroughly enjoy all the topics they cover. Kim is always positive and love her insight on things. It’s nice to hear her perspective and makes you think about things differently. Example this week’s topic about obstacles and not to give up. Would love to hear more shows with her sister and friend. Keep up the great work Kim and Zach!

Loved the confidence message!

The was a wonderful podcast on confidence! But please don’t quit the funny ones as well! I love to laugh out loud with you guys on my commute!!

Kim Always Delivers!

I thoroughly enjoy listening to Kim because she delivers positive, supportive topics with a big dose of joy and humor! Never miss it!

Love Kim & Zach

You guys make my school pick up and drop off so much better. I am literally laughing so hard at y’all!! Keep it up!

loving lol!

I LOVE THE PODCASTS!!!!! Humorous, educational... I always think of Kim upon seeing Fabuloso now! I went to the fashion foundation while listening to the podcast, and look forward to purchasing from there! Love you too Zack!

"Fabulous-o" episode with Dr. Drew, etc.!

Second time listening to these podcasts, Dr. Drew's advice was amazing and spot on. Thank you Kim, thank you Dr. Drew, thank you all who create the podcast. Looking forward to more.

Podcast for the picky

I always have the hardest time finding a podcast that I enjoy. I love listening to Kim and Zach’s episodes. They are quick hits of fun and zesty interviews with people that are interesting to listen to. So far, my favorite episode is “Southern Life Hacks for your Home”. I literally LOLed multiple times. Looking forward to listening to many more!

Love, Love, Love

I love Kim on QVC and love her even more after listening to the podcast. Keep the laughs coming!


Absolutely love you Kim! Always loved your clothes and now its so much fun to get to know you


I absolutely love this podcast! From QVC to here I laugh, I cry, and then laugh and cry all at the same time! So funny and real! Love listening!!

Staaap IT!

Umm...Kim is the best and I relate so much with her!! From Kim of Queens to QVC to this podcast....I will follow you always! Keep bringing the fire girl!

Love Love Love Kim

OMG how refreshing!! Love you guys!

Love out loud!

Loved this podcast! And love the new “Oprah and Gayle.” You guys are my new favorite friends. Please buy the house next door. 😘😘

Best pop cast ever!!

OMG....I laughed so hard while listening to this podcast during my walk around the neighborhood, I am sure the neighbors think I have lost my mind. Cannot wait to listen to the next episode.

Great Podcast!

This show is hilarious! Can’t wait for more episodes!


I loved the first podcast, and with the beautiful, inside and out, Amy Goins! I’m so proud of you both for saying Yes! to your dreams, and living life! So proud to call you friends! I can’t wait to hear more Podcasts, more spilling the sweet tea, and definitely more Red Bull! Love y’all!! ❤️ Amy, you go girl!!!


This IS the real Amy & Kim! There’s never a dull moment when you’re around them. Previous review said Kim is 100% Gold. That’s absolute truth! Amy too! Love these girls.

Lol I love these ladies! Truth and authenticity. FUN! Today I will be saying YES more!

Amy and Kim are hilarious and successful! I am always inspired by their tenacity and outlook! Can’t wait for their future episodes and today I will be saying yes !